Chick Decided To Google Me…”Oh Nooooooo”!!!!!

I sometimes get chicks who Google me.

Do I ever panic?

Not at all.

However, with this chick; I did get a bit panicky because I never anticipated her googling me.

Usually, the occasional girl who
admits to googling me, had always led on to it. So I expected it. But this chick here caught me by surprise! But all in all- it is a HUGE DHV to have women google you- especially if something eyebrow raising pops up…anything short of heinous of course.

By the way, this is a girl whom
I’m currently gaming via Facebook, so it’s crazy ironic that she’s been reading my blog, essentially learning my moves and shit. But again guys; this is a plus!

I want to end this off by asking you this: why isn’t she appalled and royally turned off by this discovery?

Why does she find it interesting opposed from sleazy and awful?

I mean- after all- I write about the sexual exploitation of women [this wouldn’t be my definition, but often that of outside observers].

The thing is, women secretly love the idea of being talked about; whether good or bad.

I posed a status to Facebook the other day saying that 80% of the personal statuses which women post to social media, are about them being talked about, hated on, they’re the center of someone else’s attention in some negative way, and so on and so on.

Chicks are consumed by this notion of being talked about and written about. It is the classic example of no publicity is bad publicity.

Throughout my time of blogging about women, on about 5 separate occasions, I’ve had the girls whom I’d written about, discovered that they were blogged about (sexually).

However they were able to find out is somewhat puzzling to me (perhaps they’d googled me). But the most important take away- at least for me- is that these girls were hardly bothered in any genuine sense upon the discovery that they were the center of attention somewhere out there on the internet.

Of those 5 girls who found out that I blogged about picking them up, and shagging them, not 1 of them requested that I remove the article about her.

Moreover, I had even suggested (via email correspondence with the girl) to remove the blog post if they felt uncomfortable.

To my surprise, the mere thought of me removing the article, seemed to have rubbed them the wrong way. 😯

It’s like they were saying to themselves: “How dare you even suggest removing the article after you’d already written about me, and made me the center of attention for a day or 2 on the internet”!

In a nutshell, it is almost always a plus to have a girl google you and find something apart from your Facebook or social-media accounts.

Accept The DHV & Pre-Selection Props That They Give You

Unlike the greater percentages of males out there, I happen to work with an all-female staff with myself being the lone male.

This dynamic can be good or bad depended on how you look at things.

For instance: women are very catty, petty and bitchy. In the workplace environment there’s no difference.

On the other hand, you can actually learn a lot about women by observing their operations as in a co-worker situation such as myself.

In addition to that, you should take note of nuance circumstances like when your female coworkers inadvertently play you up to other girls (perhaps another female coworker).

Historically; I don’t do coworkers. Not that I have anything against it, nor do I believe it’s unethical and so forth. I just don’t often have the logistical opportunity to bang a coworker (though I have in the past).

In any case, and this doesn’t have to be a coworker situation, there are times when your female coworkers, or women for that matter, will DHV you or make you appear as an attractive man to others women.

Note: this is done inadvertently and sub-consciously.

Ever had women (or a woman) say some slick, snarky shit to you, or about you, in the presence of other chicks?

Of course you have!

We all have!

Generally, guys play the ultra-defensive role in trying to defuse the snarky comment, not realizing that this may actually be a DHV in his favor.

What am I actually getting at?

Well- for example- I have 3 female coworkers who regularly bust my chops and try to play C&F (Cocky-Funny) with me.

We have like a push-pull, banterish sort of relationship.

Over the past few months, the main antagonist would say to me:

“So Kenny, how many women did you sleep with over the weekend since you’re such a whore”?


Rationally thinking, the average guy would take such a comment/question in the negative, to either play the defensive or get somewhat annoyed at the audacity of being called a man-whore.

Whenever this prime antagonist of a coworker, around other female coworkers, says that I’m a whore, I flip the script and take it positively.

I don’t tell her to stop.

I don’t back down from her assertions.

Even when I tell her that I’m an angel, it isn’t believable at all, coupled with the fact that I’m being humorous about the angel part.

Overall, you never want to get offended whenever chicks inadvertently make you look more attractive in the eyes of other women.

If a girl calls you a whore or womanizer; you don’t back down from that claim!

You own it by agreeing with her! Or play it cool while being neutral.

Here’s what I’ve been noticing over the months ever since 3 female coworkers of mines, in particular, have been trying to brand me as a womanizing player (which I am by the way): those same 3, included the others who tend to keep out of the back and forth banter, they have been coming on to me ever so slightly over the past month or so.

This means more subtle IOI’s from them, and more insinuations and sexual innuendos on their part.

