Set Up Your PUA-Bachelor Pad [as a bang-worthy abode]

It’s all in the atmosphere, scents and vibes!!

Set up your bachelor pad in a way that sets the sexual/seductive mood, and make sure that it DHV’s you as a sensual unique guy.

“Sexual Aroma”

•Whenever an HB (hot chic) enters my lair, the 1st. thing she smells permeating through the air is either burning incense or some fruit-scented fragrance.

•In advance, I’d sprinkle few drops of “Eat it raw” oil around the apartment, in hopes of bouncing her back to my spot.

•You want her asking, “What’s that fragrance”?

•Essentially putting her sexual motors in forward motion from the get-go.

Give Her The Ritualistic “Tour De Casa”

•I love watching MTV’s Jersey Shore [watched all episodes and seasons from the inception].

•One thing my boy Sitch would always do(whenever he brings over a DTF girl): he’d show her the entire house or at least few rooms.

•Im not sure if The Situation was doing this ritual by design, or if it’s part of his Game, however this concept and routine is huge for us in the pick-up community [perhaps Sitch’s been reading some of “The Game”]!

•Reason being; you wanna get the girl familiarized (visually) with the pad, thus building some comfort:

*Show her the bathroom
*Show her the dining area
*Give her a peek of the backyard
*Take her to see the pet outback
*Show her your kid’s room
*Introduce her to your roomies (if any)

•It’s a powerful yet subtle- psychological technique which the target (the girl) doesn’t even know is taking place.

“Music To Bang To”

•Same concept in which a good DJ applies @ the club; always play what the crowd demands and wants!

•So, prior to bouncing this girl(your date, etc.) back to the bachelor pad, you should’ve already fount out what type of music she listens to.

•If she says “anything”, don’t take that as an OK to throw on some stupid fucking Lil’ Wayne or some other dumb-Rap shit which kills sexual progression.

•Throw on some R&B, Soft Rock, or my favorite; Epic Trance [which is infused with a heavenly, cloud-9 type feel to it]!!

•By all means; avoid Hardcore Rap, Heavy Metal and anything upbeat [unless you’re gonna fuck a Goth or aspiring-female gangster rapper].


•This is the most under-appreciated (consequently most crucial) aspect of “setting the sexual mood”.

•White lights must fucking go!!

•Brighter the atmosphere (i.e. room), the more it leaves the girl in a rational frame (which is to not fuck you).

•Those oldies-R&B guys were on to something when they sang about “Dimming The Lights”.

•Now, you obviously cannot have the place pitch dark, since that’d only startle the chic and activate her ASD(Anti-Slut Defense)

•A fluorescence effect (in a dark color) makes the best atmosphere.

•My bulbs were spray painted blue, and some dipped in a dark dye(done at home by moi).

“Give Her A Photo Album”

•Another ritual of “getting her comfortable” in the strange environment (which is your bachelor pad), is to hand her a photo album for her to skim through (or just some photos).

•You want the target as comfortable as possible @ your place.

•Nothing builds more comfort than going through baby and family photos.

•It even makes a greater impact if those baby photos are of you or your kid(s).

“Sit Your Ass On The Bed Ritual”

•A nice trick/routine I learned the other day from Speer, is to make it easier for her to sit on the bed.

•I mean, the spot that you ultimately want her to be at; is on the slaughtering table/the bed!

•Best way to make this happen, or to even eliminate the chances of her NOT sitting on the bed, is to get rid of all the chairs from your room!

•When the target enters your abode, quite instinctively, she’s gonna be guessing where to sit.

•If there ARE chairs; she’s gonna sit in one.

•If there are NO chairs (in the room), she will have no choice but to sit on the bed (which is where you want her).

•But the biggest subtle mistake is to present her a chair to sit.

•Leave her no choice but the bed or the floor LOL.

“The Bed ‘Decor’ And Accessories”
These thingies are my best friend and best wingman whenever I go out,or to sprawl them on the bed
•I don’t know WTF you call these, but my little sister had left a few of them @ my pad, so I put them to good use.

•Whenever I have a chic come over [whom I hadn’t laid yet], I would throw these thingies on the bed to create a sort of rose-pedals effect.

