When She Doesn’t Reply To Your Messages On WhatsApp [+ the recent WhatsApp updates]

Everyone’s been cursing up a storm since the recent updates on WhatsApp Messenger which disabled text statuses.

Admittedly, I too was pissed off since I found great Game value in being able to say/post what I wanna as my WhatsApp status.

Interestingly enough though, the new update features are actually godsends when it comes to attracting women and getting their attention.

By the way, I had this post sitting in my draft basket for nearly a year now as I was somewhat disinterested in the topic of women on WhatsApp.

With the new updates and how ingenious they are for game purposes, I felt compelled to finally knock this post together in order to share some tips with your guys.

Okay, so there’s a little technique which I engineered and dubbed “Haunt Her Periphery”.

It’s a nifty trick of mines, particularly geared towards getting an ex-girlfriend, ex-flame or a girl who’s been ignoring you, to chase you (again).

I’ll talk more about this a bit later.

Okay, so here’s the thing: girl ignores you (your messages) on WhatsApp, what should you do?

First off, and this should be no grand revelation if you’re familiar with my advice; Stop Texting Her!

If she hasn’t replied to your messages, and clearly read them (whether she did or not), which is indicative of the 2 blue ticks, you should discontinue your texting campaign and allow a day or 2 to elapse.

Bear in mind that:

  • A woman gets hit up by tons of guys by the minute, so it is humanly impossibly for her to entertain/reply to every message she gets…and she won’t.

  • Perhaps she was busy at the moment and genuinely couldn’t reply, so she forgot about your text(s)

Here’s the thing to bear in mind also: because women are inundated with messages by the second, even if you’d messaged her 60 seconds ago and she read it, if she happens to not reply (perhaps she got distracted), by the time she gets to it- let’s say a minute later- she would’ve likely gotten blasted with 6-10 other WhatsApp messages from her BFF, loosely associated girlfriends and a fraction of her groupies…and that’s just over the course of a minute.

Saying that mouthful to say: you ought to give and take, and give her the benefit of the doubt, that she either lost track of your message(s), or she simply didn’t have the time at the moment to reciprocate.

Oh- just for reference sake- few weeks back, the 19-year old Latina whom I’d picked up about a month back, she and I had a little discussion about texting while we were watching a movie at her place.

She demonstrated something that really stood out as confirmation for a claim of mines, which is that women get flooded with so many texts that they simply elect to not reply.

In fact, “elect” is too strong of a word. Let’s just say that it is more of an auto-piloted and automated response for them to not respond.

She said to me while showing me her WhatsApp messages:

   I got like 70 unread messages, and some of them from days ago that I just choose to not answer.

Upon demonstrating that to me, I quickly realized that it isn’t personal most times.

Women aren’t exactly screening whom they chose to respond to. They simply ignore messages and get to the ones that happen to present themselves at the moment on their phone screens.

Either you’re lucky or you’re not.

Now, that may very well be a cop-out. You may very well accuse me of going soft on women for their bullshit.


Anyway, so those are just the most common reasons why women seemingly ignore your WhatsApp messages:

   1.) Just too much messages for them to handle

   2.) Your message(s) got lost in the fray of new messages she got

Now that you know why you’re likely being ignored (that it isn’t personal…most times), you can feel a bit more comforted in executing the game plan ahead.

On an additional note, it doesn’t really change the dynamics much if the girl is an ex, a chick whom you barely know and just picked up, or a girl who’s pissed at you for some reason or the other.

Whatever the reason she’s ignoring your texts, whatever the relationship you 2 have, it doesn’t matter; ignoring you is ignoring you.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get back to what you’re here to find out: “What should I do when she doesn’t reply”?

Firstly, after you would’ve allowed a day or 2 (perhaps 3) to go by since you last whatsapped her, you can then go ahead and text her again.

However- and listen to me fucking carefully- Do NOT message her saying anything along the lines of: “Why haven’t you messaged me back since last time”?

Your message should be void of anything related to your previous message(s) that she ignored.

Essentially, you are changing the subject.

To what you change the subject is pretty much up to you. But by no means should your text say, “Hey Brittany, I was wondering if you got my messages from 2 days ago”?

Not only do such text messages reek of neediness, but they sub-communicate to the girl that you’ve been thinking about her and obsessing over her…which are bad signs (if you didn’t know already).

Hence, you want to give the chick the impression that you totally forgot that you’d even texted her days ago.

Feign ignorant!

In concert with that (texting her a day or 2 later), you want to haunt her periphery as I touched on earlier.

How do you do that?

This is where the new WhatsApp updates come into play. But before I delve into that, let me touch on profile-pic usage, and how to use your profile pic to get her attention.

Using Your WhatsApp Profile Pic To Your Advantage

Here’s the thing: women change their profile pic as frequently as they change outfits.

They would change pics like 3 times per day.

Men on the other hand, because we’re more stable-minded about these things, we would have up the same-old profile pic that we’d been displaying for the last 6 months.

