Hired-Gun Pull…The Forced Karaoke Dilemma

Fact of the matter is, I don’t game bartenders [hired-guns], thus I rarely ever do pick them up.

My few bartender pulls throughout my pick-up career had occurred outside of my knowledge (unbeknownst to me that those girls were bartenders).

Two reasons why I’m not in favor of gaming bartenders (on the job):

1.) Girls in the service industry are already predisposed to the idea of guys swarming them and hitting on them. Thus they become desensitized and rather jaded from being hit on by clueless drunk guys while at work. They also build up a quasi-resistance against it (being hit on at work)

2.) These girls are so pedestalized, idolized and fetishized by AFC’s (average guys), that every guy who approaches them, by a process of automation, is tossed into the “he thinks I’m a goddess” basket. So a guy like myself who doesn’t put any woman on any pedestal, is forced to strategize differently.

Due to those 2 precarious positions, trying to pick up a bartender (on her job) is a delicate undertaking. So the deck is already staked against you once you enter such an arena. But make no mistakes about it: they are paid to be friendly and courteous to you by giving fake IOI’s (Indication Of Interest).

Notwithstanding that, last week Thursday, I decided to game and pick up a bartender at a karaoke joint.

Note: when picking up bartenders, always use Indirect Game.

I’m huge on Indirect Game to begin with. But it’s more so required when attempting to pick up girls whom are constantly bombarded with male attention (which is virtually every girl for that matter).

Here’s a video clip from me doing just that (Indirect Game), and end up catching the bartender outside where I grabbed her phone # after minutes of token resistance to giving me her #.


That was also a lesson in persistence.

Why did she resist when it came to coughing up her digits? Was it because I’m so repulsively ugly? πŸ™‚


Again: hired-guns (bartenders among them) are accustomed to desperate men begging for their number.

What separated me from the pack is that I didn’t laud her with praises, I didn’t put her on a pedestal, I treated her like a bratty little sister, and I was dominant at the same time.

Surely she still gave token resistance. But eventually coughed up the # once she realized how persistent I was.

That was last Thursday.

Note: whenever I get a girl’s #, either then and there, or later on, I would add her on Facebook.

This is pretty much an automatic process.

Why do I do this?

Facebook DHV’s me as I’ve pointed out numerous times in the past.

My Facebook is a set up in a way to attract women by showing them how cool, original and provocative I am.

Thus, my social media posts are like the perfect wingmen which compliment my game. So if a woman whom I’d just picked up isn’t too keen or sold on me, my Facebook usually seals that deal.

During the week now, I hit her up on Messenger, saying something to the effect of “since it’s cold, we should grab a coffee”.

This Thursday now (last Thursday), I met up with her at the karaoke joint at where she works.

She tried to force me to sing…but it wasn’t happening.

I filmed her while she sang before the karaoke session was officially on.

When it comes to gaming bartenders, 1 of the things I do is to hit the establishment early when not much people are there so I can get some time with the girl.

That’s exactly what I did there, and we were virtually alone for like 30 minutes with the occasional patron coming and going before the venue started to amass people.

In any case, this is an ongoing seduction on which I’ll update you guys.

My next move is to get her outside of the confines of her work environment.

Always remember that when a bartender is at work, or in that environment, she’s effectively in work mode. Which means nearly everything she gives you would’ve been faked.

To my credit though, because I’m a master seductionist, I was able to get her to genuinely open up and shed her work persona when we goofed around while she was cuing up the karaoke thingamajig.

Also, because I’ve had innumerable amounts of experiences and interactions with innumerable amounts of women, I learned to develop the skill set of being able to spot fake IOI’s from women. So I’m able to discern genuine smile from the “I’m being nice to him just to get him to buy more drinks and tip me big” smile.

Anyway fellaz, I’ll keep you posted on this ongoing seduction.

Lots more interesting posts to come!

Friday-Night Field Report [Nov’ 4th. 2016]…Bar-Hopping With 2 Sexy Babes

After I met the scorpion-tattoo girl at the bar, and had been chatting her up for about 5-10 minutes at the bar-counter, I went back to sit at the same table where I was when the venue was empty.

Whenever I do this [leave the target], it is usually done in order to preserve value, and to demonstrate to the girl that I won’t be hounding her all night; hence a non-needy vibe.

