Roosh Press Conference: Firing Back At The Media…And He Actually Makes A Great Case

All along I knew that this was a case where the media, as usual, twisted and took things out of context.

In spite of my issues with Roosh (unrelated to what he teaches), I had never slandered the guy, nor had I ever gotten the impression for 1 second that he was a pro-rape individual.

A day or so ago, he held a press conference in Washington, DC (where he resides) to clear the air on this whole media firestorm.

I think Roosh did himself justice and exposed how the media is bias, stupid, uninformed and intentionally mislead…but we all knew that, right?

By the way, my buddy Josh Bar gave his take on things.

RSD’s Jeffy Responds To Feminists [video repost]

Hey guys, I promised Jeffy (aka JLaix) over a year ago that I would not post/share this video again on my blog since Jeffy felt that it gave him a bad look ever since the Julien Blanc fiasco.

E-mail proof that Jeffy and I did dialogue on his situation back in 2014 when we were on civil terms.


However, Jeffy/JLaix and I had a falling out some months back (due to him being a dick with me), so I don’t feel that I should have to honor his wishes any longer.

Since it has been a terrible media week for PUA’s worldwide, I might as well post about the most infamous pickup instructor from San Francisco, who was the pickup community’s #1 villain a while back, partly due to a van which was dubbed the rape van by feminist bloggers and sympathizers in the Bay area…though it was a consensual-sex van. πŸ™‚

They had managed to paint Jeffy as the pickup artist who rode around in a “rape van” accosting women. Again, showing how the media misinterpret pickup tactics as a form of manipulation to case rape.


Here is Jeffy’s video response over a year ago.

Remind you; this video was pulled from Jeffy’s YouTube page, but I had stolen it before it was removed…hence I uploaded it to my YouTube account and re-posted it…with Jeffy’s knowledge by the way.

I wasn’t being a dick about it. I actually loved his take on his media fiasco.

Jezebel, the anti-PUA online heavyweight, had posted a scathing article on this, as they were the ones to engage in a witch hunt against Jlaix.

Prominent pickup artist (Jeffy Allen) who drives around in a rape van

Roosh V [Pick-Up Author] Gets Beer Thrown In His Face In Montreal, Canada

Things have really heated up for my former nemesis, Roosh V, a well-known pick-up author and practitioner based in Washington, DC.

To my little knowledge on the subject, Roosh scheduled an event in Montreal, Canada which was sabotaged by feminists and haters of pick-up…but it goes deeper than that.

Now- I’ve had my long quarrels and wars with Roosh dating back to 2010-2011 and we never did patch things up.

Nevertheless, I do understand what the man is going through since I’ve been there back in 2014. Because of our rancor doesn’t mean I won’t rally behind him.

In the meantime, I was sent the following video links of the drink-throwing incident and Roosh’s take on the Montreal drama in the 2nd video.


Infamous pick-up artist already in Canada despite petition for his ban by CTV News.

Pick-up artist blogger petition ban

Lesbian [Female] PUA – What’s Your Thoughts?

Honestly, I don’t know how to take this.

A chick who does pickup in order to pick up other women is unheard of in this genre.

Sure we have female pickup coaches [though few]. But definitely not females who actively pursue other chicks. So this turn of event sorta caught me off guard.

As for the female PUA in question, she claims to post on simple-pickup forum.

I’ve been banned from the Simple Pickup Forum due to PUA politics, so I have no way to confirm this.

I’d like to hear what you guys have to say about this: a Lesbian PUA who picks up women.

Do you see it as women encroaching upon the all-boys club of the pickup/seduction community? Or is it progressive and somewhat cool?

As someone who hates the idea of Lesbianism since it is essentially about taking away our women, I’m not sure if I’m so welcoming of women infiltrating this community in order to learn tactics to steal more girls from us.

I don’t know!

Jeffy Addresses The Haters

How timely is this video where Jeffy addresses Jezebel, feminists and other haters over the infamous “van” story.

I know I’d posted this weeks ago, but with the advent of the Julien Blanc situation, a repost was well warranted.

You’ll actually hear in the video from Jeffy’s mouth, where Julien Blanc had purposely decided to gain notoriety through trolling Jezebel and others.

Jennifer Li Of #TakeDownJulienBlanc: The Racist Slut And How She Played White People [NSFW]

Little do Jennifer’s trolls know: innocent Jenni is actually an overt racist.

Perhaps we in Pickup should petition Twitter and Youtube to take her shit down because she’s a racist?

Great question.

We frankly don’t give a shit about her or anyone’s racist views.

Jenn Li hates white people.

This is very obvious from her Tumblr postings and Youtube videos.

She makes no bones about hating white people.

Surprisingly though, I haven’t heard anyone in the blogging-world or the media call her out in this.

Perhaps it’s 1 of those things where it’s easier to hide something when you’re overt about it, than if you were to conceal it. ❓

Be as it may, it’s laughable to see a justice warrior crying about who’s racist in the world, when her base motivator in taking down Julien Blanc, is racism.