To the observers, this becomes tiring and weary on the eyes.

Women instinctively know this, so they are shrewd and smart enough to constantly change their profile pic as a way to give people (men) a new look. By doing this, they (women) remain fresh in the eyes and minds of onlookers (i.e. men).

As a guy, you can simply do the same thing in order to grab the attention of women on your WhatsApp, and to remain fresh, changing and appealing.

Imagine dating a frikkin’ girl who hasn’t changed her outfit nor her hairstyle within the last 6 months.

You would go fucking crazy looking at that drab!!!

Well, that’s the same negative reaction women have towards your WhatsApp Profile when they see the same never-changing profile picture from 2 months ago.

On that note: how often should you change your profile pic?

As often as possible!

Every fucking day if possible!

Two to three times a day if possible!

Don’t allow a week to go by without changing your profile pic.

I mean, just observe the way in which women on your WhatsApp operate.

They are constantly changing shit. They know that the changes (however minuscule) will play on the onlookers’ minds.

Therefore, in essence, women are haunting our periphery by indirectly taunting us with those subtle changes.

Once you do the same, you will have accomplished the same thing too: getting the attention of onlookers (i.e. the girl who’s ignoring your texts) who undoubtedly see your profile.

Additionally, what should you put up as your profile pic?

Preferably photos of yourself.

Memes won’t really cut it, except in the case of status updates which I’ll speak on shortly.

You want to think “variety” when changing your WhatsApp profile pic [“change” being the operative word].

Don’t go from using your current photo to one similar to it.

Always change it up…as women do.

Now that we’ve gotten that out the way, let’s get to the more finer stuff.

Tweaking The Status-Update Feature

When WhatsApp rolled out their radically different status-update feature some weeks back, my Facebook erupted over the change!!!!

I then updated my app and got smacked with the new changes! I was utterly distraught and disappointed that they took away the old feature which enabled one to post text status updates as you’re able to do on Facebook and other social-media platforms.

“With that featured gone, how would I be able to attract girl’s attention”, I pondered.

At that point, I didn’t even realize there was still a status-update feature. Just that it was more image and video based instead of text.

I mulled and mulled and mulled over a resolution.

“There must be something here that could attract women”!


I figured it out! Or some chick had told me (if I recall correctly)!

Anyways, so I learned that there still existed a status feature (albeit image and video), and it still sort of enables me to attract girls in an even greater fashion than the older versions of WhatsApp.

What made this new update (status-update feature) 10 times as better, is that you’re now able to see the women who are stalking your profile. 🙂 😈 👿 🙂

With that, you can gauge your reception and gauge what women are more responsive to.

Ironically, tons of women are livid that they can no longer stalk guys incognito!

WhatsApp actually outs the folks who have checked out your photos and vids.

Thus, women don’t particularly like this feature.

In regards to us men who find it difficult to discern whether a girl likes us or not, this new feature where one can see who views his statuses, is a HUGE fucking plus!

Talk about cheating the system or having an unfair advantage in the game! 🙂

Nevertheless, what is the hidden beauty of this (being able to see who views your stuff)?

Well- in essence- you get to find out which chick(s) potentially likes you, likes your photos, memes, style, your interests, etc.

If a particular chick happens to view your stuff once (over the course of days and weeks), then it is likely just a fluke or sheer accident.

However, if there’s a pattern of Angela viewing every, or every other status/pic/meme of yours, then it’s safe to say that Angela has you on her radar.

Now, how does this all tie into the situation of a girl who hasn’t responded to your whatsapp?

The trick here is to try to bait her into wanting to hear from you again.

The Bait Technique

While she’s ignoring your texts (be it consciously or not), seeing the interesting stuff that you regularly post about (via memes or pics) will have gotten her re-engaged.

She will either then message you first, comment/reply on your pic status, or keep stalking your posts in hopes that you will take the bait, hear her silent cries and then message her again.

This is achieved by haunting her periphery by indirectly attracting her through the stuff you post as your WhatsApp status updates.

On that note, and this begs the following question; “What kind of stuff should I be posting in order to get the attention of the girl who’s been ignoring my messages”?

First off, allow me to make this crystal clear that by “getting the girl’s attention”, I do NOT intend for you to actively try to get her attention.

You’re not doing this for her!

She is NOT the prize!

You are doing this because it makes you look cooler, socially ept and attractive to people in general. Not for the girl who’s blowing you off!

It just so happens that she will have gotten swept up in the fray of those who will become keen on your profile’s activities.

By no means are you doing it for a particular girl!

Got that?


In order to get a girl’s attention through status updates, you have to post interesting shit!

If they are memes: they ought to be interesting, funny/humorous and preferably about sex, relationship and other male-female related stuff.

An occasional pic post of your meal can’t hurt you.

When it comes to picture status posts of yourself, they too ought to be interesting.

No frikkin’ lame-ass head shots, or a pic of yourself in the bathroom staring into the mirror taking a selfie.

Your photos should have something- at least 1 thing- interesting in them, that stands out.

