Some Jerkish Stuff For Ya

Social-media post:

Every now and then, my asshole, jerkish, douch bag ways hurt a girl tremendously.

Okay, so this chick right here with those big melons, I picked her up on Facebook last year over the Summer. 

Not long after I got her # by spitting my awesome Online Game, I got her to come to my apartment.

Things got hot and heavy (as expected) while we lie on the bed. 

Every time I tried to slide the pecker in from doggy-style position, she kept pulling away [usual LMR shit].

I expect this [LMR]. But when the shit keeps happening for like 30 minutes straight, it gets hella annoying! Not to mention my dick was struggling to maintain a hard on during the constant pulling away.

Eventually, I got the D inside of her…just the head and she pulled away!


This went on for a while: head inside of her and she drops down on her belly which caused the D to slip out.

When I would hold her ass by the waist to keep her there, she would contort and twist her body in awkward positions so that I couldn’t get good thrusting…so the dick kept coming out!!! 😦

Long story short; I got turned off from trying, so I jacked off on her big boobs and gave her a facial then kicked her the fuck out!!!

She wanted to stay and cuddle…but I told her she had to GTFO!!

She kept lingering so I cussed her ass out royally (mainly just to let her know I meant business) and told her that she was keeping me back from seeing another chick who was coming over [which I just made up just to make her feel more messed up].

Anyway, she left disappointed that I kicked her out and cussed her out.

She kept trying to text me on Whatsapp days after, but I ignored her texts, blocked her and deleted her #.

She tried Messenger…but I blocked her there too.

That was last year Summer. I’d totally forgotten about that chick.

Few nights ago now, I came across her # somewhere in my phone (though I deleted it from contacts), so I decided to add her back to Whatsapp, unblocked her and hit her up after almost a year later.

By no means am I interested. I am merely trying to demonstrate that women love and chase jerks and guys who treat them like trash. And from the texts below, it is clear to me that she’s just putting up a front (although she was hurt). But if she really didn’t want to hear from me, she wouldn’t be replying to my texts.

She would’ve clearly blocked me or just not entertain convo. All it takes is another 2 days or so for me to butter her up with my charms and get to see her again…although I’m not interested. 

BTW, I do this with lots of chicks whenever they play games [albeit LMR] when I’m trying to get the bang notch!

I give them the “GTFO” treatment, then block and blow them off like they don’t exist, reappear months later with a fake apology, then manage to fuck them days later after buttering them up.

Women love this sort of drama (it’s like their soap opera), so I give it to them by acting like a giant asshole, knowing that they (women) are secretly obsessed with guys who treat them bad.

BTW, I’m a sweetheart. A massive nice guy @ heart. I just don’t take light to shenanigans from women, and that will surely activate my jerk side.

[My texts in green]

“Ask Me Politely”!

Another social-media [Facebook] post of mines from about a week ago:

So last night, I lazily hit this chick up who WAS on my friend list (until I deleted her last night).

I lazily tried to get her #. And the reason I keep stressing “Lazily” is because I didn’t use much Game nor my usual finesse whenever I attempt to # close [get a girl’s digits]. So basically, it was a dry attempt. 

Nevertheless, what irked me was the girl’s response to me trying to get her #.

She used the adverb “POLITELY”.

Politely is a synonymous with Nicely. 

Essentially, this chick was trying to say that in order for me to get her digits, I had to ask Politely. 

I then told her what I told her on that note (as you’ll see). 

Fact is, I take real offense to women attempting to Beta-ize me, i.e. getting me to conform to their idea of how a man should go about doing things. 

Now, if a girl tells me, “Kenny, you’re not going to get my # because you didn’t ask nicely”, last thing on my mind is to then “ask” her politely. 

That is definitely an attempt by a woman to essentially neuter me. Now, you may not see it that way, and you may very well be under the impression that I’m overreacting here, but I just don’t take light to women and demands, commands and anything that threatens my freedom to say what I wanna.

At the end of the day, you never want to put yourself in a situation where you lose major dominance points while tryna court women.

