You Have Nothing To Lose…But Time Itself!

Every now and then, I find it of paramount importance to revisit the topic of escalation and its rationale in seduction.

If you aren’t privy to PUA parlance: “Escalation” simple means (as the word implies) to make sexual advances upon the target/girl.


There you go!

Simple as ever! 🙂

The thing is that most guys outside of the seduction/pickup arena dread mostly about escalation, is the fear of possible backlash of getting shut and shot down.

This ‘fear’ keeps most guys paralyzed in check. Thus they never attempt to escalate. Or they do so (escalate) way too late in the game, after having wasted weeks, months and often times YEARS, pining away at that 1 fetishized girl!

Perhaps since I’ve attained master-seducer status, it is easy for me to say and do [“escalate fast”].

However, I’ve been there also, to where I would spend months on end, hanging out and hoping to get into this 1 girl’s panties, but I was just too afraid to pull the trigger; afraid of rejection…essentially!

During those 9 months worth of time wasted on 1 girl- in theory- I could’ve been shagging 9+ other girls.

It is for this reason [saving valuable time] the seduction community, myself included, strongly advocate a “no waste of time approach” towards getting laid.

The only thing you have to lose by manning up and attempting to make a move on women (be it on the date, Netflix and Chillin’, etc.), is time itself!

You want to do this early as possible (risking it)!

The sooner a girl genuinely rejects you; the better (time saved)!

You can move on to someone else who’ll possibly be down with your program.

However, it is totally illogical to spend a month in a girl’s company (without going for it), to then get rejected…after 2 months of anticipation of making a move (physical escalation) on her.

You could’ve saved yourself the frikkin’ time by going for it on the 1st. date!

If she rejects your advances, you can always try again on follow-up dates or rendezvous.

On that note: get rejected early. Not late(r)!

Last Night’s Field Report In Escalation Theory

Allow me to set this up by firstly citing a social-media post of mines from last night.

So I thought the 19 year old Latina chick had flaked on me since she didn’t reply to my messages for the evening. So I went back home, took my clothes off, unwind and forgot about it…until she hit me up not long ago…after I thought she flaked.

On my way to her crib now. Putting on some clothes fast as fuck!

As a reminder guys; I had picked this girl up on FB about a week ago.
[My texts in green]

About a week back, I picked up a 19 year old Latina on Facebook. Last night, she invited me over to her casa to watch a movie (this of course was upon my suggestion, leading and Game).

Since she took so long to reply to my messages yesterday evening, I swore she had flaked on me….until she contacted me eventually.

[My messages in green]

[On my way over to her place]

As I mentioned on my Facebook after the rendezvous, I didn’t get the lay, and there were various reasons for that which I’ll get into in a subsequent post.

Essentially, this was a Netflix & Chill rendezvous with all the escalation theory of how to get intimate with a girl.

On that note, I leave you with the post-date breakdown post from last night.

So the quasi- Day2 rendezvous @ the chick’s casa just concluded.

It didn’t end in a lay, and that is just how it goes at times. There are always existential reasons for that.

Additionally, I always hearken back to Mystery’s 7 hour timeline/rule, and how true it is in majority of cases.

This was my 1st time meeting with her, I had only spent about an hour and a half with her (watching a horror flick), so in the grand scheme of things, that is quite premature for sex while sober to go down. Additionally, there was another obstacle; she has a sister who was in a nearby bedroom. Bad for fuck logistics.

In spite of that, I escalated rapidly as usual! Within 5-10 minutes there sitting beside each other @ a table, my arm was around shoulder and her neck, caressing her shoulder, neck, nape of the neck and light brushes across her earlobe. Meanwhile, my other hand/fingers were running up and down her arm (bare skin), stroking her fingers, etc. Sensual and slow escalation…but kicked off rapidly!

In any case, there were lots of keynote moments of Game/Seduction importance, which I’ll write more about shortly.

We’re set to meet up again tomorrow evening.

On a final note guys; when meeting up with a girl, escalate rapidly! But not desperately and hurriedly, but nonchalantly…but rapidly as I did tonight.

The lay may not materialize the same night (for various reasons), but you want to leave giving the girl the impression that you have a dick and are willing to use it! This will almost always be an encouraging sign for the girl to want to see you again, opposed from if you didn’t escalate and got friendzoned!

New Neighbor Pull…Fortune Favors The Bold

Hey guys, I’m just going to post this post verbatim as I did 3 nights ago to Facebook. Afterwards, I’ll give an additional take on the matter.

