Do Women Secretly Hate Condoms? And Why Do We Fuck Without Condoms?

…“She secretly desires to feel your raw-manly shaft penetrating her warmth insides in the most primal and natural way possible… without a condom”!!

Do women get off at the thought of a stiff cock wrapped in latex or animal skin fucking the shit out of her?

Of course NOT [so I’ve been told]!!!

Just as we men dread the shit out of using rubbers, and they can be massive boner-killers [at least for me they are]; chics secretly wish that they could enjoy raw-dog sex…even more than men do!!

This surely crushes the romcom Beta-Male perception that all women are sexually pious-little damsels who scoff at the idea of a hot guy banging her without protection.

Well…call me the “myth-buster”, here to dismantle the shit out of the 3 decades-old notion that women are safety-conscious when it comes to fornicating aka fucking!

She has to say, “Where’s the protection”?

When it comes to sex, women have to present men with their alter-egos [a front]. She must orchestrate, pretend, and act her ass off as to appear holier than a Virgin Mary on steroids.

Hence, as much as she’s dying for you to bang her sin condon (without a condom), she’s socially pressured to pretend as though she’s safety-conscious, and that rubbers are girls’ best friends.

Then the all-too familiar declaration gets uttered by her as you whip your cock out, “You have protection, right”?

The sluttiest, dirtiest, nastiest, bottom-of the barrel girls, who’ve probably never seen a condom before will also utter: “We’re not fucking without protection”.

She’s socially conditioned to PRETEND as though she’s safety-conscious!

Lots of men, being oblivious to this feminine Jedi-mind fuck will either:

1.) Abort the mission of fucking her, and just snuggle instead (in spite of his pending, pent-up blue balls).

2.) He’ll run to the pharmacy to buy rubbers, return, and notice the girl’s sexual arousal has dissipated.

3.) Convince her to fuck without a condom [the easiest of the 3].

Why We Instinctively Fuck Without Condoms

Guys, it’s pretty fucking simple; humans have been screwing and replicating for millions of years, while condoms weren’t even mainstream until mid-1990’s.

So it’s hard-wired in our psyche to follow what comes natural to humans: fucking without condoms.

It’s a primal and instinctive impulse.

Pulling out a latex to roll onto the boner isn’t a natural nor instinctive procedure for humans, thus we often times neglect to use them (since it’s an unnatural process to mating), essentially putting desires/human nature before safety/manufactured desire.

That is why it’s so easy breezy to convince a girl to have sex without protection.

She instinctively yearns to feel your raw flesh against hers. It’s fucking nature!!

However, due to social pressure and the need to protect her perceived-innocent reputation, she’s NOT gonna tell you this unless you’ve already slept with her more than 5 times or become your LTR(Long-Term Relationship).

Any woman who claims that she’s never had un-protected sex is either self-deluded, grossly ashamed or down-right lying!

If she hasn’t yet; it will happen eventually when she decides to procreate and bear kids.

I Convinced Girls To Have Un-Protected Sex

A bit of truth: As mentioned before in this article: 50 things you didn’t know about me , over the past 6 years, I’m unable to count the amount of girls I’d laid from then to now [tried counting but failed].

Of the innumerable girls I’d f-closed over the past 6 years, I only used a condom ONCE!

I said ONCE!!!

That is ONE time in 6 years with possibly over 100 women…70% of whom were ONS(One-Night Stands)/SNL’s(Same-Night Lays) of women whom I’d picked up @ nightclubs or online-dating sites.

Call me a dog, pig, animal, disgusting, low-life, insane, whatever…but I wasn’t a fan of using condoms (still not).

It personally kills my erection the instant it touches my cock head. Had I relied on condom use, I’d probably be a 30 year-old virgin today.

Anyway, armed with fore-knowledge that women really want to fuck without protection (more than I did), I decided to invent some clever-verbal tricks in order to enable me to fuck virtually any girl without a condom.

1.) I’d get her really turned on to the brink of insanity (via verbal foreplay in a seduction location), knowing that she’d be too horny to refuse un-protected sex; thus she gives in [which she really wanted to anyway].

2.) If lying in bed, she says she’s not fucking without a condom, I’d agree (just to psych her out), then eat her pussy to a boiling mess, then stop before she climaxes. Then I’d continually tease her clit with my tongue, but not bringing her to cum. At that point, she’ll beg for the cock (un-protected).

