You’re Not A “Real Man” If You’ve Never…[10 Things Real Men Go Through]

Photo courtesy of David Maury photography

Photo courtesy of David Maury photography

You’re not a real man if you haven’t…
1.) Fucked a hooker!!

*It seems counter-intuitive that a guy who has skills getting ass will ever barter money for pussy. Nevertheless, show me a Pick-Up Artist or Natural player who has never fucked a prostitute and I’ll show you where Noah buried his ark!

*Every real Alpha-Male I know personally (over the past 20 years), had fucked a couple hookers. This is sort of an initiation into manhood [however left unspoken].

*I’ve banged a generous number of prostitutes during the past 5 years. Of course I didn’t have to, but the allure of forbidden women and doing something risky is a core part of every Real Man’s lifestyle.

*This is sort of like a father who takes his son to a strip-club for his 18th.birthday to get a lapdance; essentially initiating him into manhood.

*I didn’t make the rules; just noting them.

You’re not a real man if…
2.)You haven’t gotten any kids.

*What is a man if he has no progeny to show for it? A waste of fucking life and semen! After all, we were put here to be fruitful and multiply [if you subscribe to religious philosophy].

*Any man who’s been fortunate enough to attain the age of 30 in such a volatile world and yet to impregnate a female, should be castrated or shot dead and disposed of [ok that was a bit dramatic ]!

*The old-male saying of, “I don’t want any kids…they’re only gonna hinder me from making money…”, is just a fucking lame excuse [which I was making also].

*Once again, every real Alpha-Male I know of, have a kid or 2 (some even have a mini clan).

You’re not a real man if you…
3.) Have never been kicked out for non payment on rent.

*Every Alpha I know has once or twice been in untenable situations where he’d neglected to keep up monthly payments and got booted by his landlord (or threatened to).

*Not that Real Men are irresponsible pricks unable to adhere to obligations. But a Real Man does periodically fall into lapses and phases in life where he says, “Fuck Obligations”!!! The general notion that Alpha Males/Real Men always handle responsibilities is BULLSHIT!!! All Real Men I know are blaze` and nonchalant when it comes to obligations.

You’re not a real man until…
4.) You get severed and fired from your day job!

*All Real Men will have been fired at least once in their lifetimes. Not because of unproductivity, but due to a Beta-Male employer, who for some reason, wanted him gone. Or perhaps a joint operation by his fellow employees to get him fired.

*Perhaps a he had a Feminist-leaning supervisor who couldn’t cope with a manly-man who doesn’t give a fuck about women’s rights.

You’re not a real man if you’ve never
5.) Cussed out your employer and walked off the job.

*In relation to point #4; Real Men/Alpha-Males, will always be envied, despised and secretly hated by others. If everyone @ your workplace gets along with you fine and dandily, then you’re obviously a pussy Beta-Male chode who’d do anything to be liked and accepted[conformist mentality].

*In my now 10-year work history (started working at 20), I’ve quit 4 jobs and went out in a blaze of glory by telling the owner, foreman and employer to suck my black cock! Real Men don’t keep a job just because. He’d gladly prefer to starve and be homeless than to be an underpaid punching-bag for his employer and co-workers.

You’re not a real man if…
6.) You’d never contracted a Sexually- Transmitted Disease.

*I didn’t set the rules, so don’t ask me why I’d included this one!!!

*I’m in no way glorifying STD’s, however catching 1 or 2 is just one of those things which any sexually active guy/Real Man will endure(at some points in life).

*Conversely, not contracting 1 is confirmation that you’re not banging ANY pussy, or that you’re not banging ENOUGH pussy. Sex is also a #’s game; the more pussy you bang, the chances of contracting an STD will increase drastically. Every lady’s man I knew back in the days, was catching Gonorrhea as if the shit were going out of style…and they wore it like a badge of honor [and it was a symbol of manhood…and dirty skanks].

*A renown PUA once said that if you never caught an STD, then you haven’t been getting laid. I co-sign totally!!!

You’re not a Real Man if…
7.) Your girlfriend’s parents like you.

*For the record: my GF’s parents cannot stand my guts!!! Whenever I come around, they literally say to their daughter (and to my face), “I don’t want this bastard to step foot in my house”! That’s when you know you’re doing something right!!! The laws of contradiction applies here.

