Field Report From The Nightclub: DTF Brit Cougar + How To Work A 2-Set [Friday 09-09-2016]

Made my way to the nightclub around 11:30, grabbed myself a mixed drink which was so overpowering, that I had to beg the bartender to water it down.

Spotted 2 ladies walking towards the exit: 1 of which passed my proverbial boner-test.

Me: “Hey girls, I know y’all not leaving already”!!

Brits: “No! We’re just looking some fresh air. It’s hot in there”!

Me: “But it’s an open-air venue. Maybe the breeze is blocked off somehow”!

They giggled and laughed @ my hilarity.

I immediately locked eyes seductively with my target, while paying some attention (verbal) to the other girl of the 2 set.

Me: “Y’all know how to party are dance”!?

Brits: “Yea! But it’s too hot inside to dance…so when we cool down and go back in! Can you dance”?

My target asked me, indicating that she’s keen on me from the way I looked at her.

Me: “Hell yea! But I don’t mine you showing me some moves”.

At this point, the other girl was sorta standing there with her drink in her hand all lonely, so as a master seducer, I engage her every other second just to make her feel inclusive.

This is an art and 1 of the fundamentals of dealing with a 2 set.

You can’t just talk to the girl whom you like, while (completely) ignoring her friend.

Not only will her friend feel awkward and bored, but she’ll also feel alienated and left out, and she will then pull the plug on the entire set by saying to your target, “Let’s go back inside”!


Set ruined!

Hence, you always want to acknowledge the other people in the group! If it’s 2 girls: don’t just chat to the 1 you like! You have to share the attention!

That is exactly what I did last night from the get-go.

I didn’t even approach my target upon the approach.

I addressed her friend (verbally, while looking at my target seductively and sexually.

Therefore, I kept my tone and vibe neutral (yet humorous) with the friend, while flirty with my target.

Also, I strategically traded comments between the 2 of them, just so her friend feels included. So whenever I would say something to my target, and she answers me, I would thing switch things over to her friend and ask her something or charm her a bit and make her laugh.

That is how you work a 2 set.

Me: “By the way, I didn’t get your name”

They both introduced themselves by name.

I then used my favorite gambit on my target, whenever a girl tells me her name:

Me: “What!? You look more like a Jessica”!

Target: “What! Kidding! Why!? You are something else”!!

She said with a strong British accent while tapping her friend and telling her that I said she looked like a Jessica.

Me: “Girls with your name are very spontaneous. I like that”.

Target: “How did you know we are spontaneous you witty fellow”?

Me: “I’m psychic. It’s 1 of my secret abilities that I can reveal to you right now”.

She laughed hysterically and taps me on the arm: an SOI (Sign Of Interest)…at least in this case.

Target: “So what can’t you reveal to me now”?

Me: “You’re gonna have to find out later”!

Target: “You’re a naughty one aren’t you”!

We flirted hard during these exchanges.

I mean, the sexual energy was so thick you could cut it with a butter-knife!

Here’s a quick pointer about “Pecking”, which I mentioned recently.

Whenever you’re in a loud setting and the girl gets right up in your ears while saying something, it should tell you 2 key things:

1.) She really wants to ensure that you hear her

2.) The fact that she wants to ensure that you hear her, means that on some level; she gives a shit about your value

If a girl at the club, for example, isn’t interested in conversing, there will be no reason for her to want to lean in and peck. She won’t do it in fact. She would just remain at 1 stationary position (or back up) while murmuring whatever it is she has to say. If you hear her: you hear her. If you don’t; tough luck!

With that, I want you to bear that in mind the next time you’re running club game: if the girl pecks (leans in to hear or speak); take it as an IOI (Indication Of Interesting). Otherwise, she would not have cared to lean in if she was repulsed by you (IOD: Indicator of Disinterest).

Our flirty and spontaneous chat in the courtyard of the venue continued.

Target: “So what do you do for a living”?

This question sort of threw me off guard. We’re at the club, and you’re asking me about work?

If you recall, in a recent post, I spoke about deflecting questions about your work (particularly if it isn’t interesting). I deflected it and then said something among the lines of, “If I tell you…you’ll think I’m a little pig”.

As expected, she laughs hysterically.

At that moment, we were squarely facing each other about 2 feet and 3-quarters feet apart: close enough to feel the sexual tension, and far enough to not arise any awkward tension.

We paused for a brief second and stared at each other seductively.

Me: “You are so fucking hot and seductive. You’re tempting me badly”!

Now, I generally never tell girls that their hot. But in person, you can totally get away with this as long as the vibe warrants it.

