Women are against using condoms!!

I can already foresee myself receiving ton loads of e-mail death threats from feminists, womens’ rights organizations and other anti-men groups because of this article. Nevertheless, an Alpha male is inclined to speak the truth.

The title is a bit misleading. What I really mean, is that it’s easy to fuck any woman without a condom.

RooshV, a controversial Trukish-American pick-up artist/dating guru out of DC [the same guy who’s led the fight against feminism, fat and nice-guys), wrote an eye-opening article a while ago about women not using condoms. I totally agree with Roosh on this one. Below is an excerpt from his article entitled “American girls don’t use condoms anymore“.

I’m shocked at the behavior of American women when it comes to condom use. Middle class white girls are, hands down, the dirtiest, filthiest type of girl I’ve been with. Most of them only care about using condoms for the first instance of sex, and a sizable percentage don’t even care if you use one at all for that first time, whether or not it’s a one-night stand where she has only known you for a couple hours.

If I was as dirty as them, I could probably have raw dog sex with 95% of all white girls, regardless of socioeconomic background. I only have met one girl that was super serious about using condoms, but I eventually fucked her without a condom too, so actually I change that to 100%. I could bang every white girl who lives in the United States without a condom if I desired, within three dates. I’m not kidding. I could do most of them raw dog on the same night

At one point in time-actually throughout my lifetime, I was a dirty muthafucka. I banged anything raw dog (without a rubber).

Prior to meeting my current on & off girlfriend (end of 2009), armed with massive amounts of pick-up knowledge I’d accumulated over the years, 95% of the girls I laid was done without protection, i.e. no condom. In fact, between 2004-2009, I only banged 1 girl with a condom. Every other girl I’d laid (which is enumerable), was raw-fucking dog.

Her background didn’t matter, her upbringing didn’t matter, her race didn’t matter. Among the women with whom I had un-protected sex, they were: Latinas, Black, Islanders, Americans, British, Canadians, etc. Fat, borderline obese to slimmies. All were bangable without a condom.

And that is why the last article I wrote (about women being irrational-check it out Here) makes major sense. Condoms/protection is a Rational/Material thing. Women do NOT process Rationality, Logics & Safety as men do. Women process and understand Emotions.

Using a condom is a Rational decision that the man (aka the rational being out of the sexes), would have to often make. So if the male decides to wear a rubber, the girl he’s about to fuck, will likely agree with it. But if that male decides to NOT wear a rubber, the girl will most likely put up some token/fake resistance, but she would move right along to banging raw dog.

It’s easy as taking a dump to convince a girl to let you bang her RAW. It doesn’t take much convincing at all. Most times, all the guy has to do is simply STOP, and become SILENT. I know because I’ve done it with almost every girl I laid prior to 2009.

The Reptilian Brain:

When a woman is in heat/at ‘buying temperature’ (as we in the PUA community would say), she is essentially in an Emotional State. Sex =’s Emotions for women. Her reptilian brain is now activated. That portion of the brain is responsible for sex, desires, emotions, etc. Therefore, the girl has a hard time processing Safety, Security & Protection, which are Rational/Physical components. So while she is horny and turned on, the reptilian brain dominates the rational brain.

She knows sex without a condom could mean AIDS, STD’s, etc., but the reptilian brain (emotions and desires) is powerful, so she proceeds with unprotected sex. This is the classic cause & effect case for women getting impregnated without intent, having one-night stands,sex in public places, etc. When the reptilian brain is activated and the woman is horny, protection/condom has little to no value to her. She will process that later and regret it later on after sex when she’s now in a rational state of mind.

And please, women need to refrain from bashing other women as crazies and sluts. All women are susceptible to banging Raw Dog. It has shit to do with her socio-economics, her upbringing, neither what her mother has taught her.

I had banged nurses raw dog, suburban chics, ghetto sluts, high-society ones, prostitutes (go figure), teachers, students, social workers (go figure), counselors(go figure), church-goers, religious ones, etc. So background has nothing-NADA to do with which chics bang raw or not. It all comes down to the guy and what he wants to do sexually. If he wants to bang her with a condom: it will happen. If he wants to bang her without one: it will happen.

I’m not advocating un-protected sex. In fact, it’s not my business what anyone does. Who wanna bang raw, it’s their prerogative (as Bobby Brown said). This post was basically mean to shed some light on how irrational and careless women can be and are on a whole.

Since 2009, I’ve take maybe 3 AIDS tests (which is a whole lot, considering that no one generally takes AIDS tests). I’ve been negative all 3 times (still have the receipts mothafukas LOL). And I haven’t been banging anyone raw besides my on & off GF of almost 3 years. So I’ve improved my sexual standards.

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