Bruce Wayne Kisses Random Girl On The Streets Within 1 Minute + Justin Wayne In-Field Romantic Connection [video analysis]

Justin Wayne, renown PUA-dating coach out of New York City, founder and president of The Justin Wayne Dating company.

Justin Wayne, renown PUA-dating coach out of New York City, founder and president of The Justin Wayne Dating company.

Ever so often I come across a fellow PUA-dating instructor who makes me go:

“Damn! Dude has game”!

One such guy who struck me as having solid pickup and seduction skills is Bruce Wayne, an up and coming junior instructor for the Justin Wayne dating company out of New York City.

Since I’m a New York City representative, I was instantly drawn to the way BW hits the crowded streets of Manhattan to get to work.

It’s no secret by now that Justin Wayne is 1 of the top rated PUA-dating instructors in the world!

He’s also a third-party business partner of mines when it comes to organizing coaching sessions for guys who are starting out in seduction.

As for legitimacy, he was voted #1 by the readers of this blog and popular PUA forums, as the top PUA coach of 2012.

He led the field by a huge margin, which goes to show that this guy [Justin Wayne], his brand of seduction and his team is a serious force in this genre.

And no it wasn’t a black thing, as some would surmise.

The viewers and readers voted for the best coach of 2012 [Justin Wayne].

I didn’t vote!

As for Bruce Wayne, he was mentored in pickup [day game] by Justin Wayne.

A former student of JW turned coach [pretty solid results I’d say].

Bruce Wayne, coach for the Justin Wayne Dating Company

Bruce Wayne, coach for the Justin Wayne Dating Company

Although the following video showcases day game, Bruce’s forte is actually night-game pickup.

Being that I dub myself the king of night-game pickup, it’s only right that I would gravitate to other guys who are also skilled in my arena.

In the video [of Bruce’s 1st. Day Game kiss close], you’ll notice how BW gets ballsy and touchy with the girl, and then he escalates.

Guys who are just starting out in pickup/seduction, or perhaps you’re not into pickup but is curious as to how some guys can get away with murder, and how to create instant wonders; pay attention to Bruce’s style, demeanor and attitude.

By the way, not all pickup methods follow this structure.

Depended on the girl, the time of day and other external and logistical factors, the seducer would operate accordingly.

Bruce goes for the playful, cheery, banterish-badboy vibe with his 1st. target whom he’d made out with.

Most of what he showcases in the video is based on Justin Wayne’s Domino Effect method of pickup which bases its method on a “Romantic Connection”.

Socialkenny’s step by step breakdown of this video:

Bruce Wayne’s kiss close:

[Fore-note: Bruce is being instructed by Justin via the earpiece he has in his ears]

•He opens with a Direct Opener [which I’m no fan of], but he does it the right way by injecting a curse word [“you’re so fucking cute”] which adds a badboy element to the opener.

•He grabs the girl by the hand as she passes, she gives Compliance to him doing that, which is why she didn’t react negatively to such a ballsy-forward move.

•He turned her (physically). This is a subtle yet powerful old-school seduction technique where you turn the girl around from the direction she was headed in. So if she was walking southwards, you turn her North (physically). Seems innocent and innocuous, but very powerful!

•He shows playfulness by twirling her in the street. Being playful disarms a girl’s sense of fear and makes you appear non-threatening.

•As she’s talking, he hugs her (while she does the talking). This is a solid KINO tactic.

•The girl says she’s heading to Barnes and Nobles to get a notebook. As any good PUA would do, he busts on her and says: “Boring”! This creates a situation where the girl sees you as a high-valued guy who isn’t gonna kiss her ass and play nice just to gain her favor. So he uses Neg Tactics by calling her Boring (which the average guy wouldn’t dare do).

•@ the 2:34 mark in the video, Bruce Wayne smoothly transitions into Story Telling with a routine, which will help in deepening the attraction.

•Notice as he’s sharing the DHV story, he’s holding her hand and looking into her eyes. He’s essentially hypnotizing her [as you can read in this recent article of mines where Mystery puts a girl into a trance-like states: How to seduce a girl].

•He began the story telling after she tells him her name. So the point of it all also, was to tell a story about a girl who had the exact same name as this girl.

•At this point, he has compliance from the target (the girl), which allows him to escalate and virtually do whatever he wants with her. If she didn’t give compliance, he’d have to work harder.

•Notice how interesting and different his story is. Every PUA is good at story telling…at least should be [DHV stories and routines]. this is literally 1 of the 1st. things a Pick-Up Artist is taught to do.

•At the 3:00 minute mark, he puts his hand on her shoulder, which is another test for compliances and to feel out how she reacts to being physically touched. She obviously didn’t mine.

