Politics Of The Cunnilingus Taboo In The Caribbean [NSFW]

“Cunnilingus as a taboo in the Caribbean”.

During the conclusion of the previous article, I shed a bit of light on the taboo subject of Cunnilingus in the English-speaking Caribbean islands.

Why did I adjoin “taboo” onto it?

Well- in the islands, performing oral sex on a woman is very tabooed.

Having mainly resided here for the last 4 years [primarily the island of Antigua and Barbuda which I’m a native of], with parentage and siblings also stemming from here, I’m pretty much au-fait with the culture on every conceivable level]…including the sexual taboos.

Women certainly would love to have a guy who goes down town without an inkling of an issue. However, the taboo factor of Cunnilingus doesn’t necessarily lies with women but men.

Men in the Caribbean islands aren’t too ecstatic about taking a dive below.

As a woman in this region, you would actually be hard-pressed to find a guy who would go down on you without having to virtually and literally bound him into taking such actions.

In fact- it is very offensive to even insinuate to a guy, let alone suggest, that he should go down on a woman!

There are tons of tales and legends which circulate these islands of men beating women to a bloody pulp because they had the audacity to ask them to perform oral sex!

I’ve even witnessed on few occasions, guys out in public slapping the daylights out of women for suggesting that they perform oral sex on them! 😯

Furthermore, this subject is so taboo that women actually shame and embarrass men publicly for “eating pussy”…even if the guy hadn’t done so!

I had a business associate years ago who cheated on his girlfriend with his ex. They got into a public altercation as a result, and the disgruntled girlfriend did the unthinkable in front of witnesses: she exclaimed loudly, “You fucking went down on me! You bow-cat”!! 😯 😯


“Oh no she didn’t”!!!

When she shouted this out for the world to hear, everyone included traffic, stopped, and you were able to heard a fucking pin drop that’s how quiet it got at that instance!

For a woman, in this part of the Caribbean, to claim that a guy had gone down on her (publicly at that), has this sort of traffic-stopping, music-halting effect.

It is just 1 of those things you never say to a guy or about a guy.

As a guy, you would be laughed at and publicly shamed by your peers!

Hence, my business associate at the time who was on the receiving end of this scandalous claim, was so embarrassed that he locked himself inside of his man-cave for weeks- too ashamed to venture out even to work!

Admittedly so, he told me that he never performed oral sex on his girlfriend. Moreover, he had never even performed oral sex in his life!

I believe him!

We all came to find out (after they had patched things up) that the girlfriend indeed had fabricated that lie and spouted it out through anger, just to cause great shame to her boyfriend for having cheated on her.

Therefore, when you think about it, even though a woman in these parts would love to have a guy who has openly accepted cunnilingus, she would still turn around, berate and shame that same hard-to-find guy, for performing oral sex on her. And she knows damn well that cunnilingus is 1 of those things which you just don’t ascribe to a man under no circumstance unless you’re looking for a grand fallout…or a beating.

Thus, it clearly speaks to the hypocrisy of women in these parts. On 1 hand: they desire a guy who’s into performing oral sex. On the other hand; they will shame the guy for doing just so.

As for the male mindset in the English-speaking Caribbean towards cunnilingus, it is as toxic as the hypocrisy dished out by women on the matter.

If you ask the average male here why doesn’t he “suck” (i.e. perform oral sex on women), his keynote argument would be this:

“Going down on a woman is demeaning, it gives women the power and it makes the guy submissive to her”.

Of all the guys I’ve surveyed (tactfully and indirectly), that was the average answer I would receive in regards to cunnilingus: men felt as though they are granting women all control, hence they feel powerless and submissive. And to top it off; they feel that it is demeaning.

My theory (as to why men in these parts on average feel this way) goes right back to women themselves, in that because a woman is liable to publicly out a guy as a pussy-eating bandit, men have become even more reluctant as a result, to the idea of performing oral sex, afraid that they may find themselves on the receiving end of a shaming session by some angry girl who’s trying to get back at the them for something said or done.

Therefore, men are paranoid shit of the potential backlash they may encounter as a result of this!

Since men tie fear into submissiveness, I now theorize and understand why the vast majority of young men in this region would surmise that going down on a woman would make them seem weak and submissive.

It isn’t the act itself that is deemed weak. But the backlash and being outed by women which will cause so much shame that the guy would feel a sense of fearfulness thus weakness.

Once women in this region begin to halt their public shaming of men who perform oral sex, men would feel a lot more comfortable to entertain the idea and to actually put it into action.

Thus, at the same time, women are inadvertently blunting their own sexual desires and expectations by threatening to expose men who go down, meanwhile desiring a man who goes down.

It is to the point of desperation in these parts where women are desperately in search of the elusive pussy-eater, and a guy who isn’t too concerned about being shamed for his cunnilingus-loving ways [a guy such as myself].

Exhibit A: the girl whom I’d picked up days ago on Facebook…the one who was adamantly fixated on having her pussy sucked.



This is no coincidence nor an isolated case.

It is actually the norm in these parts to have a woman desperately beg me to perform some oral action on her.

Eighty percent of the girls I pick up (whether online or on the streets), make it their business to harp on oral sex being a virtual prerequisite and a must, in order for me (or any guy) to successfully sleep with them.

Also, because I’m not a localized guy, women are encouraged to openly accost me about oral sex.

If I were locally raised; women will NOT at all be nearly as bold to put an “I want oral sex” pitch to me.

How come?

As I mentioned earlier: the average young man (any male for that matter) in the English-speaking Caribbean, does NOT take light to a woman insinuating that he should go down.

It is seen as a grave disrespect to men for a woman to expect, let alone pose such a question!

Hence, women find themselves in a bind where they have no choice but to resort to desperate measures in hopes of getting their oral fix.

To be honest, 1 of the reasons I get laid a ton in these parts (apart from game), is the fact that I openly share with women my propensity to perform oral sex on them.

Women in the Caribbean being oral-sex depraved (and desperately so), they latch onto the rare guy [like myself] who’s willing to go down and satisfy their sexual needs in that department.

Technically, I find it to be a win-win proposition! She gets her pussy eaten to a climax, and I get to fuck her as a result…while getting my cock sucked while at it. πŸ˜‰

Most guys in these parts will NOT make that compromise due to the taboo nature of going down on a woman!

He would rather not get laid at all than to go down on a woman and get laid in the process!

Ass-backwards if you ask me!

On a further note, and in regards to the male mindset, most men are opposed from performing oral sex on a woman, not only because of the backlash of getting shamed publicly by women, but they will also get a dose of “shame the eater” from the fellaz!

I mean- men are fucking proud creatures!

We work off of ego and pride.

Try to shame a guy about going down on a woman [in these parts], and he’ll deny that shit to the bitter end!

Being outed by a girl will also shatter his ego and pride. So much so that his buddies will likely distance themselves from him due to his exposing as a pussy-eater.

Therefore, not only do you have women who will berate and shame the guy for going down [that’s if a fallout happens…which is inevitable], but his own boys within his social circle will also berate and shame him, thus leading to his ostracization.

This is why it is so delicate of a situation for a woman here to make such a pitch to a guy about going down on her. He may likely lose his friends. Or in the best-case scenario, he’ll become the laughingstock of his peers.

Choose 1!!!

Men being pride-filled creatures, they would rather keep the company of “the boys” than to risk loosing it at the expense of getting laid.

As for myself on a personal; I have no boys neither a social circle of men here in the islands!

I’ve mentioned this quite a few times on social media: I have no male friends!

Guys in the pick-up community, my students included, would always ask me:

“Hey Kenny, why is it I never see you gaming, partying or clubbing with any other guy”?

“Why is it you always roll solo”?

Hence, it is quite clear to everyone who remotely knows me (or familiar with my lifestyle, whether through the blog or social media) that I have no male friends, and I roll solo.

With that being the reality, I have no social circle of guys of which to protect my ego, pride and company.

I am my own man.

Therefore, I am not proverbially held hostage for my lifestyle choices since I don’t have to worry about the boys shaming me for those choices.

Also, since I’m an Alpha-Fucking Male in that I don’t give a shit about pleasing the masses, men naturally sense this vibe about me, so they accept me for what and who I am.

You can only shame a weak Beta-Male who’s built on all ego and pride. One cannot shame a guy who doesn’t give a fuck about what others think…which is me!

Hence, I am open about having an affinity to performing oral sex on women!

I don’t hide it!

For crying out loud; I blog about it! πŸ˜† πŸ™‚

It is due to this freeness of expression which I embody why lots of guys who come across me, gravitate to me. Because truthfully, every guy wishes that he were free in expression and didn’t have his pride and ego stifling his choices in life.

This is why whenever I perform pickup around non-pickup guys, on the streets or at the bar, though they envy me for having the balls to pick up random women, they also secretly admire me for doing the unimaginable!

Thus, every now and then, I would have an emboldened and pride-free guy approach me and say:

“Hey man, I don’t want to sound lame or anything, but I was watching you pick up that girl and I was astonished by that shit. Much props”!