*If you ever come across a guy who’s peachy and chummy with his GF’s folks; know for sure that he’s pandering and ass-kissing her parents just to be accepted.

*Real men are despised and hated by his would-be in-laws or GF’s parents. Every Alpha I know, has mutual disdain for his spouse’s parents, and wouldn’t care less if they kick the rusty bucket tomorrow.

You’re not a real man if…
8.) You’ve never done manual labor.

*Confession: I secretly envy mechanics, firefighters & military guys, because I know that they have a leg up on the average guy who doesn’t know what it is to sweat (just as I didn’t)…plus they get lots of vagina.

Photo courtesy of You should aspire to be this guy

Photo courtesy of You should aspire to be this guy

*In the Caribbean, they have a saying, “You’re not a Real man until your nails are dirty”.

*As a Beta-Male chode, I totally didn’t get it. I couldn’t grasp the correlation between manual labor and banging hot pussy… until I became a PUA, quit my office job and started doing manual labor.

*There’s absolutely NOTHING-NADA attractive nor sexy about a guy who sits in an office, cubicle, answers telephones and manages paperwork for a living.

*Personally,I worked in the government bureaucracy from 2003-2004, working in a virtual cubicle doing paperwork and computing. Now it makes sense why none of my female co-workers were attracted to me. They all were banging construction workers, auto-mechanics, masons, agri-farmers and guys who had dirty jobs…or at least jobs which required them to perspire and flex some muscles.

This was exactly my workload years ago. This' the guy you dont want to be

This was exactly my workload years ago. This’ the guy you dont want to be

*I couldn’t understand why hot girls were choosing to fuck dirty Miguel from the mechanic-shop when I was readily available, clean and had a more stable job. After I’d quit the desk job and went to a private sand-mining firm where real fucking manly work was; I then suddenly seen the light, and attractive women cat-calling me as I’d commute home with a torn shirt and oil-stained pants.

*Stunning fact; every guy I know who gets laid like a rockstar, is a manual-laborer: from DJ’s to sanitation workers.

*I know not of 1 office worker in my personal life who gets laid regularly…or even at all!!

You’re not a real man if…
9.) You’ve never been dumped!

*There’s this grand misconception in the seduction community that Alpha-Males cannot be dumped, or that Alphas are always the dumper and not the dumpee.


*Real Men/Alphas are always getting dumped for the simple fact that they are non-conformist who enjoy the company of more than 1 woman exclusively.

*Any guy who’s never been dumped has obviously been a kiss-ass throughout the course of his LTR’s(relationships). He plays it safe just to forestall getting dumped.

*Every Real Man I know has been dumped left-right throughout the course of his lifetime. The theory that Alphas don’t or can’t get dumped is hogwash. Beauty is; when an Alpha does get dumped, his GF always regrets it and soon after begs to have him back.

You’re not a real man when…
10.) You’ve only had 1 girlfriend in your entire adult life.

*One noticeable trait of a Real Man is that he’s never single for more than a year. Not that he loves monogamy(quite the opposite), but he gets so much poon that he’s bound to always have prospects for relationships (thus gets cajoled into one).

*It’s improbable that a guy who bangs lots of pussy will ever be single for long. Any decent Pick-Up Artist will always have a girlfriend. Having a GF is actually the virtual measuring stick to prove whether a guy gets laid or not.

*Any guy who’s been single for 3 years and claims that he’s only single because he enjoys singledom is fooling himself. He’s single because he cannot get a girl who’d date him, so he rationalizes being single as a choice.

*I fucking hate relationships!!! The thought of them makes me sick!!! But I’m always in one LOL!

*All the players I know all have girlfriends. All PUA coaches I know of, have girlfriends, and or in an open relationship or MLTR.

*So the notion that players are single, or that guys who get lots of pussy are always single is undoubtedly FALSE and quite the opposite!

The moral of the 10 points is this:

*Being a Real Man isn’t easy!

*A Real Man has it hard in life: irrespective of the field, genre or where he resides on Earth.