For instance, I would take shirt-less pictures of myself lying on the bed. On face value; this sounds pretty lame. But then again, I would have something interesting (or funny) in the picture…such as an HD camera laying on my chest as though I were to record a porn. In fact, my caption would hint at porn making.

Not only do they (the cam and the caption) make the photo much more interesting, but it gives me originality points in the same breath. So even if you post an otherwise lame picture as your status update, your caption can actually have an attention-grabbing impact!

When you would’ve started all of that- regularly changing your profile pic and posting interesting shit (memes and status pics or vids)- you can either play the bait and wait game or take the initiative to hit her up in the meantime.

On that note, should you wait for her to reply to your previous messages from days ago, or should you act first?

Wait, Bait Or Act?

If you know me by now, I am HUGE on being proactive as a man!

“Huge” is actually an understatement!

Here’s the deal: if the girl eventually replies to your messages within the process of you waiting 2-3 days before texting her again- touché! Good for you!

However, you don’t want to rely on the girl being the chaser (for lack of a better word). But before I go there, allow me to take a tippy-toe back to the status-stalker element.

Okay, so let’s say that on day 1, you got Kim’s phone #, added her to your WhatsApp, messaged her whatever it was as your opener/ice-breaker, the conversation went good (or bad), but she no longer replied to your last 1, 2 or 3 texts.

You begin to panic and wonder what was it that you could’ve said wrong.

On day 2, you happen to find this article of mines, so you read it, digested some pointers and decided to give it a shot.

With that, and also on day 2, you began to post interesting shit as your status update, partly in hopes that the girl sees/views your memes or pic posts.

Chances are, she will have likely done so. Even if she hasn’t, regular changes of your profile picture might have caught her curiosity.

In any case, on day 3, whether she had viewed your status(es) or not, you want to then go ahead and shoot her another text! So that is where we are right now.

By the way, 1-3 days aren’t fixed intervals. They are merely templates and guidelines. But you can very much decide to wait a full week or two (even months) to text her again. And if the girl happens to text you (back) before you text her again; your path is even clearer to proceed.

Lemme not digress further.

You as the man should always take the initiative to get the ball rolling.

Waiting for the girl to text you first is a losing strategy.

Again- if she does- then it’s all to the good. Chances are; she won’t! So you will have to re-engage her days (or weeks) after she’d disregarded your last message(s).

At this point, you may very well be asking, “But what should I say Kenny”!?

For starters, you can check out this post of mines just to get an idea of how to restart texting.

The Restart Text…

At bare minimum though, you can say something among the lines of:

“Hey stranger. Looking forward to chitchatting a bit when the time is right. Kinda had something interesting to share”

This is called a low-investment text.

In other words, you aren’t requiring, nor expecting much investment/input on the girl’s part, besides some form of agreement in the positive such as:




   “Sounds nice”


   “NP (No Problem)”

Such a restarter text doesn’t warrant a drawn-out dialogue. You’re basically testing the waters to see how receptive the girl is to communication.

Hence, you require little to no investment on her part besides the ones cited above.

Now if the girl takes it upon herself to force conversation- then by all mean- have a conversation!

In other words, if you say to her:

“Hey stranger. Looking forward to chitchatting a bit when the time is right. Kinda had something interesting to share”, and she replies with, “Hey Kenny! Yea it’s been a while. You’re a stranger too”.

By all means, get into some small talk.

However, if you say to her:

“Hey stranger. Looking forward to chitchatting a bit when the time is right. Kinda had something interesting to share”, and she replies with, “Okay cool”.

Drop it there!

That isn’t the moment to force dialogue!

Be satisfied with the feeler/tester, and strategize for a later time.

Now, why such a text as a restarter [telling the girl that you’re looking forward to chat some other time, and that you had something interesting to share]?

It communicates to the girl that you aren’t desperate, which is why you elected not to pounce upon her.

With that, you get major points for being reserved and somewhat blasé about things.

Also, with the utilization of my favorite trick in Game (Curiosity Looping), you leave the girl curious and wanting to know more. By saying to her, “I kinda had something interesting to share”, it builds intrigue, suspense and curiosity.

Okay, so after you would’ve done that, you allow another day or 2 to sail by without contacting her.

There’s a good chance that she would actually text you first before those 2-3 days pass.

The fact that she’s curious to know what it is you have to share with her, might drive her to contact you first.

If she doesn’t- no worries- stick to the original plan of waiting the 2-3 days before hitting her up again.

The thing is to bear in mind is that you don’t actually have to have anything to tell her as far as something you promised to share with her.

That was just a psychological ploy to keep her on the hook.

This flies beneath her radar. So she will not even know that you were just stringing her along.

Therefore, have no worries about the girl thinking that you’re playing games.

She won’t know! And even if she’s astute enough to sense it: doesn’t fucking matter!

The ultimate objective here on your part is to get the situation back to where the girl no longer ignores your messages.

