Botched Day4 Field Report

the girl whom I went to see the previous night (with the pizza), we were set to meet again 2 nights ago.

I texted her but she hits me with a bombshell about coming to get her and her son.

I’m like, “your son”?

We never agreed on her coming along with her son!

Furthermore, she never even told me that she has a son.

Basically, I told her in other words no-can-do.

If you’re coming by me then you’re coming alone. Not with your kid!

Surely I wanted to finally fuck this girl whom I’d picked up like 7 months ago. But her bringing along her son to my pad is just going to complicate me getting my weiner into her snatch.

I told her to either she gets someone to stay with her son that night or we call it off.

[My texts in green]

Insta-Pulling Hot Teen…Field Report

Wednesday noonday, I picked up this 19 year old hottie (random stranger as always) while I was on lunch.

Upon the #-close (getting her digits), she said that she’s headed back to work and that she works nearby. Sooooooo…I suggested walking her to work…since it’s nearby.

Here’s how it went down from pickup to pull back to her workplace.

Okay- so- that escalated fast!

In pickup, this is what we call rapid pulling and rapid escalation!

The vid was obviously sliced up in the interest of time. But even in light of that, it only took me less than 10 minutes there to begin my physical/sexual play.

I tried making out with her but she kept saying her coworkers were due to return any second now, so I relented and settled for nibbling on her neck before I fled the scene like a phantasm.

I texted her later on in the afternoon (yesterday about meeting up yesterday evening.

[My texts in green]

Pizza Day-3 Field Report

Tuesday afternoon, out of sheer hunch, I decided to message a girl whom I haven’t communicated with in nearly 5 months.

We met up once since picking her up online about 6 months ago.

We hung out kind of at her place but that (Day2) didn’t culminate in the lay, so I practically decided to next her.

Anywho, I hit her up yesterday, late afternoon, about coming to see her @ her place. She was down, so I let her know I’ll let her know when I’m coming.

[My texts in green]

I collected the pizza, made it to her doorstep, she told me to come in, dropped the pizza on her lap, hugged and kissed her on the forehead.

What was my plan going into last night?

Surely to get laid. However, and I talked about this in Netflix & Sex, there is an escalation process in which one is to operate for optimizing the chance of sex materializing.

Also, since this was the 2nd time we would’ve met (at her place), there was no reason for me to form the ass and dilly-dally around when it comes to what I want.

For the first 25 minutes, seated in front of each other (knees almost touching), we both browsed her Facebook timeline from her phone, opining on the stuff we came across.

The reasons why I didn’t pounce upon her (proverbially) instantly:

1.) One should display that you’re not desperate and over eager, so you play it nonchalantly for the first half hour

2.) She was still munching on the pizza

She ate half of the small-pizza pie, so I took that as my cue to now begin KINO escalation.

When it comes to going for the touch (KINO), I find that it is best to go for it on spikes of humor.

This is something I do religiously when getting romantic with a girl with whom I’m on a so-called date.

It also kills the weird and awkward factor when you go for the touch or hold on humor.

With that, after being there for about 25 minutes as she ate the pizza while we sat there browsing her Facebook together, I strategically mentioned something that I knew was going to cause her to laugh.

I can’t quite remember what that was. But I said what I said in relation to a post on her timeline, knowing it would cause laughter, so she laughs hilariously with me, and I seized that opportune moment to take her hand with both and mines, and began stroking her fingers sensually with my fingers.

Did she reject or react negatively to this move?

Of course not!

Timing is of paramount importance!

Always try to make your move (in regards to touching the girl) on a light, playful, hilarious and humors note, when the girl would’ve been laughing from something you’d strategically said or done (as I did).

Without an ounce of fear, I continued gently stroking, rubbing and caressing her palm and fingers as we sat knees to knees with her phone in her other hand.

From that seating position, my face was almost buried into her cleavage which was revealed.

There was zero negative tension to my sensual touching. There was tension in the air, but sexual tension (which is the kind of tension you want to create).

Nothing was awkward either. When going for the touch, hold or caress, do it as though it’s natural and normal.

At first, I expect you to be jittery and awkward. But once you secure her hand or finger(s), just let go and embrace it, and keep talking about what was being talked about before you took her hand or rest your hand upon her shoulder, etc!

Anyway, so we continued normal conversation about the stuff that popped up on her timeline as she scrolled down.

Oh- bear this in mind- content of the conversation is NOT important once you’re back @ the girl’s pad or she’s at yours!

