Beta-Male Buffoonery Series: These Guys Just Don’t Understand What Confident And Direct Means

Okay fellaz, it’s been long-overdue since I put together the “Beta-Male Buffoonery Series”, which are series of short posts, exposing Beta-Male-ism coming from the average male online.

Let’s get right into it.

On Facebook, a female friend of mine posted the following status about confident and direct men.

The men who commented, have not 1 clue of what it means to be direct and confident with women (online).

Now, where did these buffoons go egregiously wrong?

Telling a girl she’s sexy in such a context (online), doesn’t classify as “direct”, rather cheesy, lame, generic, socially un-savvy and desperate.

The idiot Marcus tooled himself out when he made the ultimate faux-pas of “asking” the girl if he could inbox her. On top of that, he referred to her as “queen”. No wonder he never got a reply from the girl. That was chode city type of shit right there. Asking a girl for her permission to message her is an instant deflation to the guy’s perception of confidence in the girl’s eyes.

Every other guy made similar mistakes. Bill only got a reply because he used flattery, and the girl was compelled to reply out of social norms…and just to be friendly. But Bill stood no chance either.

Fernando was the worst! Giving a girl your # is so far from confident and direct, that you could probably see the North Pole from South America before this buffoonery would ever be deemed confident and direct!

What these guys are missing ultimately, apart from the fact that they were supplicating and qualifying to the highest degree, is that directly trying to communicate that you are confident and direct, is the opposite of confidence and direct.

If I were to comment, my comment(s) would’ve been very neutral and witty, steering clear of anything that would inadvertently give off the vibe that I’m trying to be/look confident and direct.

More Chode Shit

So this morning, a guy who’s a fan of mines, friend requested me on Facebook.

As usual, I screen the profile just to ensure that it’s legit, then I accept the request.

The guy then hits me up via Messenger, and the exchange went as follows.

😑 😑 😑

I got so frikkin’ frustrated that I posted the following status with the above screenshots.

This the type of chode shit that makes me want to close my Facebook account. After explaining to this guy that race means shit in picking up women, and that if you’re good with 1 set of women, you’ll be equally as good with another, he goes on to pry about me picking up Indian girls, totally missing the points I made prior. He wants to know how many East Indian girls I’ve slept with. I mean, really!? What the fuck does that prove if I were to say 2 or 200!!? That’s that chode mentality.

Okay, if you want to get me real upset, make insinuations that looks and race are impediments in the game.

With this guy, his insistence on seeing me pick up more East Indian women was hair-pulling!

I mean, what part of me saying to you that game works on every woman, don’t you understand!?

What part of me telling you that on an intrinsic and biological level, all women are the same, don’t you understand!?

Since you know that I can (and do) pick up East Indian girls, why the heck would you want to know how many I’ve picked up!?

Why should the quantity matter?

Why even ask that?

What the fuck does it prove if I were to say 2 or 200!?

I feel that this guy is indirectly calling me out, but in a slick way.

I am very much attuned to this sort of trickery and psychological ploy, where guys try to call other guys out, but by not actually doing it directly, instead through insinuations.

Furthermore, this guy’s fractured frame is deeper than that. And it goes back to what I told him initially, that game works straight across the board, transcending racial, ethnic and national lines.

If you’ve been following my blog for a good while now, you would’ve known that I have a quasi-fetish for East Indian women.

Additionally, you would’ve also known that following black girls, East Indians are 2nd of my proverbial hit-list (or fuck-list).

I’ve picked up and banged lots of East Indian women here in the Caribbean islands.

They are no different than black girls in that I don’t get a more difficult time gaming East Indians than I do black chicks, Orientals or any other woman for that matter.

The race of the girl doesn’t mean shit to me!

My approach remains the same with a few minor adjustments and tweaks here and there.

For instance, if I’m chatting up and picking up a French chick, I will tweak my game in the sense that my conversational thread would be based more on geography, asking the girl about France, etc.

Those aren’t game-specific tweaks. Hence, my game remains the same, no matter the girl standing before me!

These AFC chodes, and I’m quite sure you reading this post are one [sorry for being so harsh], are always under the impression that girl A is harder to game because she’s white, Asian, black, Russian, Martian, whatever!

They fail to realize that game is game, and women are women! What works on a British-white chick will work on a British-black chick, or a British-Pakistani chick!

This sort of low-value mindset harbored by guys new to the game (that race matters), is equivalent to guys who peddle the looks matter bullshit.

