Cougar Insta-Date Pull Field Report

A quick infield-video post which cites:

•How I cold approach women on the streets, and why this is the best way to do so

•How you can make any opener/ice-breaker work…as long as you buy into your own shit!

In the following video from over the weekend (Friday evening), I cold approach this white chick (a Cougar who’s part of a movie-director team) while heading down the bloc.

Once I found out that she’s only going to be here for 2-3 more days, I decided to go for the insta-date instead of the phone # which would’ve been quite useless with such logistics.

Trying to get a random stranger to come along with you sounds like a mammoth task- and perhaps it is- but with time and practice (trial and error) you’ll get a hang of it (how to be persuasive and convincing without being pushy and aggressive).

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Last Night’s Field Report In Escalation Theory

Allow me to set this up by firstly citing a social-media post of mines from last night.

So I thought the 19 year old Latina chick had flaked on me since she didn’t reply to my messages for the evening. So I went back home, took my clothes off, unwind and forgot about it…until she hit me up not long ago…after I thought she flaked.

On my way to her crib now. Putting on some clothes fast as fuck!

As a reminder guys; I had picked this girl up on FB about a week ago.
[My texts in green]

About a week back, I picked up a 19 year old Latina on Facebook. Last night, she invited me over to her casa to watch a movie (this of course was upon my suggestion, leading and Game).

Since she took so long to reply to my messages yesterday evening, I swore she had flaked on me….until she contacted me eventually.

[My messages in green]

[On my way over to her place]

As I mentioned on my Facebook after the rendezvous, I didn’t get the lay, and there were various reasons for that which I’ll get into in a subsequent post.

Essentially, this was a Netflix & Chill rendezvous with all the escalation theory of how to get intimate with a girl.

On that note, I leave you with the post-date breakdown post from last night.

So the quasi- Day2 rendezvous @ the chick’s casa just concluded.

It didn’t end in a lay, and that is just how it goes at times. There are always existential reasons for that.

Additionally, I always hearken back to Mystery’s 7 hour timeline/rule, and how true it is in majority of cases.

This was my 1st time meeting with her, I had only spent about an hour and a half with her (watching a horror flick), so in the grand scheme of things, that is quite premature for sex while sober to go down. Additionally, there was another obstacle; she has a sister who was in a nearby bedroom. Bad for fuck logistics.

In spite of that, I escalated rapidly as usual! Within 5-10 minutes there sitting beside each other @ a table, my arm was around shoulder and her neck, caressing her shoulder, neck, nape of the neck and light brushes across her earlobe. Meanwhile, my other hand/fingers were running up and down her arm (bare skin), stroking her fingers, etc. Sensual and slow escalation…but kicked off rapidly!

In any case, there were lots of keynote moments of Game/Seduction importance, which I’ll write more about shortly.

We’re set to meet up again tomorrow evening.

On a final note guys; when meeting up with a girl, escalate rapidly! But not desperately and hurriedly, but nonchalantly…but rapidly as I did tonight.

The lay may not materialize the same night (for various reasons), but you want to leave giving the girl the impression that you have a dick and are willing to use it! This will almost always be an encouraging sign for the girl to want to see you again, opposed from if you didn’t escalate and got friendzoned!

Banging Ex-Girlfriend’s Friend- Weekend Field Report- Part 5: “After The Movies” [video post]

By the way guys: I had rented a hotel room in the city, anticipating the lay notch.

The thing is: I live outside of the city, and I don’t drive. So it’s feasible for lay logistics that I rent a hotel room right in the city within walking distance of the date spot.

Anyway, here are some video clips which began at the moment we walked down the stairs from the theatre, to actual sex. 🙂

By the way, this chick is Canadian living in the islands.

[Video below: leaving the hotel @ 3:30 am getting her a cab]

The sex was actually good, and she begged me for more, but my libido is shot, so I was only able to go 1 round of sex.

Banging Ex-Girlfriend’s Friend- Weekend Field Report- Part 4: “Is This B**ch Standing Me Up”?

Okay, so at this point- Saturday evening- I had just purchased 2 ticked to see a movie called Split.

