Getting Very Shy Girl To Open Up By…

Some girls take a while to open up; especially shy girls.

This girl here is absolutely the most shy girl I ever met in my life: bar fucking NONE!!

I mean, this girl is so shy that although we know each other for about a year now, I’ve only gotten about 50 words out of her to this day LOL!

She’s shy over text and in personal!

We actually never spoke over the phone.

This leads me to Friday, I decided to finally call her.

She purposely ignored my call. Not because she didn’t want to talk, but because she’s so shy.

Here’s the thing too: whenever a girl sends just 1 worders and keeps her messages very short, it usually boils down to 3 things:

1.) Very busy

2.) Very shy

3.) Not interested at all

With this girl; I already know she’s into me because we met up once…in which she virtually ran off due to the social pressure. But either way, from my vast experience, I’ve learned that to get a very shy girl to open up via text, you can say/text far out and ridiculous shit which forces her to have to respond with more than just an “okay, good, yes, no”.

Here’s an example from earlier today (Sunday) of me doing just that with the most shiest girl I ever met!

[My texts in green]

Through my Facebook page, a guy opined that he would never use such a strategy because it virtually looks like chasing and too much investing.

I’ve addressed this point years back, that when it comes to shy girls, you have to over-invest in texting or else you run a risk of losing the girl altogether.

Bear in mind that a shy girl isn’t socially, nor internally, equipped with the goods to make or carry conversation on their own.

For crying out loud: most women cannot spark and carry a conversation (via text especially), let alone to put such a burden of expectation on an introverted lass!

If you relax on your laurels and hope that out of thing air- a shy girl is going to (actively) pursue you- you are fucking kidding yourself!

With that being said, it is incumbent upon the pickup artist to have to triple his textual investments in order to make something happen.

Therefore, you cannot afford to play this, “I don’t wanna look needy” game with the shy types, by expecting to trade 1-for-1 text messages.

It is usually terrible text game to send a girl 2, 3 or 4 messages to every 1 she sends. But with a shy chick; this rule goes out the window, simply because she isn’t going to exchange text for text of any substance that would lead to places…such as heightened attraction or a meetup.

Thus, if you’re 1 of those guys who’s adamantly against sending barrage of texts under any circumstance, then you may want to revise that, with this case being an exception.

Moreover, and let’s get real here, what kind of conversation could possibly be generated if both parties aren’t investing meaningfully?

Friday Night Field Report: Cock-Blocked By NYC Girl’s Boyfriend While She Tried To Ditch Him…Part II

Fresh off the heels of meeting up with NYC HB, during the chat we had while on her porch, we somewhat agreed on meeting up @ a certain nightclub later that night (yesterday).

She wasn’t quite sure how it would turn out because her boyfriend kinda wanted to go with her to the club, or stay home altogether.

I didn’t put much stock into it at all, so I went to the club with the intention to just have fun and try to pull otherwise…if anything.

Me outside the club

Lo and behold while standing outside the venue, I spotted a familiar face walking towards me. At the same instance, I get a message via messenger from NYC girl.

We embraced and shared a grand laugh at the coincidence of having run into each other right at the moment I received her message saying she’s on her way to the Lime nightclub.

Apparently, she had evaded her boyfriend, and she told me that he decided not to accompany her.

Great news for both of us!

Since I wasn’t ready to enter the club, the girl decided to go alone while we agreed to meet up in a bit inside.

My phone was literally running on 1%, so I became panicky: “If the phone dies on me now, I may not have any mean of communicating with NYC HB”.

I at least wanted to be able to contact her in the event I lose her in the crowd of the club. I also wanted means of texting her for logistical purposes.

What was I going to do then with my phone on 1%?

Take a cab home, charge up my phone a bit, then head back to the club.

I felt it was the wiser decision than to work with a dead phone.

I got home after 12 AM this morning. Put the phone to charge while I anxiously waited to at least have 12% of battery life to work with.

