Anal Sex Tips For Anal Virgins: 10 + 2 Tips [NSFW]

Getting a girl to commit to having her backdoor penetrated for the first time will be a daunting task for most [both parties].

Regardless if she’s an anal virgin or an anal queen, there are still precautionary measures the guy can take to ensure that this ride is as pleasure-filled as possible!

WARNING: Anal sex isn’t for everyone! A guy who’s never tried it (with a girl of course) will be subjected to pre-mature ejaculation since the anal cavity is as tight as it frikkin’ gets!

Getting A Girl To Try Anal Sex

Sixty percent of chicks will be adamantly against anal sex [from my estimation and experience]!

The 3 most classic excuses for being against it:

•Misconception that anal sex is messy

•Her religious views

•Fear of pain

Those 3 factors can be allayed depended on your level of understanding of social dynamics and the art of persuasion.

Don’t hound her about it (verbally)!

Don’t expect to get a definitive “Yes” from her as to if she wants to get analized!

Throw the idea out there [presuming this is your girlfriend or spouse] just so she’s on full alert of what she can expect sometime down the line.

If she’s not your girlfriend: merely a chick you’d just picked up, then there’s no logics in planting seeds and playing the waiting-game.

Simply ask her what is her thoughts on anal or had she ever tried it [make sure this is during a sexually charged conversation and not over casual chat…DUH]!

Deduce from her response whether she’s receptive or needs to be broken in 👿 .

If she’s done it before: then that is your mini-green light to give it to her anally the next time y’all hook up.

Every answer she gives should be taken as a green light as long as it isn’t an adamant “hell NO”!

Alright, in that case where you might be dealing with a tough-cookie or a chick who’s got a major hang-up about being banged in the ass; you’ll have to go the persuasion route.

Persuading Her To Anal:

•Let her know how much you’ve been dreaming of having anal sex with her from the first day you’d picked her up!

•Use flattery as the above pointer indicates.

•Try to Convince her that it won’t hurt and you will be super gentle with her.

•Try to Convince her that it isn’t messy [which is a huge misconception] if that is her issue with anal sex.

•Let her know that this is something “We” will enjoy. Operative pronoun is “We”! Don’t make the mistake of saying “I” or “Me”. You want her to know that both parties have a stake in this and it will be pleasurable for both and not just the sex-crazed guy who’s screaming “Me, Me, Me, Me Want”.

Now, you still might not get a favorable response, but keep plowing in a non-forcible way, and try to avoid seeming too desperate.

Tip #1: Slip And Slide

Anal lube

Anal lube

Bring lube to the ball game!

I rarely ever use lubrication. My saliva has been proven effective enough over all these years of anal-banging.

However, bringing lube to the game makes women somewhat comforted knowing that there is synthetic lubrication handy [it’s all psychological].

So, bring lube if saliva isn’t workable for whatever reason.

Tip #2: Vaj Sex First

Vaginal sex as warm up

Vaginal sex as warm up

Unless she’s an anal pro, you cannot just strip her down and go to town on her tight ass.

Do everything as you’d normally do sexually: foreplay then vaginal penetration…then anal a bit later.

Anal sex should be attempted when the girl is at her utmost peak of sexual arousal during intercourse.

Attempting to go anal when she hasn’t even bust a sweat yet, will cause her to throw in the towel and protest in anger or pain!

So start off vaginally until she’s in the swing of things.

Tip #3: Booty-Fingering And Anal-Diving

Anal Fingering

Anal Fingering

Just as you would finger her pussy in order to warm her up and get the juices flowing: same applies to effective analization.

The only time you should attempt to finger her ass is while you’re penetrating her from the doggy-style position.

Do not attempt to finger her anally during basic foreplay (kissing, etc.). She will not have been that sexually aroused to go there as yet.

The only time you would want to finger her anally is if you’re eating her pussy where you can decide to simultaneously eat at both holes.



While you’re tossing her salad [anal licking], you can insert your index finger (an inch deep the furthest), and gently finger her while you lick at the rim of her anal.

This will literally drive her crazy: especially if she hadn’t had it done before!

Tip #4 :Give Her In Both Holes

Anal fingering during vaginal sex

Anal fingering during vaginal sex

Relative to the above tip, fingering her anal while fucking her vaginally is 1 of the best ways in getting her prepped and ready for the real thing.

The reasons for fingering her ass is to gauge her propensity for taking it up the ass, and to loosen her anal cavity at the same time (gradually).

DO NOT go to town on her with your finger…at least not within first 5 minutes! Gently with the tip of your index finger- work it. As if by miracle, you’ll notice the entire finger has now been submerged all the way into her anal opening without any complaints from her (as the anal passage has been loosened).

Tip #5: The Double Fingers

Double finger while fucking her vaginally

Double finger while fucking her vaginally

While doggying her vaginally, continue to anal finger her by inserting 2 fingers this time [index and middle].


At this point in the game, she will have been 85% receptive and ready to take your manhood with only a 15% chance of token resistance.

Tip #6: Lube Time

Remember the artificial lubricant that I’d spoken about in Tip 1? This is where it comes into play.

Grab it and apply just a bit to the head of your cock. I mean just a little bit!

From my experience, synthetic lube can be so slippery, it actually causes the action to become so void of friction and cock sensitivity, that you’re rendered incapable of enjoying the ride.