During my moments of absence while I observed from afar, she engaged in conversations with about 3 guys at separate intervals.

Here’s the familiar theme from her interaction with those 3 guys: hands-off.

None of those guys tried to flirt with her. There was zero, touching, zero hugging, zero banter, zero anything coming from the guys.

Their interactions resembled that of platonic friends catching up over drinks.

It was totally friend-like.

With that, I felt zero sense of threat as far as the girl being whisked away by any of those guys.

Throughout the night, I chatted with other girls, but the one I had my eye on was most to my liking.

Apparently, or not so apparent, she was with a girlfriend. This is almost always cause of complication once the girl’s friend shows up.

If you’re not a sociable enough guy, you will lose the girl once her friend pushes back against you.

Therefore, I had to befriend the obstacle (her girlfriend) in order to have a shot. And that’s what I did.

I got on her friend’s good side by charming her up some, while I gamed my target.

At 1 point, I noticed the girls exit the venue so I got up and chased.

Me: “Hey, hey, hey girls! Where y’all going already when things just heating up”?

They told me they’re going to bar-hop to another spot a few blocks downtown.

At that point, most guys would ditch the set.

Since I’m not most guys, I smartly insisted on going with them.

Lead, lead, lead and assume the sale!!!!

What do I mean? I never asked the girls if I could tag along with them like some weak-ass Omega male.

I just assumed that they wanted me to come…so I tagged along by telling them “come on girls”!

In such situations, always act decisively as if you know what you’re about!

The girls tagged along with me, although they were in essence the ones leading since they knew the spot to where they were headed.

Now- here is the key thing about moving with this set- remember how big I am on being physical with women?

Well, as we walked, I hugged and held hands with my target, while her girlfriend walked along in front of us.

Here’s a short video snippet from the bounce from bar to nightclub.


Always aim to be touchy-feely with women!
There’s a time to be romantic with it and dominant with it.

All in all; it was an epic Friday in adventure.

Friday-Night Field Report [Nov’ 4th 2016]…Getting Sexual @ The Bar With Thigh-Tattoo Girl

Okay, so Friday evening, I left the house at my usual early time to go hit up the bar: 6:30-7 PM.

In the grand scheme of Game and partying; that is woefully early!

I hot the bar around 7:30, grabbed a glass of Campari Italian liqueur and OJ while awaiting the hot women’s arrival.
Women slowly began to trickle in after 9:30.

At the bar that night

I spotted a sexy chick in black sitting a the bar counter, so I stepped up as though I were to order another drink, sat next to her and began to lay my Game down.

I noticed she had some thighs. But most of all, was a tattoo of a scorpion that stood out.

Within the first 2 minutes of our spirited conversation, my free hand was resting on her thighs (the tattoo), and caressing her thigh also.

The vibe I created was “playful”: not creepy!

Here’s the short-video clip from the bar, which I posted to my Facebook page.


A still-shot, screenshotted from the bid snippet (the girl’s tattoo)

On that note, what I want you to take away from that short-vid clip is something that I always preach: Be sexual and forward fast!
When in nightlife settings especially, women are already predisposed to the idea of men being dominant, forward, sexual and flirty.

Therefore, use more non-verbal flirting in loud venues. Because after all, the loud music is your ally, and it give you (and the girl) psychological justification to touch, feel and flirt.

Stay tuned for the follow-up post on how Friday night went down.

Picking Up Hot Waitresses And Bartenders [Hired-Guns]

As someone who’s been going out virtually every weekend nonstop for the last 12 years to bars, nightclubs and lounges [4-5 times a week lately], I typically receive e-mails from guys wanting a few pointers on how to pick up waitresses, bartenders and hired-guns.

Truthfully speaking: I don’t particularly game hired-guns while they are working [hired-guns means bartenders, etc].

However, it is the “vibe” nevertheless that is key in attracting hired-guns and getting her contact information in order to set something up for a later date.

Here’s a video [infield hidden camera] I posted back in December, 2014 where I touched on 3 main tips for picking up hot waitresses and bartenders.

From Picking Up Bubbly Bartender To Paying A Hooker $100 For Blowjob – Friday-Night Field Report

Adventure and risk are huge parts of my lifestyle.

Last night [Friday], I went out early as accustomed to [6:30 PM] in order to grab a snack and hit the bar.

I ran some street game before hitting up any venue.


