Conflict In Syria: I Support President Bashar Al-Assad (against US-backed terrorists)

President Doctor Bashar Al-Assad (the lion) of Syria

President Doctor Bashar Al-Assad (the lion) of Syria

If you haven’t heard about the conflict in Syria over the past 2 years, then you must have been living in a rat hole beneath the Sahara, cut off from the outside world.

Perhaps you just don’t give a fuck; which is OK!

Since the beginning of the conflict, I’d always publicly supported Assad, so this isn’t a new stance for me.

Brief overview [the real truth] of what’s been taking place in Syria: the Obama administration has been supporting and rooting for the overthrow of the good man President Assad of Syria.

Merely rooting for an overthrow isn’t unusual.

What is troubling, unusual and fucked-up however, is that the U.S. government, spearheaded by Obama and secretary of state Hillary Clinton, have been arming, funding and supporting Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria to fight against President Assad’s government in hopes to topple him [Hillary at a “friends of Syria” conference].

That is U.S. citizens’ tax dollars being wired through NATO to fund the same Al-Qaeda in which the U.S. claims to have been fighting since 2001 in its so-called war on terrorism.

To take it a step further; Al-Qaeda doesn’t exist, and it never did. It was a fabricated organization by the CIA in order to trick the American populace into supporting a fake war on terrorism. So Al-Qaeda is a myth, and you can check out the following link where former chief of the CIA’s Bin Laden unit, admits that Al-Qaeda doesn’t exist [CIA agent explains how Al-Qaeda doesn’t exist].


Be as it may, the U.S. government (Obama at the helm) in concert with Britain (and others), is aiding terrorist organizations in Syria (primarily the Jamia’ah Al-Nusra) with financial, logistical and weaponry support in order to destabilize Syria. You can read further about this on the friends of Syria blog: USA admits to funding terrorists.

Now, you may say to yourself, “What is Kenny’s concerns about this, and why should Socialkenny give a fuck about Syria”?

Personally, I have dozens of Syrian friends here in the Caribbean, who are sick of what is going down in their once peaceful country.

Secondly, I’m against the United State’s hell-bent aspirations in taking over the world and forcing its DEMON-ocracy (Democracy) down the throats of people who just don’t care for it!

Thirdly, most of the Syrian population support and love President Assad. So who the fuck is America, Obama or any outsider, to decide which president has to go, when the people has decided whom they want!?

Moreover, I’ve yet to meet a Syrian who didn’t support President Assad!

Now isn’t that telling!?

Why America Is For Toppling Assad’s Government:

There are 4 primary reasons why the Obama administration (along with Isra-HELL) is scheming to topple Assad.

In no specific order of importance…

1.) The Oil

I can already hear the skeptics protesting that I’m just using the default “Oil Excuse” as a pretense for war. But America has always been hell-bent on invading Middle Eastern states in order to secure oil stockpiles.

This angle isn’t new! Plus they would gain strategic position and proximity on Iran; the real target.

2.) Puppets To Israel

The Unites States government is Isra-HELL’s puppet!

Read: Israel controls America, by the Northern Truth-seeker.

Israel has America by the balls and at ransom. There are tons of reasons for this, which I cannot really get into at this moment (too numerous to mention).

Anyway, being that America has sworn FULL allegiance to defend Israel to the death [read Obama pledges to defend Israel no matter what], and Isra-HELL has been terrorizing Syria for decades hoping to topple the Assads (father and son), the U.S. government has no choice but to support Israel’s demands in the destabilization of Syria.

It’s a classic case of, “Jump”! “How high”?

3.) Baiting Iran Into A War

America along with Isra-HELL, have been relishing the thought of bombing Iran to smithereens!

Iran is Syrian’s closest ally, and Iran has vowed to take military actions against anyone who attacks Syria.

With that being said, Israel has been sneak bombing Syria over the past 2 months in hopes to provoke an Iranian response, however, Iran hasn’t taken the bait [read Israel bombs Syria without reason].

Basically, America and Israel are using covert-war tricks in trying to provoke Iran into attacking Israel, which will then give Israel (and the U.S.) the moral justification to invade Iran, nuke it, take over, rape the oil and insert a puppet regime.