After a while, perhaps just after 1 AM, my phone had about 15% charge, so I plugged it out and decided that 15% would suffice for the remainder of the night.

I made my way back to the nightclub and got there about 1:30 am.

Paid my entree fee and went in search of NYC HB.

As I hit the bar area, I spotted her leaned up on the bar counter chatting to some guy.

I immediately approached the 2 set. Before I barged right in, I wanted to confirm whether he the boyfriend or just some random club dude chatting her up. So I stood near enough to overhear their conversation in spite of the loud music.

“Damn!!! It is the boyfriend”!!!

“I though this fucker wasn’t going to show up”!

The BF was situated to her left, and there was a slot barely open to the right side of the girl…so I filled it in just to be close to NYC chick😉 .

We never really acknowledged each other since the BF was right there.

That’s how I wanted it: pretend as though we don’t know each other, in order to not arise any suspicion from the BF.

Anyway, so we essentially had the girl sandwiched between us (the BF and me): BF to her immediate left, and I on her immediate right.

What was I try to accomplish here? To flirt with her right under the nose of her boyfriend.

Since the club was significantly darkened, I took her fingers and began stroking them while her BF chatted with her. From his vantage point, he obviously couldn’t see what I was doing.

Here’s the thing dude: women love this sort of risky shit! It is their oxygen! They love to live dangerously on the fucking edge! It is adventurous!

For the most part, she was facing the BF (to the left) and pretending to listen to him talking while I caressed her right elbow, stroked it, and ran my fingers sensually across her entire hand from finger tips to shoulder blade.

At some points, I also purposely pinched her on the arm while I caressed her, just to get her to smile or react…knowing she cannot make it too obvious since the BF is right there.👿

I was really enjoying the secret escapade and I know she was too!

I took things up a notch but rubbing and running my hands up and down her thighs as she had on a short and tight skirt thing.

At no point was she objecting physically to any of this.

She never removed my hand, knocked it off, etc.

I pinched her thighs, tugged on her skirt, rested my hand on the small of her back while gently running my hand down her buttocks…all while she’s in conversation with her boyfriend.

At 1 point while the BF looked away, I threw my left arm across her neck and shoulders just to heighten the danger factor of being caught.👿

At another point while I continued to rub on her exposed right thigh, she became so aroused that her boyfriend actually realized that something strange was going on.

What I mean is, she blanked out for a second while the BF was chatting to her. It’s as if she was in a pleasurable trance. Her BF’s reaction snapped her out of it.

Suddenly, the BF looked over at me as if he sensed that I was doing something to his girlfriend😯 .

I looked away casually as if I was minding my own business.🙂

Their chitchat proceeded, and so did I proceed the hidden flirting as I took her fingers again and began stroking them gently.

I also slapped her on the behind when it was most convenient to get away with it.

In conjunction to all this, I was sending her ever so clear signal that I wanted to fuck her. She already knew this, but I wanted to make it crystal fucking clear!

However, this could only materialize if the boyfriend gets out of the picture.

Hence, I had to either get rid of him, or she had to…and she wanted to since she essentially showed up to the club in order to meet me by trying to shake the BF.

This is why I believed that having a functional cellphone was of paramount importance so we could parlay the logistics of how.

My worst fear was that the boyfriend would say, “let’s go”, and they up and leave, as he effectively manages to cock-block me from his girlfriend.

Lo and behold: he motioned to her, “le’s leave”!


I exclaimed internally in disbelief!!!

He ordered a gin & tonic, took her hand and led her to the exit.

I quickly gulp down the last of my beer and virtually went in pursuit…however cautiously since I didn’t want to alert the boyfriend 1 bit, or have him think that I was following them.

I had to fucking get a message to this girl somehow!

Pulled the phone out of my pocket…but it was dead!!!


I beat myself up as they walked away and there was nothing I could’ve done to prevent it!