Both ideologies are flawed and incorrect!

If you’re entering the game with “race matters”, then of course it will matter!

I don’t!

Whenever I approach a girl, be it online or in person, I don’t see race! I only see vagina!

My game and lay percentage with white and East-Indian girls are higher than that of black girls [“percentage”-wise].

It is just that I have a preference for black and Indian women why I game them more. But I find white girls no harder to game than blacks or Indians.

It is all in your fucking head!

That chode mentality has to be rooted the hell out if you ever wish to get a solid grip on your dating life as it relates to variety in women!

You shouldn’t have to see me game and pick up a Hawaiian girl to know that I’m capable of doing it. You shouldn’t have to know how many Canadian women I’d slept with to know that I can bed Canadian women!

Why not? To reiterate: Game works across the board!

The only how your game would somewhat struggle is if there’s a language barrier. But that’s not even a big deal since your verbals are less important than your nonverbals.

Anyway guys, I have less tolerance for chode shit as of later.

How would you like to be bombarded with dozens of emails and social-media DM’s per day, where the subject line reads: “I’m not good looking enough to attract women. Help me”!

You would go nuts too!

Listen, before learning about pickup when I sucked ass at getting a woman to even look at me, the very last thing that I factored into the equation of why women weren’t giving me the time of day, was my looks!

Even as a fucking Beta-Male, AFC, low-value frame chode, I still didn’t attribute my inability to get laid to my lack of good looks!

I didn’t believe that women were repulsed by my big nose, elongated face, bulging eyes or irregular-looking smile!

My looks were far from the reason I thought as to why I sucked!

Do you know to what I attributed my lack of success with women before discovering pickup by a chance Google search?

A lack of game!

I didn’t even know there was such a thing as game in the sense of one can learn how to become good with women!

I literally thought that you were either born with game or without game, and that dictated your entire life until death!

I wanted fucking Game!

Not better looks! Because something inside of me told me that even if I were blessed with better looks, a lack of game will still render my good looks null and void! And that is very much true!

Hence, it sorta weirds me out whenever I hear guys attribute lack of success with women to lack of good looks, when even as a guy who couldn’t get laid, looks didn’t even factor into the picture for me.

Anyway guys, you may very well think that I’m being a giant dick as of late by harping on the looks stuff. But bear with me.

I’m just trying to show you that unless you resemble that ugly character from the Goonies, then looks are the least of your problems when it comes to getting poon!

How Not To Respond To A Girl Being Cold

This is totally the wrong way to go about a girl being unresponsive.

In fact, with this guy, the girl was responding. However, she was somewhat cold.

Days ago, a female on Facebook posted the following screenshots, in order to shame and out guys who show their lack of game and so forth.

The guy’s messages are in gray. Hers in blue.

Okay, so where did he go wrong?

First of all: never ask a girl, “what are you doing”, or, “what’s up”!

It is lame, generic and ticks women off because of its generic nature. So he went astray from right there.

Secondly, he didn’t have compliance from the girl, yet he tells her he’s going to be in (her) town tomorrow morning.

Okay- fine! But so what!! What the fuck do you expect the girl to say to that!!!? Did he expect her to say, “Okay that’s lovely that you’ll be in my town tomorrow! Let’s grab a smoothie”!


As the guy, he was supposed to tell the girl his plan and intention: “Hey, I’m gonna be in your town tomorrow. We should grab a pizza and bore each other to death with small talk”.

Point is: he foolishly neglected to give the girl a reason (or a point) to want to meet with him, since he neglected to mention any meet-up plan! Because of that, the girl rightly replied with, “what does this (coming to the girl’s town) have to do with me”?

He then further went on to drop more points by complimenting the girl in the cheesiest way possible (without having compliance) by telling her, “you look so beautiful and sweet”!

No dude! Haven’t you read my fucking blog!!!?

You don’t dish out a cheesy-generic compliment; especially when the girl has already deemed you as clueless via of her snarky remark!

Complimenting a stranger on a whole- in and of itself- is bad! But it is EXTRA bad when you do so on a downward spiral, where the girl had basically said something bitchy to you!

Why do guys choose such a moment (when the girl is acting bitchy) to go cheesy with the compliments? Because AFC’s (Average Joes) are still under the illusion that complimenting a bitchy, and or hot girl, will defuse her bitchiness and gain her favor by getting on her good side.

Essentially, it is a strategic ruse by clueless men in hopes of flattering the bitchy girl into being nice.