So use just a tiny bit of lube on the head [do not lather it all over the cock]!

Better yet, I would discard the lube altogether and opt out for a glob of spit or the natural juices which is flowing from her pussy.

Tip #7 : Best Position To Begin The Anal Session

For maximum ease (which is what you want with girls who aren’t anal pros), this position will be best to start off in.

I’ve been told from 80% of the girls whom I’d had anal with, that this position is the most pain-free and easy to bear…for starters.

The absolute worst position to begin with is having her lie on her back while you’re on top of her in a quasi-missionary position.

This position actually causes the head of your cock to press against her upper-anal entrance with so much force, that it creates more pain from the angling alone.

I’d actually researched this for confirmation…which was confirmed.

So best bet is to do her while lying behind her in a spooning position as the picture depicts.

Doing her anally in this manner (for starters) allows for the smoothest ride.

You can then do her doggy in the back door after she’s gotten loose enough.

Tip #8: Cock Insertion

Anal penetration

Anal penetration

Ok you’re lubed up (with saliva, gel, or pussy juice), now is the moment of truth that you (the guy) have been waiting for, and she’s been dreading [assuming she’s still new to anal penetration].

Since you had done an effective job of loosening the hole (by licking, fingering an anal toying), your cock will have a relatively easy time going down the hatch.

But don’t force it yet!!!

Go quarter deep (slowly), pause there a bit, work it (only a quarter deep), then as she gradually becomes aware to the fact that she now has a cock in her rear end…and is taking it pretty well, then work it to cover another quarter to where your cock is now half way fully submerged into her dark side.

Within short minutes of slowly working her by quarters [depended on your girth and size], she will then beg for you to shove it all the way down the hatch!

Tip #9: How To Work It

Ninety percent of the chicks whom I had analized, they all complained whenever I would pull the cock out completely to then slide it back in.

With that being said, I have enough evidence from experience to justifiably say that women on a whole do not take light to this sort of anal maneuvering [in and out].

It takes an experienced anal-queen to actually handle such seemingly harmless technique:

So once you’re fully in- stay in!

Tip #10: Use Dirty Talking As Encouragement

Talking dirty while giving it to her anally

Talking dirty while giving it to her anally

Encourage her to do more and compliment her!

There’s no greater feeling and stroke to the ego than when someone is being encouraged and complimented in something that he or she wasn’t sure about to begin with.

When a woman actually subjects herself to doing something which she was opposed to initially, giving her positive reinforcement will encourage her keep participating, do more and relax more [same applies to men].

On the contrary, neglecting to let her know that she’s doing a great job at taking your pecker up the ass, will create self doubt in her as to her potential.

So compliment her with some dirty talk while you fuck her anally.

Some of my favorite anal-dirty-talk lines below:

“Damn babes, your ass feels so tight”!

“Damn, you making me wanna cum right now from fucking this tight sweet ass”!

“You taking it like a fucking pro girl”!

“I love the way you taking this dick deep in that sweet ass”!

Compliment her and make her feel as though she’s the biggest anal-queen you’ve ever fucked!

This will serve to encourage her to participate the next time around since she knows that you enjoyed the ride.

Neglecting to dirty talk with her this way, will make her self-conscious since she isn’t being positively reinforced as doing a good job.

Tip #11: Do Not Cum Inside Her Ass…Unless!

Anal creampie

Anal creampie

Men are liable of getting carried away when banging a girl in the backdoor. Coupled with the fact that a woman cannot be impregnated from butt-fucking, it’s very easy for the guy to get caught up inside his head and want to shoot a load inside of her.

Unless she requests for it: don’t do it!!!

80% of the girls I’d been fortunate enough to anal penetrate, I would rip the condom off, rest the head of my cock to her anal entrance at a 45 degree angle, then shoot my load straight down the hatch.

90% of those girls all complained afterwards of feeling as though they had a case of the runs (diarrhea).

Although the anal experience was enjoyable, the fact alone that I’d ejaculated in the backdoor, caused enough discomfort to kill the chance of ever getting to analize those girls again.

So unless she asks for it; do NOT ejaculate inside her ass, or you’ll risk getting the opportunity to do it again!

Bonus Tip: “When Should I Tear Her Ass Up Like A Savage Caveman”?

The 11 proceeding tips were mainly geared towards banging girls who are anal virgins, or ones who aren’t seasoned in taking it anally as yet [which is unfortunately 90 % of women].

For the 10% of girls who actually loved it, you can skip a step or 2, and are afforded the liberty of going to town on those babies!!!

I’ve only met 1 anal-queen in my entire 31 years of physical existence! That goes to show how rare these types are.

You’ll know an anal-queen by her apparent nonchalance, easy-breezy demeanor during and towards anal play and penetration.

Those girls you can anal bang like there’s no fucking tomorrow!

She will actually prod you on to fucking her harder and faster, giving you the go-ahead to anal punish her!

With the girls who aren’t anal-queens, who have less experience in getting butt fucked [90% of women in the western world], you’ll have to be moderate and gentle until you’re close to cumming.

As she becomes somewhat accustomed to anal sex (women say that they’re never too accustomed to it), you can then accelerate your anal aggression over time (weeks and months).

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