So, I have a new neighbor, a chick who moved in yesterday to the house next to my apartment. As expected from a master pickup artist; I approached her last evening, chatted her up real quick and got her phone #. I haven’t called a chick’s phone in years, but I decided to ring her instead of texting last night. After about 2 minutes of small talk, she mentioned that she’s afraid to sleep alone since she’s new to the area and no one lives with her. I was like, “Ding, Ding, Ding”!!! I took the hint/cue and said to her, ” Well I live alone too. You can come upstairs to my apartment and sleep, or I come down to your house and sleep with you”. She’s like, “Fine! That would be great because I’m scared shit plus it’s dark in this area”! She then threw out a disclaimer (as expected) when she said to me, “Oh! There’s only 1 bed. So we’ll have to sleep in in together. But no sex though”. As a master seducer, I knew this was all standardized game and plausible deniability at work. So I’m like, “Sure! No sex. I’ll keep my distance on the bed”. I grabbed her a water from my fridge and went downstrairs to her yard next door. She lets me into her crib, we sat on the bed and then she began what was a 3 hour ramble about her boyfriend kicking her out, how they spent all day @ the precinct arguing over rights of certain appliances and shit. She also mentioned how her BF (ex) is likely to stalk her while we sleep. That made me a bit uneasy. 

But anyway, after 3 plus hours of ranting and blabbering, I told her to cut the damn bedroom light out because it’s blinding me. That was my cue to her that intimacy was about to go down. We got more comfortable on the bed and I told her to lie down; so we did. She kept chatting away so I playfully said, “Hush”, with my finger to her lips. All this time, my hands were resting on her hips while caressing her thighs. I slowly and gradually escalated (KINO) to sliding my hands under her shirt in order to fondle her tits…to which she didn’t resist…to my surprise. I toyed with her huge-ass nipples for a good 10 minutes. This chick literally has some of the biggest and longest nipples I’ve ever touched in my life! I’m a tit-man, so this really excited the shit out of me! While I played with her breasts with 1 hand, the free hand was rubbing her booty like R. Kelly. My dick began to get that feeling within; an erection had developed. I knew she felt that shit since I was grinding on her ass through the thin fabric of my jogging pants. Long story short- after a while- there came LMR (as expected): she began to show signs of resistance by telling me that it tickles when I breath on her neck. In other words, she was telling me that I’m too close. I backed off by discontinuing to toy with her neck. After a while, and I’m guessing this is when she got really turned on (apparent from her slight moans): she removed my hand from her tits. Remind you guys; this is totally normal(during LMR) with a girl whom you’re laying down with for the first time. She’s bound to stop you at some point from rubbing on her tits or attempting to fondle her vagina. So, I took my hand from beneath her shirt while continuing to rub her thighs with the other hand…which she allowed. Minutes later, back to her tits. She allowed then resisted by removing my hand again. At that point, I felt like saying, “Girl! You’re about to sleep alone! I’m leaving”! But I decided not to go into full-blown savage mode at that moment. In any case,  after the tug of war, I fell asleep just as she did. Woke up around 4:30 AM this morning, attempted a last-ditch effort to fuck her, but it didn’t go down, so I told her I had to get going since it was early/late and the sun was about to break soon, so she had nothing to fear since it was almost sunrise. She walked me out and that was that. 
At the end of the day, what I wish for you guys to take away from this long-ass Facebook post is pretty much 1 theme, ABA: “Always Be Approaching”! Fortune favors the bold! Surely I didn’t get to fuck this total stranger last night, but I took my chances for sure like a real man!!! So, that hot girl who lives next door to you, instead of gawking, stalking and being a pussy-ass chode of a man by not approaching her; be a real man and approach that girl!! It didn’t take 10 seconds for me to make my move once I spotted this girl from upstairs and realized how fuckable she is. I approached immediately! Went to her door, welcomed her to the neighborhood, spat a little game, got her digits and got to sleep in her bed…the same night in less than 3 hours of meeting her. “ABA”: Always Be Approaching!! No need to waste time trying to figure out the girl, trying to find out if she’s single, etc. Make a move and deal with those matters afterwards! 

Lastly, learn how to read women and the subtle cues and signs they give off (verbally and nonverbally). Surely this won’t come over night, but with vast amounts of experience with dealing with lots of women (as I have), you’ll gradually develope an acuity and 6th sense for reading women. 