3.) Knowing that she’s REALLY attracted to me and turned on by me, yet she says, “I don’t have sex without protection”, I’d strategically stop everything (foreplay, kissing, caressing, snuggling), withdraw, put on my iPod and block her out of my world while we lay there. She’ll eventually succumb to the urge for cock, then I’d bang her raw [I call this the “Pity Bang”].

4.) If it’s a girl I met online, I’d get to know her menstrual cycle and when she’s to have her period. Knowing that girls are extra horny a day or 2 before menstruation, I’d schedule our date/meet-up for that time, where she’d be massively horny prior to bleeding. She’d be so sexually charged, that there’s no way in hell she can decline sex.

5.) I’d never really had to employ this one but sparingly: simply fucking plead LOL! “I never fucked a girl without a condom in like 8 years. Your pussy looks so juicy girl! Can I just slide the head it 1 time and pull it back out? Please Jessica”!

Are those tactics of mines manipulative and diabolical? Might be!!!

Conversely, she wants it as much as I do. She’s just not socially allowed ask for it (un-protected sex), so we both have to create a quasi play for sex to happen.

She wants to feel as though the sex just happened, and that she had no decision making in it. So she’s not gonna ever admit that she wants to fuck raw, or else that would deem her as a slut and a turnoff.

It’s up to the socially savvy guy to take advantage of this, then operate accordingly like what I did in the above 5 realistic examples.

In essence, women want to be tricked!

They expect to be tricked into sex!

They have to be tricked into sex!

Not f-closing the HB just because you have no protection will cause her to lose interest and attraction in you.

You’ve essentially landed yourself in the wuss basket, or the category of “men who just don’t get it”, and “men who are too afraid to take chances”.

Women are SUPER turned on by the Y.O.L.O. idiomatic concept [You Only Live Once]: rebels, outcasts, badboys, assholes, action heroes, firemen, Brad Pitts, etc.

Likewise, they are SUPER turned off by guys who are safety-conscious: nerds, virgins, men who work in offices (bureaucrats), counselors, etc.

She’s obviously not going to say, “Hey, Kenny, I’m not up for seeing you tomorrow because you refused to fuck me raw”. She’s just gonna flake on you.

The End Game

Now, I’m not advocating for men to go pussy-crazy and bang raw. If you’re a condom-user; then continue using them!

If you can maintain an erection in latex (unlike me); then use it!

The point of this article was to dispel the false notion that women care to use protection, and that without it, she won’t have sex.

That is utter bullshit!

90% of the girls I’d slept with in my lifetime, got busy without protection [I wasn’t able to convince this girl however]!

It didn’t require major convincing neither. It was like stealing candies from a handicap.

Realistically, had she not wanted to have sex; then it wouldn’t happen.

I didn’t put a pistol to her head nor gag and bound her. I simply knew that all humans were programmed to have un-protected sex [it’s in our genetics], and it shouldn’t be difficult to convince anyone to do what is natural and has been done for the past million years [Pre-Historic man to Homo-Sapiens]: fucking raw dog!

All the “wrap-it-up” condom- campaign ads on TV and billboards will never be able to convince humans to use condoms religiously.

No matter how many AIDS patients you wheel out of the graveyards as testimonial that un-protected sex kills [which is all western-media propaganda by the way]: people will always opt for having un-protected sex, because the impulse of SEX is way stronger than the consequence of death.

Humans will fuck raw, knowing we could die tomorrow from doing so.

Yet we all take that risk whenever we do decide to impregnate and be impregnated.

So how valid is the use of condoms anyway, if at some point in every human’s lifetime, he-she will abandon protection (in order to procreate)?

What’s your thoughts?

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Either I’ll Fuck Her; Or She’ll Hate Me [Go Hard Or Go Home]!!

My style is pretty simple, I never give up on pursuing a hot piece-a-ass until 2 things happen: Either I’ll get to fuck the girl, or we’ll have a major fall-out where she’ll hate my guts and see me as the biggest asshole she’d ever met.

As the PUA guru Tyler Durden once wrote : “Persistence is king”.

I never give up on a pickup half way through.

I push the peddle to the metal until I either crash and burn the car, or fly full speed ahead directly into her awaiting vagina!