•He then gives her a hug and kiss on the cheek. Most PUA schools of thoughts teaches that you don’t go in for the full-blown kiss on the first attempt. So this is why Bruce Wayne kissed her on the cheek first instead of making out. He’s testing the waters for the real kiss.

•3:11 As she says bye and walks off, he pulls her back, “Wait wait wait wait”! This is called frame battling and frame control. His frame [his mindset] is dominating hers. He’s being the aggressive Alpha male.

•She insists on going, but he insist on her staying a bit longer, showing her that he is the dominant one.

•@ 3:17, he full blown makes out with her non verbally. He doesn’t say to her, “I want to kiss you” (which he could have said), he leads right into it instead.

The following segment of the video features some in-field game from Justin Wayne, the legend himself, as he displays how to run Night Game via his Romantic Connection system of pickup, as he seduces a French girl.

The third segment of the video features Bruce under the instructions of Justin doing some day-game pickup as he approaches and opens a Thai girl.

Pay close attention to BW’s style as he tells the girl, “You don’t need to go to work. Come with me instead”, and he holds her playfully. Then he turns her [classic PUA tactics].

Notice how he uses FTC’s [False Time Constraints] with the same Thai girl by telling her, “I only have 3 minutes”. This classic technique is subtle yet super powerful!

@ the 8:07 mark in the video, The Thai girl issues a Congruence Test (as all women do), by asking if he [Bruce] does this all the time with lots of women [pickup]. Bruce passes her Congruence Test by saying “Yes, I pickup women all the time every day”. He amps it up instead of saying “no” like the average guy would. So he passes her Congruence Tests by virtually admitting to being a player.

@ the 8:38 mark of the video; he kisses her bye.

At the end of that sequence, Bruce sat down with JW as JW gives him some in-field pointers of what he should’ve and could’ve done differently.

9:17 Bruce approaches Indian girl.

Notice how the girl is very reserved and subdued opposed to the other high-energy girls. This disposition most likely stems from the Indian girl’s upbringing [likely strict-conservative Eastern parents].

Also, because this is a seated set [the girl sitting], the dynamics are totally different, and your game and approach will have to be somewhat more subdued as opposed to high energy. A girl who’s sitting is generally harder to seduce and sway than one who’s standing.

He created such a good impression that she offers to give him her # without him even asking for it [this is a HUGE sign of interest]!

Justin Wayne, famed PUA-dating coach out of New York City.

Justin Wayne, famed PUA-dating coach out of New York City.

10:50 mark of the video, Justin demonstrates some pickup on a blond girl.

11:14 Justin gives the girl a high 5 for a recommendation she’d made. This is also a classic old-school PUA tactic to get physical with the girl [KINO] so she becomes acclimated to his touching.

11:21 JW goes into Cold Reading techniques by asking and assuming that she’s artistic. Very powerful seduction concept.

11:54 JW hugs her after she says that she’s ambitious. He’s essentially rewarding her (with a hug) for having good qualities. This is a vintage seduction technique called Reward and Punish. And notice how he naturally and smoothly leads into the hug without hesitating.

12:49 He takes the Blond on a virtual Insta-Date. The average guy, whenever he picks up a girl, he gets the # and leave. Fine! That’s what you should do! However, if it’s possible, suggest an instant date right then and there as JW did.

13:01 JW says to her as they walk hand in hand: “Do you normally hold hands with guys you don’t know”?

This is also a classic PUA verbal routine. It’s a playful neg hit with built-in banter.

Every girl usually laughs when a guy says this.

13:29 The girl tells JW that she has a boyfriend.

Pay close attention to how Justin handles it. He doesn’t apologizes and recoils (which will make the girl feel as though she’s doing something wrong). He gives her another hug instead as if he’s rewarding her for being taken. Most men will flop at this point.

He then kisses her few times.

The remaining 3 minutes of the video features bloopers, rejections and all the not-so fun things which entails pickup.

The beauty about this 17 minutes video is that it ends with the reality of game, which is that you will fail more and get rejected more than the average guy who has no skills!

Sounds counter-intuitive and crazy, but it’s the truth; guys with game get rejected 100 times more than guys who are bad with women who have no game.

However, the hidden beauty is: guys with game also get 100 times more successes than guys without game.

What a paradox!

All in all, study the video and study how Bruce and Justin Wayne pick up girls, and your 2013 will be ensured that you’ll get laid like Rockstars.

By the way, if you’re in the NYC Tri-state area, or will be at some point and would like to be coached by Justin Wayne or any of his junior coaches, contact me, Socialkenny, and I’ll facilitate and expedite the process for you:

Visit the site @ Justin Wayne Dating, where you can browse some solid articles to get your skills to the next level.