These little gaps and breaks of a day or 2 in texting her, will have created a new dynamic to where the girl begins to get this pressure-free air about you since you aren’t going text crazy by hitting her up with barrages of WhatsApp messages by the day.

Do Unto Her As She Does Unto You!

Now that you would’ve gotten the girl to re-engage you upon telling her you’ll hit her up when the time is right, and that you wanted to share something interesting with her, and after you would’ve texted her 2-3 days later, what you want to bear in mind is that everything should be low investment.

Your texts should be low-invested on your end, and they should require little investment on her end too.

In other words, you’re not looking to create lengthy dialogue by asking the girl to give you a break down of her thesis on- “why men are dogs”!

Your objective for now is to Shoot and Go!

Whatsapp her today, have a 3-4 text exchange chitchat, then bounce/disappear!

Do the same thing 2-3 days later: in and out!

Again- by doing this- you are taking the psychological pressure off of the girl by electing to not bog her down into lengthy dialogue.

Note: Please take note that you shouldn’t take it personal if she doesn’t reply to future texts!

Take nothing personal with women!

On that note, you want to do unto women as they do onto you!

Giving women a taste of their own shit has a powerful and sobering effect on their psyche. And that is what men rarely ever do. Only the bad boys, jerks and players do this to women (ignore them).

You want to adopt the same approach that she has towards guys. Just as she ignores guys’ texts on purpose and allow them to sit there, checked and unchecked for days; do the same to her!!!!

This should be the way in which you operate with women in general over text.

You shouldn’t be replying to every text.

Treat texts from women with a quasi-prioritization approach.

In any case, you want to treat her messages with less respect as she does with your messages by blowing them off periodically.

Women aren’t used to men treating them like dicks and 2nd. class citizens…unless those men are players.

Am I telling you to become a player like I am?

That would be great for you!

However, what I’m actually advising here is for you to adopt a few playeristic ways.

For instance: a player doesn’t give any particular damsel priority over other women.

One way in which he exhibits this lack of prioritization is by blowing women off without explanation.

Through texts, he blatantly ignores certain women, regardless of beauty, and replies to some of them whenever he feels like it.

With such an approach, just as how women wantonly blows guys off, he gives them a taste of their own medicine.

What net effect does this have?

   •It keeps women honest

   •It gives women a sense of loss

   •It makes women chase you

The hidden beauty, and perhaps curse about WhatsApp, is those 2 blue ticks which indicate that the person had read/seen your text.

You can disable this feature. But most people don’t since it’s no big bother.

When it comes to getting women all antsy and unsure of themselves, this tick feature is PERFECTLY tailored toward that!

In a way, and I mentioned this before in a Facebook post of mines, WhatsApp is like a secret wingman for us guys.

Most of its features, new and old, are actually more helpful to guys than gals.

It’s no shocker to me why women were up in arms upon the new feature which shows you who’s been viewing your stuff.

This feature isn’t helpful for women. In fact, it outs them!

For men though, this feature is a godsend since it gives away our stalkers and secret admirers. So when you think about it (as I have); the WhatsApp team probably comprises of aspiring Pick-Up Artists looking to rig the game in our favor. 😆 😆

Just kidding!


Nevertheless, those 2 blue ticks are nightmarish for women.

If a girl whatsapps you (back), you read her message(s) and she sees this because of the 2 blue ticks, but you haven’t replied to her; this will really really fuck with her!

I mean, as guys, whenever women do this shit to us (read but don’t reply), it peeves us too!

Bear in mind that women are hyper-emotional and sensitive in comparison to men. So if this irks you in passing, just imagine what it does to women to know that they are being bypassed and ignored.

Since men are accustomed to getting rejected by women, we learn to live with rejection as a normal part of the daily soap-opera script called life.

Women on the other hand, process rejection from men on a heightened level since they aren’t accustomed to it.

Saying all that to say, by turning the tables on a girl who’d been ignoring your messages, it will jolt her reality and rattle her world like a fucking jackhammer on the tarmac!

You’re not doing anything special besides doing to her what she’s been doing to most guys (read and ignore their texts).

This just may be the most potent trick of mines shared in the article (purposely ignoring her messages).

Now this begs the following question: when should you reply to her after ignoring her text?

For example: you text her, she replies, you text her, she replies, you strategically ignore her.

“When should I reply”?

You don’t have to!

By that I mean you don’t have to reply in relation to the text of hers which you’d been ignoring. But you can though.

Either way, your response time isn’t that crucial.

You can decide to finally reply to her after a day of letting her message sit there. Or you can wait 3 days, a week, 3 weeks!

You get the point, right!? Just as she has little regards for your texts, you shouldn’t have much regards for hers either.

In Conclusion

Okay guys, I should’ve cautioned you earlier to grab a pen and pad since the article is extensive and may require some lightening concentration just to keep up.

That is why I HATE composing these long-ass article.

The reader is likely to get drowned in information, and find it much easier on the mind to simply move along to the next shiny thing.

Needless to say, I’m assuming that your brain isn’t as fried as mines, so the keynote tactical tidbits shared in this article would be easily noted by you.