Oh- lastly- as for this girl whom I met last night (my new neighbor), sure I would’ve loved to smash last night since we slept in the same bed! But sometimes, it takes time! It may take a day or 2 before the girl gets comfortable enough to want to accept your dick inside of her. So this wasn’t a failed attempt in my book. This is where Mystery’s “7 hour before the lay” principle comes into effect. A girl whom you’d just met, a sober one, is unlikely to sleep with you before spending at least 5-7 hours with you first. I had only spent 3 hours with the chick before trying to smash. So go figure. The more time spent, the more comfort built. I’m not a man who likes to waste time. If I get a girl’s # today, I’m expecting to fuck her…today! This clearly doesn’t always work out, but it is the thought, mindset and frame that counts (rapid escalation theory). 

Lastly, there are tons of reasons why a girl may not sleep with you at a given time. Perhaps she’s on her period, and she’s feeling all yucky and dirty. Hence, never think that the girl is resisting because of anything on your part. 







Interesting stuff huh?

The lessons here are many, and very instrumental for those who desire to become masters at this.

I however want to briefly tackle the subject of proactivity and rapid escalation, otherwise known as KINO.

There’s nothing to lose in moving swift as a lizard-hawk on its prey. In fact, you should move swiftly.

This is why in pickup we aggressively harp on the 3-second rule, and that you should approach the girl as soon as you spot her!

The more time you allow to just sail by, the greater the chance of losing the girl.

As for rapid-sexual escalation, that should also become your rule of thumb.

When in the company of a girl, being a pussy about putting your hands on her, will ultimately cause you to lose the girl.

I have a theory which I’d been peddling for ages: it is best to be perceived by the girl as a guy who goes after what he wants (sex), than someone who’s afraid to go for it. Even though you may have a failed attempt just as I seemingly did with this girl; a the end of the day, she will respect my game and willingness to gun for what I want unabashedly!

On that note, you will enjoy the follow-up post to this one.

Escalation Theory…A Reminder

​Throughout my pick-up career, I’ve picked up an ample amount of sexy girls by cold approaching them on the streets and laying my charm game down like a wizard.

What I really want to reenforce here, is the physical aspect of gaming girls on street approaches or wherever else have you.

Too many guys are totally hands-off and are opposed from the idea of touching and holding a woman; be it a stranger or someone with whom they are are already acquainted.

The faster you get a girl accustomed to your touch, the faster and easier it will have been to take her to bed since she’s already comfortable with the idea of your touches, holding, caresses, etc. Hence, whenever I’m chatting up a random stranger on the streets or wherever else have you; I aim to touch her IMMEDIATELY!!!!

I don’t mean grope or fucking molesting chicks on the streets. What I mean by getting physical, is PLAYFULLY touching, tapping, hitting and holding. “Playful” being the operative word here! For example, with the still-shots here of me chatting up this random stranger off of cold approach on the streets, within minutes of the approach, I was already moving her, caressing her finger tips, grabbing her by the hand (playfully and flirtingly), interlocking my arm with hers as we walk and chat (playfully)…as you could see in the photos. So again guy; when meeting women while out and about, bear in mind that you want to create a fun, funny, lighthearted vibe in which you can then (within minutes) naturally escalate physically with the girl, without causing any weird or offensive backlash. 


Download Your Complimentary [Free] Copy Of “Netflix & Sex”… The .PDF Guide

Here’s a bonus for you guys: a 17 page guide on how to physically, sexually and romantically escalate on a girl while Netflix and Chillin’.

The Complimentary guide is very detailed, and it deals with the specifics of how to get romantic with your Netflix date.

It is specifically geared towards shy guys and those who suffer from sever anxiety when it comes to pulling the trigger.



Get Laid From Netflix & Chill…free download [PDF file type, 220 kb file size]

Alcohol Is Your Secret Ally To Getting Laid Easily [Plausible Justifiability]

There’s a reason why I always opt for drinks at my hotel, drinks at an eatery joint, or drinks wherever it is I’m to meet up with a girl.

In any case; I prefer drinks be involved.


Random street pulls with alcohol inducement

Is it because I want to get the girl inebriated and date rape her?

Of course not you sick fuckers!

Why I always try to ensure that alcohol be present [even if we barely consume it] is for “Plausible Justifiability” purposes.

Plausible Justifiability [let’s just say “PJ” in the interest of time] in its rawest definition, is an excuse; a would-be plausible excuse for some sort of action taken- in this case- by the girl in the equation.