4.) America Wants To Set Up Puppet Governments

Just as in Iraq and other Mid’ East countries, The U.S. seeks to remove opposing governments to then insert puppet leaders in which they can control and to whom they dictate.

They weren’t able to have their way with Saddam; so they got rid of him (although they were strong allies against Iran in the 80’s).

They weren’t able to dominate Muammar Ghaddafi of Libya; so they incited a rebellion (so-called Arab Spring), armed the rebels (Al-Qaeda), in which led to Ghaddafi being brutally assassinated.

All this took place under the watch and authorization of President Barack Osama.

Colonel Muammar Ghaddafi, former leader of Libya (beloved throughout Africa)

Colonel Muammar Ghaddafi, former leader of Libya (beloved throughout Africa)

Likewise in Syria, the U.S. government cannot have its way with the Assad regime, so its default-modus operandi is to get rid of him, then install a puppet regime which will do as America says (right or wrong).

Proof That America Is An Open Sponsor Of Global Terrorism

This shouldn’t come as news flash to anyone who’s privy to global politics. Those who are less inclined to giving a fuck but still desire to know about their government’s support for terrorists; I’ll be glad to disseminate some facts.

In Libya, the U.S. government (under President Barack OSAMA) had funded and supported the Al-Qaeda in Libya terrorist organization in order to topple Ghaddafi.

In Egypt, the US incited violence in order to topple President Hosni Mubarak, then supplanted into power, the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a known terrorist entity.

Leading Sunni cleric in Egypt calls for Sunnis to go to Syria to fight against the Syrian regime.

Reeling from its success in the destabilization of Libya, Egypt and Iraq, those jihadi terrorists (Salafists and wahhabists) backed by America, were looking for a new frontier to terrorize and another president to topple.

That is when they (the jihadi terrorists) were ushered into Syria with the aid of U.S. secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, and Saudi Arabia, in order to create chaos and bloodshed.

Those Sunni, Jihadist, terrorist rebels were then PUBLICLY given money and weapons (RPG’s, machine guns) by the U.S. government (including Britain), in order to launch their proxy war against Assad [Obama admin admits to covertly sending heavy weapons to Syrian rebels].

None of this is classified! It’s all fucking public knowledge!

The U.S. won’t admit that the people they’re supporting are terrorists, so they downplay the claims by calling them rebels and peaceful-opposition groups to justify arming them.

Where were these so-called peaceful-opposition groups prior to the so-called Arab Spring!?

They didn’t exist (in Syria) because the U.S. government hadn’t created them yet!

They were created in Iraq (Al-Qaeda in Iraq), dispatched to Libya, then onto Syria, facilitated by the U.S. government!

The U.S. government has been creating, sponsoring and aiding global terrorism ever since the Mujahideen movement in Afghanistan against the Soviets (Osama Bin Laden’s group).

Then they (the U.S.) Label Iran a state sponsor of terrorism for supporting Hezbollah, which isn’t a terrorist organization, but a political front in Lebanon to defend its sovereignty against Israeli oppression.

The conflict in Syria is NOT a civil war as media claims. It’s the government defending its citizenry against foreign terrorists who have migrated there (backed by America) to participate in wrecking the country and causing major havoc.

Confirmed 3 days ago, A British man and an American woman were killed in Syria as they were fighting alongside the terrorists against government forces, reported by Press TV.

This is not a civil war of Syrians against Syrians.

“Who Are These Terrorists In Which My Government Supports”?

Jabhat Al-Nusra (Al-Qaeda in Syria)

Jabhat Al-Nusra (Al-Qaeda in Syria)

It isn’t America alone who is supporting these terrorists in Syria [29 countries in all].

Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Britain, France, just to name a few, are all publicly apart of the plot.

Russia and China are TOTALLY against this!

The Saudis (whom the U.S. has been in bed with over oil and money), are natural enemies of the Syrian people, which is why they (Saudi leaders) helped to dispatch their bands of Salafists terrorists into Syria in order to help wreck the country.

So it’s all a US+Israel+Saudi plot to work with Al-Qaeda in Syria (whom they’d created).

There are even Chechen terrorists who have made it to Syria to partake in the jihad against the government forces [read Chechnya terrorists fighting in Syria, by the Huffington Post].

Syria is now becoming a melting pot for jihadi terrorists from around the globe, who are requesting aid, funds, money and weapons from the U.S. government in order to massacre the people of Syria.