Hopefully you would’ve learned some valuable tips as to why women seemingly ignore your messages, what to do in the even that they ignore your messages and how to level the playing field by turning the tables on them.

In essence, every tip shared within this article about girls ignoring you on WhatsApp, is applicable to any other texting-based platform.

If a girl ignores your inbox messages on Facebook, then the same concepts shared here for WhatsApp Messenger apply.

The only difference here is that certain tidbits of advice are specifically tailored towards the WhatsApp platform.

At the end of the day, if your intention was to get a particular girl to start responding to your messages again; then call it a mission success!

I just gave you the most effective format.

However, I have to continue to put you on notice, that the reality is, there will likely come a future occasion where she happens to ignore your messages again.

It will happen again!

Women are too erratic and they have the attention span of an ant. So this creates a ripe recipe for continued state breaks (missed texts, forgetting to return texts, purposely ignoring some, etc).

The way to neutralize this is to not take anything to heart as I advised you earlier.

Secondly, as long as you give women a dose of their own meds (periodically ignoring their texts too), you will keep the playing field leveled, keep your sanity and keep women in guess mode.

On a grander level, if your intention is to get a date, secure a rendezvous or what have you, then in conjunction with the format you’d learned from this article, you can then take the appropriate steps towards making this happen [the transition from small talk to so-called date proposal] by Reading This Article of mines.

If for whatever reason you don’t quite know how to hold and captivate a girl’s attention over text, I implore you to check out the Text-Game Archive.

How To Captivate And Hold A Random Girl’s Attention [Online]

Interesting convo and how to carry it

There are few notable sticking-points that most guys have. Most notably is the lack of conversational skills.

What do I mean?

Most guys don’t know how to spark nor carry interesting conversation.

You’ve seen me do this time after time, getting a girl’s attention and keeping it for the duration.

Like I mentioned in the previous article, you must bear in mind that women have short attention spans and they suffer from ADHD (attention deficiency).

What this means is that any little external stimulation is liable of hijacking their attention away from you- and “POOF”- you’re done!

With that, when I get guys asking me, “why is it impossible for me to get and hold a girl’s attention online”, the reasons are 2 folds:

1.) Women have short attention spans.

2.) You aren’t giving them enough stimulation through your conversation, game, or whatever have you.

Therefore, the solution to this problem men face is to provide stronger and harder stimulation by registering hard on the girl’s radar!

You have to captivate her attention firstly, within your opener/ice-breaker/first message.

Saying, “hi sweetheart, you look beautiful”, isn’t fucking going to captivate the girl’s attention because she’s accustomed to hearing that lame-ass shit!

Sure she may reply- initially (out of respect and social politeness) with a pitiful “thank you”- but she’ll blow you off right afterwards by ignoring your 2nd message.

Hence, getting a girl’s attention is paramount to getting the girl.

If you can’t get and keep her attention then you have no shot!

In this post, I will show you how to achieve just that by adhering to my text-game format.

If you’ve been here for any time now, and read a post or 2, you would have been privy to my texting format and how I get girls hooked and instantly chasing me.

Here’s the deal and the trick: strike hard!

What do I mean?

Your initial message to the girl on social media or any online-dating site, should be of shock value!

The only how your initial message could be a bland one, yet still register on the girl’s radar, is if you already possess social value in her eyes (usually from your online posts or profile bio). In such a case, your initial message doesn’t have to pack a punch.

This is why on the rare occasion, you would see me open a girl in a blandish sort of way as you seen me do with the MILF in the previous post.

I opened blandly because I would’ve already established myself (through my status updates) as a rockstar. So there would have been no real need to shock the girl with my initial message.


Hope I didn’t confuse you guys there.

In any case, it is the safer bet for you to open the girl with something eye-catching and or eyebrow-raising.

This begs the questions: “but Kenny, why should I break the ice in such a manner”?

As I mentioned previously, since most girls have the attention span of an ant, and they respond to colorful stimuli, you have to make a fucking impact with your initial inbox, DM, etc!

That is why!

Moreover, bear in mind that chicks are being inundated by the second with tons of messages from all sorts of guys!

Ninety-eight percent of those initial messages will have constituted lameness, thus ignored!

With that in mind, that is why your initial message has to stand out from that of the generic lame’s, or else you run the risk of being flat-out ignored!!!

I made a point of this before- perhaps 3 years ago- that hardly any of my initial messages on social media goes unnoticed and ignored by women!

Ninety-nine percent of my initial messages are reciprocated!!!!

Isn’t that astonishing!?

Why so? Because I strike hard, thus registering hard and high on the girl’s proverbial radar!

Hence, my messages cannot go unanswered since they pack such an intriguing punch!

Your message gets ignored because it shows up as a mere blip in the galaxy of trillions of other faint blips. So you want an explosion and not a blip! And this is where the pick-up community comes in, and why we emphasis so ardently on the topic of openers/breaking the ice.

