“J The Rippa PUA Show”: My 4 Favorite/Controversial Episodes [free downloads available]

JTR (J The Rippa)

JTR (J The Rippa)

Dubbed the most hated guy in the PUA/Seduction community, the Mexican PUA promoter/organizer/instructor out of California, also founder and leader of The Casanova PUA Crew: J The Rippa.

Rippa is my man. And since I’m no stranger to controversy in the community, we have that much in common at least :). So I’m gonna post 3 of his show’s episodes which I enjoy the fuck out of [and you may too]!!!

In this episode of The Rippa Show, JTR calls up PUA coach/former VH1’s Pick-Up Artist contestant Kevin Feng, to grill him about game, pickup and how he was able to get on VH1’s Pick-Up Artist reality show few years ago (to learn pickup).

Kevin on the left.

Kevin on the left.

Download the episode directly at the link below:

J the Rippa Show episode #24, phone call with PUA coach Kevin Feng.

In this episode, JTR talks about:

*Drama with other gurus
*Coaches banned from speaking @ PUA Summit
*He fucked the same girl Mystery did
*PUA gurus who spam…
*The time he fucked a fatty

Pretty funny yet controversial show. Download the episode in .mp3 format below:

Download show #50.

Probably the most controversial episode of the 3, JTR goes at PUA gurus Speer & VK Vince Kelvin with the following assertions:

*Law suit threats by Speer
*Threatening voice mail by VK
*VK gaming staff in rehab
*Speer being heckled at a PUA gathering

PUA gurus: John Keegan, VK Vince Kelvin, Speer, Ross Jeffries

PUA gurus: John Keegan, VK Vince Kelvin, Speer, Ross Jeffries

JTR went on to talk about beef with PUA Hate moderators, PUA forums and which ones are the best, beef with PUA godfather Ross Jeffries…

Download that episode at the link below:

Download Episode 51, JTR beef with Speer, VK and others.

This episode is from September 2012 (just the other day), where JTR and Khan (of Simple Pickup Crew) talk about JTR’s ultimate Pick-Up Convention which was outstandingly interesting!!

PUA-dating coaches who were featured at the PUA convention were:

*Neil Strauss
*Tyler Durden
*Artisan PUA…

Just listen to the show. It’s pretty awesome with a bit of controversy about RSD Tyler’s speech.

Download that episode (#56) at the link below:

Download show #56

Remember to check out JTR’s active PUA/Seduction site, and sign up for the Casanova Crew forum where you can connect with JTR and others to learn the skills to pick up hot chicks: Casanova Crew.Com

Casanova PUA Crew founded by JTR (J The Rippa)

Casanova PUA Crew founded by JTR (J The Rippa)

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Check out the PUA acronym and term page to familiarize yourself with the lingo used on this website

Master Your College Campus [by Chelios PUA]!

Chelios PUA of London

Chelios PUA of London

Foreword: For many around the globe, they’re just beginning their first Fall semester of school, and it could be pretty scary even for the guys who have had a year or 2 under their belts. This article serves as a guideline to getting yourself into the right frame/mindset for meeting girls at college/uni’.

Hey guys, I have been away for a while; moving to a new place and starting college, chasing new dreams of becoming a teacher.

In this blog entry, I will be going into the subject of … College Game.

And how to make the best-first impression you can, which hopefully results in you picking up some hot-college girls on the way.

College and universities are great places to meet and pick up women.

Usually students ages range from 17 to 35-ish. So ages here to cover you young chasers or milf hunters lol (Ken!!).

You need to start as you mean to go on. By this, I mean the impression you leave.

Quick example, my college class has 90% females and I’m loved by every single one. Not because I’m the greatest looking guy in the world, but because they think I’m kool, laid back and know how to have fun.

From day one I was having jokes with everyone, engaging every one as a group (which should be done), similar to gaming at night, and the set has to be engaged to reach your target.

I feel it is more important to engage everyone at college because women’s bitch shields come out in abundance, we all know women talk and the environment is a regular one where faces will be regularly seen.

Your attitude is key!