This is what president Barack OSAMA is doing with your U.S. tax dollars; helping these Saudi-backed terrorists to reek havoc in a once peaceful nation of Syria.

The following videos depict the U.S. backed Al-Qaeda, Jabhat Al-Nusra, in Syria, putting your tax dollars to use.

Remember, these are the good guys in Syria according to the United States government and its allies.

Enjoy the decline!

Warning; these videos are graphic!

This video is of U.S.-backed terrorists in Syria trying to shoot down a commercial-civilian passenger airline jet over Syrian airport. These are the guys in which the U.S. government sends money, weapons and aids to, and call them the good guys [SMFH].

American-backed terrorists in Syria (whom they consider the good guys), shot down civilian jet-liner with tank fire over the Idlib province.

This recently released video is the most gruesome to date: Abu Zakkar, a known-terrorist commander from Homs, Syria, cutting out the liver and heart of a Syrian soldier and eating it (or taking a bite of it). Guys like him are whom the U.S. government is directly funding and sending cash and weapons to.

This video of Al-Qaeda terrorist (supported by the U.S. government) is of an execution of 3 Syrian civilians in a public square in Raqqa. The purpose was to terrorize the Syrian people into opposing President Assad.

These terrorists actually have the official Al-Qaeda banner (the black flag) to show their affiliation to their brothers in Libya and Iraq.

These are the guys in Syria which President Barack Osama and Hillary Clinton publicly support to take power in Syria if Assad falls.

Public execution of civilians in Syria by US-backed terrorists:

An American citizen fighting alongside Al-Qaeda FSA terrorists, bragging as they killed government soldiers shot down in military helicopter.

Video from PressTV shows Al-Nusra terrorist (a Saudi) in Syria executing 11 captured Syrian army soldiers on tape.

The Latest U.S. Propaganda About The Syrian Government…Debunked (Use Of Chemical Weapons):

The U.S. government along with the wicked Mossad [Israel’s version of the CIA], are pulling out all the stops: claiming that President Assad has recently used chemical weapons on his people [John Kerry says Assad used chemical weapons].


This is another ploy to justify a U.S. military intervention into the conflict.

The U.S. and Israel are looking for the slightest justification to attack Syria in an all out invasion. So that’s why over the past 3 weeks, you will have heard on every U.S. news network, that Assad’s army has gassed civilians.

However, facts and the truth later emerged by reputable sources which claim that it was actually the US-backed terrorist insurgents who unleashed chemical weapons on civilians, and not Assad’s regime.

The BBC reports that American-backed Syrian terrorists used sarin nerve agent.

Since those reports have been published; those bastards over at CNN, MSNBC and FOX have since gone silent on the issue, and not even offering up an apology to the Syrian people for wrongfully spreading propaganda that their president has gassed its citizens.

Epic FAIL!!!

The American-news media (90% of its news networks owned by Jews/Zionists), will never come out and publish the truth about what is going down in Syria.

They circulate false claims that Assad is using chemical weapons on his people (False), Assad is killing civilians (False), Assad plans on using nerve agent and gasses (False), Assad is a war criminal (False)…

What Is Israel’s Agenda In All Of This?

Isra-HELL supports the same terrorist organizations as the U.S. government does.

It’s a joint effort by Israel and the U.S. to control the Middle East. This has been the grand scheme ever since the Jewish state of Israel was created with the aid of America and Britain back in 1948.

As hinted to in the previous passages: Israel is hoping to draw Iran and its ally Syria into a war, where the U.S. will then be obligated to intervene (militarily) on Isra-HELL’s part.

Israel as usual, is looking to steal more land within Syrian and Lebanese soil, in order to expand the Jewish state.

Read The Golan Heights conflict where Israel stole Syria’s land by BBC news.

Thus, an American takeover of Iran and Syria will strategically position Israel to continue to monopolize and steal more land.

Apart from the theft of land angle, Zionists hate Muslims, so that is reason enough to want to eradicate all unfriendly governments at their border (Iraq, Syria, Iran, Palestine).

Israel gets its weapons and military stockpile from the American government as we all know [read If Americans knew the staggering cost of Israel to America].