To be more clearer here, by “opening hard”, I am not necessarily saying that your opener/ice-breaker has to be provocative and shock-and-awe as some of my openers are.

You want to grab the girl’s attention by saying something that she might not have heard or seen before.

In such a case you instantly stand out from the crowd.

Your opener can be cute, amusing, humorous, somewhat insulting or a mixture of the aforementioned. Just as long as it’s different!

Before I proceed, here are some random examples of me breaking the ice (over Facebook) with total strangers whom I went on to picking up.

There you have it.

Those are some examples of how to grab a girl’s attention online.

Your opener doesn’t have to be eye-catching. But your follow-up lines must be eyebrow-raising as you seen me demonstrate.

Moreover, your opener should consist of humor. It doesn’t have to, but it’s the safer bet until you become calibrated enough to get away with outright provocativeness and bluntness.

In any case, by following my method of breaking the ice as a template (if not verbatim at times), you will have realized maximum returns (return messages) on your investments (sent messages).

However, that is just the beginning!

It is 1 thing to hijack the girl’s attention to have her returning your messages. But it’s another thing to KEEP her there and engaged long enough for a pull (a pickup, i.e. secured phone number).

The problem with most men is that they are boring to a fault! As a result of that, their messages [essentially their Game] are pitifully boring and sleep-inducing, hence the reason they get ignored 99% of the time when trying to message a stranger online.

Although you’re dead tired of hearing me repeat this again and again, I must do so- again and again- in hopes that it sticks. So what is that? Women have short attention spans!

They are easily distracted! Thus, your messages- initial, and your follow-up messages- MUST be attention-grabbing enough to keep women engaged and invested!

The best way to achieve this after you would have opened, is to use humor and wittiness!!!

Check back the screenshots above of me opening dozens of girls.

After I’d successfully opened, got an initial response, I managed to keep the girl’s attention and focus by being funny, witty and or shocking (usually all 3 in concert).

Low stimulation will not keep a person interested!

You don’t stick around watching a boring movie to the end if you’re at liberty of simply switch channels!

Likewise, if your messages are boring and they don’t stimulate the girl’s attention, there’s no reason for her to stay! And she won’t! She will simply change the channel by ignoring you in search of something stimulating.

This is why jumping into a girl’s inbox with, “hi beautiful”, will almost always get you ignored. Even more pathetic is saying “hi” alone.

Additionally, the hotter the girl, the more attention-grabbing and provocative your initial message should be.

In any case as I said, a good opener as the ones I outlined, needs to be followed up by stimulating dialogue.

You cannot foolishly continue to go from attention-grabbing opener to “can I get your number”, within 1 swoop!

That is the other problem faced by guys who get a hold of some good and creative openers from me. They bank on the opener alone, get flat-out ignored afterwards, then blame me (the opener, or any other instructor) for their dismal strikeout.

In this post however, I won’t waste valuable time posting a how-to of picking up a girl online when there are dozens upon dozens of articles on this blog with screenshots and dialogue galore on picking up chicks on social media and online-dating sites.

This post was merely intended to open your eyes to the most common pitfalls you may encounter, why, and how to nuke them!

Thus from now on, when looking to capture the attention of women online, always keep at the frontal cortex of your brain: constant stimulation!

I’ll leave you with a great example of how to carry conversation with this article of mines on Mid-Game

For 1 of my favorite opener which I’d originated; you may want to Check This

Make Her Chase You With The Classic PUA Freezeout Tactic [new video]

Another insightful video on the topic of Text Game (texting women).

In this video, I explain the freezeout and how to utilize it in order to get a girl to chase you after she’s been blowing you off.

The screenshots below are from an interaction I had with a girl 2 days ago. She’d been blowing me off for weeks, and actually flaked on me twice and stood me up once. Now she’s desperately wanting to hook up with me as you’ll see in the screenshots. 

[Her messages in gray]

In the video, I give the back story of this chick and me, including how to utilize the freeze out.

Picking Up Girls On Tinder: Success Of My Text-Game Method…From A Subscriber

Upon yesterday’s launch of my new Tinder and Text-Game service, I got an e-mail from a fan of mines who had recommended that my text-game method be used on Tinder.

Admittedly, I know no clue about Tinder since I’m not sold on it. But text game is text game in spite of the medium or platform.

After having major successes on Tinder with the utilization of my text-game method, this guy (who’ll remain anonymous), had contacted Daniel Blake, a well-known PUA instructor out of the UK, to basically get Daniel’s breakdown of his text game which is utilized via my method.

In any case, this anonymous subscriber of mines went on to forward me (and Daniel) some screenshots of his text-game.

Here are some.

On that note, whenever a guy finds that sweet spot in texting to where he now realizes nuances angles and corners to flipping the attraction switch- all this by utilizing my method- I can’t help but to gloat a bit 🙂 , knowing that my text-game method is by far the most potent in the seduction community!

Oh, upon yesterday’s launch of my Tinder and Text-Game service, I was inundated with communiques from hoards of guys wanting in on this service.