That is my meta-frame (mentality) whenever I’m chatting up a potential-fuck prospect; online,txt messaging or face-to-face combat (vis-a-vis): It’s All Or Nothing!!!

She’ll either dig me- or hate me!

No in-roads, zigzags nor detours: either she’ll love me and wanna spread those legs ASAP, or she’ll wanna see my guts splattered across a highway, struck by a speeding Mack truck at full throttle [pretty gruesome stuff].

Frankly, I’m never gun-shy to lay down the verbal smack-down if the girl gets snarky and bitchy somewhere during the chat [and I sense that she won’t be DTF].

I’m a huge advocate of the saying that some women need to be cursed out, shamed, degraded, verbally abused and brought to the brink of tears when need be.

Whenever I’m engaged in Text Game with the target,if my Bullshit-Sensors go off, or she says some off-the-cuff shit like, “What you think, I’m a whore who’s just gonna spread her legs or wanna hang out with you”!!

It’s “gloves off” time when her attitude takes center stage.

I’ll curse her ass out so badly [usually with 2 lines], she’ll usually respond with a, “I didn’t deserve that. What did I do or say wrong Kenny”!!?

By time the texting session concludes, she’ll either hate my guts or wanna throw the pussy my way.

Now I know this totally goes against community rules of being non-reactive and non-argumentative.

But if it’s 1 part of my Game that I’m totally incapable of tweaking and ridden myself of, is the willingness to cuss a ***** out whenever she becomes bitchy or indifferent.

And frankly; I don’t wish to fix this part of my Game.

Some women can use a verbal beat down in order to conform to being fucked, accept the date, come over to the crib or quit the childish games.

Hence the theme of this article: She’ll either give up the pussy, or hate me with a fervent passion for acting like an insensitive asshole (which is ok with me).

I’m not advocating that other men reading this should adopt my flow.

Not every guy is equipped with steel balls to really disrespect a woman, especially when he has a “Scarcity Mentality” [it’s either her or no pussy].

However,men like I am (rare as flying donkeys), come from an “Abundance Mentality”, where no 1 chick is so precious and regal, that we’d sell out and bow to bitchy behavior just to penetrate her vagina.

You will NEVER see Socialkenny do this:

Me: “So Jessica, what’s your plans for tomorrow? We should meet up”.

Jessica: “I got better shit to do. I’ll be busy so TTY another time”.

Me: “Ok then. We’ll talk later”.

[SMFH @ the generic-Beta male response which comes from 90% of men who are desperate to get laid].

But you’ll always see Socialkenny do this:

Me: “So Jessica, what’s your plans for tomorrow? We should meet up”.

Jessica: “I got better shit to do. I’ll be busy so TTY another time”.

Me: “Bitch, your time ain’t worth shit. Suck this dick and gag and let me know how you like it”.

Jessica: “WTF was that for!!? Dude you’re so friggin’ rude and a jerk-off”!!!

Me: “Respect my time. Either you’re down [DTF] or not. But I’m 2 sec. from deleting your ass”.

Jessica: “Aight, I’ll see you tomorrow then when I’m done from the gym. Gosh”!!!

I expend and exhaust all my verbal resource until she either caves in to getting sexual, or become agitated by my persistence and asshole attitude.

I have nothing to lose with such an asshole approach to such entitlement chicks.

In fact, the only way to lay such girls [young-entitlement whores] with the least amount of flakes and head-games, is via Asshole Game, and communicating that you’ll not beg, be docile nor supplicate just to get a piece of her cherry pie.

She’ll either value my time, get with the program and come get this dick.

Or she’ll hate my guts and asshole style, and wish that I was hit by a train tomorrow so she could celebrate my death and take dumps all over my tombstone.

I religiously abide by the theory that there are more fish in the sea, so I’m never hesitant to piss 1 off (who wasn’t DTF anyway), to then pick up 3 more in order to weed out the 1 who’s DTF’able.

Every lass I pickup, will undoubtedly get to meet my little shtick quite early, and know that I’m not the guy to bullshit around without expecting a hail of verbal-ballistic missiles which will pound her into submission or run for cover.

Go hard or go home!!

Never give up half way!!

Push until you get the girl or until she hates your guts and deletes you!!

The more you play it safe with any particular girl; the less chances you will have to actually hook up with her,and you’ll end up in the dreaded friendzone being strung along for months on end.