With that being the case, Isra-HELL has been the bully of the region, and brags of its military might, just as in 2006 when it had invaded Lebanon in order to attack the Hezbollah political party [the defenders of Lebanon].

To the world’s surprise, Hezbollah kicked their fucking asses!

Read How Hezbollah defeated Israel.

The mighty bully Israel with its superior weaponry given to them by America, was defeated by Hezbollah [the party of Allah], and sent running back to Isra-HELL in global shame.

The following 3 videos are of covert-Iranian tactics used by Hezobollah on the battle field in the 2006 war.

Why Should The Average American Give A Fuck?

The hatred for America and Americans isn’t personal.

Most Arabs, especially the youths, are extremely fond of the American lifestyle: from fast food, alcohol, music to porn!

They love everything about America- except for the government and its brutal policies and its blind allegiance to Israel!

For instance, Osama Bin Laden’s so-called war on the west (America) wasn’t due to personal issues nor hatred of Americans. It was all politics and stemmed from the U.S. meddling into the Middle East (Saudi Arabia) in which it had no business.

In layman’s term, it’s like a guy jumping into a fight he had no business in, gets his ass kicked, then wants to cry foul!

In that sense, the U.S. government facilitated the creation of terrorism and gave terrorists a reason to exist.

Islamic Terrorism and suicide bombings did NOT exist anywhere on the globe until the U.S. started to stir things up in the Middle East (Lebanon to be exact).

Had they not pussy footed around in the Islamic world stirring shit up and wantonly supporting Israel’s oppression of Palestine; September 9-11 would not have happened [although it was an inside job, and N.O.R.A.D. was told to ignore the hijacked planes], and Americans would’ve still been looked upon as universal rockstars whom everyone idolizes!

However, due to the U.S. governmental policies over the decades, the average American citizen is now targeted and marked wherever he ventures on this Earth.

It isn’t about American exceptionalizm, and how people are envious of America’s freedom. It’s all fucking politics!!!

Just as the average, misinformed American believes that the Muslim religion is filled with terrorists based on Osama Bin Ladenism. The average misinformed Middle Easterner believes that every American fully endorses his or her government’s crooked policies.

Both angles are unfortunate and untrue!

Having a government and president represent you on the global stage in a bad light, should be grounds for impeachment: and that goes for President Barack Osama, and former presidents George Bush Sr. And Junior.

The false-pretense war in Iraq had created a rippled effect of hatred towards average freedom-loving American.

Obama’s global policies and support of terrorists in Syria will have the same negative spill-off effect, and only serve to incite more hatred for Americans, which means more 9-11’s and more cases of innocent American being kidnapped and beheaded abroad for political purposes.

With that said, the average American “SHOULD” give a fuck about what their government does domestically and abroad.

At the end of the day, members of congress, George Bush nor President Barack Osama, will be the ones captured and beheaded by terrorists abroad; but the average, peace-loving American will be.

Islamophobia, Zionism…:

Make no mistake about it; these terrorists in Syria are NOT muslims! Just as any Christian who partakes in evil acts is NOT a Christian, even though he may attend church regularly and claim to be a Christian.

Therefore, to say that terrorists represent Islam, and that Muslims are savages, is the wrong stance to take. Just as we cannot look at Christian preachers who molest little boys, and condemn the entire religion based on few nuts.

Islam is a peaceful religion! True muslims are peaceful to a fault. But the crooked, Zionist-western media peddles propaganda to portray Muslims as barbarians, when the Middle East is actually 1 of the safest regions on Earth, but has been destabilized once the U.S. chose to meddle in their affairs.

By the way, I’m not a Muslim [I’m an agnostic, having no religion]. I defend justice whenever it’s being overshadowed by wrong, as in the case of the Syrian conflict. I don’t give a shit which religions are at play. Right is right; wrong is wrong!

I have lots of Israeli buddies also (most of who are fellow Pick-up Artists). I don’t have an issue with you guys nor your religion; Israel (the city of Tel Aviv) rocks! But your government sucks with its brutal policies.

The Average American In All Of This:

The problem with the average American is; no one gives a fuck! A bombing happens as in the case of the Boston marathon, then every American cries foul, wants revenge, then celebrates the capture and killing of the accused bombers, instead of asking themselves, “Why did this happen in the first place”?

Boston marathon bombing; staged by the FBI?.