If you haven’t enrolled yet, and you’re struggling with connecting with women via text (on any platform), purchase your slot ASAP before I ultimately close the door on this service which is only being offered for a limited time since it’s just too demanding with everything else I have going on in the field of pickup.

Enroll in Tinder and Text-Game breakdown service

Tinder And Text-Game Breakdown Service

Brand-new service I’m offering you guys who are having difficulties connecting with women over text: be it on online-dating sites, social-media sites or platforms such as Tinder and Tagged.

With the advent of this novel service of mines, for the first time, you’ll be able to have your Text Game personally critiqued, scrutinized and fixed…by moi: Kenny himself!

Apart from being guided on what you’re possibly doing wrong as to why your messages are falling flat, I will guide and help you in troubleshooting, tweaking and correcting your Text-Game pitfalls!

I’ll be providing this Text-Game service via e-mail, Whatsapp or through the Master Seducer’s Facebook page: whichever platform suits you.

Upon receipt of purchase of the service, I will contact you anywhere from instantly to an hour, in order to hammer out the particulars of your Text-Game need, and the platform which best suits you (e-mail, Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, etc).

From there, whether you’re having difficulties connecting with a particular girl through text, or women in general (through text), you’ll be asked to forward me some screenshots examples so that I could scan, analyze, critique your Text-Game, and ultimately correct it within no time.

Everything is done confidentially. All forwarded screenshots will be kept confidential also.

On that note; see you on the other side. 🙂 🙂

Product service cost: 12.95 USD

Ensure that you contact me (@ the e-mail below) upon purchase with any question regarding the service, details or your purchase and plan (1-time pay only, or re-occurring plan).


Disclaimer: ClickBank is the retailer of this product. CLICKBANK® is a registered
trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of this product or any claim, statement or opinion
used in promotion of this product.


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Married Girl Is Now Getting Emotionally Invested…Part III [+ More Curiosity-Loop Game]

Remember this hot little newlywed from some weeks back?

Here’s the 3rd installment of the ongoing gaming and seduction of the sexy 24-year old married chick whom I’d picked up few weeks back on Facebook.

To get you up to speed on what’s going on, including my aim, here’s a quick rundown of just that.

She lives in Canada but returns “home” to the islands very frequent.

Her next visit is slated for January.

Typically, and as you would know; I never waste valuable time pursuing a girl who lives in another city, island, let alone country.

With this chick however, because of the fact that I knew she travels often, and since I have a mean thing for banging disgruntled wives; I decided to pursue the girl, seduce her in absentia until she returns in January where we can seal the deal…physically.

Now, there was no guarantee that any of this would’ve materialized (the online pickup, etc.), but as expected, because of my potent Game, I got her #, gamed her like a wizard, now she’s all enthralled, clingy and sold.

In light of that, just as a little fun assignment, I told you guys that I would update y’all periodically on this situation.

Additionally, I outlined a clear stratagem on how I would proceed with this, which is that I would hold about 1 texting session per week with her, until January comes around when she will have returned from Canada. So, here is the 3rd text session between me and her.

Ironically, she was the one who initiated the latest round of texting (over the weekend), after she seen me posted to Facebook about hitting up the bar.

Bear in mind: everything is strategic on my part! At the end of the interaction, I will clearly point out the aspect of getting her to chase. So, she messaged me on Whatsapp Messenger over the weekend.

Also bear in mind; none of the outlandish things I said were true (being stood up, etc.)

[Her txts in white]

Above: when she mentioned that I always have some funny/hilarious story! She was referring to my usual weekend debauchery and real-time night-game field reports that I would post on Facebook.

Also, I always talk about setting the frame and the girl will follow, mimic and mirror your frame and ideals. Here the theme is (which I set): “Kenny has epic adventures on the weekends”. Because it’s such an interesting theme; she mirrors it by saying “when I grow up I wanna be like you some day…with epic adventures”. In essence, she’s following my frame/lead. This little tidbit was so powerful that she rebels in saying that she needs to start having epic and adventurous weekends too. As a wife- a newlywed- she shouldn’t be saying this. But she is, because she’s so attracted to my vibe and the frame I set.

Again; BE ILLOGICAL!! have you ever heard me say that before? Well here’s a reminder: when seeking to have a woman chase you, say illogical shit! Say shit that doesn’t make sense! Case in point when I told her that if she has adventurous weekends without me (with another guy), it’ll be cheating. That totally didn’t make any sense at all since she isn’t my wife! But it doesn’t fucking matter! Saying shit that doesn’t make sense, will work to attract the girl even more, by confusing her logical-thought pattern, thus forcing her brain to want to make sense of the statement in order to gain closure! So- tell girls dumb shit, illogical shit, and shit that will make them go, “But that doesn’t make sense”! I’ll talk more about that at the end of the post.

Lastly (on the previous points): no mater how hot a girl is, always set ground rules, always put things into perspective, and always be ballsy! This girl is 10 years younger than me, hence I am the superior here. Don’t let her beauty and age (being younger than you) discourage your sense of value.