It takes a suppression of pride for a guy to approach another guy and congratulate him on his pickup prowess.

However, at the core of it all, it is the guy showing his admiration for another guy who has the balls to defy social norms by doing what he doesn’t have the courage to do.

As a guy living in this region, being open about performing oral sex on women, takes heart, guts, balls suppression of pride and a willingness to withstand (public) shaming, ostracization and being the laughingstock of the town.

Most men will NOT subject themselves to this sort of pressure!

Therefore, when such guys encounter a guy like myself who’s the total opposite (free from pride), they cannot help but to admire such a guy who embodies boldness and disregard for what society deems taboo.

Speaking of this, I have to laugh when I think back to last weekend at a lounge where I was chatting up a random hottie who’s about 19 years old.

Her girlfriend snapped these crappy photos below (she was inebriated and didn’t realize that the pics weren’t taken clearly).



Anyway, while standing and chatting her up and charming her a bit as she sat on a stool, I positioned myself between her thighs with my thighs touching her knees as I leaned over (forward) and talked in her ears.

Being that the music was so loud, I found myself having to shout aloud just so she could hear me.

As if it were on cue by some unseen entity, the music came to an abrupt halt (via a glitch) as I shouted in the girl’s ear:

“I wanna eat your pussy right here right fucking now”!

I mean, it was so on cue (the music stopping) that I wasn’t able to stop myself in mid sentence since my lips and tongue were already well in motion as I enunciated my intent!

The entire venue came to a standstill and every patron’s head snapped towards my direction, shocked at what was just exclaimed aloud!

They couldn’t believe it!

Everyone gasped and sighed, bottles dropped, the whole shebang! πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

I even had a guy say, “did he just say that”!?

The girl and I laughed about the gotcha moment. Later on, a guy even bought me a beer because he was so astounded by my shocking declaration which is a serious taboo, and no man dare publicly verbalize this…albeit I never intended for others to overhear.

However, because I owned it like a real man, and didn’t back down from my statement even when everyone gasped and frowned at me, I was ultimately hailed with respect instead of shame and laughter.

Most guys would have hauled ass and evacuated the venue out of embarrassment!

Conservatism In The Region

The English-speaking Caribbean is an ultra-conservative region.

When I say “ultra”, I mean that shit to the utmost!

In light of this conservatism which is wielded by the Christian Right, there exists somewhat of a contradiction which lends itself to the notion that the region is NOT conservative in the least, but very liberal and open.

Though an oxymoron, I would say that it is a liberally conservative region. πŸ™‚

This contradiction occurs partly because the political parties don’t divide based on conservative and liberal lines. All political parties consist of liberals and conservatives.

Where I reside currently as an example (the island of Antigua), prostitution, though not legal, is virtually legalized and has always been so…just not on the law books because the clergy that wields political influence here would not want to be seen as the endorser of prostitution being legally ratified. So the clergy doesn’t quite have an issue with prostitution being decriminalized off the books. But as long as it stays off the books.

I took the following photos about 2 weeks ago of hookers applying their trade on the corner and from within fast-food joints.


Jamaican hookers working out of a Middle-Eastern food joint, where alongside food, you can get a hooker πŸ˜‰


Below, Latinas [Dominicans] applying their trade on the streets…without worries of being accosted by law enforcements since they don’t enforce anti-prostitution laws…because it’s quasi-legal. πŸ˜‰


Dominican hookers working the popular streets of the city




As a result, anti-prostitution laws also aren’t enforced 1 bit. But here’s another contradictory twist to the already contradiction: prostitutes (whether they be street hookers or girls working via whore-houses), are indirectly encouraged to register their services, get regulated and to subject themselves to routine checkups for viruses, STD’s and HIV.

This is why it is rumored that hookers are the most clean and STI-free women in the Eastern Caribbean region (and the world) because they are subjected by law, to frequent testing on a weekly basis, thus they’re pretty up to date with knowing their so-called status, while the average woman doesn’t even get an STD or HIV checkup within her lifetime.

If prostitution can be regulated by the governments of this region then how is it not legal? So the contradiction perpetuates itself.

On a different note, and just to highlight the liberalism of the region [though a strict-religiously conservative region], drinking and smoking in public is totally legal. No identification needed to purchase alcohol. Minors often purchase alcohol and tobacco as long as they have consent of an adult (it’s usually at the discretion of the seller to sell to whomever).

In light of such relaxed laws towards the sale of alcohol, here’s another twist; the sale of alcohol is prohibited on Easter and or Good Friday [Christian holidays].


Also, the legal age of sexual consent ranges between 14 and 16 from island to island.

The legal-drinking age is also 16 in most islands (18 is the rare case).


Those are just few examples to support the contradiction that this is a very conservative region.

If you ask me, those are liberalistic ideas without a shadow of a doubt!

HOWEVER, it is very religiously conservative in regards to things such as gay marriage, gay rights and gay acceptance.

Gay sex is a serious crime in the English-Speaking Caribbean (known as buggery and sodomy on the law books).

Being gay is also a taboo in these parts, and you’re liable to get arrested (or even killed in places like Jamaica) for being openly gay.

In a so-called Christian society where almost all of the politicians consider themselves Christian Conservatives, there is no tolerance for neither gayness, gay rights nor gay people [I don’t support homosexuality so I have no issues with this].

In that regard, it is safe to say that the region is ultra-conservative…yet with lots of liberal touches.

Ok, so what does all this mumbo-jumbo have to do with Cunnilingus and eating a girl’s pussy?

Well, being a so-called conservative Christian society, sexual-deviant acts such as cunnilingus are frowned upon with almost the same distastefulness as homosexuality.

They are both taboos in these parts!

Moreover, going down on a girl is a neo-liberalism idea as far as sex is concerned.

In a conservative community, sex is supposed to be old fashioned and by the book!

Any sexual deviation would spell perversion and forbiddance.

With this sexual conservatism stamped into the psyche of every male and female (drilled into them by the media, the clergy, society and parents), sexual expressiveness is kept a guarded secret, hence the taboo surrounding cunnilingus and anal sex in this region.

Having resided in this region for a while now [I was actually born here before moving to New York City], I’ve learned to adapt and beat the dating system in order to milk my chances of getting laid on an ultra-consistent basis.

Though taboo in an ultra-conservative Christian region, lots of women are salivating at the thought of bringing their oral-sex fantasies to life.

However, there are few men willing to compromise and give women what they desire. Hence, a large number of women out here is hoping to find that elusive-sexual deviant who isn’t bounded by taboo and sexual hangups as far as cunnilingus is concerned.

Popular-Caribbean Music are Anti-Cunnilingus

On a final note, I want to touch on the most popular music genre in the region: “Reggae music”, and its now more popular sub-genre, Dancehall music.

With the younger guys, having been raised conservatively and persuaded in every crevice of society to remain sexually conservative, the music they mostly listen to has long launched an assault against “bow-cat”.

What is a bow-cat?

It is a Jamaican term used to describe (mostly shame) a guy who goes down on women.

Here’s a screenshot from a website belonging to a Jamaican, which features a glossary of Patois (Patwa), which is the language spoken in the Eastern Caribbean. You’ll notice “bow” or “bow-cat”.


“Bow”, which obviously means to bow or to bow down, is the verb often used in the English-speaking Caribbean for “going down on a girl”.

Hence, if a guy were to ask you, for example, “Do you bow”? He’s essentially asking you if you go down on women.

The cat part in “Bow-Cat”, I can theorize and guesstimate to say that the cat [pussy] is representative of the vagina.

The thing is, in the Caribbean-English Colloquialism [Patwa language], “Cat” means pussy…as in vagina. It is the tamer and more politically acceptable way to say pussy (though “cat” used in the context of vagina isn’t tolerated in broadcasting).

Be as it may, so the term “Bow-Cat” would roughly translate to a guy who bows to the cat [pussy/vagina].

It is a very disrespectful and offensive term to use to describe a male.

It is essentially fighting words! And if you call a guy a bow-cat, you’re liable to get fucked up.

Though it’s a Jamaican-slang term, as in every region, there is usually 1 place or country which wields the most influence in the media through film and music, which surrounding places, states or countries adopt such slang also.

For instance: Egypt.

Where it pertains to the Arabic language, the Egyptian dialect of Arabic (its terms, slang and colloquialisms) is the most learned and used around the Arab world, especially since the film industry pushes Egyptian films more than that of any other Arabic-speaking country.

Therefore, you would find Egyptian slang (through film and music) being propagated and used throughout every Arab country, especially since Egyptian films dominate the Arab world.

Hence Jamaica. Throughout the English-speaking Caribbean islands, Jamaican would be the Egypt of the region in that its music and films are the most popular, and they dominate the airwaves throughout every island, from the bars, nightclubs to everyday functions.

Saying that bit to say, the Jamaican term [“Bow-Cat”]- though Jamaican- it is intelligible, understood and used throughout the Caribbean wherever English [Patwa] is spoken.