You need to be dominant but to a certain degree.

You need to have strong opinions.

Conversely, You need to listen to others, because being strong and a good listener demonstrates higher value.

The fact you cannot be toyed with easily but listening to others shows you’re laid back.

Have your voice heard!

Showing that you’re interesting is vital too.

This doesn’t mean to bore people verbally. But having things to do and chat about on your breaks as when being asked what are your plans for days off ,etc.

I roll in a few minutes late sometimes as I go to the gym early in the mornings [depending on people hogging certain weights: I may run late].

The fact that I train early before school time, for some reason seems to interests them and they admire what I do.

I’m asked for tips on fitness and how they can train early.

The Simple things you do attracts interest!

Have something going on in your life, and you can master your campus to become that guy!

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Chelios PUA

Chelios PUA

The Ultimate PUA Seminar!

Casanova Crew

Casanova Crew (California)

Casanovafest 2012, Sunday, February 26th., Los Angeles.

*Created by: Casanova Crew
*Hosted by: Casanova Crew
*Starts: 2 PM
*Ends: 10 PM
*Location: Captain Hooks
3515 Eagle Rock BLVD.
Los Angeles, California
United States

Sunday Feb. 26th 2p-10pm $15 (order via link below)

Capt Hooks
3515 Eagle Rock Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

Casanovafest 2012 will be held on Sunday Feb 26th in Los Angeles, and promises to be the grandest PUA spectacle of all time! We have combined legendary veterans of the So Cal scene along with the newest exciting up and coming names for an event unlike any other.

What will make CC Fest 2012 an event unlike any other is that we will stress that instructors make this an interactive gathering; they will give live demonstrations with their female assistants and also take audience members to the stage and instruct them before us all on all the tips and techniques, do’s and dont’s, along with actual infield footage! This way you can actually see how its done up close and personal, and get a chance to get corrected by the coaches themselves!

Click here to secure your spot! Only 35 seats left!


We’ve gathered 7 of the biggest names in our scene.

CC FEST 2012 will feature:

Bravo (BravoPUA.com)
Gareth Jones (ABC’s of Afftaction)
Brad P (Dating Underground)
Arash (Seductive Instinct)
Marni (Wing Girl Method)
DJ Fuji (Tao of DJ Fuji)
Kino5000 (Bad Intentions)

+ Plus a special surprise!

Hosted by the Infamous PUA Steamroller!

Most of these PUA seminars are boring as fuck because of lack of audience participation and many talks turn into the dreaded…..PITCH FESTS! Well this WILL NOT HAPPEN at CC FEST 2012.

You will not be asked to stand up and chant “YES YES YES YES” like some other gooroos! Youre intelligence will NOT be insulted with lame NLP tactics just to buy DVD’s and books.

SPEAKERS are NOT ALLOWED to turn their speeches into pitch fests at CasanovaFest. That was the biggest complaint of the “PUA Vummit”. All selling will be reserved until the very end and will not take over the presenations.

And for all those of you who have spent hundreds, if NOT THOUSANDS on these types of seminars, rest assured this event wont break you because….

Admission to CC FEST 2012 will only be $15!

Limited Tix Avail!

Order Now!

See you there!

You can order here:

How Does A Girl Earn Drinks From Me


Ok guys, if y’all haven’t read part 1 to this topic: click the link Here to check it out

When is it OK to buy her a drink?

As the title suggests; the girl whom you’re chatting up at the bar or club HAS to EARN it.

This is a classic concept in the pick-up community dubbed Rewarding her.

Listen clearly! The only time you should buy her a drink is if she’s worked for it, and you’re essentially REWARDING her.

Do not reward bad behavior!

How many times have we seen a guy chatting up a girl, and she’s clearly not interested (via body language), nor engaged in the chat [i.e. Bad Behavior], yet the he still initiates buying her a drink!

That is essentially rewarding her for bad behavior. Or for anti-social behavior.

Why would you reward someone who hasn’t done anything to deserve it!!?

Women are so used to being rewarded by Beta males when they don’t deserve it, that they virtually expect every guy to do the same.