Me: “You’re getting me turned on right now”!

Girl: 😆 “Really! Maybe you should do something about it then”!

I got closer to her and looked right down at her boobs.

Me: “Oh- sorry! Sorry for staring at your breasts”!

Girl: “Why sorry”?

Clearly you know that I wasn’t sorry for checking out her tits. I just said/did that in order to heighten the sexual tension though it was already out the roof!

After a bit of this, I end up #-closing (got her home #) and promised to see her inside the venue for a dance.

Typically, it’d be a not-so-good idea to grab a girl’s # in the nightclub since they are liable to forget who you are after the smoke clears (or the alcohol). But I took a gamble anyway.

My intention was to see her again in a bit, perhaps to dance and even more.

About 30 minutes later while twirling around the club, I spotted her friend.

Me: “Hey, where’s your friend”?

She said that her friend (my target) had to be rushed to the hospital because of some slip and fall or something like that.

Generally, I would call bullshit on this. But I did notice an ambulance outside, and I didn’t see my target again for the night. So it seemed plausible.

I end up becoming a bit disheartened that I had such a DTF chick on my radar, but some freak incident ruined those plans.

Mechanics Of The 2-Set

Allow me to conclude this field-report post on the subject of gaming 2 sets, 3 sets, 4 sets, groups, etc.

In the pick-up community, you’re thought of as being a crock of amateur shit, if you’re a PUA who cannot approach and chat up 2 or more girls.

Every budding and up-and-coming PUA is urged to learn how to approach 2 or more girls while picking up the target girl.

Not only is this game on another level, but it separates men from boys.

Not only does it take balls of steel to approach 2 girls or a group of girls (or mixed set: males and females), but it is a delicate move in which to finesse…for newer guys that is.

On average, most guys (PUA’s or non-PUA’s) don’t approach 2 sets. 1 girl is enough to make the average guy royally shit his pants, let alone contemplating the approach of 2 girls.

This begs the question: why even approach 2 girls?

Simple: if there are 2 girls hanging around together and you happen to be attracted to 1 of them, it makes sense to approach rather than lose the girl entirely just because she’s with her friend, mom, etc.

Hence, learning how to approach 2 sets is a logical play in Game.

I’ll write more about this in a future post.

Frpiday-Night Field Report: Many Dicks But Only 1 Chick

Friday-night frolic kicked off early as usual as is always the case for me.

I hit up a lounge spot, grabbed a mixed drink and something to snack on while I asked around about the party later on.

I opened the chick who was standing beside me at the bar counter, asking her if she knew where the action is going to be later that night [it was about 7 PM at that time].

She told me about a talent-show concert thingy to be held just down the bloc from this lounge.

We went on to have a brisk and brief chitchat while drinks were being poured.

I rolled off.

A while later, perhaps a few hours after making some runs around the city, I made my way to the talent-show thing which was held at an open-air nightclub.

The way the venue and its logistics were structured, one didn’t have to enter the club in order to have access to the bars. So I stood outside, electing not to pay the $10 cover charge, but ordered myself a drink from outside.

A fair amount of people was congregating outside also.

After about 1:30 AM, they opened up the gates and no longer took cover charge, so anyone was allowed to enter at will.

“Fuck yea”! 😉

With my lone drink in hand- a terribly tasting mixed drink might I add- I made my way into the venue but paced around near the entrance trying to scope out the sets and lone wolves which were more to my liking.

I overheard a girl few yards away with an American accent so my antennae shot up and locked on like a heat-seeking missile.

On a side note: my cold-approach schtick and vibing work greater on American girls than non-Americans.

Why is this?

I guess because I have more in common with American girls opposed from girls here in the islands who can’t relate on commonalities.

In any case, she was in conversation with some dude who looks like a potential suitor so I waited a bit just to size up the situation some more.

In little or no time, she rolled off towards my way so I stopped her by hand motion and opened.

Can’t remember what the hell I said to her initially but we chatted nevertheless.

Some guy who she probably spoke to earlier in the night, or a guy who had likely bought her a drink, stop and said something to her, so she snipped our conversation to go talk to him.

Side note #2: Here’s the deal with guys who buy girls drinks [assuming he bought her a drink prior]; most guys do so with the sense of “If I buy her a drink, she is now indebted to me”. Hence, he expects the girl to be completely compliant, cordial and nice.

In the drink-buyer’s defense; the girl does become compliant and feels a sense of indebtedness (though to a degree), so she’s likely to give conversation only to the guy who had bought her drinks. But that doesn’t at all mean she will sleep with him (this is rarely ever the case as you would know).

