The Dreaded 1-Worders + Going 90-10 With (Shy) Girls

Sometimes a girl won’t give you much (verbally or textually), largely because she’s shy, or just doesn’t know how to process your novel approach (in this case, my approach). 

Most guys make the blunder of thinking that the girl isn’t interested because she only gives 1-liners and 1-worders. That is very true…but only if your game sucks.

Most times however, when a girl hits me with very little in reciprocation, I interpret that to mean that she isn’t warmed up to me…AS YET!

In that case; I plow a with more self-amusement shit that doesn’t make logical sense, but is funny anyway. 

Hence, that’s what I do whenever a girl replies with very little: I keep plowing with nonsense until she eventually opens up.

Nine in ten times, the girl eventually opens up within days or weeks of me intermittently inboxing her.

Also, you have girls who are naturally on the shier side. So you won’t get much either way out of such girls. So you have to plow with your stuff, regardless.

Additionally, as long as the girl’s responding, it is always the best sign!

Doesn’t matter if it’s 1 worders. The fact that she invests and expends energy and time into replying, means that there’s some level of engagement there.

Moreover, your chances are only doomed when the girl isn’t responding at all. As you will see in the chat log here between this total stranger (a pastry chef) and me, her replies are 1-worders for the most part.

However, I kept doing my stuff because I know she loves it [women in general dig lighthearted nonsense 🙂 ], but she doesn’t know how to mentally process my unorthodox approach which she finds very amusing.

All in all, don’t become discombobulated by minimal replies from the girl.

Keep amusing yourself, and keep amusing her, and eventually, the needle will tilt to a more balanced interaction which will lead to a pickup.

On a related note, in the old school Pick-up world, there’s something dubbed the 90-10 rule: the beleaguered 90-10 rule.

It essentially says that the guy is expected to do 90% of the talking (initially) as you’d seen in the screenshots above.

I did the bulk of the contribution: 90% of it.

If you can’t do 90% of the talking/texting on the initial pickup, then it’ll be real difficult for you to game, pick up and bang shy girls [total strangers primarily], or any girl for that matter, since it’s incumbent upon the guy to attract, woe, court and seduce (not the other way around).

As the girl begins to open up, things will have shifted to a more balanced flow.

When She Doesn’t Get Back To Your Message: “What Do I Do”?

In keeping with the theme of the previous post on Congruence Testing, I was asked the following question on my Facebook page:

Great post! What’s the procedure if she doesn’t respond? And how long do you give her?

Now, that question was predicated on the fact that the girl never got back to me promptly.

My quoted answer:

Good question Dan. I was anticipating such a question which is very logical. When, or if she doesn’t get back that day, you ought NOT to
send another text that same day. And definitely not reminding her about the fact that you asked her for her #. What you do is to allow a few days to go by (perhaps 3 days), then hit her back with something cheeky and funny. Something totally unrelated to the last convo where you tried to get her #. You want to essentially show her 2 things:
1.) You didn’t get desperate.
2.) You didn’t hold it against her or get all butt-hurt that
She didn’t get back to you.
Now, after getting back to her 2-3 days later with something humorous and unrelated, you then go for the # again. 99.8% of the time she will give it up right away since you did pass her congruence test the last time (and she remembered). So that’s how you go about it. Totally do NOT bring up the fact that you asked her for her # last
time. It’ll only make you look attached and worried

There isn’t much I can add to the answer I gave Dan.

If a girl ignores your last message, the quoted format I laid out above is the most effective strategy in order to re-engage her.

By all means: do NOT bring up the fact that she didn’t get back to you, or that she ignored your last text(s).

If you do take that risk, ensure that it’s done HUMOROUSLY!!!

At times, I would message the girl with something like:

“Hey bad ass, I like how you flatly ignored my last message like a worthless lad. But don’t worry…I would punish you so harshly for your bad behavior” 🙂 .

I would ensure to put a smiley face at the end just to hammer home the fact that I’m being humorous and not butt-hurt.

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