•Nine out of 10 times, the girl would grab 1 of them, curiously ask what are they, which would lead into a canned conversation about them, which would lead to me throwing 1 around her neck[Lock-in Prop as we say in the PUA community].

•A string of beeds on the bed also draws the girl in.

•Any such little inexpensive accessory would progress the seduction further.

So don’t be a lazy fucker!

It’s pretty economical to purchase the following player items which will set up your pad as a chic haven:

•Scented candles
•Fluorescence bulb
•Scented oils
•Baby-making music/mp3 player
•Spray paint(to spray the bulb)
•Fashion magazines

When that date or booty-call leaves my lair, I want her saying, “I never had such a visually stimulating times in a guy’s room before”!!

Few ACTUAL items you’d find in my bachelor-pad apartment to compliment the sexual/seduction vibe:

Some girlie magazines which she can browse through while I quicly change in the other room

Some girlie magazines which she can browse through while I quicly change in the other room

This raspberry air freshener thingy would have the pad smelling like the garden of Eden on steroids

This raspberry air freshener thingy would have the pad smelling like the garden of Eden on steroids

This condom is honestly like 5 years old. But there's a reason I still have it.

This condom is honestly like 5 years old. But there’s a reason I still have it.

Eat it raw oil. I'd sprinkle some of it on my bed and that shit just attracts women like magic.

Eat it raw oil. I’d sprinkle some of it on my bed and that shit just attracts women like magic.

Some lube in the event that I give her some anal penetration.

Some lube in the event that I give her some anal penetration.

Who remembers “Spanish Fly”?

My Friday Night Twitter Feed At The Club (Fri’,13th.). Plus “Almost-Sure” Sex Slipped Through My Hands!!

Twitter madness when the weekend's here for SocialK.

Twitter madness when the weekend’s here for SocialK.

Friday nights: my twitter timeline is hectic as it can get. Was just vibing with my boys J Roc & Ryan from the new MTV’s Pauly D Project, My man LS Fader, a head PUA instructor for Love Systems

9:06 “Just seen my man #Unit.We partying tonight like @DameChar but we bad-boys though”.

9:33 “Getting prepped and ready for the club tonight with my main man #Unit”.Getting prepped and ready for the club tonight with my main m... on Twitpic

9:35 “My philosophy for tonight: “fuck a #-close, strictly SNL(same night lays) attempts”.

9:42 “Gotta put my #iPhone in my back pocket in case I grind on a chic tonight. Don’t want the shit dialing all types on #’s off a girl’s ass”.

9:50 “@RyanLabbe-If you dare sleep in the #NYC on a Friday night, you might as well give up partying bro!”.

9:57 “Why do I have a strange urge to buy girls drinks tonight like some #AFC(wussy). I might just actually just go out with entree fee only($20)”.

10:00 “I’m peacocked-out.Those who say that peacocking doesn’t help Game. Fucc U! It’s always helped mines over the years”.

10:23 pambrown28803-@SocialKenny “ciroc and frozen strawberry lemonade. #wavy”.

10:30 “@pambrowwn28803-“Lol sounds good. I need to try that mixture of #Ciroc and the lemonade. If it doesn’t taste great, we’re gonna fight”.

10:36 pambrown28803-@SocialKenny it’s awesome!!!! But if ya wanna go at it we can. Haha ha! Happy Saturday”.

10:48 “@ the club getting warmed up. My boy #Unit already almost got into a fight to get kicced out the spot lol”.

11:34 “I’m yet to get active and feel the vibe. Dj plying some dumb Reggae shit”.

11:43 “Fucking DJ’s playing bullshit as usual!!! Where the fucc is the refund when you need it”.

12:11 “This HB8.1 keeps hovering while I tweet. I’m feeling in the zone despite the shitty music. About to grab her for a dance”.

12:18 “Its’ like #Amsterdam up in this bitch! Dudes smoking like chimneys all around me”.

12:34 “Music still sucks but I’m in the zone”.

1:03 “Muthafucka spilled a beer on my Blackberry! Intentional I know ’cause I’m probably grinding on his chic lmao”.

1:30 “Eventhough I promised not to get any #’s, I just #-closed a 7. Ok come on guys, I know a 7 isn’t that impressive but…”.