I had no choice but to call it a night. I quickly made my way home so I could charge my phone and hope to at least get a text from the girl saying, “come over! My BF left”!

In any case; that never happened.

The chick leaves Sunday, so I literally have today only (Saturday) to try to seal the deal.

I’ll keep you guys posted.

Friday Evening Field Report: Short Rendezvous With Girl From NYC…Part I

Few days ago, I picked up a sexy girl on Facebook from NYC who’s here on 2 weeks vacation.

Being so busy with other girls, I never bothered to seriously follow up: until yesterday evening.

For some reason, something told me to pursue this. So yesterday evening, I texted her and she invited me over to her where she’s staying (with parents), and we chatted on the porch for about 25-30 minutes.

Last night, I posted this status to Facebook about 30 minutes after leaving from by her (video link included).

Few days ago I picked up a girl who’s here on vacation from NYC. About an hour ago, she invited me to pass by where she stays with her parents. Thing is…she has a BF here whom she refers to as “a friend”. Not only that but she’s ignoring his phone calls and brushing him off when she does answer. While all this is going on, I’m there caressing her thighs. Nevertheless, this goes to show that chicks will always run game on their weak Beta boyfriend while chasing an Alpha Male. This chick leaves back to NYC Sunday, so I’m trying to bang her by then.

These chicks ain’t loyal🙂

When Asshole Game Goes Wrong

​[Status posted to Facebook]

Every now and then my asshole game gets a girl hating my guts. I honestly don’t even remember cussing out this Canadian chick over 3 years ago…until I seen the messages from 3 years ago. Oh well; just another byproduct of running asshole game. BTW, she’s a Canadian chick I met @ a nightclub few years back then we chatted on FB after she went back to Toronto to return. I honestly don’t remember how and why we got into cussing each other. But she was likely being a royal bitch about something. But anyway, I attempted to add her as friends today but couldn’t… So I messaged her. BTW guys, my tone was humorous here. I was literally fucking around some. I wasn’t butt-hurt about she not accepting my friend request. I was having fun here. But either way, running asshole game has a price @ times. But @ the end of the day guys, I can definitely flip this by gaming her ass again with some humor.



When Bad Boy Game Makes You Pull

​[Status posted to Facebook]

Gonna so enjoy banging this chick @ the beach this afternoon.

Sleeping with this girl here is long overdue since I first picked her up on Facebook in January. We were supposed to meet but she didn’t want to work with my schedule so I acted like an asshole and made plans with another girl while blowing her off since January. I contacted her today as I seen her post to FB after a while. This chick is digging my badboy style, so I use that as a weakness of mines in order to draw her in [the fact that I can’t help but act out]. Understand that it is within a woman’s nature to try to fix a man. They love trying to fix a rebellious bad boy, so I always look to play up the bad boy role…though I am really a nice guy😉 . Anyway… the chat was from about an hour ago [August 26].

[My texts in blue]

Why Women Love Bad Boys [just a preview to an extensive article]

​[Status posted to Facebook]

Since it’s no real secret that it is within every woman’s gender role to try to fix a man, as a man looking to get laid a ton, you should be utilizing some bad boy game in order to reel women in. One of the reasons why nice guys don’t get laid, and women aren’t attracted to them, is because they appear to be complete and whole. There is nothing to fix in a nice guy! He’s already fixed and tamed! With a rebel and a bad boy now, a woman will try her best to tame/fix such a guy. Unfortunately, she will dump the reformed bad boy once she manages to tame/fix him. So you never want to allow the girl to tame/fix you or else she’ll lose interest in you. 

Point is; learn how to attract women by presenting yourself as a guy who is untamed, wild, unchained, whimsical, erratic, violence-prone, etc. That is why I’m so ultra-forward with women. My forwardness comes across as something the girl needs to fix in me. So instead of getting turned off by my forwardness and rejecting me; women get attracted and turned on by it…since I’m congruent with that style. 

Again- give women something to fix!!!