*Real Men are ridiculed, hated, despised, envied, castigated, slaughtered, fired, falsely imprisoned, dumped, foreclosed upon, crucified [that’s if you buy the Jesus story].

*If you’re unsure whether you qualify as a Real Man/Alpha-Male or not; reflect on the past 10 years of your life. And if more good fortunes has befallen you than misfortunes and unfortunate situations: then you’re not a Real Man. You’ve passively made it through life as an unscathed- pussy cat.

*Made-men, or rich men for that matter, didn’t acquire fortunes by being passive-little pussies. They took calculated risks, braved the storm, made shady deals which could’ve landed them in prison…

*So the maggots who are pretending to be Real Men, yet hasn’t gotten a trophy to show for it [the 10 points mentioned above], nor a proverbial scar, need to step up to the plate and start living life with gusto!

*Take risks, quit your boring-ass day job to pursue your dreams or to travel the globe!! Do something random like fucking a prostitute, travel to shit-hole cities where your life will be endangered, visit Mexico and rent a run-down apartment in a shitty favella next door to cartel members (opposed to staying in a pampered-resort town!!!

*Do something randomly dramatic tomorrow: dump your wife, punch your idiot boss in the face for not giving you a pay raise in 2 years, curse the shit out of your professor in front of the entire class!

*Quit your computer-programming day job and become a fucking local DJ!!

DJ Pauly D; 1 of the coolest dudes to appear on TV in ages...nd he gets laid like a Rockstar too!!!

DJ Pauly D; 1 of the coolest dudes to appear on TV in ages…nd he gets laid like a Rockstar too!!!

*That tight-ass girl you’ve been banging for 2 years straight: shoot a load of cum in her and pray that she gets pregnant…and remember to take care of your fucking responsibility as a father]!!!

*Real Alpha-Males live life like a renegade!!!

*Pussies live life comfortably and sheltered and are afraid to light the canvas and stir the pot…which is unfortunately the reason they do NOT get laid.

*The faint of hearts/Beta-Males may say: “But those things are very foolish, how will I eat, how will I survive, where will I live, who will feed my kids, what about my wife…”!!!?

*However, a Real Man subconsciously understands that it will always get better before it gets worse. If he quits his boring job today; he subconscious knows that he’ll find another 1 before he hits rock-bottom (or even become self-employed). If he does something random and cheats on his GF and tell her,and gets dumped, he instinctively knows that she will either forgive him eventually, or he’ll meet another girl twice as amazing.

*When I’d quit my jobs [4 occasions], I always end up finding another before anything drastic happened (kicked out, starvation, debt,etc.). And the beauty is, the newly acquired jobs were always higher paid than the ones I quit.

*So often times, a Real Man will have to suffer and be fucked over before he stumbles upon the dream job, dream girl, riches, entrepreneurship, the dream house…

*So light the fucking canvas and take risks in life…unless you’re content with being boring, ill-treated, sex-less, and die without a thing to show for it [offsprings].

[This post was not meant to be of any offense to any guy who doesn’t have any of the above-mentioned qualities of a Real Man.]

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Either I’ll Fuck Her; Or She’ll Hate Me [Go Hard Or Go Home]!!

My style is pretty simple, I never give up on pursuing a hot piece-a-ass until 2 things happen: Either I’ll get to fuck the girl, or we’ll have a major fall-out where she’ll hate my guts and see me as the biggest asshole she’d ever met.

As the PUA guru Tyler Durden once wrote : “Persistence is king”.

I never give up on a pickup half way through.

I push the peddle to the metal until I either crash and burn the car, or fly full speed ahead directly into her awaiting vagina!

That is my meta-frame (mentality) whenever I’m chatting up a potential-fuck prospect; online,txt messaging or face-to-face combat (vis-a-vis): It’s All Or Nothing!!!

She’ll either dig me- or hate me!

No in-roads, zigzags nor detours: either she’ll love me and wanna spread those legs ASAP, or she’ll wanna see my guts splattered across a highway, struck by a speeding Mack truck at full throttle [pretty gruesome stuff].

Frankly, I’m never gun-shy to lay down the verbal smack-down if the girl gets snarky and bitchy somewhere during the chat [and I sense that she won’t be DTF].