It doesn’t matter what you talk about. As long as your physicals are in the right place (i.e. romance).

Great example: there we were talking about any old random shit that shows up as we scroll her wall. That’s pretty meaningless stuff. Meanwhile, I was physically escalating, being romantic and sexual, stroking her fingers sensually, in spite of the fact that our conversation was devoid of anything remotely romantic or intimate. So your words don’t matter at this stage of the game.

Sure it is nice to get the girl sexually arouse. But it’s so much more powerful to touch her in order to get her aroused as I was doing.

At no point during this hand and finger caressing did she pull away. Oh- she did pull away once- but that was to kill a mosquito on her leg.

The hand and finger caressing went on for 20 minutes I would say until I got increasingly sexual by resting my hand in her lap, pressed against her inner thighs as I sensually stroked her fingers.

Again, she didn’t reject nor react negatively to any of this because my timing/calibration was on point.

I touched her the right time with the right amount of pressure in the right places.

I can imagine there exist clueless guys who would’ve just jammed their fingers into the girl’s crotch and totally freaked her out.

There is a time and occasion for that. But when sitting across from, or next to a so-called date, you want to operate with tact, smoothness, agility and lightness. Nothing quirky, grand and too blatant.

Anyways, she had on a jacket inside at the dining table where we sat:

Me: “You’re not hot with that furry thing on”?

Girl: “I’m actually cold”!

She eventually got my drift [that I wanted access to the bare skin of her arms], so about 10 minutes later, she stood up to remove her coat. 🙂


I got up at the same time and took her hand and led her back to sit.

This time since I had more compliance, I could’ve escalated more rapidly and harder now.

Minutes later, she made mentioned of how hard she’s been working lately.

!”Ding, Ding, Ding”!!!

“She wants a massage”, I said to myself!

Always be ready to read these subtle-verbal cues that women put out there.

I got up, went behind her with my arms trailing across her shoulders, and as I stood in back of her (while she sat), I began massaging and running her neck and shoulders (both erogenous zones) with no backlash whatsoever.

Now- backlash will happen! Don’t get me wrong! Always expect the girl to either remove your hands, tell you don’t, or resist in some manner or the other.

Resistance isn’t rejections! Most girls will resist at some point. However, it just so happened that this girl didn’t give any resistance to what I was doing up to that point. But don’t think for a second that girls don’t reject m advances. Thy do! And more than they do with 99.9% of guys. The only difference in my case (though I get rejected 100 times more than the average guy) is that I don’t take resistance and rejections as the girl shutting down the show altogether!

Whenever a girl resists my advances, I take it mean that she isn’t warm yet to the idea of me being so intimate and sexual. So bear that in mind: the girl will resist at some pint during KINO/touching. But it doesn’t mean to fuck off. It more so means “not ready yet”.

Okay, so while massaging her shoulders and neck, I would hunch down and talk into her ears, ensuring that my lips made contact with her earlobe (another erogenous zone of a woman’s body).

This’ all strategic!

Her upper back was somewhat revealed because of the contour of her blouse, so I would intermittently kiss her softly on her exposed back and neck, while lightly running my lips across her back as I continued massaging her shoulders.

What were we talking about as thing was going on?

Bullshit on Facebook! She would open some dumb video clip, we would watch it then move on to another clip.

Saying that bit to say; you don’t have to talk sex while making sexual advances on a girl. Any ordinary topic will suffice, as long as you’re advancing sexually as you see me doing.

Her phone rang, and since I was right there hovering over her head as I massaged her shoulders, I was able to overhear her convo. Apparently, it was some dude who’s been trying to get with her. From the convo, it was clear that he was some chody guy trying to buy her since he told her he’d bought her something special for Christmas, to which she verbally shrugged off dismissively.

While on the phone I was lightly kissing her on the neck and running my tongue across her neck and ear.

Long story short: this all went on for another 15 minutes or so.

We never got to make out nor kiss for that matter. And sex definitely didn’t happen either. But we were set to meet up the following night (which would be today).

I’ll let you guys know how it goes…if I did manage to meet up with her again for the Day4 tonight (Wednesday).

In the meantime, download your complimentary guide of “Netflix and Sex”, to learn how to escalate on a girl back at your pad (or hers).

Direct-download link…Netflix and Sex

New Neighbor Pull…Fortune Favors The Bold

Hey guys, I’m just going to post this post verbatim as I did 3 nights ago to Facebook. Afterwards, I’ll give an additional take on the matter.

