Volleyball Chick Pull…Online

Quoted social-media post from a few days ago:

Another textbook pickup.

This time, of a 5’11 chick who’s MVP of her volleyball team here on island. 

Remind you, she’s a random stranger whom I added about 4-5 months ago to my Facebook.

We inboxed once, but I didn’t bother to game her up.

Anyway, this post here is testament to the fact that hot women are attracted to guys who are unfiltered, unstifled and opinionated…and ballsy…and rude.

You get the point?

The total opposite of guys who are scared, safe and filtered.

BTW, she never posts/comments on my stuff. Not even hit the like button.

However, she admitted to stalking my profile posts. Remember guys; women see every fucking thing you post!

Post lame shit and they lose interest (if there was ever any).

Post the type of shit that I do (my style); they become attracted…even though they may not comment (as the case with this volleyball chick here).

Anyway guys, I want you to pay close attention to my vibe (social vibing), flow and delivery: humorous, witty, ballsy, carefree, unstifled and straight to the point as far as trying to meet up with her.

Note that my convo (opener/icebreaker) isn’t some boring, lame shit that 98% of guys do…like: “Sup, WYD, good day, hi, are u okay”?

So, from observing my opener and vibe, learn to be different and unorthodox with your approach.

Stand out from the rest!

Also note how I got her digits.

I didn’t do what 98% of lames on FB do; I didn’t beg, didn’t ask, didn’t pussyfoot about it!

I assertively and confidently assumed the sale (i.e. the digits)! 

I also didn’t make the stupid mistake that every guy does on social media, by asking the girl for her # right off the bat…like a fool!

I strategically build the vibe with my Game, communicated to the girl that I would be a fun and funny guy to make plans with. So she giving me her # was an easy decision. 

Lastly, when grabbing a girl’s # over social media, ensure that she knows the deal!

You don’t want her thinking that you took her # just for the sake of it.

That’s why you will see me grab her # while telling her that we are gonna make plans to meet up next week [time- bridging]. So she knows that I’m taking her # not as a trophy, but for a purpose (meeting up).

Most guys make the mistake of getting the # without an expressed purpose, so the girl then assumes that you are indecisive, unskilled and socially inept/dumb.

Just a final note: this girl is 23 years old and could likely get any guy she wants.

She likely gets hit on online by swarms of younger guys, good guys, handsome guys, guys flashing cash, cars, etc…whom she likely ignores and blocks daily!

I am 35, graying, balding, with 2 kids…and I’m an ardent womanizer who publicly displays his whoredom and womanizing ways on social media. And she knows all this because she admits to stalking my profile in other words.

There’s no logical reason why a girl like this should give me the time of day! Not to mention she has a BF!

Either way, check it out, learn Game, and learn how to use wits in order to get a girl super interested by thinking out the box.

At the end of the day, if you want a hot girl to stalk your FB (like this volleyball MVP chick does mines); post interesting/shocking/humorous shit that gets people’s attention!

Demonstrate through your posts that you could care less if the pope is watching!

Women are drawn to guys who are edgy, ballsy and jerkish.

Read this article of mines for a great example of how to make this happen!


I hit her up on Whatsapp right after getting her # on Messenger just so she gets my #. Never worry about looking desperate, thus waiting days to hit a girl up. If you don’t give off a desperate vibe, then there’s no way the girl would think you’re desperate if you hit her up 2 minutes later upon getting her #. As usual, notice how I strategically ended the convo first…and prematurely by telling her I’ll get back to her. This shows that I’m high value and not eager for convo.

Playing Difficult

When chicks on Facebook play difficult and dish out their share of token/fake resistance in order to make themselves appear more valuable:

So I was gaming this chick the other day (total stranger) whom I added few days back to my Facebook.

As usual, the vibe was great, so I planted the idea of us having a drink rendezvous. 

Clearly she’s down for the drink date, but she felt that she had to play difficult by saying she didn’t agree to meet for drinks.

This is standardized token resistance which I usually nuke within seconds.

However, I just wasn’t up for the bullshit games that women play, by pretending that they aren’t on board when they really are.