Here’s the reality- and this is for guys who aren’t au-fait with what we teach in seduction: women are subconsciously attracted to womanizers, players and ladies’ man.

I won’t get into elaborate details about how and why this is.

As an average thinker who’ve drunk the koolaid of mainstream dating, you’re led to believe that being labeled a womanizing lad would devastate any chance of that guy ever getting a girlfriend or even just to get a girl remotely interested.

Well- top-tier pick-up artists such as myself have debunked this myth time after time.

Hence, as it pertains to the situation between my female coworkers and myself, I was smart enough to see through the facade, and in turn, work it in a way that amplifies the attraction.

Be on guard for the subtle IOI’s and when girls talk you up in the presence of other girls.

Did She Think It Was An April Fools Prank?

When you’re accustomed to picking up so many girls you’re bound to run into the quality problem of picking up girls who have the same name.

This chick whom I’d picked up back in December during DayGame, hit me up this morning. But I mistook her for another girl in my phone who has the same name as hers.

For some weird reason, I didn’t save her name with a nickname as I usually give every girl I pick up.

On another note, it goes to show that when you’re used to picking up lots of chicks, no 1 girl is ever that special…at least not for me.

I often pick up chicks and forget their name and # and don’t even contact them in months…as is the case with this chick whom I was supposed to meet up with back in December but I stood her up due to other plans.

Anyway, I totally didn’t know which Joyanne it was since I have 2 of them in my phone. If I’m up to it; I may just grab a drink with her later.
[Her texts in white. Mines green]





And no it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke.

Picking Up More Random Girls On Facebook With Boyfriend + Meeting Up @ Hotel As My Designated Rendezvous Spot [Girl 2]

Hey guys, just another day at the office with the Facebook pulls.

This time around, I will detail 2 pulls almost simultaneously, of 2 girls having a boyfriend [but this post will only deal with the 1st pull].

With the 1st hot girl, the script was semi-usual: I came across her profile, checked to see that she was located on the same island, sent her a friend request with an accompanying-inbox message demonstrating high value and so forth.

Just as with 95% of the randoms whom I friend-request: she accepted within the matter of 45 minutes the most.

Now, this was back in April that I met her online and friend-requested her.

As in a handful of cases, I don’t immediately pounce upon the girl for a meet-up or a # if I sense that she has tons of guys hitting her up based on her hotness…and if my fucket-list is already filled.

Hence, I added her since April and literally didn’t inbox her again until July.

Again guys- if you’ve been following my recent posts, you will have noticed that this is part of my strategy where I allow massive chunks of time to pass while subtly popping up on the girl’s radar through the periphery.

In other words, I would comment on every 1 in 4 of her statuses and photos [all cheeky stuff of course], essentially making my presence known but in a way that demonstrates that I won’t chase, I won’t stalk, I won’t get creepy, neither shall I be in her inbox every second begging for her phone number.

Again- this sort of move separates me from the pack of clueless men [98% of them].

The girl will then wonder: “Why isn’t this dude kissing my ass as every other guy does? Why isn’t he inboxing me every second with some lame-ass shit and trying to get my #”?

Hence the story with this girl: I added and inboxed her [once] in April then again in July.

I didn’t beg nor ask for her number, nor did I tell her how beautiful and hot she was as 99.9% of men would have done.

Let me just say that there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with complimenting a woman on her beauty. Just that you don’t want to make that your ice-breaker.

You don’t want the girl to believe that the primary reason you’d contacted her was because of her looks.

As shallow as women are, they want to be appreciated for more than just their fucking looks!

Therefore, if your initial message reads something like, “Morning sweetheart. I think your very pretty. Can we talk”? Then you are doing it all wrong!

Now, I know what you’re going to say: “But Kenny, you inbox girls telling them that they’re beautiful and sexy, so what’s the difference”!?

Sexy! But never beautiful!

Rare as it is, about 5-10% of my Facebook openers consist of me saying to the girl that she’s sexy or hot.

However, that observation/compliment still is NOT the focal point of my message.

If I inbox a random on Facebook and tell her that she’s hot, I am not just making that observation alone.

I will have tamper it down by affixing a high-value comment along with the compliment.


Here’s an example of what the average guy does, and what I do [5-10% of the time].

Average guy [low-value approach]: “Good morning sweetie. You’re very beautiful. Can we talk sometimes”?

Kenny [high-value approach]: “Hey Jamie, you’re definitely hot. Anyway, I’m Kenny. Looking forward to catch up when the time is right. Later”.

See the difference?

I’m not begging her for anything [convo, #, her time, etc]!