So, I have a new neighbor, a chick who moved in yesterday to the house next to my apartment. As expected from a master pickup artist; I approached her last evening, chatted her up real quick and got her phone #. I haven’t called a chick’s phone in years, but I decided to ring her instead of texting last night. After about 2 minutes of small talk, she mentioned that she’s afraid to sleep alone since she’s new to the area and no one lives with her. I was like, “Ding, Ding, Ding”!!! I took the hint/cue and said to her, ” Well I live alone too. You can come upstairs to my apartment and sleep, or I come down to your house and sleep with you”. She’s like, “Fine! That would be great because I’m scared shit plus it’s dark in this area”! She then threw out a disclaimer (as expected) when she said to me, “Oh! There’s only 1 bed. So we’ll have to sleep in in together. But no sex though”. As a master seducer, I knew this was all standardized game and plausible deniability at work. So I’m like, “Sure! No sex. I’ll keep my distance on the bed”. I grabbed her a water from my fridge and went downstrairs to her yard next door. She lets me into her crib, we sat on the bed and then she began what was a 3 hour ramble about her boyfriend kicking her out, how they spent all day @ the precinct arguing over rights of certain appliances and shit. She also mentioned how her BF (ex) is likely to stalk her while we sleep. That made me a bit uneasy. 

But anyway, after 3 plus hours of ranting and blabbering, I told her to cut the damn bedroom light out because it’s blinding me. That was my cue to her that intimacy was about to go down. We got more comfortable on the bed and I told her to lie down; so we did. She kept chatting away so I playfully said, “Hush”, with my finger to her lips. All this time, my hands were resting on her hips while caressing her thighs. I slowly and gradually escalated (KINO) to sliding my hands under her shirt in order to fondle her tits…to which she didn’t resist…to my surprise. I toyed with her huge-ass nipples for a good 10 minutes. This chick literally has some of the biggest and longest nipples I’ve ever touched in my life! I’m a tit-man, so this really excited the shit out of me! While I played with her breasts with 1 hand, the free hand was rubbing her booty like R. Kelly. My dick began to get that feeling within; an erection had developed. I knew she felt that shit since I was grinding on her ass through the thin fabric of my jogging pants. Long story short- after a while- there came LMR (as expected): she began to show signs of resistance by telling me that it tickles when I breath on her neck. In other words, she was telling me that I’m too close. I backed off by discontinuing to toy with her neck. After a while, and I’m guessing this is when she got really turned on (apparent from her slight moans): she removed my hand from her tits. Remind you guys; this is totally normal(during LMR) with a girl whom you’re laying down with for the first time. She’s bound to stop you at some point from rubbing on her tits or attempting to fondle her vagina. So, I took my hand from beneath her shirt while continuing to rub her thighs with the other hand…which she allowed. Minutes later, back to her tits. She allowed then resisted by removing my hand again. At that point, I felt like saying, “Girl! You’re about to sleep alone! I’m leaving”! But I decided not to go into full-blown savage mode at that moment. In any case,  after the tug of war, I fell asleep just as she did. Woke up around 4:30 AM this morning, attempted a last-ditch effort to fuck her, but it didn’t go down, so I told her I had to get going since it was early/late and the sun was about to break soon, so she had nothing to fear since it was almost sunrise. She walked me out and that was that. 
At the end of the day, what I wish for you guys to take away from this long-ass Facebook post is pretty much 1 theme, ABA: “Always Be Approaching”! Fortune favors the bold! Surely I didn’t get to fuck this total stranger last night, but I took my chances for sure like a real man!!! So, that hot girl who lives next door to you, instead of gawking, stalking and being a pussy-ass chode of a man by not approaching her; be a real man and approach that girl!! It didn’t take 10 seconds for me to make my move once I spotted this girl from upstairs and realized how fuckable she is. I approached immediately! Went to her door, welcomed her to the neighborhood, spat a little game, got her digits and got to sleep in her bed…the same night in less than 3 hours of meeting her. “ABA”: Always Be Approaching!! No need to waste time trying to figure out the girl, trying to find out if she’s single, etc. Make a move and deal with those matters afterwards! 

Lastly, learn how to read women and the subtle cues and signs they give off (verbally and nonverbally). Surely this won’t come over night, but with vast amounts of experience with dealing with lots of women (as I have), you’ll gradually develope an acuity and 6th sense for reading women. 

