What is it with Big-Black Women and these names?

This Diva cursed me out on Twitter20111129-134727.jpg

Ok, I’m not gonna win any fans with this post: especially not any female fans. And definitely not any black-female fans.

I can already foresee the hate mail rolling in by the bunches! And exes who’ve put on some extra pounds deleting me as Facebook friends over this shit.

But…it’s whateva man!

Oh- before I start my mini-tirade, I just wanna give acknowledgements to my man Reemachronicles for inspiring this short post[sorry if I sold you out bro’-lol].

Funny thing too happened last night. A Facebook friend of mine from Vancouver [who happens to be a BIG girl], she blew the fuck up on me about a post I wrote the other day! She claimed I was disrespectful, insensitive, rude, and that she will never talk to me again!

Typically, I would take preemptive measures and delete such headache. But since I’ve been on a rampage as of late [deleting fat girls and being deleted by them], I kept a cool head.

Anyway, What is it with fat sister/black girls coming up with all these pseudonyms to describe themselves!?

One minute, they are DIVAS and princesses…Give me a fucking break!!!

Haven’t we all heard the following names & terms that fat girls use for themselves [ego, insecurities and compensations]?

BBW(big beautiful woman)
More to Love
Healthy[lol what a contradiction]
Hefty Girl

Ok, those were the physical attributes. Now let’s get to the personality aspects that they chose to refer to themselves [which is all based on compensating and vanity].

Black Queen
Take no shit
Queen Bitch

And the list could go on and on…Y’all get the damn picture!

I’ve also noticed that the 3 names they try to avoid like the plague, are actually the most accurate: BIG, FAT and CHUBBY.

A while ago on Facebook, I posted a status asking, “Why are heavy girls so opposed to being called BIG”?

4 quote on quote ‘heavy’ girl commented. But nome of them had a rational reason why they’re offended being described as big. They just said that it isn’t nice, it’s disrespectful and a No-No,bla,bla,bla…

Actually, 1 of the big girls I had a recent fall out with on twitter & FB, she the actual girl in the pic above on this post.

She won’t be pleased with me using her pic’-but fuck it! Her face is disguised anyway [and I doubt she reads my so-called misogynistic blog anymore-according to her].

So she basically cursed me out on twitter saying that she’s classy, assertive, highsidity, bitchy, secure with her weight…

I never dissed her prior, but she’d checced out my blog (after seeing a link), then unloaded on me, trying to convince me that she’s the BOMB and queen bitch.


The main theme I express to these BIG girls [to be politically correct], is that they should be accepting of themselves. Not every girl can have a Zumba-fit body. So accept it and move the F on, opposed to compensating and whining.

Kill that false persona! And remove that proverbial mask shielding your insecurities behind an attitude of, “I’m a Diva, I’m a bitch, I’m a queen”.

Most of all, fat girls should know when to be humble. And this goes for black girls mainly, who seem to be the most insecure when it comes to being fat.

A white fatty would more say, “I’m big, I’m plus-sized”.

But a sister LMAO!!!

She has to get all elaborate with it and extra with it: “I’m a queen, I’m fluffy…

Shut the F*** up and face reality!

The Diva on the right got offended by my writings also.

Ever got caught blogging about a girl?


Did a little brainstorming
And came up with this interesting topic.

I know my boy Reema got busted few times (I believe), for blogging about a girl he had gamed or banged.

In fact, I think he said it actually ruined the situation, where the girl felt a bit leery then started back peddling.

Sorry if I read it wrong Reema lol.

Anyway, so far I’ve blogged indirectly about 3 girls [if my mind serves me right]: using pseudonyms/nicknames to avoid any backlash.

I frankly don’t have shit against posting any chic’s name in my blog. As far as I see it,I would’ve been giving her some publicity, so she shouldn’t harbor any malice with that ultimately.

Getting ready to write an interesting post on an OYD (object of my desire) who’s been playing some serious cat & mouse with me.

Curious to know if any other guy in the bloggersphere has had any negative backlash. Or some chic threatening to sue them or something.

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