This absolutely never works!

Anyway, to make matters worse, from the screenshot (on the left side), I’m seeing that he contacted her again saying, “good morning”.

In a recent post, I touched on how generic texts such as, “good morning” and “what’s up”, are tantamount to nailing your own coffin shut…with yourself inside the coffin.

If you don’t have value in the eyes of the girl, she will react to a simple and innocent “good morning”, as if you’d told her to “go fuck yourself”!

This guy, clearly in the eyes of the girl, had no (social) value, no compliance and no attraction (based on his vibing…or lack thereof). So messaging “good morning” with such a deck stacked against you, will only cause Perturbation.

The uselessness of the ranting in the guy’s messages (in gray) on the right side of the screenshot above, was self-explanatory.

What’s so ironic about this (their text exchange) is that the guy could’ve totally turned this around by attracting the girl through drama.

Here’s the deal: as long as the girl is responding to your messages (whether positively or negatively), it means that she is invested. And as long as the girl is investing, it means that she is open to being picked up.

This guy clearly didn’t know that, just as hardly any of us guys would’ve known that.

It was Todd Valentine, the PUA instructor for the RSD company, who said: “I would rather get a negative response from the girl than no response at all”.

No response from the girl is absolutely the worst-case scenario. If she doesn’t reply; you have no shot of picking her up.

Saying that bit to say, I could’ve totally flipped this debacle, and I always do.

It is a treasured yet sorta complex routine/technique of mines, dubbed “seducing girls through drama”.

The reason I developed it was by chance actually. I’d gotten myself in a few sticky situations trying to game girls on online-dating sites some years ago. But then I realized that although the girl and I were arguing, I could still flip the set and get her to like me. Then it became a routine of mines in handling bitchy, snarky, attitudish girls.

Okay, back to the end of the text exchange. So even when he called her a fat cow, her response was rather relenting and non-combative. At that point, he could’ve totally turned around the set by relenting also, even apologizing, then work some charm game.

In either case, this was just a great example of how not to respond to a girl being cold via messaging.

Chode Shit: Telling Girls To Smile More

Low-valued activities from men, really tick me off!

Not only do they tick me off, but women are also fed up of the chodery and the Beta-Male behaviors which are exhibited by the vast majority of men.

The other day on Facebook, this female whom I know, posted the following meme about smiling.

Seems innocuous.

Here was my response.

Men are indeed full of shit when it comes to things like these!

Give the girl something to smile about instead of trying to tell women that they need to smile more.

I generally hear this complaint a lot from scores of men over the years.

They perceive that a non-smiling girl is a bitchy girl, hence their unwillingness to approach the girl who doesn’t have a cheery expression plastered across her face.

Furthermore, why do men wish for women whom they come across to smile (more)?

It (a smiling face) signals to coward men that they have an easy target, thus having a shot.

If you are guilty of such low-valued expectation as a man; then you are a social coward and an Omega-Male graveling at the bottom of the totem pole, unable to climb.

Sure we all wish that every woman had a pleasant and inviting grin on her face, because that would somehow be encouraging for us to approach her. But whether the girl is smiling or frowning, that shouldn’t discourage you at all from approaching her.

Quit going for the perceived easier targets in women who smile a ton. Looking approaching by having an inviting-facial expression, doesn’t at all indicate how receptive a girl is or will become. So if you believe that telling the girl who works the cash register, that she should smile more, would make your day (or your chances) easier; think again brodie!

I spoke about this a long time ago, and it still rings true to this day: I’ve had more successes with approaching girls who looked bitchy and aggravated than I did (and do) with approaching the ones who were all cheery-looking.

I then accepted the realization through experience, that the girls who appeared to be icy and cold on the exterior, are actually sweethearts once you approach and open!

Go out and field test it!

You’ll be amazed to discovered that the ice queens are often times charming souls just waiting to be greeted. Instead, you either cowardly prance on by them, or make an equally coward move by remarking that they should smile more.

Upon approaching a girl, the absolute last thing I take into consideration is how inviting (or not) her facial expression is.

I can literally care less whether she’s smiling or sulking. So you’ll never hear me ask a girl, “why don’t you smile more”?

Women hate to hear it! So quit saying it because it makes you look low value!

3 Value-Lowering Words/Phrases You Should Avoid When Trying To Seduce A Girl

“Thank You”, “Please”, “Can I”…”may I”?

Which guy uses such phraseology ad nauseum?