Then they’ll see that such acts of terrorism were results of their government’s treacherous-global policies (apart from the staged-false flag operations).

Instead, the average American has his or her head buried way deep in the sand of ignorance, and doesn’t care to know squat about the scumbags in Washington who are supposed to be representing them and their interests.

U.S. Senator, John McCain, sneaks across Syrian border to meet with Al-Qaeda terrorists.

Senator McCain says rebels/terrorists need heavy weapons…, from Yahoo news.

U.S. Senator McCain meets with terrorists in Syria

U.S. Senator McCain meets with terrorists in Syria

The average American lives in his little bubble; “I got my Burger King, TV, job, car, home, my X Box, and that’s all that matters to me”.

It’s also not surprising that the average American (even college educated) cannot tell you who is the last or current vice president of the United States, nor can they name a single U.S. congressman past of present.

This social brain-picking experiment has been carried out throughout the years by media sources like FOX News.

This goes to show that the average American (irrespective of race) is illiterate and living in a trance-like zombie state where he or she is trapped in the matrix of ignorance and doesn’t know up from down, which is why the media can report false bullshit, and the average viewer will eat it up as if he were a programmed android from the Twilight Zone!

In Closing: Assad’s Syria

I support president Barack Obama’s domestic causes (except gay marriage). I am a Liberal and consider myself a Democrat!

However, his global policies are fucked-up, and more barbaric and sinister than those of Bush’s, where Barack is now seen as a war-mongering tyrant by the international community.

He’s authorized more attacks and wars on Muslims than any other president of the U.S….combined…including Bush Jr.!!!

I honestly cannot believe that this is the same guy I’d cheered for during his 2 presidential bids. But as any other black dude who would keep it real on the subject; it was more of a race thing that we’d supported Obama.

It was him or Romney; the lesser of 2 evils, so Barack it was (although Barack seems more sinister as time passes).

Assad’s Syria:

President Bashar Al- Assad [the Lion in Arabic] is a good man, and over the decades, has kept Syria 1 of the safest and most peaceful nations on Earth!

With all its so-called democracy, America is by far 1 of the most violent and unstable nation to have ever been in existence since the dawn of man. America has more homicides per annum than China, Australia, Canada and The UK combined!!!

How then can the U.S. government point fingers and judge who has to go and which regime is failing its people, when the federal government with its Demon-ocracy (Democracy), cannot even keep the streets of America safe!

Syria and Lebanon are by far the most liberal and modern free-Arab societies in the Middle East, where Christians and Muslims coexist in harmony, women have equal rights (unlike Saudi Arabia who supports terrorists), women aren’t required to wear hijabs (face veils) and cover up…

Syrian nightclub where men and women freely mingle unlike in 95% of other islamic states.

Syrian nightclub where men and women freely mingle unlike in 95% of other islamic states.

Shouldn’t the American government then be aligned with the Assad regime since it practices a quasi Democracy?

Syria is the closest thing to American-style democracy in the Middle East!

Why is America then scheming against a democratic regime in order to insert Jihadi terrorists who are hell-bent on introducing Taliban-style governance (sharia law)!?

And why aren’t Americans speaking up!!!?

The jihadists can’t stand to see Muslims and Christians getting along (as has been the case in Syria and Lebanon for decades), so insurrection is a way to create chaos and division.

Regardless, the U.S. and Saudi-backed terrorists in Syria are being defeated and killed by the hundreds (by Syrian government forces) as captured in the following videos [Warning; these videos are graphic]:

A compilation video of FSA (Free Syrian Army) terrorists being killed by government forces of the SAA (Syrian Arab Army).

A terrorist commander (supported by America) and other terrorists killed in Dara’a, Syria by a government soldier (SAA sniper).

In this video, terrorists (Al- Nusra) supplied and supported by America, in the Damascus suburb of Aleppo, in a firefight with Assad’s soldiers, get killed while trying to recover their fallen terrorist comrades.

A band of terrorists getting sniped one by one by Assad’s government soldiers in a street firefight.

These videos were not posted for sport, but to demonstrate how real terrorists should be dealt with; eradicated and not funded nor supported!

It’s the U.S. policy to NOT negotiate with terrorists, yet the U.S. wants the Assad government to come to the negotiation table to negotiate with terrorists!?

Viva President Assad!!!

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