Nothing came much of this since I was merely warming up those social engines.

I made my way to a lounge which was heavily trafficked on Main street.

Seen a guy I know- a former wingman from years ago- so we chatted a bit while I scoped out the scenery for something I can pull.

There were some girls in the venue but they were almost sloppy drunk so I passed up on them.

Ordered myself a Smirnoff Ice at the bar counter, went outside of the lounge to a seating area on the roadside to watch on.

Minutes later, I noticed a girl outside speaking to some of the other patrons.

Oblivious that she was 1 of the bartenders [on break], but probably some girl hanging out, I approached her.

Me: “Do you recognize the face”?

This by the way is 1 of my favorite ice-breakers/openers.

The bartender began to look at me closely with a pensive look, “…I don’t think I know you…”.

Me: “Ok, it doesn’t matter. That was in the past. By the way I’m Kenny”.

Key point guys, whenever using such an opener, you always want to snip and stack it fast!

In other words, you change the fucking subject!

Girl: “I’m ******”.

She told me that she was on a break so she decided to grab a seat right where I was standing.

Lots of other guys were trying to cat-call her while she sat. But as expected: cat-callers get ignored.

I was the only guy who had the balls to actually step up with something meaningful.

Seizing an opportune moment, I amped up the sexual temperature right away as she sat and kind of fanned herself with her blouse, which exposed her cleavage since I was standing where she sat.

Me: “Hey, hey, hey, what are you trying to cause out here by exposing your tits? There are kids around”.

Bartender: ” πŸ˜† No kids around! But it’s hot as hell! And I’m not exposing anything”.

She said laughingly.

Me: “Well doing that may cause some bodily reactions. You see all these guys out here”.

Bartender: “Well maybe they need to learn how to control themselves”.

Me: “Easier said than done”!

After a bit of flirting, her break finished and she excused herself and went back into the lounge.

She gave me some non-verbal signals and hints that she would like to further chat inside.

I took the non-verbal cue/hint to follower her inside.

She leaned over the bar counter as if to engage me head on in convo.

This is what we call “Locked In” in the seduction community, when you have the girl displaying subtle body language which makes it clear that she wants to talk/listen…at least clear to someone like myself who is able to read body language.

As she leaned in attentively, I mirrored her [a psychological and subconscious seduction technique].

By “mirroring someone”>, you’re essentially mimicking their movements in order to gain rapport/connection.

Hence when she leaned in towards me [over the counter]; I did the same…which builds trust and connection.

I looked straight into her eyes and down to her lips as we talked.

When faced to face with a girl during convo, you don’t want to exactly keep your eyes laser-focused on her eyes…which is a good thing as you’re establishing eye contact.

What you want to do instead, is to switch your gaze/eyes going from her lips to her eyes.

If you want to get really sexual; you stare at her boobs.

I hear guys and gals say that women don’t like when guys look at their boobs while in convo.


Women don’t like the “wrong kind of guys” [weak men aka Beta-Males] staring down there.

However, a girl will be pleased and flattered to have a dominant guy admire her goods!

Me: “When you’re done from here, we should hit up the club for some dancing”.

Bartender: “I’m thinking about going out after my shift finishes at 1. But I must tell you though…I have a boyfriend”.

Me: “That’s cool. Hope he doesn’t get jealous knowing you’re here flirting with another guy”.

She laughs.

Bartender: “Nah! He’s a secure guy. He trusts me because he knows the type of woman I am”.

I always laugh whenever girls say this to me: that their significant other can trust them…yet they are out being hit on by some other guy…and enjoying it.

That’s besides the point! πŸ˜‰

I quickly changed the topic off of boyfriend since she wanted to belabor the point.

Note: whenever a girl falls into a pattern of talking about her BF, you always want to cut that shit early!

Don’t entertain it!

Hence I said to her, “Woa, woa, woa! Why are we talking about your boyfriend here”?

She laughs, sensing that I am a real man who doesn’t give a shit about her relationship status, and that her boyfriend has no relevance to us.

At this juncture, I touched her [KINO] on her hands as they were outstretched towards me.

Another point of psychology here.

Whenever a girl is attracted to a man [without her conscious knowledge]: she physically submits to him!

By stretching her hands out in front of you, it is a subconscious sign that she is surrendering herself to you just as a captive would to his or her captors with their arms extended out.