Is it the nice guy or the bad boy?

“Ding, Ding, Ding”! Nice guy has it!

We all have come into contact with the now cliche: “Nice guys finish last”.

Very true!

Why they finish last varies across the board.

One such reason as to why nice guys are always shunned and marginalized by hot women [even by the unattractive women], is their gratuitous nature- or what I like to term as an ‘ACT’.

Anyway, if you haven’t gotten the memo as yet, allow me to bash you across the head with this piece of sobering info: Women don’t give a rat’s ass about a man’s gratuitous and grateful gestures!

The more thankfulness and gratefulness you show towards a woman- primarily in the courtship phase- the faster your value will tank in her eyes where her perception of you will have become akin to that of a spineless loser. 😦 😦

In addition to that, part of the problem is coming off apologetically.

Giving apologies, asking for forgiveness, asking questions and saying thanks, will all fucking tank you when trying to get a girl into bed!

Now, I’m not speaking of the occasional and quasi-justifiable apology like when you ring a girl and inadvertently wake her up.

Giving a “Sorry” in such a situation- sparingly- will cause no grave damage in the grand scheme of things because the situation warrants it [an apology].

However, where most guys [so-called nice ones in particularly] go wrong, is when they apologize for absolutely fucking nothing!

Need a common example?

“Sorry for taking you away from your busy schedule…but can we text please”?

Talk about a triple-fucking whammy!

Those were 3 infractions within 1 short sentence: “Sorry”, “Can we”(?) And “please”.

I almost choked typing that because of how horrible it looks, sounds and comes off! 😯

To the average guy’s ears and eyes: such a text message is commonplace and totally normal and fine!


I think I need an aspirin.

Anyway, the reality is: there is something deeply rooted within a female’s biological makeup which doesn’t take light to men who are neither supplicative, apologetic, gratuitous nor thanks-giving.

Something within her- beyond her perception and control- repels such male characters and deems them sterile, thus un-sex-worthy.

Once again: this is why women are so attracted to bad boys, jerks and assholes!

Ask any girl why does she go for the wrong type, and watch her fumble for an answer.

She simply doesn’t know the answer, because that decision is outside of her conscious decision-making processor.

Hence, she continuously fucks assholes and jerks yet doesn’t know why, and cannot explain why she goes for the so-called wrong types.

Ok, so what is my ultimate advice for you here?

Stay away from thanking girls whom you just met.

Stay away from asking permission.

Stay away from saying “Please”.

In a woman’s mind, attractive and important guys of value should not be seeking her permission, nor should they be thanking her for minuscule and meaningless acts of capitulation.

In other words, if a chick gives you her phone number, it is NO cause for spiking the football in the end zone in celebration [to use an American football analogy] by hurling a “thanks a lot sweetie” text her way.

When trying to get a girl’s phone number, let’s say that this is on Facebook or some internet-dating site, virtually begging her like a vagrant isn’t gonna do you any justice!

Even if the girl does cave and coughs up her digits, there is no guarantee that she will entertain your phone calls or text messages in the first place.

News flash: because a girl gives you her phone number, it doesn’t mean that she’s interested!

There is such a thing as a pity number, fake number, throwaway number, etc, etc, etc.

Women are notorious for giving guys their #’s without any expectation of actually hearing back from the guy…simply because they don’t want to hear from 90% of the guys to whom they give their numbers.

It’s basically giving guys their #’s just to get rid of them…or to not shatter those guy’s fragile powder-puff hearts. πŸ˜‰

Therefore, you don’t want cases where chicks are giving you their numbers out of pity or just to get you off their back.

One way in which to avoid the pity number is to stop ‘asking’ her for the number altogether!

“Asking” denotes weakness and unsurity.

“Asking” is often times misconstrued by women to mean begging.

If you’re sure about yourself and the results of an action; why would you ask?

Coming off as being sure means that you’re exuding some levels of confidence.

Whenever I go for a girl’s #, I communicate surety in what I’m doing and surety in that I have the # in the bank already therefore she will give it…without me asking/begging in the form of “Can I”, or “may I get”?

I instead say to the girl, “Give me your number”.

There is no fucking “Please” at the end of my command neither! 😈

I know what I want, I know what I’ll get, I own it, embrace it and the girl senses my dominant attitude and she gives in for the simple fact that women go bonkers for men who are dominant…not exactly domineering [there’s a big difference there].

This attitude is also transfered over to the so-called date proposal.