1:36 “@IamJroc-Lmao throwback #MobbDeep”.

1:37IamJroc-@SocialKenny: #classic”.

1:38 “@IamJroc-No doubt bro’!”.

1:40 “Now they playing #Techno! About fucking time!!! Yea yea yea!!”.

1:45 “Damn!! They killing me with the Trance”.

1:53 “Dancing my ass off right now”.

2:00 “Fist pumpin’ with my boy #Unit like it’s the #JerseyShore”!!!

2:04 “My dick jus got hard grinding on that 7 so I had to take a break lol. I’m moving in on her to fuck her after club”.

2:17 “@LS_Fader-ATB!!!Word!!!?#ATB as in #Trance?”.

2:18 “LS_Fader- @Socialkenny-“Yup. Doing great”.

2:44 Reetweet by @LS_Fader- “ATB surrounded by a bunch of amateur club kids. Omg it’s like Fischer price my 1st club experience lmao”.

3:01 “I don’t wanna jinx myself but I might be f-closing this HB7 after some more comfort building”.

4:10 “It’s 4 am, the HB7 supposed to pick my ass up for an after-the club rendez-vous”.

4:20 “This bitch #flaked!!!!? This one is on me. Fucc it!”

4:31 “I’m surprised @RyanLabbe can tweet while #twisted. Or he must be sober as hell tonight”.

4:35 “Fucking feet killing me from all this walking. Trick flaked on scooping me up at the said location(bustop). Same night lay went wrong lol”.

How I let the pussy slip away last night

I spotted 3 hot girls semi dancing as I walked the dance floor. I said to the nearest one(from the side): “Why don’t you free yourself and start dancing? Is your drink not strong enough? She LOL’s, I roll off to come back [part of my strategy].

I returned and danced beside her(without touching as to test the waters of her body language). I said to her, “I know you’re ready for me. Show me how to dance”. She LOL’s and said loudly in my ears, “You look like a dancer already”. I roll off again after eye flirting with her [rolling off is part of my skill set].

I came back a while later and started to grind on her ass with my hands on her shoulders, then her waists…

I repeated this dance with her for 2 minutes, roll off, return, dance again. Doing this (rolling off) shows the girl that you’re not the average needy guy who’s gonna latch onto her all night and not give her space.

During the dance, I put my phone in her hand and said to her, “punch in your phone # before I get upset”(with a sly, dominant smile). She laughs and punch in her #. I said, Good girl”. She LOL’s.

I lost her during the crowd and darkness, so I sent her a text, “Meet me on the walk way so we can chat”. Replied OK. But we happened to spot each other just after the texts.

She tells me that her girlfriends are ready to leave. I said to her, “But we’re supposed to hang out”(which isn’t true BTW lol, but I’m setting a mental frame here by assuming we’re hanging out. Nice trick).

So she says to me, “Do you wanna come”? So we all bounced to the outside of the club. She tells me she’s driving, so we all 4 go to the car, I’m leaning through her window, she tells me that she’s gonna drop her GF’s home and we hang out after. So, I can hop in now or text her to meet me at a central location.


Instead, I said to her, “Nah, take your friends home, and I’ll text you to meet me at a certain bustop”.


At that juncture, I essentially forfeited the chance to bang this girl.

On her drive home, she now has enough mental space to backwards rationalize the situation and back out and flake.

Had I hopped in her car when she suggested at the get-go, she wouldn’t have the chance to back out, nor the chance to backwards rationalize and think things over.

Why I backed out mystifies the shit out of me!Consider it rust, as I haven’t seriously attempted SNL’s in almost 2 years.

Anyway, so I went to a nearby bustop then texted her to meet me at the bustop on ***** & *** streets. 10 minutes passed: no reply text.

At that point, I already knew what was up. I already knew I fucked up and miscalibrated. And I knew she wasn’t coming back.

It’s almost 5 am, I wasn’t gonna be caught out as the sun rises, so I sent her a last text: “Hey Trish, something came up, so we not gonna be able to meet”.

That text was basically a ploy to play it off (reverse psychology).

A night of pussy-banging vanished fast due to a critical mistake at crunch-time in the pick up.