Better off pushing the limits now while the initial attraction is still there.

Not many men will subscribe to my method of all or nothing and being verbally abusive.

But in this age of wanton vulgarity, these PYT’s (Pretty Young Things) aren’t looking to hook up with passive Betas who are just too afraid to get nasty and disrespectful.

I don’t play it safe with ANY woman I pickup (online or in person).

I’ll prefer to know if she’s down right now, than to be strung alone for 3 months, to then find out that she’s NOT down (DTF).

Sex Advice For Males & Male Virgins (anti-pre-mature ejaculation article)

As a male virgin,a minute of this may make you cum!

As a male virgin, a minute of this may make you cum!

Over at the Master Pick-Up Artist Forum, where I’ve been a lead-PUA coach for a few years now, an aspiring PUA who’s a virgin, asked the following question about sex (you can see the original post here: Virgin in need of sex advice):

Ronn Paul: “Ok guys, there are a lot of virgins on this forum, including me, so i thought this topic could be great for us to ask you guys who are not virgins…

Lately ive been reading some articles about lasting longer in the bed, so i am wondering what is the best way to last longer? What works well for you? Im afraid that first time im gonna have sex i cum too fast, so what should i do before the big FIRST TIME”?

For other virgins out there, or even guy’s who suffer from pre-mature ejaculation; I’ll present my personal techniques to lasting long.

5 Guaranteed Techniques/Tips To Last Longer

1.)”Masturbate Before Sex”

* Worst thing to do is to commence sexual intercourse with balls fully-loaded with semen.

* To kill this would-be problem before it even becomes a problem; download some porn and get to fapping few hours ahead of sex.

* You are sure to last longer as your semen tank would have been emptied much.

2.)”Lower Your Pre-Sex Anticipation”

* The more you think about sex before having it- the faster you’ll cum.

* If sex has been on your horny- little mind all day, and you’re anticipating banging that hot pussy of the HB10 whom you #-closed last week: then you’re gonna ejaculate fast.

* So DON’T think about, nor dwell on sex prior to meeting the chic(for sex presumably).

* You’ll definitely see a difference.

3.)”Don’t Think About Sex During Sex”

* This tip is totally fucking crucial!!

* While fucking a girl doggy-style and you’re saying to yourself, “This bitch got a nice-tight pussy”!! You’re gonna fucking cum LOL!!!

* All pussy-banging players can relate to this one.

* Focus on anything under the sun but sex!!

* Think about trees, cars, Sesame Street, eating waffles…whatever!

* But please don’t think about ass, tits, anal, blowjob, girls, model, etc. while having sex, or you’re gonna blow your load unexpectedly.

4.)”Change Positions Often”

* The longer you stay in 1 position, pounding away, the quicker you’ll blow.

* When you change positions often, 2 things happen:

A.) You get a mini break.

B.) From that short break (of a few seconds), your semen will have dissipated and descended a bit back into the testicles.

* You’ll be surprised how just switching positions within 4 seconds can make you last longer.

5.)”Steal A Break”

* Now I’m not saying to grab the remote and watch an hour of Jersey Shore before resuming sex(although that’d work).

* What I am saying is that after fucking her missionary for instance, opposed to turning her over right away to enter her doggy-style; you can eat her pussy instead for about a minute(essentially stealing a break).

* Other things you can do to steal a break:
•Eat her pussy
•Suck on her breasts
•Finger fuck her while kissing her
•kiss her for a minute
•Talk dirty to her
•Caress her

* While doing any of the above,as point #4 stated, your semen will have gone downwards during the break, which means you will last WAY longer.

In Closing

Many virgins, or even guys who are banging pussy, are under the illusion that women want, or need sex to last long (meaning over 20 minutes).

Sex on average lasts under 10 fucking minutes [research it! Or ask your buddies]!!!

Women are not looking for iron-men who can go 3 hours straight!!

And if she does find that guy, she will regret it as her pussy becomes out of commission from exposure to prolong penetration.

So 15 minutes of sex is sufficient for a woman.

And that 15 minutes does NOT have to be non stop.

With all the break, etc., she’s only getting about 7 minutes worth of ACTUAL intercourse!

All the other stuff: foreplay, kissing, cunnilingus(eating), caressing, will give her the false impression that you last long, when in reality, you’ve only penetrated her about 7 minutes out of 30 minutes.