Therefore, alcohol acts as justification [plausibly so] in the girl’s mind, whereas if she sleeps with Joe Blow, having consumed some alcohol, she can justify said action [fucking Joe Blow] by saying to herself [and others], “I was under the influence. I had a few drinks”.

This will not only give her comfort and justification in her actions, but others will excuse her, since after all, having consumed alcohol is a plausible reason for fucking some random guy.

She is justified in being slutty!

Without alcohol present- let us say on the date- there must be something else [likely unknown to the guy] which the girl can latch onto, claim Justifiability, then sleep with the guy.

Therefore, not having alcohol, and not consuming any, will only make the guy’s attempt for sex that much more difficult…unless there are drugs involved, or other mind-altering agents.

Here’s the thing- and I have no personal experience with this since I don’t smoke anything at all- but judging from what I see and stories that I’ve heard, it is much easier to sleep with a girl while she’s under the influence or high…basically.

I don’t believe it requires rocket-science to see the obvious logics in such a statement: that a girl who’s high will have been more susceptible and easier persuaded towards sex.

Now, here is the thing- and here is where I pontificate with my own theory on the drugs and sex connection: it isn’t the drug or alcohol itself [their content] that makes the girl pliable and easier, but “Plausible Justifiability” in the girl’s mind which facilitates her actions to go along with sex.

Though the girl may have knowingly been under the influence of whatever it is she consumed or ingested, that alone would not have tipped the scales towards sex with the guy who’s there, partaking in the act of inebriation or getting high along with her.

The effects of alcohol do NOT lead to sex!

The effects of drugs do NOT lead to sex neither!

Again- this is my hypothesis.

However, there is no proof of this, and no way possible to prove this as factual [that drugs and alcohol consumption chemically induce sex].

Why this may seem so is simply as I explained above: having consumed alcohol or drugs, women more specifically, justify to themselves why doing something they otherwise wouldn’t do, would be justified plausibly. Not only to herself, but to others on the outside…and to the guy who may have slept with her.

Hence, it isn’t the content of the alcohol or drug that pushes a girl towards sex.

She leads herself into that action while justifying it by being under the influence of something other than herself.

Thus, she cannot be held responsible for her actions.

If it was really so, that alcohol and drugs actually lowers one’s inhibitions and pushes him or her into having sex besides their own will, then why aren’t women who drink and do drugs, for example sake, sleeping with any random guy they come across on the subway, streets, bars, nightclubs, parties or over Thanksgiving dinner?

Why isn’t horny Tina, who has had a few drinks at the family reunion, hooking up with uncle Bob who’s been fondling her ever since she was 10 years old, and wanting to shove his old-dirty pecker inside of her?

Why aren’t women under the influence walking down the street naked, fingering themselves on the park benches or at restaurants, letting themselves go while under the influence of something?

Why not? Because they [we] still have the vast bulk of control over their actions and thoughts while under the influence. So that is why we aren’t just blowing our brains out at random after downing a few cocktails. Even the hardest drugees know better than to dive off of a 10 story building, being driven and controlled by whichever drug they had shot up.

The most sex-deprived guys on Earth, or even virgin men who’ve never tasted poon, aren’t downing booze or doping up, to then stagger around town raping random chicks all about the place!

No one does this sober, nor under the influence for that matter, because the risk outweighs the reward.

Additionally, no matter how horny a girl is, being under the influence won’t at all drive her to ripping off the male bartender’s pants and fucking him right then and there!

She has control! Not only some. But she has full control of her actions!

Whether drunk or high: we know right from wrong, and we do right most of the time, even while under the influence! Or else, there would be mass casualties at bars and nightclubs all around the world, where drunk guy kills other guys for checking out his girlfriend…then jumps off a bridge while at it.

You get the point, right?

We still have actionable and mental control over what we do and say while under the influence.

With all that which was said, and in relation to dating, women justify their actions to have sex with a new guy by placing responsibility upon anything other than themselves.

She’ll even lay blame upon the guy who had fucked her!

If you’re a guy who has any sort of intelligence about females, you would accept every ounce of responsibility for the sex: prior to, and after the sex.

Whether you as the man accepts responsibility for the sex or not, the girl will always lay blame on you for it having happened.

How come?

She doesn’t want to be perceived as slutty [a woman’s greatest fear].

This is why she will blame the guy, alcohol or drugs for having coerced her into the act of sex.