I don’t “Ask” girls if they can go out with me!

I ‘TELL’ them to come out with me or meet me somewhere [operative word being “Tell”]!

For example, check out this screenshot from a Whatsapp conversation I had with a sexy-bodybuilding instructor I recently picked up [my texts in green].

There was no asking nor begging there.

I was telling her what the deal was!

That is how you ask a girl out by not asking at all, instead telling her what your plans are and to see what accommodations need to be made.

However, I always assume the sale!

I always assume that she’ll buy what I’m selling.

This spells confidence, self-assuredness and cockiness [a bit of ‘Cocky’ works wonders].

On a last note, this “assuming the sale” mentality by not asking but just doing, is the same frame required while in the bedroom.

How un-confident would it be if through every step of the way in the bedroom, you’re seeking the girl’s permission and approval to escalate towards sex…by touching her:

“Can I touch you now”?

“Can I remove your blouse”?

“Can you allow me to touch your legs please”?

Just totally fucking nonsensical!

No guy who’s sure of himself is going to be asking a girl in bed for the first time, can he do this or do that.

He’ll simply just act and do.

If the girl isn’t up for it, she’ll let it be known in some way.

Therefore, by owning it and assuming the girl is down with your program [be it swapping numbers, etc.], will be your key to unlocking many doors to poon-town.

Contrarily, asking, begging, pleading, thanking will rarely ever get you anywhere in the field of dating.

You may still get a girl’s number: but it won’t be worth a damn thing.

You may even still get the girl to accept the date: but it is likely that she had no other plans, wanted to be wined and dined in order to brag to her friends, meanwhile having zero intention to neither sleep with you, date you nor to be your girlfriend.

You’re merely just charity in her eyes where she’s the recipient of your charitable gestures.

2 Most Ridiculous Anti-PUA Videos

Generally, I pay no mind to guys who don’t know about pickup yet want to talk about pickup.

These 2 videos happened to grab my attention the other day because of how ridiculous they are.

This Beta-Male clown seems to think that trying to meet women or chat to women, is desperate and putting women on pedestals.

Now, this idiot below seems to think that PUA’s try to befriend women in order to potentially seduce them…not realizing that PUA’s don’t generally befriend women.

Speaks a lot about the little this guy knows about the pickup artist.

Not to mention he thinks PUA’s are weird. πŸ˜‰ 😯

More Reasons Why You Should’nt Ask Girls Whether They’re Single Or Not

One of my favorite-nefarious pastimes as of late, is what I like to affectionately call: Exposing the Beta-Males.

You see, no matter how many times I scream and shout, rant and rave, preach and teach: guys still don’t get it.

What doesn’t guys get?

The fact that a girl doesn’t give a rat’s ass whether she’s single or taken. She having a boyfriend/man shouldn’t be of another guy’s concern if he’s looking to hook up with her.

Women get really annoyed whenever guys ask them their relationship status: single or taken?

The following screenshot depicts that annoyance from a female friend of mines on Facebook.

Image 1

On the surface, it seems to be an innocent and reasonable question a guy should ask a woman in whom he’s possibly interested.

However, that is just another case of guys using guy logics to try to interpret chic logics.

It just won’t work!

What seems normal and fair for a man, is likely to come off as weird, annoying and a turn off for a woman.

For a guy [and also logics would have it], it is reasonable to ask if a girl is single or taken.

For the girl on the receiving end of such a reasonable question: she interprets it as a matter of, “If you like me, why the hell would you care if I have a boyfriend or not”?

In a sense: women are right!

If you like a girl, why the hell should you care to even ask her if she has a boyfriend?

Why should the fact that she has a boyfriend deter you from proceeding to get to know her?

It shouldn’t!

Hence, that is the reason why girls will punish you by rejecting you once you begin to pry into her personal business of whom she’s fucking and whom she’s dating.

It is none of your business guys!

Women will fucking cheat!

I said that a gazillion times already.

Women with boyfriends will cheat on their boyfriends.

Then why ask?

Why continue to piss girls off by hitting them up online asking if they’re single!?

Take a look at my comment on the same status update.

Notice how the girl agrees with my take on such a matter?

Image 1

I can imagine all the Betas who might have hit the girl up about her relationship status, feeling all butt-hurt that I showed them up to the girl like clueless idiots. 😦 😦

At the end of the day: the girl will choose to hook up, not with the guy who genuinely cares to ask about her status, but the guy like myself who doesn’t give a shit about her status, therefore doesn’t ask.

