The Ultimate PUA Seminar!

Casanova Crew

Casanova Crew (California)

Casanovafest 2012, Sunday, February 26th., Los Angeles.

*Created by: Casanova Crew
*Hosted by: Casanova Crew
*Starts: 2 PM
*Ends: 10 PM
*Location: Captain Hooks
3515 Eagle Rock BLVD.
Los Angeles, California
United States

Sunday Feb. 26th 2p-10pm $15 (order via link below)

Capt Hooks
3515 Eagle Rock Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

Casanovafest 2012 will be held on Sunday Feb 26th in Los Angeles, and promises to be the grandest PUA spectacle of all time! We have combined legendary veterans of the So Cal scene along with the newest exciting up and coming names for an event unlike any other.

What will make CC Fest 2012 an event unlike any other is that we will stress that instructors make this an interactive gathering; they will give live demonstrations with their female assistants and also take audience members to the stage and instruct them before us all on all the tips and techniques, do’s and dont’s, along with actual infield footage! This way you can actually see how its done up close and personal, and get a chance to get corrected by the coaches themselves!

Click here to secure your spot! Only 35 seats left!

We’ve gathered 7 of the biggest names in our scene.

CC FEST 2012 will feature:

Bravo (
Gareth Jones (ABC’s of Afftaction)
Brad P (Dating Underground)
Arash (Seductive Instinct)
Marni (Wing Girl Method)
DJ Fuji (Tao of DJ Fuji)
Kino5000 (Bad Intentions)

+ Plus a special surprise!

Hosted by the Infamous PUA Steamroller!

Most of these PUA seminars are boring as fuck because of lack of audience participation and many talks turn into the dreaded…..PITCH FESTS! Well this WILL NOT HAPPEN at CC FEST 2012.

You will not be asked to stand up and chant “YES YES YES YES” like some other gooroos! Youre intelligence will NOT be insulted with lame NLP tactics just to buy DVD’s and books.

SPEAKERS are NOT ALLOWED to turn their speeches into pitch fests at CasanovaFest. That was the biggest complaint of the “PUA Vummit”. All selling will be reserved until the very end and will not take over the presenations.

And for all those of you who have spent hundreds, if NOT THOUSANDS on these types of seminars, rest assured this event wont break you because….

Admission to CC FEST 2012 will only be $15!

Limited Tix Avail!

Order Now!

See you there!

You can order here:

What’s up with these Pick-Up Gurus dissing Other PUA’s?


Man I’m friggin pissed with all the hypocrisy from these PUA gurus!!!

One minute, they’re enamored with the term PUA (pick-up artist).

The next: “Oh I’m not a PUA! Don’t call me a PUA! PUA’s are weird…,bla,bla,bla!

Aah STFU you winers!

Certain gurus [like Johnny Wolf], helped coined the term PUA and made it an underground house-hold name on the net. They were in loved with the concept or being a PUA.


Fast forward to 2011; they don’t want shit to do with the name PUA!


But do remember: the community made guys like Johnny Wolf into a fucking Rockstar! Classic case of biting the hand that feeds you ha.

Anyway, not too long ago on Facebook, Johnny posted a status update saying:

Any guy who adds him as friends with the word PUA attached to his name, he will NOT accept the request.

Wow! Talk about condescending!

Ok enough of Wolf.

20111201-162306.jpgAnother guru to play himself a while back was Speer aka SalPeer of He’s 1 of my favorite gurus by the way.

20111201-162946.jpgBut a few years ago, he was on a podcast with AJ & Jordan Harbinger of Pick-Up Podcast.Com(Speer’s interview), and Speer went on and on with his disses to the community and the term PUA! Although the community and Mystery made him!

Fast forward to 2011, Speer’s living in the Project Hollywood mansion, he dubbed himself 1 of the Kings of PUA, he co-organized the last PUA summit in LA the other day…!!!!

So he went from 1 of the best up-and-coming PUA’s [under Mystery & Love Drop], then turned a PUA hater around ’09, then a proclaimed PUA King in 2011!

Guys- don’t play both sides of the fucking fence!

I love Speer and his style of pick up for the record!

My Real Beef:

What I don’t like with all this back peddling is that those gurus seem to feel that PUA has a negative connotation as if it’s akin to “a dog, womanizer, etc.

Women don’t give a shit about a guy calling himself a PUA. She only cares about the results.

So if I say to my target that I’m a PUA, she’s not gonna run for the hills, “Oh you fucking womanizer”.

No! She’s gonna be intrigued, inquiring and curious: which leads to being attracted.

So all these gurus turned PUA haters need to take a chill pill with the bullshit and give props to the PU community which made them.

And by the way, all of those gurus still make a living selling products aimed at making the average frustrated chump into a PUA.

And isnt Johnny Wolf the owner of PUA Summit website?

So guys wanna make money off the name pick-up, but don’t wanna be associated with the name pick-up or PUA?

I commented on his latest blog post but he haven’t replied yet.

A few of us are ripping him a new one on Facebook right now as I type. But his ass ain’t responding to his comments on his Facebook status.

I used to think my man J Ripper, the owner of Casanova, was being too harsh with the criticism and parody on certain gurus. But now I realize he has good reasons to beat up on certain community guys for fronting.

Viva the PUA community!!!

My rant continues with a follow up post coming later on.


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