Without a doubt- she fucked the guy on her own volition- even if she had a drink or 2, smoked some weed or snorted some cocaine! But she needs a source/outlet of “Plausible Justifiability” upon which to cast the blame.

The following may not be a popular declaration, but I’ve made it before without trepidation: I personally believe that a fair amount of rape cases was actually false-rape accusation, alleged by the female involved.

She might have wanted sex, and even verbally consented to it, but for whatever reason [a bitter fallout for instance], she subsequently decides to call foul/rape.

This is also common among collegiate-level athletes, where subsequent to gang-banging a chick at a campus function, the girl- though she was a willing participant- because of shame, or perhaps she felt threatened that the guys would go public about the romp [remember this is a girl’s #1 fear], she decides to call foul about the entire incident.

Perhaps 1 of the jocks involved was an ex-fling. Now the girl feels shitty about herself, so she confronts the guy about the gang-bang but she was blown off and made fun of. Girl then decides to go public [as in report the incident to authorities] as rape, and not that she was a willing participant in the orgy.

These things happen on and off of campus, at parties, concerts, etc.

This however hearkens back to my previous point that women will rarely ever take personal responsibility for having sex [this is with a new guy]. They were either drunk [or drinking], high [or smoking], pressured or raped: alcohol, drugs and men get the blame.

As the man- if you were wise- you would want to take the burden of responsibility for sex happening [I definitely don’t mean in the cases of false-rape accusations nor anything egregious].

A woman [mainly one whom you haven’t bedded yet] will NOT go through with sex, if she, even for a split second, feels that the burden will be left with her.

This is where alcohol comes in to save the day as far as my methodology of getting laid is concerned.


Rendezvous with professional photographer from Vancouver, British Colombia...and a few beers. 😉

Make no mistake about it: I do NOT have to have alcohol handy in order to get laid.

It is used solely as a psychological red herring.

In fact, I don’t even keep alcohol at my place as most guys do.


Yea- so- basically, having a drink or 2 while on the date or meet-up, will have created a dynamic where the girl uses “Plausible Justifiability” in order to coerce herself into having guilt-free sex…which she wants to have anyway, but she only needs an external source in which to lay blame…in this case: the alcohol.

Furthermore, we’re all familiar with stories of girls getting hammered and going wild: letting go of their inhibitions.

What if I were to tell you that this is just a ruse: a sham, and that the girl-gone-wild while under the influence, isn’t because of the alcohol at all, but that she really intended to go wild anyways, but only used the pretence of alcohol as a smoke-screen for “Plausible Justifiability” to justify her actions of going wild and getting slutty?

Well- that is the truth…at least my theorization on it.

Chicks often consume alcohol in order to use “alcohol” as the culprit for their capricious behavior. Not that the alcohol was ever a true influence, but she only used it as such while creating that impression to observers…or to the guy she’s hoping to have sex with.

Men are also guilty of this shit, however, not to justify having sex, but aggression.

We would drink [or get high] just to show aggression, start a fight or to do something even more egregious.

Not that the alcohol transformed us into an aggressive beast of a man by injecting us with a dose of liquid courage. But we “CONSCIOUSLY” justify our acts of aggression- like bashing a guy over the head with a beer bottle- while using alcohol, drugs or being under the influence as the reason of justification for said actions.

It is all bullshit!

We consciously do our wrongs and good deeds. And we have FULL control over whether we do them or elect not to do them [whatever “them” may be].

I mean- such actions are even legally justified to a considerable extent by the judiciary.

Someone who had committed a crime while “claiming” to have been under the influence of some substance, can justifiably claim that he wasn’t [fully] responsible for having committed that offense. And the law will likely take that claim into consideration, more so once the person’s legal council makes this known within the proceedings. There are provisions within the law [Westminster system that is] which have to take this into account.

The only offense in which the judiciary does not accept “I was under the influence” claim [at least in America], is driving while under the influence which may have resulted in an accident or vehicular homicide. The law does not show leniency towards an assailant’s claims of being under the influence of a controlled substance [alcohol] in such cases.

Therefore, alcohol [or drugs] often times gets culpability for one’s actions: legally, socially and sexually.

My well thought-out hypothesis remains as mentioned earlier: those “supposed” controlled substances aren’t responsible for one’s action, nor do they truly compel nor sandbag one into action. But we only lay blame on such external substances in order to avoid taking personal responsibility for our not-so palatable actions…like committing crime, breaking laws, sleeping with someone we barely know and so forth.