The average guy here [even in Antigua where I’m currently located and was born], grew up listening to Jamaican-influenced music (Reggae and Dancehall), and watching Jamaican films, hence shameful terms such as “Bow-Cat”, are etched deeply within the average guy’s psyche.

No guy around these parts wants to be labelled a bow-cat!

In fact, since we spoke earlier about women shaming men for going down on them (though they want men to go down on them), the term most often used by women to shame such men, is “bow-cat”.

Though I don’t listen to the most popular Jamaican music known as Dancehall, whenever I happen to come in contact with it (which is unavoidable), most of its lyrics consist of shaming men who perform oral sex on women, in a sense, as a deterrent and warning to those guys out there who may dare think about “bowing” (going down on a woman).

Hence, you have a situation where guys in the Caribbean, who are sexually conservative to begin with, are forced to stay in line by the very musical icons they look up to and listen to on a daily basis.

In the Dancehall music genre, men are also encouraged to ditch any of their male friends who “bow”, and to disassociate themselves from any girl who dares mention “bowing”.

When you really crunch the numbers and add everything up, it becomes clearer and clearer as to how most men in this region are pressured to remain sexually conservative and to stay within that box of sexual normalcy!

The social ramifications of stepping outside the box is just too much for the average guy to bear.

Therefore, you should have now gotten a greater understanding of the dynamics at play within most of my pickups over the last 3 years…and why women in this region go bonkers for the elusive guy who doesn’t fall victim to the sexual stereotypes and stigmas.

The Secret World Of Sex, Mating And Cheating Women + Why Women Check Out Other Women With The “Evil Eye”!

The “evil eye”?

“WTH is that all about Kenny”!?

Ok- I’ll be the first to admit that the titling of this article is a tad-bit exaggerative [what an oxymoron]. But, the way in which most chicks check out other chicks, you can almost sense the disdain if you were to really become an observant of the sexes like I am.

Last night while at the bar running some usual night-game, I posted the following screenshotted status to Facebook.



Ok, couldn’t get any plainer!

The fact is; women check out other women way more often than men do!

You have some women who are super stealthy about it [just as some men].

On the other hand, you have your portion of women who are openly threatened by competition, so the least of their concerns is to adhere to social norms by not “STARING” at others.

Now, as my fellow seductionists have well pointed out as seen in the screenshots, the reason why women watch, stare and check out other women, boils down to 3 main factors:

1.) Competition

2.) Threat to her survival and replication value

3.) Inadequacy

I’ve always been aware of this “hidden” jealousy which women harbor towards each other. But last night while at the bar- this shit was somewhat surreal!

As if I had a magnifying apparatus glued to my face, I was noticing as every newly arrived girl entered the venue, the ones who were already there would stare, watch and point: some more blatant than others.

For clarity sake, I’m not speaking of girls staring other girls in the eye in combative fashion.

I’m talking about apparent-heterosexual girls breaking their necks trying to watch other girls’ asses as they saunter by.

If you were the average guy and you took note of this, you would surmise that these girls were Lesbians on the prowl trying to size up their female targets.

As a master seducer who had studied women under his proverbial microscope, I am well aware that these “looks and stares” are products of things much deeper and meaningful…like survival and replicative value in the sense of competition.

Women feel threatened whenever faced with potential competitors via other women.

Men to an extent have the same tendencies, especially since we are very territorial and protective by nature.

However, the stark difference here is that a man would behave that way when trying to guard his girl from potential preys via Alpha-Males who are hovering around the nightclub looking for a weaker guy’s girlfriend to pounce down upon.

Hence, for a man to feel a sense of competition, threat and rivalry from other men in a venue: is a totally different story…and plausible!

In the case of women now, they aren’t necessarily guarding their men from other women as to why they feel threatened, hence they watch other women with the “evil eye”. They are threatened by competition in other women, even though there may be no guy involved to whom they can stake thier claims.

Moreover, in the pickup world, we talk about survival and replication ad nauseum.

“What is that, and what does it have to do with women checking out other women’s asses”?

Well, it isn’t just ass-watching that women engage in when it comes to sizing up rivals.

They also check for boobs, hips, lips, facial affectations and attractiveness, blemishes, spots, scaring, etc.

There are also cultural variations just to be exact. The “ass-watching” [women watching other women’s asses] is more prevalent in black communities than others, where more emphasis of attraction value is placed upon buttox sizes [the bigger and wider the better], and girls with bigger asses are seen as more attractive [even if they has a shitty face]. Hence, they present more of a competition and threat to girls who aren’t that stacked in the trunk [this is in black societies].

This is not the case in communities such as Orientals for instance. Ass sizes don’t play a role in replication and mating value, neither in what a man finds to be the epitome of attractiveness and sex appeal within Oriental societies.

Likewise in white societies. The emphasis isn’t much on “ASS” but face.

White guys generally prefer a cuter face. Hence, a white girl living in a white community, is likely to feel more threatened by a cuter girl entering the bar. Whereas a black girl living in a black community, won’t pay much attention to the girl’s face, but her buttox in comparison to hers.

Other existential factors are things such as lips, outfit, grace, the manner in which a girl walks, her hair, hairdo, hair color [blonde-brunette], eyes, makeup, etc.

Those things are keenly noticed and noted by women whenever other women [potential rivals] enter a bar or nightclub.

You also have breast sizes which present a serious challenge from girl to girl.

“Are her boobs bigger than mines”?

“Are they as buoyant and perky, or sagging somewhat”?

Women scan for all these things!

They have to [at least they think they do]!

Her chances of mating, finding a mate, child-bearing [replication] and finding someone who can protect her [survival value], she feels to herself, are all in jeopardy once a so-called “hotter” girl shows up.

Now, this is all happening [feeling of threat, loss and competition] on a sub-conscious and unconscious level.

Women are NOT consciously aware of this…until they read my blog of course. πŸ˜‰

These feelings occur behind the scenes; beneath her level of consciousness.

I mean, share this startling piece of information with any girl [that women check out other women because of fear/threat to mating], and watch her deny that this even occurs to the top of the mountain!

Again; it isn’t that she’s lying or living in naivetΓ©.

She simply just doesn’t fucking know because these things occur outside of her awareness!

Hence, this will be news flash to her just as it might be to you guys who are reading this article right now.

Moreover, whenever a girl goes out- on the surface level [consciously that is]- it is to “have fun”.

She consciously rationalizes the decision to “go out” to mean enjoying herself with the girls and getting hammered.


What she doesn’t quite know, is that the agent which is actually driving her to want to go out [the secret propellant] is her innate desire to want to mate, breed [get pregnant] and survive [bearing kids means she lives on through them after she dies].

Secret Society of Mating, Pregnancy and Cheating

This is “Survival & Replication”!

It secretly drives every fucking girl’s motive!

Thus, if another girl threatens her chances of getting laid [this is what it is when you distill it all down], she will become catty, petty, gossipy and try to tear down the competition by devising some sneaky and crafty tactics such as pointing out something about the other girl which may possibly lower her chances of spoiling hers.

This is why girls talk about other girls so negatively.

Girl 1: “Look at her shoes! They don’t even go with that dress”! πŸ˜†

Girl 2: “Girl you’re right! And her hair color is so stupid! Which man would ever look at her”!?

As men; we never engage in such shenanigans! So the sexes, their modus operandi and their motives in life are totally different from each other!

Men and women are NOT the same! And I get royally annoyed as fuck whenever women say shit like:

“Men are like that too”! “Men do the same thing”!


We don’t have time to gossip about what the next man has on or how his shoes doesn’t match his shirt or any other meaningless chatter!

Men do not bring down the competition in such a way because it will come off as girly and insecure.

With women, it is about downing the competition at any cost because her life and survival depend on it!

If she doesn’t get impregnated sooner than later, she will have to face the dreaded menopause…which means death if she is childless and has no means to reproduce thereafter.

Hence, when you think about it that way: it is prudent and incumbent upon every woman to stoop low and play dirty in order to survive!

As for men, we can inseminate women up until the point of death. So we don’t [have to] operate from this paradigm of innate desperation as though we are on a time-clock of sorts.

Women are on the fucking time-clock!

Additionally, this is also the underlying reason why women cheat, and why they cheat way more than men do [contrary to popular belief].

She is in survival mode and trying to get impregnated as sooner and often as humanly possible!

The more sex opportunities with which she presents herself, and the more men she screws, the greater the chances of someone’s spermies fertilizing her egg.

Therefore, her inherent-motherly instincts can give a rat’s ass whether the girl is fucking 3 guys without condoms.

Survival instincts within a woman have not 1 iota of respect neither for health, diseases, maladies, STI’s nor confrontation!

The girl secretly yearns for those 3 men to inseminate her all during the same time period.

Moreover, this is why it is so easy to get a girl to cheat on her boyfriend, especially if he hasn’t yet impregnated her.

I posted a startling status to Facebook the other day which raised a lot of eyebrows where I declared that 96% of the girls I sleep with, all have boyfriends or are married.

Is this sheer coincidence?

Of course not!