Additionally, some women want to be chased relentlessly in order to make themselves feel important and to get their hit of validation from the guy(s) chasing.

Hence, they play hard-to-get and a bit difficult…even when they want it.

In such a case; you can either chase the girl for the date (giving her massive validation), or do what I did: leave it alone, knowing that it is her loss at the end of the day, and she’s likely to chase you eventually once she realizes she’s about to lose you because of her hard-to-get shenanigans.

Understand that all women will play difficult. That is as sure as the sun rising in the tomorrow. So don’t become rattled or give up when chicks play difficult. 

I gave up (strategically) in this situation. But since I’m high value, this chick is bound to chase me within matter of days to meet up.

It never fails me.

You can damn sure bet that she didn’t expect that reaction from me at the end of the chat.

I can play difficult too. 🙂

Women Are Lazy And Suck…At Conversation

Social-media post of mines:

I’ve always held the opinion that women have no Game and they suck at trying to make conversation.

What really irks me though is when a chick hits me up with a bullshit “hi”, and expects for me to start, hold and carry the conversation!

Most guys would die for a chick to hit them up first. But as you get accustomed to being around and inside of countless number of women, you begin to tolerate less of their female-privilege crapola…like when they hit you up and expect you to take the convo somewhere.

I find it to be laziness on the part of women, more so than the fact that women aren’t socially equipped to chat up guys.

In any case, this chick whom I’d picked up about 2 days ago, is a classic example of this. She doesn’t have much to say (just as the case with the vast majority of women). So she hits me up with “how are you” messages. And if I don’t carry the convo, she would basically go silent. 

I mean, I can definitely spark shit and make shit happen! It’s just that I get a bit annoyed when women expect me to do the bulk of the work. Often times I have to do it if I intend to create attraction and get the meetup. But it still gets annoying

[Her texts in white]

At the end of the day, perhaps it isn’t quite fair to knock women for their complacency and laziness (no matter the area).

Why do I say that?

Well- it is men’s fault!

Men on average require so little investment from women that they (women) effectively are saying, “well, since he wants to do all the work, might as well let him”!

It’s like when you spoil a child or train him or her in a certain way and they begin to act accordingly.

What then do you expect?

Example Of Using Your Social-Media Posts As A DHV (Demonstration of Higher Value]

I posted this post a few days ago:

Just a little testament to how powerful it is when you use Facebook as a DHV (Demonstration of High Value), and when you come off as this reckless, carefree, adventurous, sexual and sleazy guy (through your posts)!

So this chick here, I added her to FB few weeks back, with the intention to eventually game her, get the digits, set up a rendezvous and to fuck her (per usual).

What made me decide to actually get on the offense now is that she’s accustomed to posting provocative pics. And she and I usually go back and forth on her posts.

In any case, it’s apparent that she digs my forward style (as all women do), so it was easy as fuck for me to get her # and give her mines via Messenger (with no game) as I did few days ago.

She went on to hit me up on Whatsapp; a sign that I took as a blatant indication that she wants to fuck me! Remember what I teach you guys; take everything that a woman does towards you to mean that she wants to fuck you! Let her prove you wrong if it isn’t so!!!

Anyway, so we are currently trying to hammer out a Netflix and Chill rendezvous @ my place for the weekend.

Since she has a boyfriend [as all sane women do], she has to find a way to maneuver him in order to safely come Netflix and Fuck me. I meant “Chill” with me! 😉

I harp a ton on using your online posts as means to attracting girls.

With this chick- as is the case with every girl I pull via social media- I firstly attracted her and got her interested by the stuff I regularly post.

I’d promised a while back that I would put together a product which will have included 50-100 statuses of mines that catch the attention of women.

However, being so busy in the field of pickup and dating, completing the product has been stalled until further notice.

Familiarity Kills Your Chances With Women…Part III! Why You Should Only Game Total Strangers!

Hey guys, I’ve touched on this subject in the past. But after continual exposure to this game theory of mines, it has only managed to reaffirm and solidify how factual this is (at least for me).

Trying to game, pick up and or bang girls with whom you are already acquainted, will be an uphill battle!