The so-called professionals and experts in this field [substance abuse] would likely disagree with my theory here, because they truly believe that someone who’s been drinking or is high, is considerably under the influence and control of something other than himself/herself.

Again, I disagree with the so-called experts. Because if this was truly the case- that alcohol and drugs “TRULY” control our actions- then those of us who drink and get high [I only drink] would be careening to our deaths on a wholesale daily basis in highly irrational fashion: jumping from bridges and skyscrapers, instigating an unprovoked shootout with an entire police precinct, violently storming an army barrack as a civilian itching for a fight, catapulting ourselves into the middle of oncoming traffic…on the highway.

If we were truly under the influence and power of any substance outside of ourselves, we would be doing some crazy-fucking shit…REGULARLY!

Thus, there is a limitation and boundary, or something within us [which is our ration-thinking mind], which tells us that diving through the window of a 10-story building, will not be a smart idea…hence we elect not to do so…even when drunk or high. BUT- while drunk or high, shouldn’t we technically become irrational and highly liable to do irrational shit?

Therefore, how can we truly claim “I acted under the influence”, or “I was controlled”, when we are rational and mindful enough to not do anything as stupid as jumping in front of a speeding train…even while under the influence?

You may respectfully disagree with my thesis here. I’m cool with that!

Certainly these irrational actions happen somewhat with regularity! But they aren’t committed by any sane person who might have had a few drinks or snorted some coke. Crazy people, who are truly acting outside of their logical minds, are the ones running into oncoming traffic, laying themselves on a railroad while a freight train chugs along, diving from a building, etc.

They have no control!

However, don’t tell me that a rational-thinking person deciding to strip their clothes off at a party, is doing so because he/she is being controlled by a substance, having downed a few Tequila shots or snorted a line of coke.

I would hazard a very good guess that the person decided to strip at the party because that person wanted to do it anyway! But he or she had only used alcohol or drugs as pretext to justify their actions…of stripping at the party for example.

Anyway, so when you adjoin everything together which I’d touched upon within this article [“Plausible Justifiability”], and apply it to women in courtship, mating and dating, you will have gotten a very very precise picture of how and why women operate the way they do while claiming to be “under the influence”, and how and why I prefer to have alcohol present in order to feed into this myth, and encourage the girl to want to hook up.

If she believes that alcohol makes her horny [I’ve come across many girls who hold this belief]- FINE- I’ll bring some, or invite her on a rendezvous with alcohol being handy.

Surely there is no real study which shows that alcohol makes one sexually aroused. But the girl buys into this myth because it suits her hidden agenda of wanting to have sex while needing something upon which to cast blame and culpability [the alcohol] so she doesn’t appear slutty for conceding to sexual intercourse with the new guy on her own free will while sober.

She truly wants sex! But she won’t ever admit this unless she’s been drinking or getting high.

Get her to drink, it increases the chances of her having sex. Not because the alcohol is in control of her actions, but she needs the alcohol as a source of blame for her “conscious” decision and action to have sex.

Lastly, women will often excuse a man’s behavior while he’s “under the influence”.

This is secretly why guys who drink and pretend to be intoxicated, get aggressive and sexual with women.

They consciously know what the fuck they’re doing!

The so-called drunk guy at the bar [he may very well be drunk] is consciously aware of his actions of trying to grope or kiss some random woman in the venue.

He’s also aware of the fact that because he’s been drinking, others will excuse his actions by saying, “Oh- he was drunk”! Hence, he rids himself of culpability/blame.

He would not have attempted this act while sober [trying to make out with a girl] because he doesn’t have the cover of alcohol to hide behind as plausible justifiability. But by no means is the drunk guy unaware of his actions, except in the cases where he doesn’t quite have full conscious control of his limbs [particularly the legs]. Hence, a guy who’s pissy drunk is liable to trip or stumble over himself. But it doesn’t at all mean that his wants, desires and intentions aren’t clear to him.

In any case, people will often excuse our actions once we’ve been drinking.

This can turn out to be a positive or negative depended on the situation and the results.

For instance, if on a date having wine with a girl whom you’ve never gotten intimate with before, and you decide to escalate physically and sexually by caressing her hands sensually; in most cases, she isn’t likely to react negatively…especially if she’s been wanting this to happen.

She will excuse your intimate escalation by telling herself, “he’s had a bit much to drink”. Having been drinking some wine herself, she is likely to accept your physical and sexual escalation under the guise of intoxication.