To guys who lack the understanding of human and female biology in relation to mating; it is sheer coincidence that 96% of the girls Kenny sleeps with, are in committed relationships or marriage.

As for me: I fucking know better [I’ve learnt better; thanks to the gurus in the pickup community who first brought this information to my attention as a student in the game]!

Personally, I know this so-called ugly guy in his 30’s here on island who is infamous for impregnating his hot girlfriend every fucking cycle once her child-bearing period is available [every year that is]!

They have about 10 kids by now!

In hindsight: this guy is fucking smarter than 99% of us!

The only way to realistically keep a woman off of the dating market is by breeding her- and in effect- putting her out of commission…for a year.

She won’t [actively] look for stray dicks once she’s pregnant, because a woman is at her most unattractive while bearing a child.

Men simply won’t look at her because she’s already knocked-up, which means that the guy’s chances of breeding her at that moment, will have been impossible.

Thus, biologically- men aren’t attracted to her [apart from the rare guy who has a preggo-girl fetish…such as myself πŸ˜‰ ], nor physically attracted to her. So, she’s effectively knocked out of the mating and dating game by the guy who had knocked her up.

This is also the reason during pregnancy, why a woman is likely to chase her boyfriend away by giving him tons of shit in an attempt to rid herself of the guy who put her out of commission…though she got what her biological side wanted anyway; which was to get pregnant.

You guys who have no kids may not be able to relate. But when I got my GF pregnant for the first time about 6 years ago, she drove me crazy!

She resented me for getting her pregnant…though she was on board! But that doesn’t matter to the girl! She will resent you as the one who has her looking all fat and unattractive and ashamed to go outside!

My girlfriend broke up with me like 50 times- no fucking kidding- during her pregnancy!

I had the cops called on me [which was unwarranted], we had physical altercations where I was left scratched up trying to restrain her hands, etc! 😯

By the way; is this rare?


It is the norm!

Nevertheless, as for the ugly guy in my neighborhood who knocks up his super-hot GF every chance he gets: this guy was onto something, but I never had the chance to ask him the reason for knocking up his GF so frequently.

The reason is clear to me: he knows that the only way to keep his woman from cheating and off of the dating market, is to breed her out of commission like an animal!

The only window of opportunity another guy has of breeding/fucking her, is a very small window after she would have delivered. But this guy would get straight to work by knocking her up again, essentially closing that window on any other guy who may had wanted to intrude upon his territory to take his girl.

All in all; this is a mating game on both ends with both sexes!

Both males and females have an inherent desire to replicate and multiple via sex.

That is what we were put on Earth to do if you subscribe to religious ideologies.

We are essentially here to have babies!

Everything else apart from that essential function, is a mere whimsical enjoyment and meaningless frolic.

The only way to keep the human specie alive is to fuck and have babies!

Without that: we all die, and humans cease to exist again!

With this inner fear [human extinction by non-breeding] deeply hard-wired within every person [male and female], you should clearly understand now why women cheat [to breed] and why they dress the way they do [sexy] whenever they go out or simply to go to work.

You will have also understood why a girl wastes her time on social media talking shit about other chicks, “haters” who are trying to take her man and so forth.

She’s trying to eliminate actual or potential competition by berating them.

The more rivals she eliminates, the more men she has for the taking [or retaining hers], and the greater her chances for survival and replication.

In any case, are there any lessons to take away here as a guy?

I would say just the realization of how women operate and why they operate in such manner.

With understanding; you avoid misunderstandings.

If you knew why a woman acts the way she does [beyond her conscious control], then certain shit simply won’t faze nor affect you…at least not as much as if you were still ignorant to this.

Six years ago, though I was already well deep into the Pick-Up Artist lifestyle, my knowledge base about mating and relationship matters weren’t as deep.

I simply had no clue about what drives women, the biological and evolutionary aspects and so forth. So when my girlfriend got pregnant and immediately began to shun me and attempted to shut me out of her life; I simply didn’t understand why!

In my ignorance, I deemed her an evil bitch for that, and we clashed like it were World War III from month 1 to month 9 of the pregnancy!

Hence, again- with understanding- you will have avoided such headaches as I wasn’t able to do.

In hindsight, had I been privy to what I’m sharing with you now, I would’ve simply given my girlfriend space upon request, and dismissed her rudeness and public outbursts as byproducts of her being taken off the dating market to where she was left fat and unattractive and undesirable to other men.

I would’ve avoided ton loads of shit like public fights on the road and getting embarrassed as she throws 1 of her customary tantrums inside of a supermarket [“Get the hell away from me”]!

In retrospect; I laugh about it now that I since learned about the mating ritual through my own discoveries and experiences, along with what I learned many years ago from perusing the blogs of PUA’s who were way more knowledgeable than I was.

Hence, you won’t have to endure what I did once your girlfriend or wife goes crazy on you during pregnancy [like when she demands that you sleep on the couch]…and she will!!!

I mean, if you think women are bitchy, irritable and possessed while on their periods [which they are], multiply that bitchiness and demon-possessiveness by 20, and you’ll get an idea of how a pregnant girl behaves towards her significant other or the guy who knocked her up.

Towards everyone else; she will retain her normal giddy and charming personality.

Towards the guy who had knocked her up [whether boyfriend or husband]; she will have resembled something out of the Exorcist! 😯 😑 πŸ‘Ώ

Nevertheless, with understanding, you won’t ever have to endure this by clashing heads with the devil in the personage of your preggo spouse. πŸ˜‰

I mean, look at it this way guys- and please have empathy- if a girl were to put you out of commission for an entire year where you became fat and ugly- physically and personality-wise – while your bros brag about fucking hotties: how the hell would you feel!?

You would resent your girlfriend! It doesn’t matter if you were head-over-heels in love with her!

You would not take light to the fact that you don’t feel desired anymore, and your girlfriend is the root cause of it.

Hence: “Empathy” is necessary, and understanding will avoid clashing.

Secret Society of Cheating and Cheaters

On a final note, I want to touch on “cheating”…just for a bit.

I’m notorious for publicly declaring to guys that I wouldn’t feel betrayed nor hurt if my girlfriend were to cheat on me.

Is it that I don’t give a crap about her?

Likely not, or else I would’ve ditched her years ago.

I wouldn’t take cheating personally nowadays because I know what drives it on the part of the cheating girl [never the urge for mere sex or more sex].

It has nothing neither to do with slutry, raw promiscuity, a lack of sex nor women loving variety of cocks inside of them, but mere survival and replication!

When you look at it that you- the right way- you will no longer see cheating women as dirty-little harlots who cannot keep their pussy in their panties!

You’ll begin to see that nature and her biological clock [fear of dying without progeny] are actually facilitating and driving her compulsion or desire to sleep around.

It is virtually out of her control!

She has to gamble and play up her odds to survive [have kids]!

One dick only means 1 source of her attaining pregnancy.

Not very good odds when you think of it strategically.

Two dicks and the odds increase.

Screwing 4 guys- and you get the picture- that is 4 instruments which can ejaculate 4 times the load of semen inside of her depository to possibly fertilize her egg once she would’ve been ovulating.

The odds of her getting pregnant obviously increase if or when she sleeps with more guys.

In life, we work off of an odds-based operation by trying to maximize them.

Theoretically, the more applications you fill out for various jobs, the chances of landing a job will likely increase.

Only 1 application? Only 1 shot with poor odds stacked against you.

As for the pick-up artistry and what we teach [the numbers game], the more girls you approach, hit on, contact, etc. the greater your chances of actually landing 1 or some in bed.

This goes without saying.

Likewise with any girl out there. She instinctively knows and plays the odds game in dating and mating!

This is why a woman always has a bunch of guys strung along, and she always keeps orbiter males around in the event that her relationship crumbles, she can always call up the reserves to supply her in no time with companionship and cock.

She is playing to her odds!

She is playing to win [get pregnant] and playing to survive [have kids]!

Trying to keep your fertile girlfriend from communicating with other men outside the relationship, is tantamount to forcing her to commit suicide!

That is how her brain and biological wiring interpret the actions of a boyfriend who tries to get her to sever ties with all guys, stay at home and only communicate with him.

She will rebel and defy this as we all know!

Even if she verbally concedes and agrees to desist from texting other guys. She will continue to text other guys behind the back of her boyfriend anyway!

I had been through that with my girlfriend just as every other guy has!

I threw tantrums and got pissed when I discovered that she was still texting other men behind my back.

These things bother me no more because I understand why they must occur! Hence, I encourage my GF to text other guys, simply because I know she will not desist regardless of what I or anyone says [not even the deity she believes in can stop her]!

I rather my girlfriend to be forthright and transparent with me- by openly extending to her the green light to communicate with other men- than for her to be selling me dreams by trying to convince me that she doesn’t text other guys…while she does just that behind my back.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter what the hell you say as the man in the relationship in relation to your woman talking to other men. She will continue to actively play the field until she hits menopause where bearing kids will have met its expiratory date.

All in all: you truly cannot keep a fertile girl from cheating [unless you knock her up repeatedly].