In any case, she steps away to hear what the guy had to say.

For all I knew; they knew each other prior, and this wasn’t a pick-up attempt.

Screw that! I wasn’t gonna chance it! So instead of rolling off like a defeated guy who got AMOG’d, I stood right there and held onto the girls hand while she leaned over to hear what the guy had to say.

There were 2 guys actually.

The reason I held onto the girl was 2 folds:

1.) I wanted to give the guys the impression that this girl and I were already well acquainted and locked-in. So I wasn’t just some random club stranger. 😈

2.) I wanted to make sure the girl knew that I wasn’t just going to roll over, roll off and throw the set. I wanted her to know that I was still in the game.

In such a case where guys external-interrupts another’s set, the interrupted guy would either leave or stay there passively until the girl finishes chatting with the interrupter.

Being passive in such a case is risky because not only could the other guy pull the robbery and whisk the girl away for good, but the girl- under the influence- is liable to forget that she ever spoke to you, and wander off while leaving you standing there like a mannequin in a clothing store.

Therefore, I come to learn that the best play on my part is to interrupt the interrupter, or keep a physical hold on the girl by either holding onto her hand or holding her around the waist or shoulder as she listens to what the interrupter has to say.

Having felt that the interrupter’s conversation had been carrying on too long [perhaps 30 seconds], I yanked the girl by the hand (her palm) and pulled her away.

The guy yells out, “Yo man”!!!!

The girl does nothing but laughs and allows herself to be yanked off by me.

That’s 1 effective way (most effective actually) to handle potential cock-blocks, AMOG’s and guys who interrupt your set: just yank the girl back!

Anyway, so I yanked her (playfully yet dominantly) by the hand, led her towards the exit then threw my free arm around her shoulders then tightly embraced her in a hug while whispering some shit in her ears [I really don’t remember what the hell I said to her].

Whatever it was I said, she laughed and hit me on the shoulder then I rolled off.

Some time went by (perhaps 45 minutes), I spotted her again inside the club. She comes over and playfully hits me in the gut.

I grabbed her hand and pulled her to me.

I said something to her which was cheeky and forward.

This went on for about 2 minutes before we both rolled off again.

A while later, I spotted her again being chatted up by some muscular dude.

I knew this was an attempted pickup just by the looks of it.

As their conversation proceeded, I happened to draw nearer, to the point where I could overhear the conversation.

As suspected; they were total strangers and this was an attempted pickup.

However, what the guy does next made my jaw drop!

In hindsight, such a move should not have been appalling to me since most guys would’ve done it anyway.

What did the guy do?

He bought the girl something to eat and drink from the bar. 😯

Not only did I see this go down with my own 2 fucking eyes, but I overheard him making the offer to buy!

This led me to post the following status to Facebook as this was going down [I usually game while posting to social media 😉 ].


Not only is buying a drink suicide in such a situation, but it is even more damaging to the guy’s chances because he wasn’t at all locked-in!

In other words, the set wasn’t hooked. So buying a drink, let alone food and drink, would’ve been very risky since the set hadn’t hooked yet.

As predicted: the girl took the food and mixed drink, said “thanks” then sayonara (“bye”)!

She sped off!

Epic fail dude!

As the night/Saturday morning chugged along, I gamed a few more girls, although I was hell-bent on taking the New Yorker home.

Problem is [and there were many]: this girl was the hottest in the club, which means she drew the most male attention…which means competition heightens from other males.

By the looks of it, she appeared to be out alone. So at least I wouldn’t have to worry about some pull-blocking bitches (her friends) trying to sabotage the attempted pull.

The guy who’d bought her the drink and food stood by idly while she was chatting with some other dude.

As I was to swoop in again in hopes of isolating this lone wolf: she disappeared into the crowd!


“Oh- there she is”!

I pursued like my life was depended on it but she was just too far for me to catch up!

Yelling out to her would’ve been pointless since the music was blaringly deafening!

“Where the fuck is she going”, I said to myself as I kept up the pursuit!

“Oh no, Oh no, Oh no”!

She hops into a fucking waiting cab and took off!


The post below to Facebook depicts the defeat @ 2AM in my eyes…and the alcohol content.


All in all guys, it is just the way things go in the battlefield called the nightclub.

I love it!

Definitely not every weekend I get to take a chick home, neither should you believe that every weekend will materialize a novel lay. But you get the added benefit of learning how women and men operate in such environment. Hence a better sense of how to traverse that battlefield.