Thus, she’s pleased to give her date the impression that the wine had made her pliable, easy and receptive to his sexual advances.

This is why it puzzles the shit out of me that guys can take a girl out, 2-4 dates, have wine or cocktails, yet not get intimate with her at all.

Dude- the alcohol is your goddamn ally! Your date expects you to escalate having been drinking! But you constantly blow it by being a giant pussy!

The girl is more than likely to excuse your actions and blame it on the alcohol!

What is the worse that could possible happen by taking your date’s hand and trying to sensually caress her fingers?

She either tells you to stop, pulls away, calls for the bill, pays for her stuff and leave!

That’s it!

Worse case scenario!

You won’t die!

You won’t even collapse from a nervous breakdown!

What the hell is there to lose?

Absolutely nothing!

On that note, I want you to realize that almost everything I do as far as women and dating are concerned, is logistically strategic in hopes of getting me inside of her little-pink flesh.

Do I always get laid from my rendezvous and so-called dates?

Certainly not.

However, I believe in maximizing my chances of getting laid by being strategic and using psychology to facilitate sex.

Though I may not leave from every so-called date having had sex with the girl. But you best believe that getting physical, making out, mutual groping, etc. will have undoubtedly taken place 100% of the time…even though the meet-up may not have culminated in sex.

Furthermore, whenever I introduce alcohol into the picture, it is NEVER with the intention to get the girl drunk in the least!

In fact, I have a 1-drink policy [2 if she’s lucky] where I get her 1 drink, and 1 for myself also [2 if I’m feeling generous 😉 ]. So, my intention isn’t to get the girl nor myself inebriated. I just want enough alcohol [1 glass or 1 bottle will suffice] to create the impression that we both are buzzed, hence she gets to give herself justification for allowing me to physically and sexually escalate upon her.

Not that she’s actually buzzed or tipsy [for crying out loud; she would have only had 1 drink]! But the impression is the most important factor here.


Rendezvous with photographer from Vancouver...and a few beers. 😉

At the end of the meet-up, if sex does happen, she can rationalize it to herself [and to me indirectly] that it wasn’t her conscious decision to fuck me [while sober], but the alcohol made her fuck me…even though she only had 1 drink and was completely operating from a sober frame regardless.

It’s all psychological guys.

Now, imagine this: on your so-called date, you grab for yourself and the girl water or juice [anything nonalcoholic]. What is there to now give the girl [false] justification to allow you to get intimate with her, without her recoiling or drawing herself back because she’s uncomfortable?

I hope you’re following.

If the girl had only drunk water, juice or had tea [non-intoxicants], why would she fuck you?

What would have been her “plausible justification”?

Are the cranberries in the juice aphrodisiacs? Not that I know of.

Hence, you are liable to receive a “WTF is he doing” look as you escalate on your date in the absence of alcohol.

Now, I’m not saying you can’t sleep with a new girl for the first time without having drinks [alcohol]. Half of my lays have happened without any drinks involved. However, it only complicates things a bit [not having alcohol] whereas the easiest avenue to achieving sex [having alcohol] is inadvertently sealed off, which means you’ll have to revert to a plan b or c.

By the way, this quasi tip is more so directed at the guys who suffer from social anxiety and have escalation issues.

If you’re comfortable, confident and adept at making a move on women [as I am], then you can very well escalate and get sexual with your date without trepidation of anything going South [as in real objections]. Having to need alcohol as a psychological crutch will not be that necessary.

Where and how guys find themselves in sticky situations like date-rape and so on, is by trying [intentionally] to get the girl drunk by buying drink after drink, or trying to take advantage of the situation [the girl] while she’s already pissy or black-out drunk.

I mean, chicks aren’t stupid. They know when you’re intending to get them drunk and capitalize off of the perceived handicap.

In lots of cases, the guy ends up forcing himself upon the girl, believing that she’s had enough drinks and is now incoherent, so he forces the issue, the girl resists [knowing that she’s been duped] the guy persists, then everything blows up in everyone’s face.

To avoid such a dumb situation that lots of guys get themselves into, I adhere to my 1-2 drink policy, and the girl will have had no reason whatsoever to believe that I was attempting to get her drunk and take advantage of her. After all; why would I only buy 1-2 drinks if I had villainous intentions like to date rape her via intoxication?

Be as it may, in a future article, I’ll deal with the topic of strategic logistics and how I structure my dates in order to maximize the chances of sex.