She will just stealthily do it behind your back if she senses that you cannot handle the truth [that she must play the numbers game in order to increase her odds of child-bearing].

With that being said; I can’t get mad at my girlfriend for cheating if she has or will!

Who the fuck am I or any other boyfriend for that matter, to expect a girl to remain faithful to her own detriment!?

It’s sort of selfish on the guy’s part when you think about it!

Just as a girl who expects her boyfriend to only sleep with her and to observe monogamy: it is kind of selfish and counterproductive in contrast to nature’s design.

Secret Society of Cheating, Cheaters and Ovulation

Another thing I want to touch on before wrapping up is “Ovulation” [I won’t get in depth with it].

I’m not one for citing studies from “so-called” professional because most of them are full of shit. But studies have shown that when a girl ovulates [which means she can get impregnated at those points of the month], she becomes more randy, sexual and dresses more revealing than normally would.

Knowing that she could get pregnant while that window is open briefly [just a few days or even hours], she will dress provocatively to work, wear that skin-tight dress on the job, or unexpectedly hit the bar, especially if she’s not the bar type.

Whenever a girl ovulates, she subconsciously puts herself on the sexual market…even if she has a boyfriend and is in a happy relationship!

This is all done subconsciously without her knowledge.

Her egg is now discharged into the uterus waiting to be fertilized by an invading sperm [though her egg has protective organisms to fight off the sperms].

During this period, a girl will actively seek attention from men in hopes that she will get impregnated.

In all honesty, this is the ideal time to try to sleep with a girl [when her body ovulates].

As a guy who has slept with countless women, I often encounter cases where I would meet a girl today, try to sleep with her today, but she would shut me down.

On the other hand, I would meet another girl today, try to sleep with her today, and she will oblige and sex would happen.

Other instances, I would meet a girl today, try to fuck her today and she will turn me down. I would strategically persist for 2 weeks but she wouldn’t relent.

Out of the blue, she will send me a text saying, “I’m in the mood to fuck”!

I would then get to sleep with her in spite of her coldness over the previous 2 weeks.

As commonplace as this may seem, you should take into account why a girl would put out on this occasion, but not another. Or why she would fuck you the first night you meet her, but doesn’t give you another shot until a month later…if ever.

Her ovulation period is actually driving this!

She prefers to fuck when the chances of her getting pregnant would have been greater [ovulation].

If this period [ovulation] presents itself today; she will want to fuck today while chances are greater to attain pregnancy.

A sophisticated and prudish ovulating woman at the nightclub, is 10 times more susceptible to game and to being bent over and fucked in the restroom by a random Joe Blow whom she had only met 10 minutes ago in the club!

A dumb club-whore who is NOT ovulating, is likely to put up more resistance to the idea of being fucked by a random stranger…though she’s a so-called slut and should be deemed easy!

The fact that the club-whore cannot get inseminated successfully [meaning to get pregnant] that night since she isn’t ovulating, the drive/urge to have sex and receive semen will not have been great.

The prudish girl on the other hand who has never had same-night sex, because her body and brain know that she is fertile [ovulating], her guards will have been substantially lowered in hopes that some guy will shoot a load of cum inside of her…that night!

My personal belief is this: girls mostly go out as to the bars and clubs whenever they are ovulating [meaning they can get pregnant].

Hence, you have a nightclub filled with fertile-horny women hoping to get some semen injections!

This is why it behooves the crap out of me that there are guys who actually have a hard time realizing how easy it is to take girls home from the club, or to fuck them right inside the venue…like on the dance floor, in the lounge area or the restroom! 😯

These chicks in heat [ovulation] at the bars and clubs are open to random sex with random strangers whom they don’t care to see the next day, as long as they get his semen inside of their body.

She secretly wished that you had slipped off the condom and fuck her raw!

Part of her dies once she discovers that you kept the condom on the entire time and ejaculated inside of it instead of inside of her vagina.

I posted a controversial article years ago about how to fuck girls without condoms. If you’re actually interested in what I had to say on that, you can google the article [sorry- I’m too lazy to look it up and post it here 😦 ].

In keeping with that theme, I also cited that 98% of the women I slept with prior to 2012- the year I tried giving condoms a serious chance- were all without condoms…knowingly so!

Therefore, there should be zero cause for confusion in realizing that the VAST majority of women prefer to be banged raw- sans [without] rubber! And by “vast” and “majority”, I mean virtually every single girl on the planet who attained puberty.

I don’t believe I have to tell you that every girl desires to become a mother.

Periodically, you have the rare nutjob of a woman who desires to remain a childless career-girl for the rest of her life…until some fly-by-night Alpha stud comes along and breeds her behind her husband’s back…which of course the Beta-Male husband will gladly raise the kid as his own since he always wanted [another] child to begin with. So there is truly no woman who will realistically rule out having kids at some point.

As the boyfriend, if you won’t knock her up, she will get it done behind your back…by another man!

Do you think a girl will ever stay indefinitely with a guy who elects to not impregnate her…especially if [it’s a matter of when] she wants kids?

I know of a young guy who is sterile- someone in my age group actually- whose girlfriend cheated out on him and ended up getting pregnant but claiming that the kid was his. πŸ˜†

She didn’t know that her boyfriend hit puberty having infertility issues. But he himself, included the guys he hung out with, knew that he wasn’t able to produce a thing as far as pregnancy was concerned.

Anyway, years into his relationship of not bearing fruit, the girl decided [unknowingly of course at first] to cheat. In the process, she got pregnant…which is every girl’s desire, regardless of the man and his unwillingness to stick around.

The girl then rejoiced that they finally were able to conceive [unknowing that her BF was sterile].

The guy- not as heartbroken as you would imagine- broke the news to her that he cannot cause reproduction.

In other words: he shoots blanks.

Thus, this left 1 conclusion: she had to have cheated.

After the boyfriend produced official documentation confirming sterility, his GF then had no choice but to come clean about cheating.

Knowing that his permanent-infertility issue would’ve been a deal-breaker for most women, in spite of his girlfriend’s infidelity which led to pregnancy, he decided to forgive her and gladly help raise the kid as if she were his [kudos to him].

Saying all that bit to say: if a girl doesn’t find reproductive success in a timely fashion from copulation with 1 man, i.e. her boyfriend or husband, she will cheat on him as means to increase the odds of attaining pregnancy.

Theoretically and practically, as I eluded to earlier, the more guys she sleeps with, the greater the chances that pregnancy will have materialized.

On a surface level a girl doesn’t fuck or cheat to become pregnant.

On a biological and subconscious level [the real agents behind the scene]; fucking or cheating is to bring about pregnancy.

More competition from hotter and younger girls, will threaten her chances and viability.

Hence the answers to the main theme of this extensive article of why women bicker, back-bite and fight each other like pre-pubescent lasses on the playground.

It is to survive and multiply by living vicariously through her future offspring.

After reading this article, hopefully you’ll never see a cheating woman as a dirty-rotten cheater anymore, but someone playing the most essential role in extending human existence. Because hypothetically, if every girl woke up tomorrow and decided to jump on birth-control until menopause – hence no human multiplication at all- humans on a whole will disappear over-fucking night within 1 generation!

I don’t think any one of us want that to happen. Hence, women fight and play dirty for their chance to produce children for a guy in whom, for whatever reason, she deems an Alpha-Male.

The Takeover Of The Bearded Pick-Up Artist


Socialkenny aka Kenny PUA

There has been a grand shift within the seduction world over the last 2 years in particular, where most instructors- top-level instructors- have been sporting the bearded and facial-hair look.

This is a far cry from years back where every PUA, from the top to the bottom level, was encouraged to be “Well-Groomed” or clean shaved.

Somehow, it was taught, thought or believed that a clean-shaven look was seen as more attractive and sexy to women.

Boy were we fucking wrong.

Over the years after doing some intensive research, we’ve now discovered that sexually available women prefer men with facial hair.

As with every other deep aspect of seduction, this goes back to the human history and evolution of mankind.

Before there existed modern-shaving and grooming tools, men were pretty much scruffy and bearded as a man should be.

Also, men were obviously still getting laid thousands of centuries ago since we are living proof as progeny of those men who were getting laid in those times.

Therefore, at no time in history was the guy with facial hair not getting laid, and not seen as an attractive man.

Hollywood, the fashion-magazine industry and the feminized-western media however, managed to shift the opinions of both men and women, where the bearded guy with facial hair was now deemed un-datable.

Virtually every guy living in the Western Hemisphere ate up this propaganda: hook, line and fucking sinker!

Thus, from its inception, the pick-up world was also duped by the media and pop-culture, into propagating the “you must be clean-shaved in order to game women and get laid” message.

Little did the PUA gurus at that time knew [since the community was so young as it still is]: this was ass-backwards and was NOT supported by neither evolution, history, facts nor women themselves.

As I mentioned in an article years ago, Paul Janka was actually the 1st top-tier guy in the seduction world to don the bearded and facial-hair look.

People thought he was nuts and was an abomination to pick-up lifestyle management.