Check out the PUA acronym and term page to familiarize yourself with the lingo used on this website

PUA Forums: The Best, Worst And The Ugliest…Which To Sign Onto?

Contemplating to register with a PUA-Seduction forum in order to get your skills up, or to impart some knowledge of your own onto the less fortunate (i.e. newbies)…?

Well you may need to read this article before you do hit the ‘sign up’ button.

I’ll be giving my unapologetically crude review on which forums are worth your time, and the ones that are ran like Nazi-style concentration camps [as my man JTR would say; these fucking Nazi mods].

Firstly, my reviews (good or bad) aren’t based on the size of the forums [some are huge, some small and local].

I’m a member of various PUA forums- large and small, old and new. So I’m well qualified to speak on this shit and give a balanced review.

“The Nazi-Style Forums You Need To Avoid”

•The Pickup Artist Forum

•RSD Nation Forum

•The Attraction Forum (Love Systems)

•PUA Hate

Over at The Seduction Chronicle blog, the admin author made an observation that was spot on about certain forums:

“Forums such as RSD Nation and The Attraction Forums are similarly large but suffer from censorship and moderation that is skewed to support the respective companies ( Real Social Dynamics and Love Systems)”.

I couldn’t have said it better!

The Attraction Forum (by Love Systems):

Attraction Forums by Love Systems

Attraction Forums by Love Systems

Despite the bullshit, I’m cool with the master-PUA coach, Savoy [president of the Love Systems company].

I actually did some work for them [Love Systems] about 2 years ago, along with Gil Rio, who’s an LS coach out of Brazil. Gil and I translated the fame PUA books: The Mystery Method and Magic Bullets, from English into Portuguese and Spanish [since Savoy wanted to expand into the South-American region].

So Savoy and I have history, and are pretty much cool. But it’s the fucking moderators over @ the attraction forum to be blamed for the strict policies and enforcements which are bad for the forum.

This forum also has major log-in issue, where you’re not able to successfully log in for days on end [I haven’t been able to sign in over a year- for real]!!

RSD Nation Forum:

Those faggots @ RSD Forum had closed my account about a month ago.

I signed up about a month ago. After a week of posting My PUA in-field videos and interacting on others’ posts, I noticed I wasn’t able to sign in anymore, so I contacted them as to my log-in issue.

Lo and fucking behold! An e-mail came through from an RSD forum moderator (I suppose) :

“You’re account has been blocked and suspended. You are obviously promoting your products and have a personal gain and agenda as to why you’re posting your content on the forum…”

Basically, the faggot moderator was trying to insinuate that posting of my videos on the forum was for promotional or financial purposes, and that is not allowed [which obviously wasn’t the case].


Videos are ALLOWED to be posted on forums LOL! That’s the purpose of having a video-embed link in the first fucking place!

But what they didn’t want to say, is that if you’re not posting and promoting Real Social Dynamics products- then you can’t post any videos at all.

That would obviously send red flags flying as to the blatant-discriminatory practices (which would turn off possible registrants).

I highly doubt that RSD Tyler [Master PUA guru and owner of RSD] would be the one orchestrating such fowl play.

Their gripe and need to ban me was solely because my Youtube videos (tutorials and in-field) were becoming hits via RSD forum.

My posts (videos included) on their forum were generating like 20 replies per day. I was becoming too popular, so they shut down my account within a week of being on the forum.

It’s unfortunate, ’cause I’m cool with RSD Julien and RSD Alex.

The Pickup Artist Forum: Probably the most active forum in the community (with the most members).

I’ve been a member of this forum since the beginning of 2008 (on which I’m a forum leader).

Great forum by the way, in that one has no issues when it comes to posting videos and links.


I’ve got into fights with a number of moderators over there; In particular Hobbit & Chief PUA, who comes across as a jealous chode since he’s always jumping down my throat about strict-forum rules like a Nazi mod’.

Just yesterday, I received a pm (private message) from Chief saying that he’s giving me a final warning for violating forum rules because I’d recommended my free e-book to some newbies who were inquiring about useful-pickup books.

So he’s threatening to ban me from the pick-up artist forum if I post another link to my free e-book.

I sent him a nice-warm message saying: “Fuck you faggit! You can ban me all you want clown. I’ll start my own forum you jealous prick”!

After that message, I probably did get ban. But fuck it!!! 😆

Those clown moderators at pickup artist forum went on a witch-hunt to suppress my name, growth and products.

This sort of mockery and jealousy-trip can happen to you. So I don’t advise anyone to sign up to that forum, unless you’re content with getting virtually bitched slapped by the likes of Chief PUA, who salivates at the thought of banning members unjustly.