Friday Night Field Report @ The Bar [June 26, 2015]- Girl Recognizes Me From Controversial Youtube Video


I hit the bar Friday night around 7:45, grabbed a bar-stool, ordered myself a plastic cup-to-go of pear Vodka, cranberry juice with a splash of Triple Sec on top.

The spot was pretty much empty but for a drunk guy standing beside me yelling incoherently.

Checked my watch and realized that it was early though it felt latish.

After a while, a sexy fucking chick donned in a red dress took a seat on the stool next to me.

I immediately opened her [struck up a conversation].

She ignored me.


A veteran PUA is never fazed by that.

I kept talking to her [over my shoulder while we sat shoulder to shoulder].

She finally cracked and cracked with a smile while trying to suppress it in order to not appear so easily taken.

My charms worked like a charm on this HB9 with a frosty attitude. 😉

She eventually opened up almost fully within 10 minutes of me doing most of the blabbering and poaching.

She then asked:

“You’re Socialkenny from Youtube, right”?

Me: “Yea. How did you know”?

Girl: “I seen your controversial video about women in g-strings.

Me: “Oh yea? How did that happen”?

Girl: “A friend of mine shared it on Facebook. I thought it was disgusting”!

This led to a long and spirited discourse about my controversial video and the motivation to put such content out there on the web.

Obviously- at least obvious to me- this girl was very much into me…especially upon learning who I was [Socialkenny] and what I teach [pickup].

I was still on my 1st of 2 drinks while this chick had already downed 3 fucking soda-mixed cocktails like they were water! 😯

As a guy who cannot drink for shit: I was both impressed and felt somewhat emasculated that a girl was able to down 3 alcoholic drinks while I was still struggling with just 1. 😦 😦

Anyway, during the chat, I threw in a few sexual spikes:

“Hey, I must be real with you. Your cleavage is fucking tempting me”!

She laughed and looked at me with aa testy smile as if to see whether I would remain congruent or back down.

I stood my ground and reiterated what I said.

It was priceless!

My eyes were primarily zoomed in on her protruding cleavage which were nearly touching my shoulder blade as she turned and talked.

My gaze ran from boobs to lips, boobs to lips, eyes, boobs…

Most guys are too bashful to even peek at a woman’s bust while in conversation let alone stare.

It is thought to be rude and intrusive.

This may appear so, bet here’s the kicker: it is only deemed by women as intrusive and rude if the guy who’s admiring her package isn’t on her level…meaning her social status far exceeds him.

Women only get offended when men who are out of their league try to pass their place.

Hence, as long as you approach girls as though you belong [in her proverbial league], they will regard your advances as justified and normal.

A while later, I ordered another pear-flavored Vodka Absolute cocktail though I wasn’t even half done with the 1st cup.

We flirted sexually and playfully while I fiddled with my smartphone trying to multi-task between checking my FB notifications and gaming this blazing hottie in red.

Me: “Your tits are really tempting. Why couldn’t you wear something less revealing”?

Girl in red: 😆 “Anything I wear reveals my breasts”. 🙂

Some guy came and sat next to us- someone she apparently knows- ordered beers and our conversation flow was interrupted as she chatted with the other guy for a bit.

This totally fucked my situation as the girl was now distracted, forced to engage in convo with the other guy because they know each other.

I remained cool as a cucumber, intermittently commenting to her about something random while she does the same.

Since it was still very early, I floated around the bar talking to other chicks while she grabbed a seat at a table with 2 other girls.

Some time had elapsed and it was getting somewhat late so I decided to grab her phone number.

Recalling that she said she left her mobile phone at home, I borrowed a pen from the bartender and rummaged through my pockets for any piece of scrap paper I could find in order to jot down my phone number for the # swap.

The reason I didn’t this: apart from being cool, was to ensure that she does forget my name and number.

I called her aside from her girls:

Me: “We must stay in touch. Here’s my number. Sorta old fashion but better than nothing”.

I handed her the piece of paper with Kenny and my # jotted on it.

She laughed for a bit as this was really uncommon for her.

Note: this girl is about 21 years old.

In essence, she was too young to remember the pre-smartphone era where guys and gals used to swap phone numbers via pen and paper. So this sort of pick-up made her chuckle. 🙂

She gave me her number and we parted ways.

Ok, normally, I wouldn’t pick up a girl in this manner at a bar or nightclub.

What I mean is, I would usually try to take the girl home instead, since there’s a strong possibility that a girl who’s intoxicated may forget your number the following day(s). Hence, the safer bet is to try to sleep with her that night.