Had Julien been a black guy, or Asian, I can put my head on a chopping-block to say that we would not have heard a sound whatsoever coming from her!

Hence, Jennifer is playing off the gullible and naΓ―ve white people against themselves, while simultaneously pushing a racist agenda right in their faces.

Jenn Li is really upset, not due to Julien’s actions, but the fact that it was perpetrated by an evil-white guy against innocent-Asian girls.

The reality is, Jenn has identity issues.

She thinks she’s black…as in Afro-American.

One again, she’s also overtly bold about her identity issues and her wishes to become a black person.

She classifies Chinese American as:

A.) White Asians

B.) Black Asians

Not surprisingly, she classes herself as one of those “Black Asians” or “Black Chinese”.

I’m not making this shit up!

Just watch her videos through a simple Youtube search of Jennifer Li…unless she’s deleted her videos before anyone gets a hold of them.

Therefore, what is driving Jennifer, is her hatred of “wicked-white people”.

“Guys like Julien shouldn’t be romping around the world taking advantage of poor-Asian girls…as a white guy”!

You see- this is not about Julien. It’s about outing the wicked white people and their privileged attitude in relation to those of lesser value [so Jennifer thinks].

Quite frankly, Julien has 10 times more shocking videos on the internet than this bullshit overblown choke video!

However, those other acts of abuse were perpetrated against wicked-white women…so no harm done. Keep moving along people. But don’t fuck with the Asians though!

Why did Jenn wait until now to make a fuss about Julien?

Her racist agenda is pretty clear to those whose pineal gland is unpolluted and free from filth such as GMO and is functioning well.

To be honest, I would love to ruin Jennifer Li’s reputation so badly by posting her overtly racist photos and videos, but I had to rethink such a strategy:

“Do I want to go down that road?

Do I actually want to play dirty as she’s been doing”?

I decided to let it be and allow for someone else to out her on the blatant racism that she peddles unabashedly.

Unlike Jenn Li, I don’t take pride in ruining peoples’ careers, livelihoods and reputations.

I’m above slander-mania!

If Jenn wants to harbor hatred towards white people; it’s her fucking prerogative!

I could care less…and I don’t care!

A hypocrite and a racist trying to out other people on the basis of being hypocrites and racists, just goes to show how dumb-down these people are, that they can’t even see their own shit in their own eyes before pointing at someone else.

Julien is a racist for saying white men can do whatever they want in Japan.

That’s like saying Canadians tourists can do whatever the fuck they want in Cuba!

It’s true!!!

A ‘white’ Canadian can do no wrong in Cuba because the Cuban government relies heavily on Canadian tourists as their biggest market which keep the Cuban economy buoyant.

Shit- a white Canadian can damn-near kill someone in cold blood and get a pass simply because the Cuban government would not want to risk pissing off the Canadians which may lead to a quasi-recession due to Canadian tourists electing to not travel there anymore.

If I were white and to state that reality: I must be a racist, right?

That’s all Julien was saying. If you’re white; you’re right…and we all know that this is how the world works…especially in Japan where they worship white people and hoist them atop pedestals like Greek Gods and Goddesses!

Yet, Jennifer Li isn’t a racist for saying white people are wicked and the world would be a better place without them! 😯

Regardless of the truth in Julien’s statement that white men can do whatever the fuck they want in Japan…but ‘truth’ is besides the point, right?

Apart from all of that, what really gets to me is how Jenn has managed to manipulate and deceived the white masses underneath their noses.

Using them to take down one of their own in a twisted game of reverse psychology with race as the propellant. 😈

The reality is; only paranoid-white people give a fuck about the Julien situation, his actions, videos, photos, etc.

Are the Japanese making a fucking noise about this shit!?

Of course not!

The Japanese don’t see a thing wrong with Julien playfully choking a Japanese woman.

Just as I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass if a white guy was playfully choking a black chick…notwithstanding the fact that the chick is smiling…but facts are besides the point as usual, right?

The frikkin’ Japanese aren’t outraged over this bullshit, because they have serious fucking problems to worry about like another nuclear plant exploding, than to be concerned with a guy fucking around with women!

It is only gullible-fucking paranoid white people throughout the English-speaking world, who are out there protesting and making a scene over nothing!

Why is this so?

According to some; white people are the most dumbed-down androids in the western hemisphere.

They’re so consumed by paranoia and fear of some unseen bogeyman in the closet, that they rush to overstate and over-blow every little incident which they perceive will cause a meltdown in society.

Perhaps Texas’ radio host, Alex Jones, was right; white people have been deliberately poisoned by the Illuminati through fluoride in their tap water which causes them to lose brain cells while simultaneously putting them in an induced trance-like state, which as an existential result, causes them to become ultra-paranoid as a side effect.

This may be the fucking case!

I don’t see any black people on the fucking internet crying for Julien’s stoning and signing petitions to get him banished from the world!

We don’t give a fuck!

