Religious, Married And Wants To Meet Up

Following was posted earlier to my social media.

She’s married and HIGHLY religious!!!
So this chick never told me she’s married [she’s in her 20’s BTW]. I had to discover that piece of info as I browsed through her pics a few days ago.
Anyway, so I tried to pick up this girl right here (on FB) over a year ago. But my pick-up attempt turned into an argument on religion. She was HIGHLY religious and tried to preach to me and to convert me to religion. So that bombed out over a year ago and I never bothered her again. All she wanted to do was to debate about religion. BTW, I would usually delete girls after such confrontation. But I didn’t delete her. She never comments on my stuff, never likes or anything. However, I know she reads my stuff…because all women read my stuff (which are DHV’s).
So Thursday now, as I was about to inbox her, thinking it would’ve been our 1st time communicating, I noticed that we messaged before [the argument on religion]. So I opened her this time based on that.
Anyway, with all that being said, I went on to pitch my rendezvous proposal, got her digits and we are supposed to meet up this evening. 🙂
The thing is: I never knew she’s married until after we set up the date and she gave me her #, and I browsed through her pics and seen her wedding pics from about a year ago! So this chick’s only been married a year, and is now going to meet up with me later today!!!??
This goes to solidify a point I always make: marriages and relationships mean very little to women.
At the end of the day, when I hit her up on Whatsapp yesterday, I did indicate to her that I know she’s married. But I said it in a nonjudgmental and humorous way…to which she laughs.
Frankly, I have zeros issues with trying to sleep with married girls. I have a thing for married women! So it’s all good in my book!
What’s really significant, is how we went from cussing each other via inbox, over a year ago because she kept throwing religion at me when I was tryna pick her up, to now meeting up this evening. I know why this happened BTW (the for bidden fruit aspect and “good girls” liking bad boys).
In any case, she wants to meet up from 6-8 since she claims to have other engagements after. However, I prefer meeting after 8 PM. So we’ll see how that goes…if I decide to meet u with her later.

Credits To MGTOW.Com For Spreading The Word

I just wanted to acknowledge the fact that a member of the, Gargamel, had shared an old article of mines from 2014, on the topic of women ruining their men in relationships.

Such articles don’t get much credit in the men’s dating world. So it’s always a plus when guys become aware of the truth.

Here’s the link by the way, to the MGTOW forum post:

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