The “Empty-Restaurant Effect”

It’s 12 pm, you’re hustling to your lunch break- but unsure of what to eat.

You arrive at a juncture where there are 2 decent-looking restaurants.

From which will you decide to eat lunch?

Restaurant A is very busy and crowded.

Restaurant B surprisingly has no patrons and is virtually empty beside the waiters.

Any rational, hungry person will chose to go to Restaurant B (where there’s no one, and he-she will get his lunch much faster).

But wait!

“Why isn’t anyone eating from Restaurant B”?

“Is there something wrong with the food there”?

“There must be something wrong with the staff or customer service”.

“Or perhaps the food from Restaurant B isn’t any good”.

“Maybe that’s the reason it has no customers…its food is terrible…must be”.

“Although I’m starving like Marvin and really have to get back to work for 1:20, I’m gonna go to Restaurant A eventhough I have to wait a while”.

[Hey readers; do you see where I’m going with this in relation to women and how they subconsciously chose the men they deal with?]

Now analyze the above scenario of both restaurants.

One is empty, has no customers.

The other is packed.

Logically, one would or should chose to eat from the one which presents the least waiting time [Restaurant B].

But is that how we operate?

Of course not!!

We don’t make our meal decisions based on logics and logistics (how close or far the restaurant is).

We eat from the restaurants and food joints which we deem have the best-tasting food (not which is nearer or farthest).

Let’s delve deeper.

Let’s say you’ve never eaten at Restaurant A nor Restaurant B, what would be your best indicator to say which serves the best food?

You’re not gonna approach Restaurant A and ask the cook if their food is the best [even if it tastes like shit; they wouldn’t tell you that].

Neither will you approach Restaurant B to ask the cook if their food is the best.

So how will you know, judge or discern which has the best food, from which may give you the runs for the friggin’ week?

Given the key facts I laid out at the top about the 2 restaurants (1 empty, 1 full), you will surmise and guesstimate that the full restaurant has the best food (since it has customers).

Likewise,you will surmise that Restaurant B must not have decent food, or it wouldn’t be empty.

Although you’re starving, any sane person would eat from Restaurant A, although it’s full and present a longer wait.

Only a reckless fool would eat from the empty restaurant which no one frequents (not knowing if their food is safe or good).

Get where I’m going with this yet?

The way in which women chose men is the same as the “Empty-Restaurant Effect” scenario.

You have 2-attractive guys in a bar.

Guy A is standing alone, isolated, no one (male or female) is chatting with him…

Guy B has 2 girls chatting with him, and maybe a guy or 2 is in the mix, he looks accepted, social, safe, cool, friendly, well-liked…

Which guy will women in this bar gravitate to?

You fucking guessed it; Guy B!

In fact, Guy A could be hotter (physically)! He could be a Brad Pitt or Will Smith look-alike.

Guy B could be ugly as hell.

But the fact that Guy B has been socially accepted [just as the restaurant with a lot of customers], women will undoubtedly be more attracted and drawn to him, than opposed to Guy A who may be 10 times hotter.

The fact that Guy A is isolated, alone, has no one chatting with him; the observant girl (subconsciously and consciously), would assume that something is OFF about him, or maybe he’s socially awkward, weird, unsafe…

But she will assume (from her scanning) that Guy B is social, safe, cool, wanted, protective, wealthy, high status and high valued, etc.

So, the guy who’s surrounded by women will draw way more attention and attraction value than the guy who’s alone.

Same concept applies to the “Women are attracted to men who are taken theory.

You will not eat from a strange restaurant (no matter how stunning the building may look), if it doesn’t have any customers buying its food [unless you absolutely have to-which you may regret when you have to get your stomach pumped].

Likewise, a girl will not pay attention to a LONER guy @ a bar(no matter how hot he is), over a guy who has women around him.

She will be attracted to the guy who has women.

She will repel and ignore the guy who’s looking lonely, alone and segregated.

9 out of 10 women don’t even know that they make this unconscious screeing-out decision, where they may overlook a good guy (the loner), and choose the one who’s good with women, which will be the same guy who may drive her crazy down the road via infidelity.