It’s all a mind-fuck and mind-trick!

Apply all or any of the above 5 techniques to your sex game, and you’re sure to see an instant progression.

This can be the new you in the sexual battlefield, once you follow the above 5 tips.

This can be the new you in the sexual battlefield, once you follow the above 5 tips.

Those who hate to read can check out the video version to this post.

Feel free to leave your feedback here or on the video page.

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Cum-Swallowing And Taboo

Girl enjoying some cum

Girl enjoying some cum

Foreword: Cum-swallowing pros who’ve been downing jizz as if it’s some sort of aphrodisiac: this post does NOT apply.

Furthermore, you should not read this [it’d be a great waste of time].

However, the naïve girl who’s still on the fences about Cum-Swallowing: please read your ass on!!

An Ex-Fuck Buddy pinged me on BBM(Blackberry Messenger) the other night with the following query verbatim (word for word).

[She’d met a guy (fellow New Yorker), they chatted about oral sex and swallowing (which she’s never done prior to meeting me).

Thus she wasn’t sure if swallowing was a slutty thing by which Beta-males would get turned off.

She must’ve been real horny by the way LOL]:

*Naive HB:“Hey Kenny do you have a min. I need to pick your brain”.

*Me:“On what”?

*Naive HB: “Blow jobs and the woman taking the cum. Is that really considered somethibg FREAKY to do”?

*Me:“What u mean taking the cum”?

[Notice how her ASD(Anti-Slut Defense) is kicking in where she doesn’t want to come off as too vulgar/slutty by out-right mentioning the dirty words]

*Naive HB:“Letting the guy cum in your moth”.

*Me:“Yes it’s considered freaky. But not freaky in a disgusting way”.

It’s news to me that there are still scores of women in this sexually-charged western world who still believe that swallowing is taboo and disgusting.

News-flash: “Men go fucking bonkers over girls who swallow”!!!

Letting the horny guy unload in your mouth and or swallowing his cummy delight, is a HUGE fucking turn on!!

It gives us a rush unlike no other!

Picture the bodily sensation you get as a jet lifts off or descends rapidly [travelers like I am could relate].

Or visualize the intense sensation you get as the roller-coaster descends from it’s highest point.

It’s by far the most damn exhilarating sexperience a guy can have.

How Does The “Average Joe” View Swallowers?

Believe it or not: societal influences play a major role.

For instance, men in the Caribbean islands (where I was born), generally fall into the Anti-Swallowers bracket.

They will smack the shit out of a b***h who dares try swallowing his load [LMBAO]!

My island buddies; 9 out of 10 of them are Anti-Swallowers

They’re staunchly opposed to the idea of an HB (hot girl) swallowing their babies!!

They see it as disgusting, demeaning, degrading (to the woman) and downright nasty!

Watching a porn with those guys would turn into an Eew and Yuck fest as the porn-queen let’s the guy unload in her mouth[SMH].

Worry not swallowers!!

The Caribbean is a tiny-ass region. Most girls will probably have never come across an island man in their lifetime [lucky for you].

However, on a broader level, western men are pretty much pro-swallowers.

We will ‘NOT’ under any circumstance be offended by a girl who swallows.

It’ll only give us more reasons to want to keep you around [GF material huh?].

Boring to above average sex alone, is NOT enough to keep an Alpha interested (sexually)!

Bland intercourse will NOT satiate our sexual needs.

Do I need to repeat? I think my point was pretty clear.

When a guy reflects on a chic he’d banged recently (or even years ago), he doesn’t visualize how good the intercourse felt, nor how pleasing it was to fuck that nice booty doggystyle.

Hell nah!!

He reflects and day dreams about the great feeling he had busting a fat nut down that hottie’s throat [I tried being politically correct but failed LOL]!!!

Which subsequently spurs him to want to see you again (at least for further Sexcapade).

So there’s absolutely no backlash to a girl swallowing, or at least allowing the guy to ejaculate in her mouth [she’s free to spit].

Unless you’re dealing with a culturally-repressed guy, or one with many taboo-like hangups.

BTW, why would you deal with a guy like that in the first place?

You’re not slutty for being sexually aware and attentative to your man’s sexual desires.

So hotties: swallow on please!

Peace out!!!

Good Girl

Good Girl!!

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