Despite being an active member of that forum since early 2008, with virtually over 2,000 posts, helping the average guy with his dating life…I’m a proud guy who’s willing to risk being banned and deleted than to be chumped by pussy moderators as if I’m a newbie.

PUA Hate: the name speaks for itself.

These clowns are very suppressing, strict and ruthless when it comes to content and what you can and cannot post.

In spite of the name (PUA Hate) and its knack for spewing propaganda on other PUA’s, this forum has featured some top PUA coaches in the game over the years (some however post as anonymous).

I’ve only been a member of this forum less than 6 months now. Surprisingly; they showed me mad love because I’d called out seduction guru, Aaron Sleazy out of Germany, who’s hated on that forum.

However, 2 days ago, I got a pm (private message) from 1 of their Nazi moderators saying I was banned for violating forum rules…which is bullshit!

These guys banned me and closed my account because I was able to tool the shit out of their moderators (on the subject of Game), and I was able to gain some notoriety there.

If it’s 1 theme that these fucking PUA-forum moderators subscribe to, is to keep you from getting too large.

The moment that you’re gaining a name in the seduction community via their forums, and it’s not to their interest; you will be friggin’ suppressed, banned and shut the fuck down…which is unfortunate, bias and defeats the purpose of having a forum.

“The PUA Forums You “Should” Sign Up With”

Aaah, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

It’s not all bad when it comes to seduction forums.

Some of the following forums I’m a member/poster of, so I can personally say that their moderators are cool as a MOFO! And you won’t be bombarded with warning messages over petty bullshit like mistakenly posting in the wrong section.

•PUA Forums

•Phase-Shift Lounge [Kings Of Pickup]

•Casanova Crew [JTR]

•Justin Wayne Dating Forum

•Post Masculine [Mark Manson]

•RooshV Forum

PUA Forums: With research, I’ve yet to come up with any negative reviews on these guys and the way they operate their forum. Seduction guru Bill Preston gets 2 thumbs up for this.

I may have to sign up shortly.

Phase Shift Lounge: owned by my man Speer, the Israeli-master-PUA dating coach out of Miami.

I’ve been a member here for some months now without an iota of static, bullying or suppression.

I freely post my pick-up videos and insights on seduction, and the guys are interactive too.

You can virtually get one-on-one coaching here, as top PUA coaches like VK Vince Kelvin, Speer, Redman PUA, Maven, etc. are all regular posters and always active on this forum.

Signing up is highly recommended!

Casanova Crew Forum: I’m not just recommending this forum because JTR is my brotha from anotha motha!

I’ve been active on this forum for under a year now. It’s active, interactive, and your inquiries (posts) will not go unanswered.

Neither will you be blasted left and right with warnings and violation notices even when you’re not violating shit.

They do have a no-troll tolerance; but trolling activities should be banned anyway.

As for posting videos and such, I regularly post and embed my Youtube pickup vidoes on Casanova Crew Forum without issues.

JTR and these guys aren’t concerned with “keeping the man down”, as those pricks over @ pickup artist forum.

Therefore, it’d be a good choice to register on this forum.

Justin Wayne Dating Forum: I’d registered with this forum the other day (less than a month). I was personally invited to join actually by Justin Wayne PUA himself, so that says a whole lot as to the integrity and character of the individual(s) you’ll be interacting with on his forum.

Strangely though, I’m unable to log in for the past few weeks, and I’m having issues resetting my password to a new one. Seems like a glitch in the sign-in field.

Apart from that, the forum is pretty-much brand new yet active. And you’ll be respected and given leniency for minor mistakes [although I’ve never violated even unintentionally].

Post Masculine aka Practical Pickup Forum: I’m not a member of this forum (yet), but I’ve only heard good reviews so far about the way Mark Postmasculine [formerly known as Entropy PUA] runs this forum.

RooshV Forum: My nemesis Roosh! No love loss since I’ve been feuding with him over the past 7 months.

Roosh, the Turkish seducer, has always been a lenient and tolerant guy [sounds contradicting from my previous stance].

He hardly censors or bans anything…even trolling on his blog posts.

Because of my prior differences with Roosh, I never bothered signing onto his forum. But I recommend it though, being that his forum gets solid reviews, opposed to a gung-ho, shut-you-down approach towards its members.

There you have it folks!

The good, the bad and the fucking ugly… in terms of PUA/Seduction forums.

Wanna learn some quick game for the holiday on into the New Year?

Then sign up on the recommended-seduction forums, and shit on the ones which operate like Hitler on steroids!

Other recommended PUA forums with a decent reputation:

PUA Zone aka Sedfast

Beyond Pickup (The Philippines

Stylelife Academy

Or go to the post: Vote your favorite PUA coach 2012

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