Years later, virtually every top-tier pick-up coach is now wearing a beard, full sideburns and or looking like Michael J Fox’s character in the 1985 film, Teen Wolf.


What we’ve come to realize, coupled with the fact that women see facial hair on a guy as manly and manlier, is that one’s ability to connect with women greatly outweighs his facial composition…i.e. looks.

Since looks don’t matter but a drop of water in the bucket, the guy who resembles something that just crawled out of a cave [unshaven], is still a viable fuck-option for women.

Additionally, why women are so much more drawn and attracted to guys with the rough and scruff look [facial hair]- apart from the human-evolutionary aspect- is the bad-boy appeal and the rebel persona.

Facial hair just makes a guy look more edgy, rough, dangerous and rebellious!

Now, if you’ve been programmed and dumbed-down by women and the western media, you will have held the belief that women are repelled and repulsed by guys who look “dangerous”.

The reality is: since deep within every damsel therein lies a rebellious-little girl who has been forced to take refuge within, whenever she comes across a guy who harbors a rebel appeal about himself, she immediately gets a rush of excitement.

She can finally free the little-rebellious slut within herself.

An edgy guy who looks somewhat dangerous, will inspire hot girls to liberate themselves from their inhibitions.

Hence, the bearded guy is deemed more attractive on a fundamental level while the clean-shaved guy is only scratching the surface.

Before I bring this post to its closure, I just want to backtrack a bit and talk about the historic man.

Back in the days- centuries ago- , tens of hundreds of thousands of years ago in fact, when the pre-historic Alpha-Male roamed the land, the only males around who didn’t have facial hair were the pre-pubescent boys whom weren’t deemed attractive by the female members of the tribe since they [boys] had no way to produce offspring because of the lack of semen production in their bodies at such tender age.

The men of the tribe [bearded] were the only ones physiologically capable to breed the females of the tribe…quite naturally.

Where am I going with this?

Nothing has changed!

The modern girl is still the same on a core, instinctual and innate level as the pre-historic cave woman.

To the prehistoric woman: looks didn’t matter as far as the guy’s facial structure and proportions!

When I tell guys that “looks don’t matter”, they immediately get all riled-up and cite all the personal data they have collected over the years to the contrary: that looks do matter.

What they fail to realize is that the women of today are still the same as the woman of yesterday.

Looks didn’t matter then: they don’t matter now!

Women are attracted to the rougher look, as the cave woman of yesterday only wanted to mate with the rougher-looking guy…the Alpha-Males…the male with the battle scars, tested on the ground and well-learned.

Guys like Brad Pitt should be applauded for going against the odds of what society [and Hollywood] considers normal, attractive and sexy.


We shouldn’t allow the western media to continue to dictate and subliminally program us into backward and effeminate perceptions as to what manhood and manliness are.

A man is supposed to look dominant, strong, rough, rugged and untamed.

Movements such as Feminism, and those who cling to such ideologies, have managed to emasculate men in a great way, by corrupting their idea of what a man should be.

Hence, the revolution and resurgence of “Real Men”- bearded men with facial hair- make me proud. And I’m even more elated that more guys in pickup are beginning to wake up to the inherent power of attraction which lies within the natural makeup of a man…such as wearing facial hair.

I came across a photo last night on my Facebook feed of Owen Cook, better known as RSD Tyler, the leading PUA guru over the last 5 years, and he’s been doubling down on the caveman look like no one else in the community. πŸ™‚


Hopefully, this isn’t just a fad as a few have been suggesting.

Why The Sexual-Double Standard And Sexualization Of Women In Antigua? Question From A Reader

An ardent female reader of this website, sent me an e-mail yesterday in relation to 3 things (cultural) in the Caribbean (Antigua per se):

1.) Women being sexualized

2.) Lesbianism acceptable when homosexuality is a crime

3.) Public indecency

She adds:

Why is it that women are free to participate in lewd acts of homosexuality (kissing and making out in public, etc) but if 2 men did it, they would likely face imprisonment?

Valid argument. But it’s just the nature of the game and culture.

Though I abhor Lesbianism because it’s a deliberate affront and attack to nature (just as any act of homosexuality), but as most heterosexual males will tell you (at least the young ones): we have no issues with watching female-female sexual acts.

However, male-on-male acts of affection, simply fucking churn our stomachs..aside from the periodic bromance displayed between hetero’ men!

Also, there is a global culture (among westerners) of lesbianism acceptance, where female-on-female romancing isn’t regarded a big deal.

This isn’t just in the Caribbean region.

Just that it is unlawful and an illegal-lewd act of public indecency for 2 or more males to hump on each other, kiss each other…whereas in America, male-on-male affection (even in public) is acceptable, lawful and active.

She also added:

Why is it that males can be so sexually aggressive toward women in the middle of the streets and this not be seen as a crime of harassment or assault?

Once again, it’s more of a cultural thing in these parts.

It’s a male-dominated society. So things such as sexual and physical assault against women, aren’t generally treated as criminal acts by the law neither law enforcement.

Hence, you’re liable to see women’s butts being slapped while held down by other men at public events.

Lastly, the female e-mailer touched on indecency in public.

Why is it that in some of these videos, like the ones you’d posted a night ago from Antigua, that people are allowed to behave indecently in the middle of the streets in high daylight in public view

To put it frankly: this isn’t a prudish society.

It takes an awful lot to constitute public indecency in the Caribbean.

As I mentioned in a previous post: drunkenness in public (public intoxication) isn’t a crime.

Drinking in public isn’t a crime. Neither is humping someone in a public a crime…unless it’s male on male.

Personally, I have no issues with people enjoying themselves wherever they go.

I call this liberty.

Some call it anarchy and an implosion of society and morality.

At the end of the day, it is just the cultural differences between male-dominated societies and female-dominated societies.

Males generally are more tolerant than females when it comes to fun and play.

This is largely due to the fact that society punishes women for being (overtly) sexual. So women are forced to be prudish and less tolerant toward sexuality.

Notwithstanding the fact that feminism has hijacked the American minds, where every seemingly innocent act against women by males, is seen as criminal.

This hogwash of an ideology doesn’t fly in the Caribbean because feminism doesn’t exist here, neither does its message resonate.

The 2 videos [from Antigua] that this female e-malier had brought to my attention and singled out as bias, partial, lewd sexually aggressive and abusive, I will post them below.

The Skinny On Women, Age Of Sexual Consent, Prostitution & Homosexuality In The Caribbean

If Feminists, SJW’s & Human-Rights Organizations thought women had it bad in America…

In the Caribbean, women for the most part are seen as subordinates and treated as such.

Socially, women are very much expected to be kept in checked and put in their place.

Husbands beating wives and boyfriends slapping up their girlfriends are generally deemed just and cause-worthy…at least by males.

The old adage that women provoke men to hit them, is very much live, well and accepted in the Caribbean…even by the law…however not officially.

Domestic-abuse charges are very much laughed at and are non issues around these parts.

This is a far cry from the drum that is typically sounded in places like America.

However, in this region, it is commonplace to see a woman (whether wife or mere girlfriend) wearing shades to work in order to mask her black eye from public shame, which she’d received the previous night from her partner.

Reporting domestic abuse and violence, often times result in the woman being laughed at and shamed out of the police station and being told to just go home and apologize to her partner.

Law enforcement rarely ever gets involved in domestic situations between spouses and couples…barring murder.

These are usually issues to be dealt with by the so-called experts: relationship, marriage counselors, etc.

The other day while tuned into a popular radio talk-show, a slew of females called in to talk about being hit by their husbands and how wrong it is.

The radio hosts (both males and a female) said to the callers:

“Lady, please deal with your matter at home and stop provoking your husband. You ever thought that maybe that was the reason he had to beat you”!?

Now- to some ears- this is rather appalling.

If it were America, those radio hosts would’ve been fired a long time ago with a major lawsuit slapped under the radio station’s ass!

In the Caribbean however, this is very much acceptable and actually encouraged by the clergy, that women should be beaten when out of line.

The rules are very much different in these parts.

(Social) justice is usually wielded by the clergy.

Corporal punishment in schools is still acceptable where a teacher has the authority to spank any child for misbehavior and other infractions.

Read: Corporal Punishment

Hence, a society of corporal beating is widely acceptable here in the Caribbean…which is also another religion and Biblical ideology [corporal punishment].

Kids are beaten at school. And women are beaten at home.

Some nights ago, I was tuned into another radio talk-show on social ills and what have you.

Once again, a bunch of women called in to address domestic violence and women being beaten by their partners.

As expected, they were chided by the hosts and urged to stop provoking their partner and to do their domestic duties correctly: cook, clean and wash, and perhaps then- their partner will not have had a reason to strike them.

I’m not here defending neither side of this.

I’m pretty much trying to be neutral as possible. So this isn’t a wrong or right issue in my case.

Moreover, the Caribbean is an ultra-conservative region as I spoke about in the previous post.

They do things the old-fashion way: men rule; women are subservient.