Be as it may, I took the gamble anyway and decided to bank on her remembering me whenever I do contact her.

Night-Game PUA Infield @ The Bar: Have Fun And Not Be A Wall-Flower (re-posted from 01-10-2014)

This’ a re-posted in-field video from January 2014. You might not have been able to watch it due to 3rd. party claims on the background songs but that issue has been rectified so the video is now playable (hopefully so).

Pretty much a bar-game infield video on a typical weekend night out of trying to pick up girls @ the bar. A little bit of everything from approaching a 4 set (4 girls) and fucking with them outside of the bar (to get in state) to dealing with AMOG’s (potential cock-blocks), guy threatens me for trying to dance with his supposed girlfriend, grabbing sexy Tomboy’s hand, grinding on her booty to almost getting shoved down as she forcefully pushed her ass back on my cock, so much so that I almost dropped my covert-recording device in the process…!!!

All in all, it was a good time of night-game.

The lesson that I want you guys to take away is how having fun @ the bar and club should be the first item on your night-game list. Standing around and wall-flowering like most guys will not serve to attract women in the venue (unless you have an Alpha-Male coolness about you). You have to first create an impression that you’re enjoying yourself first and foremost, which is why throughout the infield video in the club, I was rocking away to the music, even to the songs which I fount to be shitty and not to my taste. So this’ how you get yourself in state while @ the bars and nightclubs; you firstly entertain yourself and become self-amused and draw women into that reality.

Hence, the next time you go out, ensure that you follow my lead and enjoy yourself while out. You don’t want to appear as the Debbie Downer or spoiler for women. Girls go out to have fun and are open to guys who seem to be having fun also (like I was).

If you’re still unable to see the video (from a mobile device or computer), shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment so I can possibly kick Youtube’s cyber ass for flagging my videos due to unintended circumstances.

To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

One of the most commonly used idioms in the English-speaking world:

“Never judge a book by its cover”.

Now, we know what that means and entails in social settings and gatherings: you judge a person wrongly based on the exterior, then come to find out that the individual kicks ass and fits neatly into your social circle.

With stranger approaches though, that is approaching total strangers (women), men tend to get derailed and have second thoughts about approaching women who have cold and icy exteriors (faces to be exact).

A guy would prefer to approach, introduce himself to and chat up a chick who has a cheery smile on her face opposed to one who isn’t smiley and looks rather stern and uninviting.

This is quite customary irrespective of the sex or situation; no one wants to approach someone who looks uninviting, whether this be while grabbing something to eat, asking for directions, etc. we’d elect to approach the perceived easier targets i.e. the warm and cheery folks.

Well I’m here to tell you that you’ve been blunting your own fucking progress in the social department! 😯

You’ve been a discriminatory prick who judges women (the book) by the cover!

You didn’t approach that sexy girl with the stern-facial expression simply because you thought she would come off as an attitudish-little bitch. 😯

Lemme clue you in on something: the girls who appear to be uninviting are almost always the friendliest, most open, genuine and cheery…just as long as you take the initiative and man up to break the ice.

I know this from year’s worth of personal experience in seduction and cold-approach Pickup [that is approaching tons of random strangers on the streets]. So this isn’t just theorizing and bullshit guesstimation based on futile research as such from some social psychologist or someone who doesn’t have real-world experience in the field.

Electing to not approach a girl because she doesn’t look inviting, just might be a missed opportunity on a girl who could’ve been your next girlfriend, wife or something a little less committed: fuck-buddy. 😉 😉

Another thing that you should grasp: women who aren’t inviting and cheery on the outside, have been told this during their entire lives:

“Why don’t you smile”?


“You always look angry”!

“Change your facial expression for once”!

We all have friends who fall into this category. Perhaps you’re one of them (ice-faced). ❓

With this being the case, these girls grow up to be self-conscious in social settings and generally construct a wall of psychological protection for their self-esteem.

Most of them begin to think that they’re fucked-up in some chronic way and no matter what, just cannot attract guys (or people in general) into their sphere.

Therefore when you approach a girl who has a frigid exterior, her socially conditioned impulse is shut down (further) and congruence test the shit out of the guy who’d approached her.

Within a split second after the initial bump in the road, don’t be flabbergasted when the cheerful spirit pops out to greet you.

I see this happen all the time.

She just wants to be certain within the first 2 seconds, that you won’t judge her on the uninviting exterior, then she can let her inner glee come to surface.

This is no different than a chick who shit tests you and is frosty at the onset, then becomes a fuzzy ball of warmth as you decisively pass the shit test.