How did she react to my stern yet humorous comment?

[Her messages in white]

Basically, what I wanted to establish with that previous messages were 2 points:

1.) I cherish women, so they would never have to worry about me pumping and dumping them like some heartless asshole (though I pump and dump all the time like a heartless asshole).

2.) I am a highly sexual and forward guy, and I am also a womanizer. I said that, knowing that it would only serve to attracted her even more with my rebellious and carefree vibe.

Now, here is where I get into the technique aspect of having her chase me as she’s beginning to become emotionally invested. Note: always end the conversation first! And do so abruptly when she least expects it! I had told her to call me, knowing that I would make a U turn by telling her we’ll talk another time. I’ll explain this powerful technique afterwards.

[My txts in green]

Basically, I told her to call me, but then I told her to get some rest. She took that conflicting/confusing message to mean that I was likely laid up with another chick, so I was unable to take her call. In other words, she tried to insinuate that I couldn’t take her call because I was in the presence of another woman, which is why I said (as a rebuttal), “I run my own show”. Therefore, I answer the phone if please.

At that point, she really wanted to talk to me for the first time (voice to voice).

I then deepen the attraction factor by dropping a vague curiosity loop into the mix by saying to her, “you just won’t understand certain things”.

Recall what I spoke to you about in the previous article: get the girl chasing you by telling her something that would make her curious to want to know more…and to also confuse her brain. And be vague!!!

She then went into a tirade about how I always brush her off and I’d done just that on 3 or so occasions.

She’s correct! And it’s all strategic! Guys, I can’t stress this salient point any further than I have already: Always end the chat on the girl, instead of having her end it on you!!!

As for when she made mention about me seeming to have moments where I drive her away, this is in reference to the hot and cold vibe which I employ periodically. In conjunction with “ending it first”, you don’t have to do so on a great note. You can be a bit frosty and cold about it, making her believe that she’d done something to cause your frostiness, and to cause you to want to flee.

I employed the technique of mines dubbed “The Jesus Effect”, when I told her (again), “certain things u aren’t able to grasp yet”.

Frankly, I am not a religious guy (an Agnostic Atheist actually). But the Jesus Effect is 1 of the most potent tricks in my seduction repertoire. If you’re familiar with the Bible, Jesus’ vibe was always a vague and ambiguous one. He spoke in parables. He said things like, “What I have to tell you would be too much for you to bear now…”.

That vague statement left his followers intrigued, puzzled, enthralled and hooked!

Likewise, whenever you’re aiming to seducing a girl, vague, ambiguous and parable-like comments will create this Jesus Effect, and cause the girl to become hooked and wanting to decipher your message for the sake of psychological closure.

Tell the girl, “in due time”!

She wants to know why you have to go, or why you’re telling her “we’ll catch up”, tell her, “you won’t understand”.

You get the message, right?

Allow me to conclude this post by summarizing the technique of hot and cold and confusing the girl’s brain in order to deepen her attraction to you.

Here’s the deal: confusion begets attraction.

When done right, and consciously, you can get a girl hooked on you by making vague and confusing statements.

Just as I mentioned earlier that you ought to say illogical, irrational shit to women whom you’re trying to bed, incorporate into that the confusing and vague comments that throw the girl off.

On the surface, this game concept of mines sounds all crazy and nonsensical. But I’m quite sure you seen me do just that with the married chick, and countless other women.

To make this even more simpler for you: remember that time that someone said something to you fleetingly, that was either vague, or you misunderstood what was said, probably because you couldn’t hear him or her properly because they were on the go?

What immediate effect did this cause within your being?

You were left there trying to piece things together, trying to decipher what he or she could’ve meant or said.

Even throughout your day as your brain spontaneously emits visual signals and recounts things that occurred throughout your day. Those vague instances will likely pop up even if you don’t want them to, and had totally forgotten about the vague and confusing thing that the person had said to you.

Furthermore, an even greater example: think of a vague text message that you received. Perhaps bad grammar or few typos rendered the message unreadable. Whatever it was, you’re likely to ponder and try to decipher the message. You’re even likely to text the person back saying, “I didn’t quite get that”.

Saying all that to say, you want your messages to have such an effect on the girl’s mind: confusing her while simultaneously deepening the attraction for you.

You do this by being vague, sending vague and ambiguous texts, purposely inject typos into your messages, say something to her (via text or verbally) that doesn’t compute as logical.

Additionally, do something that’s unconventional and illogical!

For instance, tell her bye at a point during the conversation where things are at the apex of interest.

Do it when she least expects!

Tell her to call you, then immediately afterwards, tell her “never mind”…”something came up”.

Create fucking CONFUSION!

That’s the point!

As I always say: your game should never be structured linearly or rationally.

Predictability is 1 of the main killers of attraction, thus your chances of getting or keeping the girl.

Confuse her thought pattern and you’ll get her chasing, clinging and falling!

I implore you to re-read and take notes for future references!