Let’s follow each other on Twitter for my usual weekend debauchery.

The Return Of The Throwback SocialKenny [SNL Bandit]

If you’ve been following my blog since last year, you would’ve known that my primary ‘Sticking Point’ has been the dreaded ‘Flake’.

In 2011, my flake ratio had been about 8 in 10. Meaning; for every 10 phone #’s I got, 8 of them resulted in flakes.

That’s a friggin’ staggering 80% fail ratio!

With that said, I’m making a new proclamation for 2012: A return to my
SNL & “ONS” days

Those unfamiliar with pick-up community jargon: that means Same-Night Lay & One-Night Stand.

*I Socialkenny proclaim that for the remaining quarters of 2012 [if the world doesn’t destruct], I will NO longer focus my Game on “getting phone numbers”, because #’s lead to nowhere (in my case).

*If a girl asks for my #, I will refuse to give it to her. Point blank!

*No matter how tempted I am, I will NOT pursue her # at all, because #’s lead to flakes (in my case).

Make no mistakes about it, this is not the 1st. time I made such declaration to then backslide into the sphere of “#-Closing”. But this time, I’m serious as a depressed- fat girl at an all-you-can eat buffet.

In 2009, my ‘Lay Rate’ was hovering around 6 in 10. Meaning, for every 10 girls I’d tried seducing, I would end up banging 6 of them.

Now that’s fucking Rockstar status almost!!!

I went for the lay the same night. If after trying and the lay just doesn’t materializes, I would get her #. But 6 out of 10 times, I fuck the girl same night or one-nighter.

What has changed in my Game since 2009? I’m no longer going for the ‘BIG win‘, i.e., the pussy. I virtually stagnated myself by settling for a phone #, to then work off that.

I essentially abandoned what was working for me. It’s like an undefeated boxer abandoning what had kept him undefeated, to changing his fight style and now loses 10 in a row.

Why did I abandon the seduction model which was super successful for me (SNL)?

I guess as the pick-up community tilted its focus towards “getting #’s”, I bought into the new hype [I guess]. So, as most PUA materials became ‘date & relationship-focused’, I too became focused on dating then sex. So my knack for banging girls the same night had subsided.

With all that said, I’m now re-shifting my Game back to ‘Instant-Sex Game’

And that entails: ridiculously high amounts of KINO (touching), Escalation (plowing and touching), K-Closing(kissing), Flirting, Making her horny, Seductive Eye Contact (bedroom eyes technique), Voice Tonality shift (the Barry White voice) and Leading (taking her from a public location to a seduction location).

Everything I mentioned in the above paragraph was the essence of my Game back in 2009. I rarely got girls’ phone numbers.

If I spotted a girl I liked, chatted her up, let’s say at a bar, she was coming home with me [6 out of 10 times]. Or we were shagging outdoors somewhere (park, bushes, someone’s garage, abandoned-crack houses, behind dumpsters…).

Now that my focus has been on phone numbers first (since 2010), my ‘Lays’ has dramatically plummeted to a 1 in 10 chance SMFH!!

The old same-night lay Socialkenny has returned. So mothers, please guard your daughters if need be.

2 Reasons Why She Didn’t Give It Up And Flaked [Credits to Thundercat]

No Entry Tonight!!!

No Entry Tonight!!!

I was browsing the blog of 1 of my mentors in “Game”, Thundercat, a well-known PUA and dating coach. And I stumbled upon a great-short article entitled: “Reasons why a girl won’t have sex with you “.

One of the greatest points he made was that girls flake, or don’t give up the booty because of her menstrual period, or grooming-related matters.

Very eye opening! And I’ll add my 2 cents to Thundercat’s.

#1: She’s on her Period

A regular-female commentor to my blog made this great comment yesterday about why she’d flake:

Roxem commented: “Sooo fuckn true!! Cuz at first we like the guy so we want to make sure we make the best impression & we want everything to go perfectly. So if we have plans but then I get my period, yeah plans canceled!! (keep in mind I have endometriosis so my periods are WAY worse than normal). If I’m severely tired.. cancelled. OMG I have a huge zit?!! Cancelled“!