Never judge a woman from the first impression.

Her first impression is usually to test you, whether it’s a pleasant or rude 1.

Therefore, never alienate, marginalize or pass up on a girl who doesn’t appear as though she’s advertising toothpaste.

These girls (bitchy ones), even though they’re the hottest generally, are almost always passed up on by men while out with the girls mingling and partying.

They may feel socially awkward, left out and alienated, which is your chance to break the ice and get to know (or bang) a cool-ass chick.

This hearkens back to a night of clubbing I had in 2007 where I took home the hottest girl in the venue…well took her to my hotel actually. 😉

Hot girls are usually bitchy on the exterior, so 99.9% of the guys in the club that night, all elected to NOT approach her out of fear of being scolded, shot down, ignored and rejected in front of hundreds of club-goers. So they chose the perceived easier sets of girls to chat up…which usually doesn’t go anywhere. 😦

I on the other hand, being a budding Pick-Up Artist at that time, I was addicted to tackling the perceived-harder girls who seemed more difficult, hence I approached, isolated, finger-banged, seduced and took home this girl whom every other guy was scared shit to approach because they judged the book by its cover and misjudged poorly because this chick turned out to be one of the coolest girls I ever met in my lifetime…so much so that I even remember her name from a One-Night Stand which occurred years ago…she was also the first and only squirter I ever met to date- so that was a plus for the memory bank. 😉 😉

This is another reason why learning Pickup is great; you get the girls that other guys wouldn’t dare approach even with a pistol to their heads!

I have countless videos where I approach girls who weren’t inviting in their dispositions yet as I open them, you would’ve never imagined that those charmingly social girls were the same chicks who before I approached, looked as though they were prepping to kill someone.


All in all guys:

*Don’t pass up on a girl due to her perceived coldness and frosty exterior.

*Approach the girls who would otherwise be seen as off limits by you.

*When in nightclubs and bars, approach and chat up the perceived “bitchy” girls.

On a final note, and this’ probably the most crucial piece of advice: please do NOT fucking listen to your friends!

Guy friends have a tendency to do 2 things:

1.) Talk you into talking to a girl who isn’t worth it.

2.) Talk you out of talking to a girl who’s worth it.

For instance:

You: “That girl is sexy as hell. I might go talk to her”!

Friend: “Are you crazy dude! That chick looks mean and stuck-up like she has an attitude! I wouldn’t talk to her ass”!

This is why I don’t do wingmen and I go out solo EVERYTIME.

I don’t want a Beta-Male mentality friend cramping my style with every girl I plan to approach while out. So if you have one of those guy friends who always try to talk you out of the approach or talk you out of taking chances in general: then ditch him until he starts to think differently!

This is 1 such video of mines which hammers home the concept of not being socially stifled, and also an infield clip where I approached a serious-faced chick sitting on a balcony of the bar/club.

No guys were approaching her so I took the initiative instead of being frozen by her uninviting and cold exterior…which quickly melted away as I approached and opened.


Learn Scavenger Game Pickup For One-Night Stands From The Clubs

Download .pdf version of this article

I received an e-mail or 2 from guys who were suggesting that I write “Scavenger Game” as a separate post to the previous article: 1 night stand pulls, which features “Scavenger Game”.

So here it is, a full-concentrated article on how to run Scavenger Game [for SNL/One-Night Stands].

Scavenger Game Scenario In Use

In my last field report from Valentine’s weekend, I’d highlighted “Scavenger Game” in effect. Here’s an excerpt:

Anyways, so I spotted a sexy girl with the looks of a young Janet Jackson, I approached her
And immediately escalated!

Also bear in mind; scavenger game is about immediate sexual escalation: IMMEDIATE!

This is a last-ditch effort, do-or-die moment, so long conversations are fucking NO NO!

This is no time to be chatting about “how long you lived here in town…”.

Note: Your biggest challenge in scavenger game will be competition from other guys.

This chick had 4 other aggressive dudes trying to take her home.

Some guys instinctively understand Scavenger Game and apply it just as I was doing, so don’t be fooled into thinking that you won’t have to fight to get the girl.

I’ve known guys who don’t even enter nightclubs.

They’d just show up at scavenger hours to see which half-drunk girl they can pull to their parked cars to fuck.

Anywho, at 1 point, some other guy had managed to get the Janet Jackson look-alike from me [hot-club girls have short attention spans, so this is pretty standard].

He tried kissing her, she pulled back laughingly, he got disheartened and bounced.