Disclaimer: This concept was not originated by me Socialkenny PUA. It’s common knowledge in the PUA community’s that such insight on human and female psychology is held true. And I endorse it (as I’d seen it happen consistently).

Field Report: “KINO Lesson The Arab Way”



It’s been 3 straight nights of hard-bar game at the same bar I gamed at 2 nights ago [Christmas Eve Field Report (at the bar)]. I’m going and going like a damn energizer-bunny!!!

Last night, I entered the bar and spotted a 2 set chubby girls sitting alone at a table waiting on drinks. I wasn’t gonna wait around like an anti-social dude, so I said WTH, I might as well entertain the fatties until some hotter girls rolled in [social proof]. So I rolled over to their table [an empty seat was there], time constraint, sat down by saying, “I’m not asking anyone’s permission to sit here. It’s a free world so let’s enjoy the freedom while it lasts”. Cheeky/cocky-funny lines like those are my favorite. They never fail me. I threw it with a sly smile and the girls giggled away at how ballsy I was.

A while later, some Arab dude rolled up to the table,introduced himself, started chatting up the other fatty, grabbed a seat and started gaming. Talk about balls. This MOFO had game and exuded an alpha confidence that made me look like a fucking looser! The thing that was surprising about his verbal game (which I over heard via his poor English) was that he used negs and he never held back on saying shit that the average guy would see as ‘forward, disrespectful and inappropriate’.

This MOFO had game!

Most of all: he KINO’d the fuck out of that girl [meaning he got physically romantic with her]!!! Right off the bat!!!

It wasn’t loud at all in the venue, but the Syrian-Rico Suave understood KINO and getting close, so he was all up in her ear and on her shoulders.


The girl was totally into him after a while: getting all up into his space.

Doesn’t he look like Fatush from the movie Zohan with the bandana on his head?

I wasn’t doing much of anything besides waiting for some HB’s to come through. I mean- I was definitely active (verbally) and keeping the vibe up, but I wasn’t engaging my fatty despite talking to me. One more beer and those chubbies probably would be looking like models I would lay, but I just drank a Coors and relaxed.

Funny thing about it though,these girls were fucking buying out their asses!! I never had to spend a dime. Neither did the Syrian dude. This guy was awesome in that he didn’t go AFC and buy drinks. These girls were literally slinging drinks at us as if to get us drunk or something!!! They ordered some tacos and pizza for all of us [go figure- they really should not have been eating that shit].

About 2 hours in, some HB9’s rolled in so I approached and open at the counter, “Hey, you’re that girl who stood me up the other night [with a smile of course]. That was messed up. The 2 set smiled and giggled and denied it was her. The fatter one gravitated to me as if she planned on picking me up. What the fuck is with me and big girls!? They seem to always try re-open me and select me as their targets.

Hot chic in white was my target who I’d hit with the ‘stood me up’ line.

My target was the trim one but the bigger one basically brushed her aside and started engaging me! Fuck!!! So the slimmer one was being chatted up by some AFC dude. I was literally in set for like 45 minutes with this hefty girl (who was mighty cute in the face BTW ) but she kept pushing comfort/rapport stuff looking for a deep connection by talking to me about having a miscarriage years ago…So I snuck back off to the original fatty-set. The Arab dude was hugged up with his, 2 other black dudes were at the table tag teaming the other one. The girls was busting on me for bouncing on them…

The key lesson for all of us (from the Syrian-Rico Suave) is this:

KINO, KINO, KINO!!! And you don’t have to buy girls drinks in order to get some play. Have the girls buy you drinks instead. That’s a more powerful tactic to make her invest.

This dude pecked her on the cheeks, hugged her, touched her waist (after talking about some body tattoos), massaged her arms, tugged on her chubby cheeks like a mom would do to her chubby baby. This fucking dude was the quintessential example of an Alpha. His calibration and timing was so ‘ON’ that whenever he’d KINO’d, the girl never recoiled since it wasn’t awkward.

I learned a lot last night from the Arab stallion. Who knows what the hell happened. They all left together (while I was engaging some other girls). Maybe they had a fatty 3-some.

I wanna believe KINO is huge in the Middle-East, or at least customary, because the way this guy came off from the gate seems as if it’s something he was born with.

And check out Christmas Eve Field Report.

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