Thus, my approach [initial inbox] was high value, even though I told the girl that she’s hot, while the average guy’s was low value because he mainly focused on her looks while DLV’ing himself further by begging the girl something [conversation].

Therefore, it is not that you shouldn’t tell a girl within your first message online that she’s hot or pretty [though I advise you not to]. It’s just that you shouldn’t highlight her physical beauty [by solely commenting on that] while simultaneously begging her for something.

I mean, think of it this way. If someone is trying to get something out of you, what is the most common tactic he or she would use?


Sweet talk!


Telling a girl she’s pretty, then in the same breath, try to get conversation or a # out of her, will often times inadvertently make you come off as a nefarious character with hidden agendas. Just as the vagrant or street-bum with a pleasant smile, holding the door for you in order to beg spare change.

That is how you come off when you compliment a hot girl, then immediately afterwards try to get her # or some of her time.

This is why strategically “Waiting” is so crucial!

In a recent article, I spoke about Strategic Patience.

Ok, so with this girl, I messaged her back in April [sounds redundant- I know].

Quite frankly- and this is what I’ve been speaking to- I didn’t expect her to reply.

I was merely making an introduction, which doesn’t require reciprocation.

Shoot and go!

Shoot and go!

Meanwhile, while commenting on her statuses [every 1 in 4], I was making my presence known without flooding her inbox like a chode.

July comes around [notice how long I waited], I inboxed her for the 2nd time. So that’s 2 non-needy messages in 3 months. Nowhere in the world a girl would think such an approach is desperate.

As you can see from the FB screenshot with time stamp of the July message.


Again- she never replied.

No worries!

That was in July.

About 2 weeks ago [in September], I sent a 3rd message on a Friday as you can see in the same screenshot.


Again- it was a non-needy and non-complimenting comment.

I wasn’t begging for a thing but merely making a trivial observation.

As I eluded to above, you want to appear as non-needy and unattached as possible.

Telling her she looks difference in every photo is a subtle dig which can mean a good or bad thing. Hence, it is hinting towards a girl’s insecurities where she is now left to wonder if she looks good or bad based on my observation on her photo.

Women are very fucking vain!

Remind you- she never replied up to this point [since April] until now.


Such an innocuous observation was powerful enough to finally get her attention.


Her first ever reply in 6 months was an approval-seeking one where she asked if it was a bad thing that she always looks different in every pic.

In pick-up terminology: this psychological tactic is called qualifying, where the girl tries to make your grade instead of you trying to make hers.

Now here it is, that a super-hot chick who had ignored my messages for nearly 6 months, is now trying to prove herself to me in asking if it is a bad or good thing that she looks different in her photos.

What happened?

How did the switch flip, and why didn’t she just continue to ignore me?

The fact that I never chased her for convo, I didn’t flood her inbox with lame texts or at all, and I made her a bit self-conscious, therefore this raised my value in her eyes.

The FB chat continues [her texts in grey. Mines in blue].



The point isn’t to chat for chatting sake.

My goal is always to hook up…meet up then hook up. Hence, I asked her about her weekends.

My pitch is always the same as of late [drink and snack date @ my hotel or guest house].


Always assume that the girl has a boyfriend- because the reality is- all girls have boyfriends! But that never deters them from hanging out and hooking up with me. 😉

She then called me through Messenger, which I thought was a mistake, so I hung up. We eventually set up the particulars of the meet-up.

We did manage to meet up over the weekend [Sunday] at my hotel as planned.

A great yet subtle trick I find that works like magic is to tell the girl [because of her relationship status] that it is much safer to dine in a private location [as a hotel] instead of a bar or restaurant where anyone can just walk in.

If you can’t find a cheap hotel, then suggest somewhere else.

Nine in ten times, the girl will oblige.

In fact, I’ve yet to meet a girl over Facebook who declined to meet up at my hotel for drinks under the guise that it is safer.

Which girl who has a boyfriend would decline to meet in private instead of a bar where she could get caught by someone who knows her boyfriend?

Hence, it is a great tactic to getting girls to agree to meet up.

Truth be told: I didn’t get to sleep with this girl. But that’s besides the point.

What I want you to take away from this article are these main points.

*No begging for conversation, and no compliment unless it’s done in a way that makes you seem un-fazed by her beauty.

*If a girl ignores your messages [on Facebook for instance], it may very well be a test to see whether you’ll chode yourself out and go text crazy.

*Always keep things low invested. Structure your texts in a way that give off the vibe that you can take it or leave it.

At the end of the day, the girl sees every message she gets. But she screens out the ones that are low valued where the sender is either asking for something, i.e. number or conversation.

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