If a girl is NOT attracted to you, she will keep her body language tight, arms close and close to herself.

In essence, she is building a fortress of resistance against you by keeping her arms inward.

If she does the opposite and leaves her upper-body region exposed by having her arms in front of her (towards you), it is a sign that she’s handing herself over to you…unbeknownst to her.

These are things women cannot hide and cannot control!

They are done on an unconscious or subconscious level without her knowledge.

Hence, a girl can NEVER pretend because her body language will always expose what she truly feels.

As you advanced in this field, you’ll be able to read these signs like a Jedi master.

Anyway, so as we talked, I nonchalantly touched her on the outstretched wrist and hands, letting her know that I was keen on her cues.

During all of this, customers and patrons were always interrupting at intervals, so lots of state breaks [interruptions] occurred.

If you really want to know if a girl is locked-in or interested, pay attention to what she does/says after she would have been interrupted.

As she dealt with a female customer, I turned away with my back towards her as if I was losing interest in her.

She tapped me on the shoulder and let me know she’ll be there in a second.


This is the power of the “Body-Rocking Out” technique.

Read: Body Rocking by Mystery, the PUA godfather.

As she finished dealing with the customer, she re-engaged me in convo, so I turned around and faced her again.

Sensing that I had enough IOI’s [Indicators Of Interest] to escalate sexually, I said to her, “I must be real with you”.

Bartender: “Tell me”.

Me: “You have the most sexy fucking lips on the planet…and it’s not the alcohol talking”!

She laughed aloud and blushed at the sexual spike…which was my intention [to cause her to blush].

Long story short: we kept getting interrupted as expected by customers since she was working.

Me: “Hey, I’m gonna get going because it’s a bit too hectic here. I want to whatsapp message you tomorrow and we catch up and maybe meet up at the bar”.

Bartender: “Ok fine. But I don’t have any internet connection to whatsapp you while at work”.

Me: “Isn’t there wifi here”?

Bartender: “I’m not sure”.

Me: “Screw it. I’ll just call you the old-fashion way then to see what’s up”.

Now, this is where “Token Resistance” comes in.

Guys, you need to realize that it is part of the game to have the girl object to your advances.

It doesn’t mean she isn’t interested!

Thus, she said to me as I suggested she give me her #:

“But I work here all the time. You can see me here if you want to talk”.

Don’t fall for it!

This is what I said to her:

Me: “Hey, hey ,hey…don’t run that shit on me ok. I’m a grown fucking man. You’re at work! I don’t want to bug you while you work. So…the number”.

She coughed it up as expected!

A girl just wants a reason to satisfy her brain as to why she should give you her number.

She wants to see that you really mean what you say.

Saying to her (as I did) that she’s working and I don’t want to bug her on the job, is good enough plausible reason.

We exchanged numbers and I walked out shortly afterwards.

It was about 10:45 pm.

My next plan?

Hit up a concert…eventually.

The thing is, this weekend is a weekend of events for the Carnival season here on island.


Lots of concerts and shows have been taking place since Thursday through Monday.

After leaving the lounge, I decided to hit up a bar in another part of town.

I don’t drive so I walked for about 45 minutes until I got to the seedy bar which is where hookers are known to frequent.

I wasn’t there at all to game any hooker might I add.

I was merely looking to burn some time until the concert kicks off about 1 AM.

It was only about 11:20 at this time, so I had lots of time to burn.

My original wingman- a natural [someone who doesn’t know about pickup but is still good with women]- spotted me again:


My original and only wingman ever

“Hey Socialkenny Joseph. What’s up”?

We chatted a bit then separated.

Almost 2 hours later, from a distance, I spotted him chatting up a thick light-skinned girl who didn’t appear to be a hooker…at least not from my vantage point.

Some dude, who apparently seen me talking to my former wingman, walked by with a sexy-fucking girl on his arm and he asked, “Hey, where did your friend go”?

Me: “Who’s that”?

Random Guy: “******”.

Me: “Oh! I can’t say. I seen him talking to a girl over there”.

Random Guy: “Oh, a “worker”?

In Caribbean English jargon, a “worker” and “working”, pertain to “sex” worker and prostitution.

Me: “I’m not sure who the girl is”.

Random Guy: “I think she’s working because her friend here is trying to find her…and she’s working too”.

