Women jumping on the sexual-harassment train


Ok, this post will not be very popular with women.

In fact, I can already feel the hate mail and death threats coming from the neo-feminists, or men who feel like they can gain some cheap points with women by defending their causes.

Feminists suck!!

I’m not against causes nor groups of people who feel that they’ve been disenfranchised or wronged, and that they demand a fair shake in life.

Shit-…I’m black (lol), so I can relate to feelings of being disenfranchised or discriminated upon.

However, the feminist movement has managed to established itself as anti-men, anti-sex and anti-social.

Find me a man who supports the feminist movement and I’ll show you a traitor to mankind in the biggest way!!

Herman Cain:

We’ve all seen or heard about the sexual harassments and misconducts alleged by women against the GOP’s presidential front-runner, Herman Cain aka the Pizza Man [thanks Ed Shultz for the genius pseudonym].

For the record: I don’t support Mr. Cain, nor do I support the GOP. I’m a Liberal of course. So according to the Pizza Man, I’d be considered a “BRAINWASHED” black!

But what is disturbing about his quagmire is that all of a sudden…, we have women popping up out of left field with allegations of sexual misconduct (stemming from a decade ago).

I’m not saying he’s innocent!

In the court of public opinions, Cain would’ve been crucified already!

What I don’t like,and what many men could attest to, is when women become opportunistic to come forth with charges of sexual misconduct, when otherwise without social prodding,they would’ve been content in keeping a lid on it until Armageddon.

Weird Trend

Perhaps it’s just me. But it seems like every woman on the face of the Earth, wants to believe she has a birthright to play the “I was sexually harassed” card.

Come on!!!

Which woman in the work place has never been on the receiving end of a seductive smirk or off-hand comment by a superior?

Does that make it sexual harassment? Hell no!!!

And women at large know this to be the case. But most women are smart enough to know that, to report their male boss every time he gives them a seductive glance, or say something semi-sexual during a casual office chat, she would literally be wasting her time!

Not because she won’t be believed. But she understands that whenever male-female dynamics are at play, sexual tension may fester or potentially emerge via remarks.

Classic Example:

Male Boss:“Hope everyone enjoys their weekend”.

Female employee:“We will. Thanks! So how is your weekend”?

Male Boss:“Well busy as usual. No time for play just work. I can imagine young people like you going to the club to get your freak on lol. But be safe”!

The remark that the boss made about “getting your freak on”, might make most feminists uneasy.

But for everyday woman,despite the workplace: office, bar, gym. That remark by the boss would have no effects whatsoever.

Whereas one woman may see it as inappropriate. Others are socially savvy enough to brush off the bullshit as NOTHING.

The Feminist’s Hope

The trend that the feminists would hope to establish would be one of: ‘The man is always wrong’.

*Every remark by a superior should always be scrutinized.

*Women must be careful in the workplace.

*Guard against ravenous men.

If feminists had their way [oh boy!!], men in the workplace(superiors or not) would be relegated to keeping their mouths shut, stay confined to their cubicles and to NOT even contemplate a glance in a woman’s direction!

Mr. Cain in closing

I’m by no means here defending his alleged actions.

However, as a man, I will NOT condemn another man for saying to a woman, “Come to my hotel room”.

She has the innate ability and a tongue to say ‘NO’!

For Sharon Bialek or other potential Cain accusers to claim sexual misconduct on the grounds of, “He invited me to his place”, would be opening a proverbial pandora’s box.

Forcibly pushing a chic’s head towards your crotch, when she isn’t reciprocating your sexual advances might be deemed inappropriate.

Ok I get that! We men DO get the severity of that.

If Ms. Bialek felt so traumatized and uneasy by that, why take a damn decade to surface and peruse this!?

In such cases,women tend to use hyperbole and become extravagant when relating how they felt.

I’m not knocking Sharon for her allegations, nor famed-conservative lawyer Gloria Allred.

Just pointing out the vague irony of this all: When one woman comes out, a thousand women come out.

Some might not have even known what sexual harassment in the workplace looks like.

Now that the pandora’s box is wide open, every woman now assumes that she’s been sexually harassed.

* A friendly tap on the shoulder by her male co-worker or boss is now considered groping.

* A harmless “have a good weekend girls”, is now considered sexually-charged language.

* “See me in my office”, is now considered a cause for uneasiness and a prelude to mal-conduct.

When will the feminists put the brakes on it to desist from seeing every guy as a potential victimizer, rapist or some sex-crazed maniac out to take advantage of poor-little women?

I damn sure wouldn’t want to live in a feminist-dominated world. But it seems like we’re heading there.


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