What Is The PUA/Seduction Community?

“The Seduction Community For Dummies”

“As it Was In The Beginning”

In a nutshell, what the Seduction community is today(as it was from the un-official inception), is an underground sub-culture/sub-community of guys(few chics also), with 3 goals in mind:

Sex, Sex and More Sex!!!

Ok that’s 1 goal[sly smirk].

Honestly speaking, we’re more than just banging hot women all around the globe for the evil sake of ‘Pleasure’.

Indeed, it began as just that: “How many chics can you pick up and bang(in rapid succession)“.

Over the years though: we’ve evolved and assimilated into the mainstream dating scene.

“The Evolution From Bang To Date”

It gets tiring fucking harems of new asses each week[believe me: I know]. So the community shifted its focus and material(literature) to actual dating opposed to solely one-night stand game.

A shift from ,” How to seduce and bang the hottest girl“,

To,”How to land the girlfriend of your dreams“.

However, our dating philosophy is totally different from the conventional crap you’d find in Maxim!!

• We do NOT do traditional dates (dinner, movie)!

• Emphasize ‘Adventurous’ dates.

• We do NOT advocate “taking it slow”!

• We believe in MLTR’s (Multi-Relationships) ,i.e. dating 2 girls at the same time.

So-called traditional-dating advisors like the Patti Stangers & Dr. Phils would cringe at what we practice, advocate and preach.

“Transition Into The Men’s-Lifestyle Field”

Over the past 2 years or so, the PUA(Pick-Up Artist) Community’s focus has been tilted drastically towards Men’s Health.

No longer is our primary goal set on “banging the HB10’s”, or trying to see how many girls we can coerce into 3-somes [easier than you think].

Our current philosophy:

• Coaching guys to becoming better men.

• We emphasize fitness and a healthier living.

• Every guy should have a life apart from dating and fucking.

• Every guy should aspire to live a Rockstar lifestyle.

Too many guys enter the PUA community with 1 goal in mind: Fornicating aka Fucking (which is cool by the way).

Laying hot girls gets played out and jaded after a while.

So a well-balanced approach would be a more fruitful niche to fit into: Sex, Dating & Lifestyle.

“The Fraternity’s Hierarchy”

Matador(left) & Mystery the Godfather on the PUA Community(right)

Matador(left) & Mystery the Godfather of the PUA Community(on the right)

There is absolutely no 1 guy/PUA leading the Seduction Community.

This fraternity isn’t run like a totalitarian regime.

However, just as any organization and movement, we do have rankings members:

• Newbies/Students(beginner)

• RAFC(Recovering AFC)

• PUA(Pick-Up Artist)

• MPUA(Master Pick-Up Artist)

• Dating Coach

• Guru

MPUA, Dating Coach & Guru are basically interchangeable[same thing].

However, Mystery aka Erik Von Markovik (of Canada) is the un-official godfather of the community [some would argue that Ross Jeffries is the real godfather].

Some notable PUA Community coaches: Mystery, J-Dog , Bravo PUA , John Alexander, David Wygant , The Asian Playboy, Nick Savoy, Josh Pellicer, Speer, Nick Quick, Gambler , AFC Adam, Mehow, Eric Disco, Sasha Daygame

“We’re Differentiated By Methods(school of thoughts)”

Book by Gunwitch

Book by Gunwitch

The only thing which separates me from other Pick-Up Artists, is the ‘Seduction Method’ we adhere to.

Look at it like a political party with sub leaders of varying ideologies, yet 1 goal in mind: to win the election for THEIR party.

Thus we have[just to name the most prominent]:

• Mystery Method

• Speed Seduction

• Juggler Method

• Gunwitch Method


• The Tao Of Badass

• Love Systems

Which method or school of thought a Newbie/Student chooses to follow, it’s up to him and the style which suits his personality.

But most of us start out with Mystery Method.

The differences between the methods?

* Mystery Method is heavy on Negs[sly remarks to lower the girl’s value in order to bring her down to Earth and off that high horse].

* Love Systems is heavy on “Social-Circle Game”[Chatting up a group of girls in order to extract the hottest one later].

* Speed Seduction is heavy on semi-hypnosis type Game, where the guy uses phrases and words loaded with hypnotic qualities to control the girl’s thoughts.

* Gunwitch Method is heavy on Eye Contact and turning the girl on from the get-go(via strong sexual Eye Contact).

“How Do You Join(Membership)”

Contact Socialkenny to pay an admission fee of £3,000.

Just fucking with ya LOL!

There’s absolutely ZERO $$ involved.

Just log online into a PUA lair or PUA forum where you’d be ingratiated into the community by advanced pick-up artists.

If you’re an OK learner, you’ll soon be equipped with the skills to bang lots of women, get you that above-average girlfriend and live a Rockstar lifestyle.

Please do not send me another e-mail at 4 AM asking about the PUA community folks!!

I just laid out 20% of it in this long-ass article[I generally don’t write long posts].

Love Systems(Braddock,Savoy and Mr.M)on the Tyra Banks Show,demonstrating how they can seduce any random girl.

Love Systems(Braddock, Savoy and Mr.M)on the Tyra Banks Show demonstrating how they can seduce any random girl.