In fact- “uphill”- is a gross understatement! But we’ll work with that for now as an almost perfect visual of how it is to game a familiar lass.

Before I delve into the intricacies of how and why, I’d like to lay the table with the following piece of stat:

Over the last 5 years since I’d fully immersed myself into Facebook game (that is: picking up girls on Facebook), in spite of massive successes out the wazoo, managing to sleep with numerous new girls each week, none of them were girls whom I knew personally.

Was this by design?

Of course not!

Surely I would’ve loved to have shagged quite a handful of girls whom I was acquainted with. But something odd kept occurring whenever I would endeavor to take that leap (largely through social media).

Saying that mouthful to say: I’d gamed tons of familiar girls on Facebook over the years, but yielded mediocre results in return on my investments!

I couldn’t quite grasp why it was so difficult to get dates and sleep with girls who already knew me pretty well!

To me, it should’ve been a fucking slam dunk!

What I didn’t realize at first, before I really took it upon myself to crazily deconstruct this, is that familiarity kills attraction!

The more a girl knows of you, the less likely she is to sleep with you!

The giant-looming question is WHY?

“Why would girls not want to sleep with guys whom they know”!?

For clarity sake, I must specify this with a bit of a caveat here: the only exception to this quagmire is if you’re a guy who’s a total rockstar, a jock or a known ladies’ man by those women who know you pretty well.

Barring that, trying to sleep with a girl who knows your personality (being sucky) will have been an almost futile bang mission: even for the best of us.

Now, to pose and answer the question which begs itself: why is it so challenging to take to bed a girl who knows you?

Well, as the title clearly says: familiarity kills your chances.

Familiarity kills attraction.

The question is: “Why”!? “Why is it that a girl being familiar with you, kills your chances of bedding her”?

Here’s the thing, when a girl is familiar with you, perhaps she’s heard of your reputation (and it sucks), a quasi-first impression gets set. And you know the old adage: first impressions are lasting!

Thus, that is pretty much what it comes down to; once a girl already has an impression of you (from being familiar with you), no matter what you do, say or try from thenceforth, her impression remains fixed!

Contrarily, if for instance this girl doesn’t know you- such as a random stranger whom you DM on social media- she would not have had an impression of you since she doesn’t know a thing about you.

With that being said, you as the total stranger- the guy- has a golden opportunity to create any impression you please, and the girl will have no other choice but to accept you at face value.

If you’re like me, then you set a killer impression from the get-go, then that becomes lasting!

Moreover- and not to be redundant- what kills us when trying to game girls whom we are always familiar with, is that we don’t get a chance to set that killer impression from jump.

Now, as I eluded to at the top of the post, the few guys who are successful at shagging chicks whom they know, what gives them that edge is that they would’ve already been seen as someone of value in those women’s eyes…because of a solid (first) impression.

With gaming a total stranger, you get the opportunity to set that solid first impression!

Oh- before I forget- as for trying to sleep with female coworkers, it kind of varies based on certain variables. And there’s a slight exception because of the workplace environment.

In other words; girls don’t go to work expecting to get seduced by males around the office…unless they have the hots for some hunk on the job site.

With that being the case (women not expecting to get seduced on their jobs), even if a hot female coworker becomes familiar with you, and your first impression was of a lame-ass Beta Male; you still have a shot at seducing her…however slimish.

I just had to drop that little caveat in there.

Banging Ex-Girlfriend’s Friend- Weekend Field Report- Part 5: “After The Movies” [video in-post glitch fix]

By the way guys: I had rented a hotel room in the city, anticipating the lay notch.

The thing is: I live outside of the city, and I don’t drive. So it’s feasible for lay logistics that I rent a hotel room right in the city within walking distance of the date spot.

Anyway, here are some video clips which began at the moment we walked down the stairs from the theatre, to actual sex. 🙂

By the way, this chick is Canadian living in the islands.



[Video below: leaving the hotel @ 3:30 am getting her a cab]

The sex was actually good, and she begged me for more, but my libido is shot, so I was only able to go 1 round of sex.