Remind you: I hate movies! I hate fictional films! And I hate watching television, films of any sort (I had stopped watching TV about 6 years ago). So purchasing movie tickets was a hassle for me. But I managed to do so.

After grabbing the tickets, I went to a KFC which was about half a bloc from the cinema.

I bought me something to eat, and something for the girl to eat also, as I await her arrival.

At KFC alone…waiting

She was taking considerably a long time after telling me she would’ve been here 15 minutes ago.

I began to think that perhaps she flaked on me.

I then received a message from her saying something to the effect that she cannot locate a bus to get into the city, so she decided to call her aunt instead for a lift.

[Her msgs in white]

[Her msgs in white]

[Her msgs in white]

She eventually showed up shortly afterwards while I stood outside of the KFC.

We walked off and headed to see Split.

I took a selfie of us as we walked to the movies.

Stay tuned!

Banging Ex-Girlfriend’s Friend- Weekend Field Report- Part III: “Kenny…I Hope You Packed Protection”!

Okay, so it was Saturday afternoon, so our pending movie date was rapidly approach for that evening.

[My texts in green]

[Her txts in white]

[My txts in green]

[Her txts in white]

Clearly she was joking about not knowing what 69 is.

In any case, I just wanted to highlight how important it is to allow a girl to be sexually open by giving off a nonjudgmental vibe!

Remind you; this is a complete stranger whom I’d picked up on Facebook 2 days prior to Saturday!

However, she’s totally DTF out of this world!

Banging Ex-Girlfriend’s Friend- Weekend Field Report- Part II: I Call Off The Movies…Or Not?

At this point, she’d given me her phone number, so I messaged her on Whatsapp [photo of this girl below].

[My messages in green]

[My msgs in green]

[My msgs in green]

[Her msgs in white]

[Her msgs in white]

[My msgs in green]

[Her msgs in white]

[My msgs in green]

Now, the question you may ask if: “Why did you want to call off the movies Kenny”?

First of all: I don do movies…period!

I just find it to be a waste of my valuable time.

I prefer drinks and a snack.

In any case, I wanted to rattle her frame a bit by pretending as though I would back out at the last second of our movie date for Saturday night (over the previous weekend).

Women do this all the time to guys (become flaky). So it’s just a powerful play for me to find out whether the girl is down or not!

Stay tuned!

Banging Ex-Girlfriend’s Friend- Weekend Field Report- Part I: Pulling Via Facebook

While doing my usual facebooking, posting, commenting and inboxing, I came across the profile of a girl who immediately grabbed my attention.

I casually hit the add button and went about my business, anticipating notification that she’d accepted my friend request.

Within minutes: I received such notification. 🙂


My strategy was to draw her in (essentially attract her) with my provocative posts, so I did just that.

Later on that day, I inboxed her as my spidey senses told me that she was ripe and ready to be gamed.

I will start from the point during the conversation where she asks me if I happen to know a Kimberly.

[Her msgs in gray]

[My msgs in blue]

I posted the following to my Facebook to address what it is I’m going to do here in relation to her saying that my ex told her I used to hit her (which is total BULL)!

So earlier today, this seemingly random chick hits me up on Facebook, so I chatted her up, gamed her up and set up a movie date for tomorrow night. Little did I know; she wasn’t just some random chick, but she’s a friend of my ex.

In any case, during the chat, she said that my ex told her that I used to hit her (utter BS). So I pretended as though I was offended and was about to call off our movie-date rendezvous for tomorrow night.

In a sense it was a way for me to find out whether she’d panic and chase once she realizes I was about to call off the date. BTW, I have no issues with banging my ex’s friend(s). She wants the D; she’s gonna get the D!

All in all guys, it comes down to your Game (or lack thereof), and your ability to flip the frame to your advantage.

There should be zero doubt as to whether she’s DTF or not.

A guy asked me the other day via Facebook, “Kenny, how do you manage to always get girls to open up sexually within a heartbeat”!

The answer is simple- as it was with this girl- I give off a nonjudgmental vibe with every girl I meet.

Coupled with that, I give women the okay to be slutty and sexual.

Anyway guys, this is just part 2 of 4. So it was all set: movie date on Saturday night.

Stay tuned.

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