Such a region would make feminists piss their panties! 😯

Even in the workplace, women are generally expected to earn less than men simply because of gender.

How do women feel about this?

Perhaps not too pleased. But they resign themselves to the situation as “that’s just the way it is”.

Women’s Rights

As for women’s rights and women’s-rights groups, they are pretty much nonexistent…except for something called “POWA”, which virtually wields no influence nor support from any section of society.

In a Christian-centered society as the Caribbean, the Bible rules as far as social justice and societal regulations are concerned for the most part.

Homosexuality is still an egregious CRIME here in Antigua…and the wider Caribbean!

Anyone merely rumored to be involved in gay sex, is likely to be arrested and prosecuted for buggery, sodomy and rape.

Read: Reverend calls for buggery to remain illegal

There is ZERO consensual-gay sex!

According to the law of the Eastern Caribbean states: one cannot consent to male-on-male sex no matter the circumstance!

The crime of buggery (male-on-male intercourse) is widely deemed a crime in the Caribbean region.

In fact, and to take it a step further, any anal sex is actually rape and buggery! 😯

A guy doing a girl anally is sodomy! 😯 😑

However, male-to-female anal sex, isn’t at all regulated or enforced, so it’s virtually non-prosecutable.

It is merely on the books to appear impartial…I guess. ❓

As expected: the Bible and the clergy are behind the outlawing of gay sex…which as a heterosexual male; I have not 1 iota of issue with it remaining a crime on the books.

Gay rights and gays having rights is unheard of in this region.

Just as the topic of gay marriage isn’t even discussion-worthy.

Surely there are gays…and openly so! However, they have no special rights, and hate-crime laws to protect gays, are nonexistent since gays aren’t recognized as having legal status under the law.

On another topic, cheating and affairs, are generally expected. And it is commonplace that a married man has concubines and lovers.

I picked up a girl the other day, and as we got to know each other, she nonchalantly shared the news with me, that she was living at her with a married couple…and she’s pregnant for the husband…knowingly to the wife! 😯

This is so commonly accepted that it isn’t even news worthy!

Holy shit! 😯 😯

I believe that the Bible once again, plays a pivotal role in the social acceptance of concubines and men having women on the side.

Male privilege?

No arguments from me here! πŸ˜‰

Male infidelity just isn’t such a big deal as in other regions and societies.

A few years ago, I learned my lesson while trying to seduce a guy’s girlfriend by telling her that her boyfriend is possibly cheating on her because he’s such a player type.

It wasn’t that she didn’t buy it.

It is simply that she didn’t care!

It wasn’t a big fucking deal nor anything outside of the norm.

On the other hand as you would’ve guessed: wives who cheat are shown no mercy.

They would actually be recipients of a physical spanking supported by society…at least the men in society.

Legal Age Of Sex Consent

As for sex and the legal age of consent: that is 16 (some islands 15) across the Caribbean…except the Dominican Republic- for some odd reason or another- where it is 18 [it’s even 16 in Puerto Rico].

However, you still have cases where guys in their 40’s decide to circumvent the law by trying to shag girls under the age of 15.

Read: Man gets 6 years for intercourse with girl under age of 16

Read: 24 year old jailed for sex with 14 year old

As for prostitution (sex work), it is illegal on the books…unless within brothels (whore-houses) where sex workers do their thing.

You’d hardly see hookers walking the streets of Antigua (since it’s technically unlawful). But they operate virtually legal from within sex houses.

As long as it is regulated where the prostitutes pay some form of taxation (as within the brothels), the clergy nor the law-makers have an issue with it.

I bumped into a well-known politician once (an elected official who’s married) inside of a Spanish brothel, and I was dumbfounded to see that he was a regular who didn’t even try to conceal his identity.

All in all, though a very conservative region, there are many liberal and eye-opening practices which are too numerous to note.

Everything from under 18 drinking to under 18 hooking up are seen as very shocking and liberal by modern standards.

I’m reminded of the Hollaback video, “10 hours walking NYC as a woman”>10 hours walking NYC as a woman, and how much women and men alike, cried foul that women were being harassed on the streets by men (via cat-calling).

Not forgetting to mention the Julien Blanc fiasco where he’d simulated a choke on a Japanese girl, but everyone blew it out of proportion as sexual assault and other egregious offenses.

Frankly put, in the Caribbean where it’s predominantly a male-dominated society, those things are usually non issues and a waste of everyone’s time to even talk about.

At the end of the day, I see male dominance as a cultural issue.

It is in the black man’s culture to dominate his women. Only the ones who have been emasculated by western societies and feminism, will allow women to run the show.

It is also common to the culture of this region that men hit women…though I don’t subscribe to the laying of hands on anyone.

As for sex with girls under the age of 18, I’ve only done it once with a 17 year old when I was about 26 years old [this was in the Caribbean by the way].

That too [men being sexually attracted to younger women] is also cultural and even Biblical.

Most Biblical scholars agree that the so-called Virgin Mary, conceived around the age of 13.

Majority of the prophets of the Bible (and the Quraan) also took wives for themselves who were under the age of 15 while those prophets were of elderly age (50’s, etc).

Even today in modern Israel, under Rabbinical law of the Torah, a girl becomes a woman at the age of 13 when she takes her Bet Mitzva, or essentially whenever she hits puberty.

Hence, men shagging women under the age of 18, is a common practice throughout the world except in places like North America, where sex with a 16 year old, is a gross violation of the law, and seen as something rather immoral that will get you put away for a long time and branded a sex-offending pedophile.

I came across an interesting article the other day on a seduction website (Drawk’s) which speaks to this: Are all men pedophiles?

It speaks to the innate contradiction of western societies in relation to the legal age of sexual consent.

I also came across some interesting reports on the push back against gay rights in Jamaica, which highlights how high homophobia is in this region (plus it is also illegal).

The irony as I mentioned at the top is that no one really has a problem with female-on-female homosexuality. It is rampant and you can find women making out and grinding on each other at public events.

It’s just the male-on-male homosexuality that the populace has a problem with.


The Booze Culture In The Caribbean

Let’s toast to that!

I’ve been living full time in the Caribbean some years now [my place of birth actually]…though I obviously travel outside of the region as often as possible.

Cultural and regional differences are very noteworthy as one who travels would have noticed.

Moreover, the Caribbean is an ultra-conservative region [by far the most in the western hemisphere] as I spoke about in the past.

What actually drives this ultra conservatism in the Caribbean region?

*Religion (Christianity)

The Religious Right (Christians) virtually lobbies and regulates the laws of the land.

Christiandom is being shoved down the populace’s throat at an all-time high as of late!

If you thought Sharia Law was something to talk about; you really have no fucking clue!

In these parts: whatever the Christian clergy says- GO!

If they want to institute a ban on a certain types of music; it will happen!

Case in point just to show how much power the clergy (Anglican) wields: few months ago here on the island of Antigua, the government was (almost) forced to revise a law which would outlawed the same of alcohol in nightclubs and bars after 1 AM.

In other words, these Christian groups wanted to institute a ban on sale of alcohol after 1 AM in nightclubs.

Why…and why after 1 AM?

I don’t fucking know! Neither do I see the rational!

The government was 1 step away from re-instituting this archaic ban until the populace (including tavern and bar owners) started to cry foul.

Now, don’t get me wrong!

The laws in the Caribbean are by far more lax and lenient than those of the United States, Canada and Western Europe!

This is where the GRAND contradiction comes in!

For instance, drinking in public is totally lawful and has always been that way (no need for concealment of alcohol beverages neither)!

Sale of alcohol near schools (by mobile vendors) is also permissible.

However, there are some crazy fucking alcohol restrictions [in my book], such as: no sale of alcohol on ‘Easters’, ‘Good Fridays’ and ‘Christmas’! 😯

No establishment is permitted to sell alcohol on those days!

Read: Police pledge to enforce alcohol-sale ban over Easter

Sharia Law anyone? πŸ™‚

Hence, there exist stringently ridiculous laws, and some that would make an American want to book a flight in a heartbeat! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

In my ignorance, I was only aware of this law some months ago [on a Good Friday], when I tried to purchase 2 Heineken from a bar and grill joint and I was told by the owner that they cannot sell me beers on Good Friday.

Tried bribing him under the table away from other patrons, but he just wouldn’t bite…DAMMIT!

He made a convincing case nevertheless, that he doesn’t want to get his establishment shut down on the account of 2 beers.

Fair enough! 😦

Ok, as for DUI infractions and tickets; pretty much unheard of in this region!

You would think that with the clergy lobbying for many laws to be put into effect, that such things [DUI’s] would’ve been pushed.

Not only does law enforcement NOT utilize breathalyzer and sobriety tests, but you generally aren’t harassed and questioned about open containers of booze laying on the dashboard if happened to be pulled over!

Pretty much everyone “drink and be merry” everywhere without the fear of being harassed by law enforcement.

