Quick Lesson In Game…Online Game- “What Do I Say Next (After Opening)”?

[Originally posted earlier to my personal Facebook]

Now, lots of newer guys in the Game say to me, “Kenny, I opened this chick on Instagram, got her to reply but I don’t know what to say next nor how to operate in order to get the # or the rendezvous/date/meetup”.

Essentially, guys are stuck after the opener (breaking the ice). 

With that, here’s a pickup over Facebook which dates back to September last year. I got her # last month, texted a bit on Whatsapp, and she’s coming to spend the weekend with my (Sat to Sunday). 

Not failing to mention: she claims she’s married. I actually found out that it was just a joke on her part, as a way to get me to stop pursuing her. Needless to say; she has a BF (like all women do). 

In spite of being in a relationship; she’s been dying to see me for months now, but I kept brushing her off.

On a Game and technical basis, this is what I want you to focus on:

*When I first tried to pick her up through Messenger, she gave me the stiff arm by trying to brush me off by saying she’s married and has a man. Nevertheless, I persisted with HUMOR!!

The biggest key to flipping the switch from off to on is HUMOR: making a girl laugh, giggle and go WTF!!!!

Learn how to make a girl laugh with something she never heard before, and she’ll be instantly attracted to you! 

As you scan the screenshots, you will have noticed just how I do this with ease, to where she coughed up her digits without a prob, to then tell me that she’s packing her stuff to come spend the weekend by me. A random girl might I add, whom I met on FB late last year, who tried to reject me by saying she’s not interested and that she’s married!

So guys- again- if you want to pick up hot girls easily on social media; mix in Cheekiness with Ballsiness and Humor! And then you will have had a perfect recipe for instant attraction to be sparked!

Not to belabor the point; but this is a hot fucking girl who gets TONS of chody AFC guys on Facebook praising her whenever she posts selfies and shit! And they all get treated like dogs in the comments by the girl! Follow my format and you’ll stand out from the clowns!

It’s all about your vibe and not the words/texts! So it’s not about what you say, but how you say it, and how much conviction you have in your frame.

Anyway, so check it out and learn a thing or 2 about how to override (token) rejection, get the girl super attracted, get her to cough up the digits and to want to spend the weekend with you 🙂 😉 .

BTW, the last 2 screenshots in gray are from this morning where we chatted on Messenger.

2 Personas Of Women

By now, you ought to get used to the way women operate publicly on social media, and in private.

A woman would post to social media about how happy and content she is with her BF and her relationship, how much she loves her BF out of this world, how she’s totally devoted to him, their relationship, how she doesn’t cheat, etc.

Meanwhile, she’ll be scheming to fuck some dude in private while giving off the public persona of a lovely faithful girlfriend. 

This chick here is a classic example.

She’s been dying to see me so I can fuck her…basically.

She has a BF and she publicly posts about her relationship being awesome and how her time is for her BF and their kid only.

Moreover, she posted a status to her Whatsapp this morning saying that the weekends are for her man, so ppl (guys) need to respect that.


However, she hits me up this morning saying “hey stupid”, wondering when was I going to pop back up in her part of town (so we can meet up).

Essentially, she’s dying to hook up with me. 

She went on to send me voice note after voice note saying how much we would enjoy ourselves hanging out together…and I agree. 

Moreover, she told me that she’ll be in my part of town Friday, so we could hang out [“hang out” is code word for fucking]. 

The point? Although this girl (most girls) posts to social media in a way that portrays herself as a loyal girlfriend, she hits me up regularly, wanting to hang out and hook up. 

This sort of activity from women, you ought to get accustomed to by now!

There’s her public facade of a good girl, and her other persona of the unruly girlfriend who would fuck an Alpha Male behind her boyfriend’s back. 

If she does pop up in my part of town on Friday, this should be an easy smash.

BTW, I don’t judge women for cheating, nor do I consider cheating a bad thing, because I understand that lots of women cheat without the intent to do so.

They happen to meet a guy who stirs up something within them [in this case, I’m that guy]. Next thing you know; they want to fuck that guy and they can’t really understand why. 

[Her texts in white]

How Not To Comment On A Girl’s Social-Media Photo When She’s Seeking Validation

Some more Online-Game tips: Dos and Donts.

This chick posted a self-deprecating pic (exaggeratingly so), basically saying that she’s a Queen with no tits.
Essentially, she’s making fun of the fact that she has tiny boobs. 

Make no mistake about it: she’s a very hot chick, arguable ranking in the top 4 of the most hottest gals on my Facebook friend list of about 2,000. So you can expect what her fans had to say as far as commentary goes.

Clearly she posted the pic (with caption of small boobs) in order to get validated that she’s hot nevertheless.

However, as a guy, if you do give the girl validation in such a situation (which you shouldn’t), you want it to be indirect!

In any case, and this happens 99.8% of times whenever I comment on a hot chick’s pic: my comment is the only one to get directly acknowledged with a comment from the chick, while every other guy’s comment gets ignored. 

Now, the reason that these clueless AFC’s got ignored [screenshots below] is because their comments were kiss-ass, showed direct validation, they were complimenting (directly)- and most of all- they were hitting on the girl!

Why didn’t my comment get ignored?

Well…because I wasn’t hitting on the girl!

Quickest and easiest way to turn a hot girl off is by hitting on her (on public posts), and telling her how hot or beautiful she is (which is the obvious)!

On that note, this chick ignored all of the comments except mines.

I can guarantee you that all those guys who were ignored, had at some point, or will have inboxed her with the same lame shit and get ignored, deleted and or blocked!

What would happen if I were to inbox her?

She would totally engage me and reciprocate!

Why so? Again; I did NOT laud her and shower her with compliments and cheesy comments about how pretty she is (direct validation)!

By simply NOT hitting on a hot girl (directly), it sets you apart from 99.9% of other guys on the globe! 

For edification purposes, watch how I do this in order for you to grasp the idea of how to set yourself apart from every other loser chode guy getting ignored!

My comment made the girl feel reassured and good about herself (having small boobs). BUT, my comment was also void of lameness, and praises!

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