Whatever the random guy was saying to me wasn’t registering. I didn’t know where he was coming from. But I do know that the girl on his arm was highly FUCKABLE!

As the random guy and the hooker walked off [I later learned she’s a hooker], while pacing back and forth, 2 girls stopped me and this happened.


I was definitely taken-aback by such an aggressive approach.

I see hookers as female versions of PUA’s.

They don’t have much fear in approaching a guy and letting him know what they are about.

Therefore, I respect their game and method…though it always leaves me puzzled since I’m not used to girls approaching me [since girls don’t approach guys anyway].

Since I didn’t have any $5 bill on me, I end up giving her a $10 and went our separate ways with a false promise that I would see them later.

About 10 seconds after, I noticed ahead of me walking were my original wingman and a girl whom I had come to learn is a Jamaican hooker.

Just in back of me as I walked up the avenue, was the other guy- the random dude who asked about my ex-wingman- and the sexy girl on his arm.

Not so apparent to me at the time, this was a double mission to go bang these prostitutes.

As the random guy and the hooker caught up to me while I walked slowly, he asked me if I knew where a certain apartments were.

I told him, and they both detoured.

Something about this hooker bitch had my dick pulsating…perhaps the extra-short skimpy dress!

Generally, I don’t fuck hookers unless I have the money to waste and I come across one who puts my sexual urges into overdrive…which is rare for a prostitute to do.

Last night [Friday] was 1 such night. But the random guy went away with her…to fuck [presumably].

I decided to turn around and head back to the seedy bar in hopes that she returns.

After about 50 minutes of lingering outside of the bar, I spotted them coming back.

There was 1 dilemma.

I didn’t want any ‘regular’ girl outside of the bar to see me make a move with a hooker. So I took preemptive measures. Instead of waiting until they got into plain view right in front of the bar, I decided to meet them half way before they got into plain view.

To my astonishment, the guy sorta knew I was scheming on the hooker, so he said to me:

“Hey man. You want to do business with her”?

Not used to shagging hookers, I was somewhat embarrassed as to what I should say.

The hooker turned back and said, “Wait here. I’ll be back right now”.

I waited on the corner of the avenue and noticed that the girl was returning with my former wingman and the hooker he was with.

“Dammit! Where the fuck is the confidentiality with these bitches”! 😑

I said to myself!

I didn’t want anyone to know I was to fuck a hooker!

In all honesty, I was more interested in getting a blowjob than full-blown sex.

She re-approaches me:

“So what do you want us to do? What are you looking for and how much you willing to spend”?

Me: “It depends. I really just want a blowjob”.

Hooker: “Come on! Let’s go”!

My former wing spots me, “Socialkenny Joseph…my nigga”!

I’m saying to myself, “Fuck”!

However, I was somewhat comforted in know that he had just fucked a prostitute, so I have no reason to feel ashamed for doing the same. But I still wanted some confidentiality dammit!

The 4 of us walked and discussed the logistics.

The girls seemed to know where to go.

I spotted an abandoned building and we headed there.

Naturally, I expected us to enter the fucking building, so I crawled underneath some bushes and made my way inside.

Hooker: “Hey, where are you going? Let’s go behind. We don’t have to go in. This may be someone’s property”.

What an irony that someone who lives such a daring and risky lifestyle, is actually concerned about ownership of a deserted edifice.

Apparently, this chick wanted to fuck literally outside in the bushes…though it was very dark and I’m always game for sex outdoors.

I conceded and we went out back.

The other chick who accompanied my former wingman was sitting there on a mound watching.

I’m like, “WTF! Why is your friend just sitting right there watching us”!?

Hooker: “Are you uncomfortable? It’s ok baby”.

She stretched her hand out.

I pulled out the only money I had left on me…which was a hard $100 bill.

She looked at me like I was crazy.

“Gimme $50 more”.

Me: “I don’t have anything more. Just that”.


She took it and proceeded.

The thing is, hookers in this part of the Caribbean usually charge between $80-$100 XCD, which is equivalent to about $30 USD.

Imported hookers from Jamaica however, have the tendency and reputation to overcharge for sex.

Spanish hookers [Dominicans] around these parts would do business for $60 (or $15 USD) if you insist.

The ones from Jamaica rarely ever budge. It’s either $100, $150 or no sex.

I know this because I’ve tried to game hookers in the past in order to fuck them for free.

