Go Chode Mode! What To Do After You Get Her Phone # And Intend To Set Up A Date

Hey dudes, this is a killer concept that will eliminate (or help to eliminate) girls flaking on you and standing you up!

The latest video I put together and posted today.

This concept is applicable to text game and phone game. It’s essentially a mindset and game hack that I encourage you to adopt after you’d gotten the girl’s # and are about to meet up with her.

So…Go Chody!!!!

Date-Logistic Tips On Where To Sit

A little date tip for you guys: when on your so-called date, always look to sit beside the girl; side to side, shoulder to shoulder, instead of sitting right in front of her abroad the table.

Why so?

Ever sat at a table, eating right across from someone and felt that awkward, nervous feeling, as if the person is staring, or perhaps looking at the way you eat?

Well- if you as the guy experience this awkward feeling, imagine what the girl feels (triple the nervous tension). So, side to side instead, where you don’t have to face your date down and make it awkward for both parties.


Kenny PUA on insta-date pull with 19 year old


You may have seen videos of me sitting across the table from the girl, but there are reasons for that.

For starters, my so-called first dates don’t have that awkward feel to them since I know how to pre-manage awkward tension and nip it in the bud before it becomes a problem.

However, it is always the best option to sit side to side, a positioning which will have eliminated any awkward tension from staring into the other person’s face.

Lastly, someone had asked me, “but Kenny, I like to make eye contact with my date, so how am I gonna do that if I’m not facing her”?

Surely eye-contact is huge. But it isn’t necessary. Also, you don’t have to establish eye contact from across a table.

What I usually do, and it is pretty simple, is while I talk to the girl from the side, we make eye-contact by slightly shirting bodies towards each other.

Problem of not being able to make eye contact solved easily.

New Video: She Finds It Sexy That You Love Meeting Women + Killing Spontaneity Mistake

In this video, I touched on 2 topics:

1.) Women love men who love women

2.) How the way you set up dates kill spontaneity

Also in the last half of the video, is an old infield clip of a Day2 meet up with a chick whom I had pulled on Facebook few days prior to your meet-up.

New Video—> Pre-Date Hacks: Turn Weakness Into More Dates & More Sex

One of the least talked about routine in the Game…but also my favorite pre-meet up routine in order to get the girl more comfortable in wanting to meet up for the Day2.

I talk about “Strategic Vulnerabilities”, how to use them in order to make the girl more comfortable in wanting to meet up.

New Video—> Must Watch For Daters

How many chances do I give a girl after she flakes once? Do I even give her any 2nd. chance for that matter, or do I just next the fickle-minded harlot? I address that here, and I also talk about why it’s advantageous to give her the benefit of the doubt rather than Nexting her right away.

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Dont Ask Her For A Date; Invite Her To Join You!

How I get girls to meet up is very simple.

I NEVER ask them out!

I invite them to join me!

This is a very powerful frame (inviting) rather than begging/asking.

Own it and assume the sale!

With this girl here, I just hit her up on FB this morning about grabbing lunch today.

Pay attention to my frame and how high value it is and how I steer clear on being put in the beggar/asker frame. Not to mention this is a stranger whom I’d friend requested about 2 weeks ago.

[My texts in blue. BTW, “Chupz” is Caribbean jargon for KMT]



If all goes accordingly, I’ll be posting a video in the next day or so which deals with this (inviting a girl along to join you, opposed from officially planning something).

It’ll be very insightful.

Stay tuned chumps!