Socialkenny enjoying a Guinness at the harbor

Socialkenny enjoying a Guinness at the harbor

Socialkenny enjoying a Corona beer on a hot-Autumn day

Socialkenny enjoying a Corona beer on a hot-Autumn day

Girls under 18 drinking in Antigua and Barbuda

Girls under 18 drinking in Antigua and Barbuda

I’ve yet to witness or hear about someone being pulled over for public intoxication [even the pissy-drunk loud guy staggering in the road]…because there isn’t such a law.

Drinking in public is so widely common and accepted here (and in the wider Caribbean), that there are even weekly-beer fiestas and road-side events in commemoration of booze, sponsored by local and international beer companies! 😯 😯

There are even big-rig trucks which drive around the city and towns of Antigua, handing out free beers as promotion for their company.

However, there have been calls to limit how much alcohol these beer fetes [public-beer festivals] should be allowed to give out and sell here in Antigua.

Read: Call made to ban unlimited alcohol at pre-Carnival fetes

Shockingly enough also, is that the legal age of alcohol consumption is 16!! 😯

Holy shit! This is paradise in the Caribbean!

Well, this was news to me, but commonly known to everyone else.

I will also write a future post about the legal age of sexual consent being 15 to 16 in much of the Caribbean (99% of the islands).

However, with the legal-drinking age being 16, some in Antigua and Barbuda [where Kenny resides and was born], feel that kids under the legal age (16) have been skirting the law and consuming booze.

Read: Under 16 drinking under scrutiny in Antigua

As you can see in the above photo from a public-beer festival, kids are visibly seen and aren’t exactly prohibited from being around alcohol in public.

Just that vendors are prohibited from selling alcohol to those under 16…as would’ve expected.

Ironically, in an ultra-Christian-centered society as the Caribbean, where the Bible along with the clergy rules, you would think that a booze culture would be unimaginable.

However, this plays into the contradiction of it all…I guess.

As long as the clergy gets its way via concessions and tax exemptions and so forth; anything practically goes…which I have no qualms with…though I’m opposed to the church in general.

Former Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda enjoying his beer-girls πŸ˜‰

Roaming beer promotion throughout the island of Antigua for the Carib beer company

Roaming beer promotion throughout the island of Antigua for the Carib beer company

Personally, I’m no booze-guy (contrary to popular belief).

I can barely down 1 can of beer before my eyeballs start to do somersaults uncontrollably.

What I do love about the Caribbean region though, is the limited hypocrisy placed around the laws.

Some idiot who chooses to drink while drunk and careens into other motorists resulting in fatalities, shouldn’t spell a total legal clampdown and restriction upon the citizens who are responsible drinkers.

Just because 1 dude cannot control his liquor, the rest of us shouldn’t be punished.

This is where U.S. lawmakers and policy-makers, seem to drop the balls and are oblivious to this gross mismanagement of policies towards their citizenry.

My fun shouldn’t be spoiled in the name of ‘civil obedience’ in trying to keep society in check.

My freedoms shouldn’t be stripped away on the account of law-offenders and a few miscreants.

Also, another piece of fact that seems to puzzle people.

In the Caribbean, fatalities by drunk driving, per capita, has never been high in comparison to other regions…per capita.

This leads me to conclude that just because booze and drugs are widely available, doesn’t particularly mean that they’ll be abused and (mis)used to the point of fatality.

The freedom of alcohol consumption in Antigua and Barbuda (and the wider Caribbean), has never incited, neither encouraged me, to binge-drinking.

Laws and legislation do not encourage people in 1 direction or another…nor do they encourage or discourage infraction of the law.

Hence, a non-smoker will remain a non-smoker, even if drugs were to be decriminalized globally tomorrow.

He or she won’t contemplate lighting up just because it’s legal now.

Therefore, a ban on alcohol consumption in public (as it is in the United States), is pretty much bullshit, and doesn’t serve to bring order to society as the pundits may believe.

In the meantime, the boozing continues as a new fete [huge party] has been added to the slew of already existing public-booze bonanzas throughout the island of Antigua.

There are LOL (Lots Of Liquor), the Beer Fest and others!

The Chinese Who Loved BBC

I typically don’t write lay reports as they have the tendency to come off the wrong way (braggadocious).

A while ago, I’d called out Nick Krauser, the PUA coach/practitioner out of London, for posting nothing but lay report after lay report on his blog, which does nothing for his readers (learning-wise) but give them a good read and show him up as boastful. Plus it gets tiring after a while and I’m glad to see that Krauser took my advice and relented over the months.

My lay and field reports, almost always have a learning value to them for the reader to take away.

It’s NEVER about how many women Kenny bangs and how much Kenny is an international God of pickup.

Ok, quick note before I get into it. I have tons of photos of women stored on my portable-hard drive. They consist of girls whom I’d met over the years: ones I banged, ones I dated and ones who were close calls.

As I flipped through the photos days ago, I immediately recall the events and stories behind each photo and each girl…likewise with the Chinese girl who loved her some BBC.

For starters here: I do NOT have a BBC (Big Black Cock).

I’d say that my cock is average sized (whatever average is). By no means do I pack a 9, 10 or 14 incher. But the perception that all black men are packing BBC’s (Big Black Cocks), actually helps in seducing women of other races (Europeans and Asiatics). Nevertheless, it’s just a perception and a myth, and all of us definitely do NOT have BBC’s instead average-sized to smaller-sized penises just as most men do.

Anyway, the Caribbean is a unique place in that all ethnic groups freely mingle amongst each other with no divisions, no prejudices, no ethnic strife, no racism whatsoever.

Arabs mix with blacks, Chinese mix with blacks, Japanese mix with blacks, Germans mix with blacks, East Indians mix with blacks, etc, etc, etc.

This region has always been a utopia of “Racial Tolerance” where everyone is truly seen as equals and treated as equals. When I moved back to the island permanently about 2 years ago, I came to realize that race-base prejudice is really an American thing and not a global phenomenon as some want to propagate.

Though the Caribbean is a majority Afro-black region; every race and ethnic group lives amongst each other and gets along in peace, irregardless of religion and color differences. So it’s commonplace in Antigua and the wider Caribbean, to see Syrian men with black women, Palestinian chicks dating black men, Chinese girls hanging out with black men, dating black men, and having social-circles of black friends and so forth.

Case in point, this lay report centers around the girls in the picture below. 2 are Chinese living in Antigua. The Chinese girl on the right in reddish bikini will become my target out of convenience [this photo I also had stored on my old iphone to hard disk over 2 years ago].

Photo taken on beach in Antigua beneath a sea grape tree

Photo taken on beach in Antigua beneath a sea grape tree

Alright, so I met these girls on a Labor Day (over 2 years ago), which is equivalent to Independents Day (4th of July in America) in that people usually have picnics but at the beaches instead of the parks.

I spotted the set of girls on the beach, went over to them, talked shit as in they having a photo shoot right on the beach, the girls all laughed and I rolled off to go sit alone nearer to the water.

A bit later, 1 of the Chinese chicks came strolling by as if to take a walk on the banks. I doubt she knew I was in that part of the beach, so it was all by chance we met again…I suspected.

I stopped her and we chatted [can’t recall any of the dialogue].

After a bit, we exchanged phone numbers and parted ways while agreeing to meet up at a public function later on in the evening.

Actual photo I'd taken of her that same night with my iphone which I saved to my portable-hard disk

Actual photo I’d taken of her that same night with my iphone which I saved to my portable-hard disk

I shot her a BBM message telling her that I was at the event but didn’t see her.

She replied saying that she was at the event but haven’t spotted me neither.

We eventually met up after sifting through the crowds and took things from there.

The logistics were that she was with friends (as expected) and couldn’t leave with me while leaving her friends.

Through managing the logistics, I was able to extract her to my place which was nearby (under the guise that we were to return to the venue shortly). πŸ˜‰

Sparing you the drawn-out details: we end up fucking and made our way back to the event which wasn’t far from my apartment.

We texted a bit later which led to a dialogue about she preferring to date black men.

She didn’t attribute it to BBC neither did I. But she did make it clear that she strictly dated black guys as her preference.

From my end, it’s more of a societal influence in that she grew up in a black community and all she ever seen were black guys. Quite naturally, and due to social conditioning, she would be attracted to black men.

I find this to be the case also with black men who grew up in white communities. They typically prefer to date white since they grew up around mostly white people.

Hence it makes sense why a Chinese girl living in the Caribbean, would prefer to date black men, not because of the BBC stereotype (which does help) but more so the environmental and societal influences.

If there’s 1 key take away for you guys is that whenever you do get a girl’s phone #, always fish for events and happenings in which to invite the girls out or have them meet you there.

That is a much better option than formally trying to set up a date which will cause the girl to flake out of social anxiety in meeting a new guy again. So always look for opportunities to meet up instead at public settings where she won’t have anxiety issues then try to take her home from there.

I don’t particularly pick up Asian women as I’m not that attracted to them. But this one had a certain appeal about her that turned me on royally.

I never bothered to keep in touch since the 1-off, but I was able to locate a recent photo of her at a popular car-racing event in Antigua. Apparently, she’d put on some more weight than usual.