SocialK aka The MILF-Hunter: How To Seduce MILF’s

She can get it

Isn’t this MILF doable?

Who said women over 35 weren’t bang-worthy? Kill yourself!!

Consider this my “How-To” bang guide for those who desire to lay hot cougars & MILF’s like Paula Abdul and J-Lo.

Over the past 4 years, I’ve slept with more women over the ages of 36 than women under 26. I really find that MILF’s and Cougars are more open-minded towards sex than young-dumb chics who have their plates full…plus side dishes too for the fuck of it.

Why bang hot MILF’s?

* They are less likely to become attached, opposed to an 18 year old HB9, who hadn’t yet been through the bumps and bruises of love & relationships.

* They give better blowjobs, opposed to their 18 year old sisthrens who haven’t yet honed in on the finer points of sex.

* Better sexually experienced and open-minded to pleasing the guy.

Where to hunt:

Hot MILF’s & Cougars generally frequent:

* Local bars

* Casinos

* Libraries

* Museums

* Art Galleries

* Mature functions

Plus there are tons of online sites dedicated to MILF-hunting.


* Seducing hot MILF’s is quite different than girls in their 20’s.

* Girls in the age range of 18-30 respond to high-social value/status.

* Women over the age of 35 may be repelled by high-social value, over-the top peacocking, since it doesn’t require high-social value nor flashy Game to lay them.

How should I approach and open?

[Whether online or in field, follow the simple-subsequent steps in order to bang hot MILF’s].

*After you open her (online, in person, etc.), further down the line (in the chat), create or revive her sexual desires for a younger man (you) by saying things to her like:

I despise women under the age of 30.

I feel that the more mature a woman, the more she understands me.

I’ve tried dating women my age (23), but it just never blossoms into anything exciting.

The above 3 example statements will fester beneath the surface. Plus it let’s her know that you’re into MILF’s and Cougars (i.e. mature women).

Don’t be an idiot and say shit like, “I love banging old women”!

Just let her use her own damn imagination to envision you giving her some young dick.

Early Mid-Life Crisis/Pre-Menopausal Crisis:

Women are very self-conscious when it comes to their age. She can be a spring chicken at the tender age of 20, yet thinks that she’s too old and undesirable.

Likewise, many Cougars and MILF’s are starving for the opportunity to recapture their youth and feel young again.

*Play on this insecurity and fear of aging by saying things like:

The average guy is just interested in having sex with hot women. Good to know that there’s possibly more to you than a sexy body.

I’m only 19, yet I feel like I’m 90. What’s the secret to you staying so young?

So you’re basically stroking her ego (indirectly), and sub-communicating to her that you find her attractive, sexy and young.

Could you say all those things direct and straight up? Sure!! But it will actually turn her off if you come across as a MILF-Slayer or a guy who’s just out to hook up. Sure she wants to just hook up as well, but as the guy/pick-up artist, it’s wiser to fly under the radar into her granny panties with Stealth.


* Use a lot of indirect compliments

* Flatteries

* Stroke her ego

* Make her feel young again

* Tell her that these 20 year olds aren’t any match for her when it comes to style and fashion.

Armed with the above know-how, you too can become a MILF-Slayer and induct yourself into the mature-pussy fucking hall of fame.

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I day dream about banging Paula!

I day dream about banging Paula!

Most Bangable Pop-Culture Chic of 2011


Hey guys, I’m just gonna post my top 3 most bang-worthy TV personalities of 2011; be it actresses, singers, fitness gurus,…doesn’t matter! As long as their asses been on TV [pop-culture] more than twice for the year.

Call this my “going out with a bang” list for the year’s end [Woa!!].

Jillian Michaels


I’m usually disgusted by chics with abs and more toned biceps than I got. But JM sexy as hell! All those fitness informercials at 4 A.M. got me sprung!

Lauren London


This chic is said to be on Entourage and 90210. I hate those 2 shows so I never actually seen her on there. She did play in the movie ATL (which I hated), which landed her on my bang-list for 2011. She does modeling also.

Paula Abdul


My bang-list would not be complete without a hot MILF on it.

For those who know me (or been following my blog), y’all would’ve known that I’m a relentless MILF-Hunter to say the least! Can’t think of a hotter Cougar than Paula.

Well that was it guys. I don’t care how Jimmy’s list looks. I don’t care who’s on Joe Blow’s list. This is Kenny’s list!!! But I do wanna know who’s on your list.

Holla back bloggers!

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