Roxem basically confirmed that menstruation is a key reason as to why a girl doesn’t give it up or flake. This is an eye-opener for me (since I wasn’t aware of this prior to reading Thundercat’s post last night).

As I retrospect (look back) on my many flakes of 2011, I used to beat myself up trying to figure out why certain girls flaked. With this new revelation: it makes massive amounts of sense now!

Everyone knows that women are somewhat ashamed to admit that they’re on their periods. They only share such a thing with other chics, because most men are weirded out by the thought of “Period”.

It makes sense as to why a girl won’t meet up, nor go on a date with a guy she wants to have sex with, since she figures he won’t bang her on her cycle ’cause it would gross him out.

If she does go on the date or meet up (whether at his place, etc.), if the guy tries making a move, she will put up resistance higher than Mt. Everest. Most times, she won’t even say, “I’m on my period”. She’d feel nasty and dirty and just keep rejecting his advances.

This happened to me a ton of times, but I never figured that she could’ve been bleeding, thus embarrassed, so sex won’t happen.

#2: She isn’t (well) groomed/caught off-guard

As the Master Pick-Up Artist Thundercat eluded to in his post, “Grooming” (or lack there of), is a major reason why chics flake or don’t give up the goods.

Seems fucking humorous, but think about it guy!

If a girl didn’t shave,l et’s say her legs today (might’ve forgotten), she will not be comfortable lying with a guy, with the possibility of he carressing her, to then find out that her legs are hairier than his!

Let’s say she neglected to shave or trim her cunt in like 2 months. So it’s pretty scary down there. She’d obviously become self-conscious about it, thus stopping sex from happening (since she doesn’t want to be embarrassed). So she’d either flake, stand him up, or if she does meet up, she would put up major resistance: as we call it in the PUA community LMR (last-minute resistance).

The above 2 examples spill off into “being caught off guard”. The girl never expected to have sex that particular night or week. She never thought she’d have met you. So the sheer fact that she got caught by surprise-she won’t have a choice but to NOT give it up.

Same goes for attempts at SNL’s (Same Night Lays) or ONS (One-Nigh Stands): the girl was caught off guard, so she might not have shaved her legs to perfection, coochie unkempt, pedicure lacking…), so she will not give it up that night.

I can't see him looking like this!

I can’t see him looking like this!

*Bad-hair day is another classic reason for flakes and why she won’t meet up/no chance of having sex.

We all fucking know that chics are obsessed with their hair. Most sane girls will NOT go on a date with a jacked-up hairdo, stale weave, etc. She’s just not gonna meet up! Period!!

Then again, she’s not gonna tell you the reason as to why she flaked or not willing to meet up. This is essentially Chic-Logics and how women are irrational beings.

Guys, please don’t look at it as bullshit. Imagine if you forgot to brush your teeth, ate some onion-rings, and your date wanted to tongue you down. Of course you won’t fucking do it LMAO!!

Funny story. I remembered once (years ago), I met a girl at the club, seduced her, she invited me to her place (of course via some PUA tactics on my part). When we got there, she insisted that I remove my sneakers before entering the bedroom (some shit about the rug). Not expecting to take a girl home that night, I got careless and I wore a pair of kicks that smelled like an NYC sewer SMFH! So when she told me to remove them,in my head,I was like, “Oh shit, hell NO!!! I’m not about to embarrass myself and have this chic’s crib smelling like a bag of stale-corn chips“! I tried working around it (having sex in the living room instead), but she insisted the bedroom. I eventually gave up, and hit her with some lame excuse as to why I had to leave. So I essentially didn’t give her the dick she wanted because of stinky feet.

Adding to that, a lot of us guys who have pride, or are pretty much sane, would’ve done the same to avoid an awkward situation.

Same as a girl who has pride would be embarrassed to remove her shoes to get in bed if her toes were visibly jacked-up.

Same as she would flake or turn you down for sex if she’s on her period.

Just as a girl who gave a shit about her appearance won’t show up on a date on a bad-hair day.

But it’s so ironic after all these years of studying Game, I never thought that flaking and LMR (last-minute resistance) could’ve been results of her Period & Grooming (lack there of). My PUA mentor Thundercat aka Joseph Matthews, was spot on with his observations.

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