Oh- lastly- as for this girl whom I met last night (my new neighbor), sure I would’ve loved to smash last night since we slept in the same bed! But sometimes, it takes time! It may take a day or 2 before the girl gets comfortable enough to want to accept your dick inside of her. So this wasn’t a failed attempt in my book. This is where Mystery’s “7 hour before the lay” principle comes into effect. A girl whom you’d just met, a sober one, is unlikely to sleep with you before spending at least 5-7 hours with you first. I had only spent 3 hours with the chick before trying to smash. So go figure. The more time spent, the more comfort built. I’m not a man who likes to waste time. If I get a girl’s # today, I’m expecting to fuck her…today! This clearly doesn’t always work out, but it is the thought, mindset and frame that counts (rapid escalation theory). 

Lastly, there are tons of reasons why a girl may not sleep with you at a given time. Perhaps she’s on her period, and she’s feeling all yucky and dirty. Hence, never think that the girl is resisting because of anything on your part. 







Interesting stuff huh?

The lessons here are many, and very instrumental for those who desire to become masters at this.

I however want to briefly tackle the subject of proactivity and rapid escalation, otherwise known as KINO.

There’s nothing to lose in moving swift as a lizard-hawk on its prey. In fact, you should move swiftly.

This is why in pickup we aggressively harp on the 3-second rule, and that you should approach the girl as soon as you spot her!

The more time you allow to just sail by, the greater the chance of losing the girl.

As for rapid-sexual escalation, that should also become your rule of thumb.

When in the company of a girl, being a pussy about putting your hands on her, will ultimately cause you to lose the girl.

I have a theory which I’d been peddling for ages: it is best to be perceived by the girl as a guy who goes after what he wants (sex), than someone who’s afraid to go for it. Even though you may have a failed attempt just as I seemingly did with this girl; a the end of the day, she will respect my game and willingness to gun for what I want unabashedly!

On that note, you will enjoy the follow-up post to this one.


Thursday Morning Rendezvous With A Fan…Part II Ruined By Rain Storm

[Post written on Wednesday]

I just met up and had lunch with this chick who popped up in my part of town.

She’d hit me up this morning telling me that she’s in my part of town.

After our hour-long lunch date she had to run to do some business. But we are set to meet up again after 2 pm…hopefully at the PUA pad.

What had happened was, after our departure (she went to do business and I went back to work), she was to message me not long later about meeting me somewhere.

She did message me but to say that she was stranded because of the rain storm. I was also stranded at work because of the storm. 😦

What bad fucking timing I said to myself!

It was after 2 PM and the girl had to catch a ferry for 3. So meeting up again was pretty much fucked.

Anyway, what I want to end this post with is a point I touched on in a previous article about the uselessness of phone numbers in this day and age.

Gone are the days where phone numbers and phone calls were the sole modus communique when it comes to dating and meeting up with girls.

Having her as friends on Facebook and other social-media sites, is just as good as having her #.

This girl here was a perfect example.

She doesn’t have my #, nor do I have hers. But she contacted me through Messenger about being in my town, and I was able to set up the rendezvous- through Messenger- just as if we were texting through a standardized sms app.

Most guys harp over phone numbers because. It strokes their egos. Getting a girl’s # is seen as a trophy for most guys. Hence they gun after it with reckless abandonment.

In all reality; why even try to get a girl’s # since you aren’t bound to ring her anyway?

No one calls anyone nowadays (at least not in the western world).

We shoot a text and that’s it. Push comes to shove, we have the option of calling free of charge through services such as IMO, Messenger, Whatsapp, Skype and even the Magic Jack mobile-phone app.

With that, there’s absolutely no reason for a phone number as long as you use social media! Whatsapp would be the only exception where a phone number is required. But that’s still a mute point.

Since I’m not a mental masturbator who’s satisfied with solely talking about it, I began putting this into practice over the weeks, as I demonstrated in this quick video from a day ago where I approached a girl, chatted her up, and added her on Facebook instead of getting her #.


Wednesday Night Day 2 With Miami Girl

The other week, I’d picked up this chick at the bar, and we met up Wednesday night on the Day2.

In fact, I happened to bump into her by chance that evening as I was looking myself something to eat.

She wasn’t up to much, nor was I, so I urged her to come grab a drink at a nearby bar.

Remind you: I was broke as shit since I only went out with enough cash to grab a pizza. But she said she’ll pay for drinks, so it was off to the bar we went.

This chick is a real feisty one, so you have to know how to deal with them accordingly.