If you haven’t seen my 36 minute hidden-cam date video from earlier in the year [with a girl I picked up online], I suggest you check it out to see some of the concepts I talked about here being put into action.

Field Report- Risky Rendezvous At HOT MILF’s Place While Her Boyfriend Was Tricked Into Not Coming Over

I posted the following status to Facebook yesterday afternoon.


That little bit sums up last night in a nutshell.

I met a sexy MILF last week on cold approach and I ran my usual pick-up script as expected.

The fact that she’s in a relationship didn’t matter to me, especially since it doesn’t matter to women themselves.

I set up the rendezvous as usual.

Here is a screenshot from a chat we had yesterday noon, prior to confirming our meet-up at her place [her texts in white. Mines in green].


From her messages, you can see that she wanted me to come by the Wednesday night I had other occupations].

She rang me but I had my phone on silent mode since I was meeting up with another girl and didn’t want the bother. She took this to mean that I didn’t want to talk to her the Wednesday night.

Be as it may, Thursday night was ideal since I was able to squeeze her into my tight schedule.

The following screenshots were from yesterday evening into the night as I headed to her place [her texts in white. Mines in green].




The following 2 screenshots are from when the risky rendezvous concluded and I left her place [my texts in green].



Did I manage to sleep with her.

Apparently not.

That wasn’t the purpose [sex] and I’ll explain this in detail in a subsequent article that you’ll find very intriguing.

Anyway, so that was last night.

The bulk of our meet-up @ her place consisted of conversation [quite naturally] about her profession, failed attempts at marriage back in 2003, how she had her alleged first and only One-Night Stand from a nightclub a few years ago after a stressful workweek and week of exams, since she was enrolled in college at an older age some years ago. So she decided to go out alone and allow for anything to happen [her choice of words].

During the entire in-house rendezvous, as expected, I was physical, romantic and always escalating.

The moment I hit the couch in her living room, within 2 minutes tops, I was already stroking her fingers and running my hand and fingers up and down her arm in a light and sensual fashion.

She gave no resistance to this whatsoever.

Just as I didn’t, you have absolutely nothing to fear in getting sexual and touchy-feely with your date or any girl in your presence for that matter.

The longer you wait to touch the girl, the more awkward it becomes for both parties. Sooner you attempt to touch, the girl will have surmised that being touchy-feely is a natural part of your being…hence she won’t get freaked-out.

Minutes later, I alternated my touches by running my hand down her back, across her shoulders and neck.

I did this for literally over an hour straight.

Alternately, I caressed her thighs also, which were fully exposed as she wore the shortest denim shorts I’ve seen in ages.

This was surely a deliberate attempt to temp me.

Eventually, I wrapped up the session and left sans [without] sex.

You always want to end the date, meet-up, phone call or texting before she does.

Ending things first should apply straight across the board.

When I ended it last night she was shocked in every conceivable way since 99.9% of girls on the globe have never gotten a date or meet-up ended on them, rather than they ending things on the guy to his dismay.

On a more important note, I want to touch on girls having boyfriend.

Do you remember just weeks ago I posted a post about women with boyfriends being easily seduced, and that 96% of the girls I pick up happen to be in relationships [by no coincidence at all]?

Well- since publishing that post about 3 weeks ago, every single girl whom I’d picked up from cold approach, has a boyfriend.

Over the last 3 weeks, I picked up about 10 new and random girls; about 5 via Facebook and the remaining 5 on street approaches.

All 10 of them have a boyfriend.

Again; this confirms a point which I’ve been hammering for years, that every woman have a boyfriend and there is no such thing as a girl being single!

Single girls do NOT exist!

You either fuck girls with boyfriends or you get no sex at all.

Most note-worthy though is how easily a girl is to dismiss her boyfriend, and to even go to the extent to deceive him for new-cock opportunities.

This shouldn’t be news flash since I’ve always taught you guys that relationships mean squat to most women.

Women are well-aware of the non-importance of relationships, even the 1 that they are tied into, which is why they can and will often cheat without a tad bit of remorse.

Men on the other hand, are the only ones who seem to believe that relationship are binding contracts [though they are] and that fidelity/faithfulness should be expected.

Entering a monogamous relationship is a huge gamble for men in particular, because men tend to put more stock into it as a serious endeavor, while for women, a relationship is taken with a grain of salt.

I’ll speak about why this is in a subsequent post.