“Legalizing Prostitution Globally”? What’s Your Thoughts?


Days ago, I was tuned in to an FM radio program, where a panel of so-called social psychologists were dialoging about the evil-bogeyman: “PROSTITUTION”.

First off, I’m not advocating for men to turn to hookers as our default mode of getting laid. As a guy who’s skilled in getting laid, I’m all for equipping men in the art of seduction, where we can bang hot chics without spending a dime [gold-diggers no offense].

However, what really pisses me off are those fucking bureaucrats in high places who pass laws prohibiting shit which they themselves engage in [talk about hypocrisy]!

As expected, it’s always the FEMI-NAZI (feminist) types to be the ones crying foul whenever the topic of prostitution arises.

On the radio show, the host (a guy) and another male on set, had posed a solid-fucking question to the feminist on the set (which she refused to answer), “To play devil’s advocate, let’s say prostitution was legalized or decriminalized, do you believe people who are anti-prostitution would then all of a sudden start to get involved with prostitution now that it’s legal”?

The answer is of course NO. Hell friggin’ NO!

The solid point that the male-host was trying to make is that, if globally we’d legalized prostitution, people who were always against it, would most likely STILL remain against it!

The only guys who would start banging hookers are guys who were ALWAYS banging hookers!! So it’s not like there would’ve been a mass multitude of guys suddenly gravitating to paying for ass just because it’s legal.

Ok, another argument on the show was ‘religion base’. Those fucking hypocrites aka so-called religious people, obviously would oppose the legalization of prostitution (globally).

The host posed the same damn question to them, “whether prostitution would be legal or not, y’all would still be against it. So what difference would it make if it were on the books as legal“?

Can I get a round of applause for stuttering LOL!!? So the Christians don’t have a plausible reason to oppose legalizing prostitution. Nor do the FEMI-NAZI’s aka Feminists.

If I were anti-prostitution and came across a sexy-ass hooker on the strip: would I bang her just because prostitution is now legalized? Of course not! Our moral stances do NOT change based on legal & social policies.

Same goes for legalizing drugs. I don’t smoke at all. If marijuana was legalized tomorrow, would you then see me strolling down the street with a joint in my mouth looking like Cheech & Chong? NO!

So legalizing something does NOT mean society will then implode into mass drug use, and every faithful husband would then cheat on their boring wives by shagging $50 hookers.

Hence, the feminist’s stance against prostitution is bullshit!

The Christian’s stance against it is bullshit. And the legal & moral stance against it is also bullshit!

If a guy wanna bang a prostitute: let it be!

The law shouldn’t be regulating who can bang whom (under whichever circumstance). Same as religion should keep its ass out of ‘who lays whom’.

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