I’m a huge advocate of the saying that some women need to be cursed out, shamed, degraded, verbally abused and brought to the brink of tears when need be.

Whenever I’m engaged in Text Game with the target,if my Bullshit-Sensors go off, or she says some off-the-cuff shit like, “What you think, I’m a whore who’s just gonna spread her legs or wanna hang out with you”!!

It’s “gloves off” time when her attitude takes center stage.

I’ll curse her ass out so badly [usually with 2 lines], she’ll usually respond with a, “I didn’t deserve that. What did I do or say wrong Kenny”!!?

By time the texting session concludes, she’ll either hate my guts or wanna throw the pussy my way.

Now I know this totally goes against community rules of being non-reactive and non-argumentative.

But if it’s 1 part of my Game that I’m totally incapable of tweaking and ridden myself of, is the willingness to cuss a ***** out whenever she becomes bitchy or indifferent.

And frankly; I don’t wish to fix this part of my Game.

Some women can use a verbal beat down in order to conform to being fucked, accept the date, come over to the crib or quit the childish games.

Hence the theme of this article: She’ll either give up the pussy, or hate me with a fervent passion for acting like an insensitive asshole (which is ok with me).

I’m not advocating that other men reading this should adopt my flow.

Not every guy is equipped with steel balls to really disrespect a woman, especially when he has a “Scarcity Mentality” [it’s either her or no pussy].

However,men like I am (rare as flying donkeys), come from an “Abundance Mentality”, where no 1 chick is so precious and regal, that we’d sell out and bow to bitchy behavior just to penetrate her vagina.

You will NEVER see Socialkenny do this:

Me: “So Jessica, what’s your plans for tomorrow? We should meet up”.

Jessica: “I got better shit to do. I’ll be busy so TTY another time”.

Me: “Ok then. We’ll talk later”.

[SMFH @ the generic-Beta male response which comes from 90% of men who are desperate to get laid].

But you’ll always see Socialkenny do this:

Me: “So Jessica, what’s your plans for tomorrow? We should meet up”.

Jessica: “I got better shit to do. I’ll be busy so TTY another time”.

Me: “Bitch, your time ain’t worth shit. Suck this dick and gag and let me know how you like it”.

Jessica: “WTF was that for!!? Dude you’re so friggin’ rude and a jerk-off”!!!

Me: “Respect my time. Either you’re down [DTF] or not. But I’m 2 sec. from deleting your ass”.

Jessica: “Aight, I’ll see you tomorrow then when I’m done from the gym. Gosh”!!!

I expend and exhaust all my verbal resource until she either caves in to getting sexual, or become agitated by my persistence and asshole attitude.

I have nothing to lose with such an asshole approach to such entitlement chicks.

In fact, the only way to lay such girls [young-entitlement whores] with the least amount of flakes and head-games, is via Asshole Game, and communicating that you’ll not beg, be docile nor supplicate just to get a piece of her cherry pie.

She’ll either value my time, get with the program and come get this dick.

Or she’ll hate my guts and asshole style, and wish that I was hit by a train tomorrow so she could celebrate my death and take dumps all over my tombstone.

I religiously abide by the theory that there are more fish in the sea, so I’m never hesitant to piss 1 off (who wasn’t DTF anyway), to then pick up 3 more in order to weed out the 1 who’s DTF’able.

Every lass I pickup, will undoubtedly get to meet my little shtick quite early, and know that I’m not the guy to bullshit around without expecting a hail of verbal-ballistic missiles which will pound her into submission or run for cover.

Go hard or go home!!

Never give up half way!!

Push until you get the girl or until she hates your guts and deletes you!!

The more you play it safe with any particular girl; the less chances you will have to actually hook up with her,and you’ll end up in the dreaded friendzone being strung along for months on end.

Better off pushing the limits now while the initial attraction is still there.

Not many men will subscribe to my method of all or nothing and being verbally abusive.

But in this age of wanton vulgarity, these PYT’s (Pretty Young Things) aren’t looking to hook up with passive Betas who are just too afraid to get nasty and disrespectful.

I don’t play it safe with ANY woman I pickup (online or in person).

I’ll prefer to know if she’s down right now, than to be strung alone for 3 months, to then find out that she’s NOT down (DTF).

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