The girl will volunteer than info on her own at some point during the chat.

You don’t have to fucking ask her!

Plus if you’d been following my writings, you would’ve accepted the reality on the ground which I’ve been preaching at nauseum: “All girls have boyfriends”!

Hence, to ask a sane and hot girl if she has a man, is akin to asking a physiologically normal girl if she has a vagina. 😯 😯


All normal and sane-minded girls have a boyfriend or 2 for that matter.

Asking her the obvious [especially over the internet], will have ticked her off royally.

You have to remember guys; you aren’t the only dude hitting up the girl asking the same lame-generic ass questions.

Twenty other Betas have asked her those same questions…that same day!

How much you think a girl can take before voicing it and putting you guys on the spot like school kids?

Wake the hell up!

I’m sick and tired of having to shame my fellow man as if he were a wet-behind-the-ears lad who hasn’t gotten a clue as to the female mindset.

Asking a girl if she has a boyfriend, does NOT show how considerate, upright, ethical and respectable you are.

It sub-communicates to the girl that you’re a coward, an evolutionary weakling, a dodo, someone who’s risk-adverse and a guy who just doesn’t get it.

Now, why would she sleep with you, given the fact that she sees you in such a terrible light?

Exactly- she won’t!

She will fuck a guy like Kenny who doesn’t ask questions, but wisely makes his pitch while banking on the sale being made in the end.

A woman in general, won’t respect a man who operates as though he cares about her best interest.

As vulgarly powerful as that declaration sounds; I’ve proven this hand over fist on a daily basis.

The more you care about a woman’s interest(s), your chances of sleeping with her will have diminished.

Trying to be that Mr. Respectable Guy who wants to know from the gate whether the girl is single ot taken [in essence, looking out for her interest], will actually backfire on you.

Now, I’m not saying you can’t ask the girl if she’s single.

Just that you shouldn’t do it as your opener/ice-breaker.

In other words, if there’s a girl online whom you fancy [on Facebook for instance], the worst possible approach to take in order to get to know her or to make something big happen, is to ask her if she’s single or taken as your initial message or your follow-up message.

Always allow the girl to divulge that information on her own volition.

Chances are, and this is from my experience: 99.9% of the time, she will come clean within the initial conversation to tell you that she has someone.

Therefore, you asking makes no sense at all.

Whenever I pick up a girl, be it online or through cold approach on the streets, the furthest question on my mind to ask her is her relationship or marital status.

I frankly DGAF!

If it’s the girl I want: I go after her.

I won’t be that foolish as to create unnecessary obstacles for myself such as asking about a possible boyfriend or husband, which will only cause the girl to feel slutty and as though she’s doing something wrong…like cheating on her significant other.

Allow the girl to make her own decisions!

On a final and related note, there also seems to be a great portion of men out there who stridently believe that they will win some sort of brownie points if they only appear to be considerate.

These guys are effectively conjoined with the so-called Nice Guys, who in reality, are actually the biggest-deceptive scumbags of Earth.

They only appear to care about integrity and principle. But present them a real chance to fuck a girl who has a boyfriend, and watch them hop, skip and tumble to get their peckers into that awaiting vagina.

Hence, so-called nice guys and the moral crowd who say stuff like, “I respect a girl’s relationship and I wouldn’t try to sleep with a girl who’s taken because it’s just wrong”, are more often than not, just saying so in order to win points in the ethics basket in hopes that some woman will find pity on him, thus rewarding him for his outstanding moral code…by sleeping with him of course.

Not only do women see through their deceptive game like sparkling marbles in a glass jar against a black backdrop, but girls often reward them with the friend-zone and platonic-relationship status. πŸ™‚

How’s that as a reward for being a self-righteous prick?

I just want to leave you with a last bit of insight on female psychology.

Women rarely ever give consideration and credence to men with moral and ethical positions on dating, sex and relationship.

In other words; your upright outlook on such matters won’t at all sway a girl in your favor, rather the other way.
The reality is, dating isn’t a field for the feint of heart.

It isn’t a pleasant arena for those men who harbor such beliefs as, “Women are innocent and adorable creatures”.

Dating in the 21st Century is a cold-fucking world!

Women are slicksters beyond the average guy’s comprehension.

It isn’t that women have game.

They have tricks.

A huge difference between the 2.

Stay tuned for the next post where I shed some light on girls having shitty game and what you as the guy should do in light of that.

Cheers to the weekend!