Black people aren’t living in a state of fear and paranoia!

We have to much real issues and shit to worry about; like cops bashing our heads in and shooting us for sport…simply because of our skin color!

Blacks have all the plausible excuses in the world to live in a state of fear! But we don’t!

Asians in Asia aren’t worried about Julien emotionally abusing women!

I’m sure the Arabs aren’t worried neither when they have the evil Islamic State [ISIS] to contend with!

No sane individual who has a life apart from the internet, gives a fuck about a ‘NON ISSUE’!

ISIS is chopping mutherfuckers’ heads off throughout Syria, Iraq and Lebanon!

You think any sane person has time and energy to expend on taking someone down for playfully simulating a blowjob in a nightclub!!!?????

Gimme a fucking aspirin!

Jennifer Li, knowing how paranoid white people are, is milking this cow till the udders run dry!

She is playing y’all like a fucking fiddle!

Had Julien Blanc been a black guy, not a whistle of foul would’ve been heard from Jenn Li’s corner.

You know why (apart from wishing white people didn’t exist)?

‘Cause Jennifer loves herself some black meat!

For all she cares; Kenny can choke her, spank and gag her all day long baby!

Jenni's gang-bang realities

Jenni’s gang-bang realities

This explains why she would’ve relocated to Washington DC from New York City.

The nation’s capitol [DC] is actually dubbed “The Chocolate City” due to its high concentration of sexy-black people…if you didn’t know that.

She’s racially bias!

She secretly [while publicly noting] wishes she were born a black girl.

Now, I have no problems in Jenni wanting to be black. As a black person; I’m highly flattered actually. πŸ™‚

In fact, she states this publicly all throughout her blogs, photos and videos, that she wishes she were Afro-American!

Her contempt for white people, she lives vicariously through a black woman who might have been disadvantaged by a white guy at some point in her life.

Hence, she’s taking it out on the white boys!

Not to mention that she might have been personally fucked over in her dating life by a white dude…though- who would seriously take on Jennifer Li as a dating prospect? πŸ˜‰

Listen- I know I’ve been somewhat hard on the girl [sexual pun not intended] since this Julien Blanc incident went live.

You may even get the impression that I’m a bully unfairly attacking a helpless girl.

However, it isn’t quite the case.

I’m just the only vocal PUA on the front lines taking it to the machine…of which Jenn Li is the unfortunate driver.

Her racist commentaries and attitude towards white people isn’t really of much concern to me.

It only exposes how the average white male and female in the English-speaking world, is only a stringed puppet to propaganda and misinformation and a sucker to an innocent-looking face in cyberspace crying “wolf, wolf, wolf, wolf”!

Jenn Li is merely exploiting the fears of white people- that someday- some aggressive male could possibly approach their daughter and woe the shit out of her with fancy lines and acts of boldness…yea- as if this wasn’t happening before Julien Blanc was even conceived [*sarcasm intended*].

My parting message to the white populace of the world is this:

You’re being strung along by a little-Asian girl who hates her culture. So much so, that she goes out of her way to berate them while trying her darndest best to appeal to black people in every conceivable way possible.

Hence, if she successfully takes down RSD and Julien Blanc; she’ll be hailed a queen champion in the black world for ruining an evil-white man…’Cause after all- Julien has probably choked out a few black sistas along the way. πŸ˜‰

Now, if that doesn’t arouse you to wake the fuck up and smell what Jenn is cooking, then you’re beyond dumbed-down as sheeple most of you are.

Other races and ethnic groups aren’t falling for this shit!

They have too much pride to jump on the bandwagon of someone who harbors hatred for who she is and towards others.

At the end of the day, we who live in the Urban jungles and metropolises of this world, are accustomed to seeing women getting choked out and slapped up in the streets…and with mal intent!

Some of you ‘sheltered’ people who grew up in rural-farm towns and distant villages of only 500 inhabitants, cannot really relate to what goes on in the real world of big cities such as Los Angeles, Tokyo, New York, London, Mexico City, etc, etc, etc.

If I were to show any female friend of mine who lives in a moderate-size city (regardless of race), the so-called “shock video” of Julien playfully choking a chick, she’ll probably laugh at me and think that I was pranking her or some shit.

You know what a “shock video” is for us who live in the real world?

Someone being gunned down in cold blood.

A woman being bludgeoned to death.

Some crazy person jumping off of a 20 story building to his or her death.

Now those are fucking shocking sites to behold!

Better yet; show Julien’s video to an Iraq-war veteran who has seen combat…and present it to him as a “shocking video”, and you’re liable to be punched in the face.

You gullible-white sheeple who live in the Bible-Belt USA or some city where the worst that ever happens is a cat stuck in a tree, are liable to see a playful video and screenshot, and blow them the fuck out of proportion with colorful tags such as: Shocking, Rape, Harassment, Abuse, Offensive!

Get over it! And welcome to the real-fucking world where everything doesn’t appear all peachy to the eyes of the beholder!

Stop bitching!

Life goes on!