Anyway, as I handed her the last $100 I had on me, as if she had some sort of zip suit on, within a blink of an eye, she was undressed and trying to un-buckle my belt.

Me: “You sure we shouldn’t go inside the building”?

Hooker: “It’s ok here man. Nobody can see us”.

I pulled my pants and boxer-briefs down and she proceeded to slide the condom on with her teeth and lips alone [no fingers- no hands].

“A pro huh”?

I said to myself.

At this point, I had all intentions to fuck her…though I thought I only wanted a blowjob. But after seeing her body unclothed in the faintness of the night, I wanted to be inside of this hot-dirty prostitute!

One dilemma: I couldn’t get a hard enough erection for intercourse.

The blowjob however was fucking Amazing!

Condoms and me don’t agree.

I have an extremely difficult time gaining an erection while wearing a condom since the sensation will have been blunted.

Not last night though!

The blowjob was so amazing that I actually felt as if I were to cum in another 5 seconds had she kept on sucking.


The screenshot said it all.

Anyways, she turned around and bent over in the doggy-style position and grabbed my cock and tried to jam it in.

Not being fully erect, it was up to me to manually guide it in myself. but she insisted on putting it in herself.

I guess she was afraid that I would slip off the condom on purpose and fuck her raw as some guys are known for doing with sexy hookers.

This was not gonna fucking work!

She turned around to face me, pulled off the condom and started to jack me off while I toyed her clit.

She wouldn’t allow me to fondle her tits…strangely enough.

Within a minute or so, I jizzed on her leg.

She went to pee then her friend hurriedly approached me, “You want to fuck me too”?

Me: “No. I’m broke”!

The 4 of us walked back towards the bar.

As we made it to the intersection, she said to me:

“You have any coins on you”?

I’m like, “coins? Those are my keys in my pocket”.

She already has a $100 from me, and on top of that, she wants to milk me for coins!? 😯 😑 😦

One thing I notice about fucking prostitutes is that the high from the risk and adventure factor is great! But you regret it immediately after cumming, once you come to the realization how quickly your money vanishes into some bitch’s pocket for just a few minutes of fun.

I went out with $250 cash but was flat broke by 2 AM without even making it to the concert grounds or the nightclub, which was my original plan.

I couldn’t go to the nearby ATM since I didn’t have my ATM/debit card on me.

I would’ve had to make the very long trek home and back…which wasn’t feasible being that I was tired already from being on my feet since 6:30 PM Friday night down to 2:30 AM this morning.

With that, I decided to hitch a ride home and call it a night.

However, I should’ve ended my night at this concert.


A bit on prostitution

In the Eastern Caribbean, and likely the wider Caribbean, prostitution has always been unofficially LEGAL.

The reason why it isn’t Legal on the books, is because of the Christian-Conservative Right which has a major sway upon elected officials.

They don’t want prostitution legal on the books as a matter of semantic and politics.

However, it is Legal off the books and is regulated by government.

The law (making it unlawful) is pretty much just on paper.

Prostitutes operate legally within prostitution houses.

The government regulates it [imported prostitution] by benefiting monetarily from certain fees the hookers would have to pay and sign onto.

Most prostitutes are on the books as “sex worker” being their profession…whether they work through a brothel/whore-house, bar or on the streets.

The government merely wants a piece of the pie and everyone gets along fine.

Pimps are also nonexistent in these parts.

Hookers work for themselves without any middleman or overseer. Hence, it’s a lucrative trade for them where they take home 100% of what they make at the end of the night.

What the government gets off the books are monies for papers, documentation, renewal of documents, licensing to operate, etc.

Each prostitute is mandated by law to get weekly checkups for HIV and common STI’s, or else they’ll be fined but not imprisoned…since sex work is technically not illegal.

This is why hookers are known to be some of the cleanest women in these parts. Simply because they are stringent about their health and checkups since their livelihood is dependent on it…plus the government is adamant about imposing those stringent mandates.

It’s the average Jane next door who never had a checkup done in her life, who should be culpable of spreading shit, not knowing whether they have a infection or not.

Now, I’m not here trying to make a case for hooker-banging…though I do hold the opinion that prostitution should be fully legal around the world.

Be as it may, last night was epic as most of my weekends are.

We’ll see what tonight holds!

By the way, this reminds me of a time that a Jamaican hooker tried to game me, just to give you an example of how they operate.