We can all thank the Betas/nice guys for setting this awful trend(SMFH).

Grounds for rewarding her

Ok, the reason guys chat up girls is to get laid (eventually). No secret in that.

Accordingly, whatever the girl does to facilitate the possible lay, or if she’s just enjoying the time y’all are spending. Feel free to reward her with a drink.

The fact that she’s been so receptive and reciprocative to you and the chat (opposed to being a first-class bitch), somewhere during the chat (15 minutes after), I may say to her:

Hey Marcy, I’m gonna get ‘MYSELF’ a drink. Since you’ve been such a fucking rockstar, I’m gonna get you one too. Let’s go to the bar”!

The subtle beauty in what I said is this:

*I made it clear that ‘I’ was gonna buy ‘MYSELF’ a drink. And I’m in such a good mood that I’m considering getting you on. But I come first.

That is very fucking powerful guys!

It subcommunicates to the girl that “you’re more important than she is” [who’s just a stranger].

As we already know, that mindset and frame is a crucial part of the alpha lifestyle.

And women LOVE Alphas and men who are dominant and confident with a touch of asshole mixed in there.

What I stated to her is what separates real men from boys.

An Alpha always puts himself before any random woman.

While betas/wussies put the woman first: aka pedestalling [which is a grave sin in the seduction community].

Women are attracted to dominance and high-valued men! Their panties get super friggin’ drenched by guys who display such behavior!

A guy CANNOT be high value, if he’s going around the club rewarding girls who haven’t invested anything into an interaction.

Women see such actions as weak, supplicative and sly!

So once the girl has invested in the conversation by actually talking for more than 15 minutes, she has essentially earned any good acts you’re willing to perform.

On the contrary, if you’re trying to social and converse with her, but she’s not responding, not talking much, being a bitch, being indifferent, not smiling, obviously not enjoying the timeWhy the fuck would you even contemplate rewarding such bitchy behavior!?

And the sickening thing is: Most men would STILL reward her (or attempt to) by buying her a drink !!!

It’s as if the guy say to himself, “you know what, she’s acting a bit frosty right now, so I’m gonna buy her a drink”.

Hoping that will activate her conversational motors.

Once a woman sees you’re rewarding her shitty behavior, she will take advantage (if she’s that kinda girl).

She will drink your ass out while pretending to be enjoying the chat, just to have your ass running back and forth to the bar like a damn waiter!

Then she’s gonna introduce you to her social group, and you’re gonna find yourself feeling compelled to buy drinks for her girlfriends too!!!

Guys, we’ve all seen this shit play out every weekend at venues.

We’ve all probably been there and been that looser guy.

That guy rushing to the bar then returning to the set with 4 cocktails in hands: praying not to spill them.

That sought of behavior is WEAK and a turnoff to women.

And how ironic that 95% of men in clubs and bars act this way: committing such ridiculous social faux-pas.

So you never want to put yourself in a situation where the girl has you buying drinks for her girlfriends: which is quite common nowadays (SMH).

That is why I appreciate the pick-up community and our insights so much.

The guru/head coach for RSD (Real Social Dynamics),Tyler Durden, once wrote an article years ago entitled “Secret Society”.

He went on as to say that, “Only 5% of men in the world get laid regularly. And in the club: only 5% of the men in the venue will actually get laid”.

The reality that guys are in the bars and clubs doing dumb shit, like buying girls drinks when they haven’t earned it. I can picture now what TD meant by that.

Hard Truth In Closing:

Women are 100 times more socially savvy that us.

Women are 100 times more socially aware than us.

Women are 100 times more perceptive than us.

So if you’re scheming, plotting and contemplating buying drinks: Know that the girl knows the only reason you’re doing it is to buy your way into her pants.

Thus, she will either reject you now by turning down your drink proposal.

Or she will accept your drinks, use you all night as her drink-provider, then reject you later.

So we cannot blame women for being gold-diggers. We can only blame the men who readily offer them gold.

Once again, chec out this interesting article about buying drinks from a female’s perspective: imma buy you a drank