I swooped back in, grabbed her hand and led her, we made out , she pulled away, said she gotta take piss so she busted a leak behind a car while I stood there zoned out watching her pee.

We continued walking, she says to me:

“I don’t even know you. I wanna go back in the club. I don’t wanna go home yet”!

I convinced her to not go back into the club.

She tells me she lives nearby, so I walked with her while we fondled each other and made out a bit.

Got to where she stays, fooled around @ the gate, she says her roommate is up early so we can’t go in [I did notice someone inside from outside], so I tried pulling her pants down to fuck her right there @ her gate but her fucking jeans were too damn tight!


Employ “Scavenger Game” when all fails.

Realistically speaking, I don’t see this as a last resort, only that it could only be utilized when everyone is leaving the club.

For instance, you cannot use scavenger game early in the night when people are just arriving…DUH!

Four AM onward is the time for scavenging, when girls are sexual, horny, drunk, tipsy, sloppy…

This photo of “Lust Nightclub” in Cleveland, OH is the perfect setting for Scavenger Game

At this time juncture, lots of girls would just stand around in a semi trance, which is your moment to get your scavenger game on.

Half of my One-Night Stand over the years were scavenger-game pulls after 4 AM.

This strategy is super fucking powerful!

It’s either hit or miss though, but you have dozens of chances to take 1 of those horny girls home.

If 1 attempt fails- so fucking what!
Move on to the next girl outside the club!

That’s the hidden beauty in scavenger game: you can try and try until 1 hooks.

As I stated in the last article, I’ve known guys who don’t even step foot into clubs.

They just stand-sit around and wait until scavenger hours so they can get to work.

I have a buddy who would stay home the entire night and get up like 4:30 AM, drive to the club, sit outside in his ride and just wait to fucking pull!

So you don’t even have to enter the club to pull SNL’s!

You can just stand around outside the venue and wait to pick off lone wolves or groups of girls if you’re skilled in social-circle pickup.

“Guideline To Scavenger Game”

Just as I did in my field report cited at the top of this article, here’s a step-by-step guide.

•Sit, stand, wait outside of the nightclub [or even a bar].

•Having a ride makes logistics better to fuck her (in the car).

•Not having a vehicle, you’ll have to settle for banging her outdoors or taking her to your place or hers. Outdoors is the best option since she’s already outside!

Whether you were inside the club or not; that doesn’t matter!

You can just show up at 5 AM [depended on whatever time the clubs in your region shut] fresh out of bed to run scavenger game!

•I advise you to down a beer or 2 before actually showing up (just to pump your state for physical combat).

If you can escalate without drinking; then fine!

•Approach your target, throw a bullshit opener, then go sexual:

“Hey sexy, what time is it”!?


Get Physical!

If it’s a group of girls (let’s say a 3-set):

“Hey girls why the hell y’all leaving already”!


Get Physical!

•Having a wingman for 2-3 sets would be perfect where he (or they) can occupy her friends.

•Your goal is to extract and isolate your target from her group then get physical!

If she’s alone, there’s no need for an extraction of this sort.

•Approach, open, get her to stop, hold her hand(s), invade her space!

If she stops; then it’s ON!

If she allows you to hold her hands (which she will), then it’s fucking ON!

If she allows you to invade her space (get closer); it’s ON!

If she allows you to hold her around the waits or put your hands on her shoulder; it’s ON!

These are all physical green lights!

•So as you approach her, get her to stop by throwing your opener, you want to immediately go KINO with 1 of the gestures I pointed out above:

•Hold hand(s)
•Hold her around waist
•Hug her
•Put your arm on her shoulder
•Embrace her from behind

Let’s say she’s walking in front of you (slowly), you can get her to stop by taking her around the waist with both hands.

“Stop! You can’t go home already”!

•Once she stops for whatever reason, that is your indicator that it’s ON!

The Goal

Assuming you did all the above correctly, approached, open, got her to stop, went KINO…

If driving, invite her over to your parked car:

“Let’s stand over here”!

•Throw a compliance test by taking her hand to lead her to wherever you want (car, crib, cafe, etc.).

If she complies and goes with you; that’s another fucking green light!

She is sexually receptive!!!

All those drinks and grinding on dicks throughout the night had spiked her Buying Temperature something ridiculous!

And this’ the beauty about it [if you came straight from home]:

•You just showed up

•You hadn’t bought any drinks for her nor spent a dime

•You never entered the club [$$ saved again]

•You didn’t burn yourself out the entire night by dancing with her

So you’re literally skipping hours worth of time by swooping in at the last minute for Scavenger Game.