Usain Bolt: From Rio To London Banging Chicks + Why Looks Don’t Matter Once You Have Swag & Game

I am brain tired and fully exhausted of posting about Usain Bolt and the birds he’s shagging.

However, I am bombarded by the second from all angles on social media about this subject, that I cannot give it a rest for even a second.


As you’ve probably heard by now, Usain left Brazil for London, and within 24 hours, vacated a London nightclub with 2 chicks on his arm…allegedly.

Having been sifting through dozens of article links via Facebook, reading hundreds of comments on this, I gather a general theme by a great portion of the women commenting on these links.

What theme is that?

“Usain Bolt is really ugly! I don’t see why any woman would ever lie down with him! It must be the money”!!!

Well- apart from the $$$ aspect, I want to tackle a popular theme which I push a lot around these parts: Looks don’t matter!!!

Women know this, but they don’t know how to logically piece it together, hence they will rarely ever admit that they would fuck an ugly guy, or that looks don’t matter to them.

Having swagger, style and game, supplement for lack of natural-born good looks.

Moreover, a super-attractive guy who doesn’t have charisma, swag or game, would have a difficult time getting laid regularly also, just as the not-so-attractive chap.

How do I know?

I go out every weekend, and have been going out every weekend to the clubs and bars for the last 13 years STRAIGHT!!!

I see shit play out in the nightclubs and bars every weekend, where drop-dead handsome guys go home with their dick in their hands like it’s nothing.

Solely possession so-called good looks won’t get your laid by default!

You will get the periodic bang from the chick(s) who are members of your social circle, but that is as far as it goes when you’re a super-handsome guy who lacks game. You’re relegated to fucking the 1 or 2 mediocre-looking girls within your social circle.

As far as men who aren’t stereotypical Adonises in the face, such as Usain Bolt, just as the case with the handsome guys, they must be able to spot, lock on and game the target in order to pull!

Having some swagger about yourself is a huge plus (a DHV). And this helps any guy work the attraction angle when trying to pick up chicks.

In Usain Bolt’s case, whether his swagger is natural or orchestrated, doesn’t matter 1 bit!

Perhaps it was gained as a byproduct of his now stardom, 30 million-dollar endorsement deals, winning gold medals and shattering world records, etc. the man has a swagger (confidence) about himself that attracts women.

There’s a general misconception out there that money, wealth and fame attract women.

I disagree.

Surely they do on a conscious level. But on an primal, deeper and more natural level, it is the confidence and swagger that these guys generate and derive from their fame or wealth, which attracts women.

Hence, it is not the money or fame that gives the rich guy or the celeb an edge, but the confidence and swagger which come with knowing that you’re the shit/the prize, and or wealth or fame.

Having loads of fucking cash alone will make any ordinary man feel confident and secure with himself!

Just as driving a brand-new car will give the drive this air of freshness. Or the guy who’s just stepping out of the gym feeling invincible.

Money, wealth and fame work the same way! So it isn’t that these things are attracting women to the man. It is the aura of “I’m the shit” that the rich guy gives off, that attracts women.

Get it?

Saying that bit to say, Usain Bolt, just as any renown figure, has this aura of invincibility, confidence, swag and stardom that looms around him.

Hence, he, nor any other guy, has to be rich or famous in order to attract women and get laid regularly.

Perhaps Usain Bolt had this magnetism and swagger before he was ever renown; which would mean that he was getting laid a ton (while being so-called ugly) before his fame.

In that case, this totally renders the popular belief of, “he’s only getting laid because of fame, null and void.

It is much easier to spout out, “looks matter”, and to accept it, than it is to use critical thinking in order to analyze and break down the entire process of attraction.

As we affectionately say in pickup: “Attraction isn’t a choice”. Along with that classic PUA saying should’ve been, “And looks don’t matter either”.

Feel free to weigh in with your thoughts on what I mentioned about money, recognition and such things giving a person an air of swag, invincibility and confidence.