Those clowns who were inside dancing with her all night will be burnt out, drunk and going home alone.

So you just virtually skipped the line of 100 people although you showed up last!

Your Enemies

You’ll have 5 likely enemies/obstacles when it comes to Scavenger Game:

1.) Other guys (competition)

You will not be the only guy trying to run scavenger game! If you are; then the world is yous!

Since the world isn’t yours, 9 in 10 times, you’ll have to fend off other men like a pack of hyenas. The most aggressive guy wins!

2.) Your own buddies

Your friends (if you have any with you) will at times try to fuck up your situation by talking you out of the One-Night Stand push:

“Dude let’s go! I’m tired! I’m leaving you here! You’re being too aggressive with her”!

Your own friends will try talking you out of sex.

3.) Her girlfriends (if any)

Girlfriends will naturally cockblock. This is a given, which makes lone wolves (girls who are alone outside of the club) the easier option.

4.) Your own mind (limiting belief)

You may start to question yourself:

“Am I being too aggressive”?

“Will she let me kiss her”?

“Will she call the cops on me for rape”!?

Your own mind will fuck you up by bringing up worst case scenarios!

Tell your mind to STFU and stop cockblocking!!!

5.) Shitty Logistics

For me, bad logistics are always the biggest obstacles out the 5.

I would manage to ward off cockblockers/competition, isolate her from her friends, but poor logistics would eat me the fuck up!

Poor logistics may entail:

•Not having a car (that night)
•Not having any condoms (although I prefer banging raw)
•Day light rapidly approaching
•No where to fuck
•She lives real far which means walking out of the question

Nevertheless, presuming logistics are semi-decent, you got the HB standing with you on the sidewalk or next to a car (hers or yours), you should’ve already been:

1.) Tonguing her down

2.) Finger banging her

3.) Having her stroke your cock

4.) Fucking her

The self-doubters will be saying as they read this:

“No fucking way! This is impossible! This can’t happen! Bullshit! A girl will never allow this to go down”!!!

This limiting-belief of the Beta-Male’s mindset is exactly why RSD Tyler wrote years ago: “Only 5% of men in the world get laid regularly”.

Those 5%ers include a mixture of Alpha-Naturals, Players, Macks and Pick-Up Artists.

You want to be apart of this exclusive 5% group of men who get laid regularly.


Where Can I Take Her [Logistics]?

As you become better and battle-tested @ Scavenger Game, you will have noticed 1 thing:

•Shagging girls outdoor is your new-best hobby

A decent portion of my One Night Stands had occurred outdoors: behind dumpsters, in between parked cars, abandoned houses, door steps, piers…

Actually, 80% of my outdoor One-Night Stand lays happened at “Piers and Boardwalks”.

The nightclubs which I usually frequented were all located beside piers or the sea coast, so I took advantage of logistics [unknowingly so].

I fount that club girls enjoyed taking a walk to the pier and fucking on the boardwalk or deck.

If your club isn’t located near the coast, your other viable-logistical options to lay her:

•Inside or on top of your parked car or anyone else’s car (hood)

•A nearby motel, hostel, guess house, friend’s house…

•Her place [a rare possibility]

Everything must be nearby (unless you’re driving).

Set up your sexual logistics to where everything is near the club:

Your car parked nearby, your buddie’s car nearby, your hotel nearby, your apartment nearby, abandoned houses nearby…

Good Logistics will become your best ally.

Bad Logistics will become your worst enemy at this point in the game.

The reason for proximity and having the fuck-location nearby is to avoid backward rationalization by the girl.

Let’s say that the club is 45 min. away via driving.

By the time you’re driving the one-night stand chick back to your place (45 minutes away), there’s a 50-50 chance that she will back out as the long drive back to your place allows her the mental space to think rationally.

Every aspect of a Same Night Lay/One Night Stand should happen FAST!

Rapid succession!

The spot that you’re gonna fuck her at should be close!

You should kiss her fast!

Move fast!

Allow her no psychological-breathing room to back out!

So everything must be near and fast!

As for in-door locales, I’ve never taken a One-Night Stand chick back to my apartment.

They’ve all been taken back to my hotel since most of those lays occurred while I was island hopping throughout the Caribbean.

Girls will be more receptive to going back to your hotel than apartment.

Why this is will require an entire article to explain.

Quick recap in pulling one-night stands from the club via Scavenger Game

•Spot the target outside the club
•Approach and open her
•Get physical right away
•Get her to take a walk or over to your car (if any)
•Take her to whichever fuck-spot will be nearest.