Also bear in mind that women aren’t attracted to men who cave and submit. And I don’t mean this in a sense of ordering pizza and you cave to the girl’s suggestion of getting pepperoni instead of anchovies.

I’m speaking to much significant cases which have the potential to ruin your chances with women, such as a girl telling you to apologize for telling her that she has a nice ass or something among that line.

You don’t want to cave at such moments, or else the chick will surely lose interest.

With the girl above, had I caved and asked her politely for her digits, 2 things might have happened:

1.) She gives me her # by loses attraction and respect for me

2.) She refuses to cough up her # for the simple fact that I submitted to a woman (to her) and that made me appear weak as fuck!

By all means, this set was winable for me even though I didn’t apologize and asked nicely.

I could’ve simply continued the chat and went for the phone # again (without asking politely). But I was so ticked off that I really didn’t want to bother.

On a final note; polite and nice kill attraction!

That is the ultimate takeaway here.

Women love men who are untamed, rude/rudish who don’t conform to what they (women) claim they want!

Chick Exposes Kenny On Social Media [Put on blast]

The other day, this chick put me on blast for calling her ugly because she tried to play hard-to-get games when I tried to get her phone #.

I mean, chicks get a kick out of putting guys on blast as a way to shame them into submission and to gather online support from other women and sympathetic males.

Guys who get put on blast usually get defensive, cower, fold, submit then disappear by deleting their account.

Surely I was wrong for calling her ugly because she played hard-to-get. But I’ll be damned if a chick thinks she could ever successfully shame me publicly into feeling bad, guilty or deplorable.

It’s all about seeking attention with girls. After all, that’s what they use Facebook for…and I don’t have a problem with that.

Interestingly enough, the girl and I have become good FB buddies ever since.

I never apologized for calling her ugly (which she isn’t). But I did comment on her scathing post about me, clearing up the misunderstanding, however in a high-value way.

“Why Don’t Your Womanizing Posts On Social Media Turn Women Off”?

A great question which I get asked at times is: “Why don’t women seemingly get turned off by the fact that you post womanizing and pick-up artist related stuff to Facebook, where they can clearly be seen”?

In the past, I would even ask myself that, “How am I attracting these girls when they clearly see the type of stuff I post”!!?

Then I came to my senses rather quickly upon the acknowledgement of pre-selection and social value, and how they work to create attraction by sparking challenge and so on.

In conjunction with that, you also have the little reality that women tend to interpret a guy’s recklessness as attraction.

What do I mean by this exactly?

Allow me to cite a few synopsis here.

Women are undoubtedly drawn to action heroes, rockstars (musical and otherwise), badboy types and the rebels.

What do those guys all have in common?


They are untamed…or at least they pretend to be in the case of an actor.

However, the keyword as far as synonym here is wildness.

Women are drawn to guys who have this wildness and recklessness about themselves.

I wrote a post to Facebook some weeks ago, detailing the underlying reasons for why women are so attracted to badboy types: and that is because within every girl, therein lies a maternal instinct. Her natural role is to care, tame, pamper and nurse.

In plainer language: she feels a need to fix a man!

You can’t fix something that isn’t broken, which is largely why women aren’t attracted to nice guys.

There’s nothing to fix in a quote-unquote nice guy!

He’s already fixed/tamed!

Hence, there’s no draw/attraction there between a woman and a nice guy.

With a rebellious man on the other hand, he presents women with the natural challenge of trying to fix him.

That is her duty by nature!

When you’re unbridled, you present women a challenge which hints to her maternal inclinations!

Saying that mouthful to say; why aren’t women repelled by the “radical” stuff I post to my Facebook, but drawn besides themselves? Because they see something in me that they can or should (attempt to) fix!

To be clear here- by “radical”- in no way do I mean radical shit as in “let’s go out and kill a bunch of people”! I mean radical in the sense of dating, advocating One-Night Stands, 4-somes, etc.

Those are pretty radical position points in contrast from what the romcom and mainstream media give us about what dating should be.

In any case, with that maternal instincts of females taken into consideration, you get a much clearer picture of why it is that scores of women are attracted to badboy types, assholes, jerks, aggressive types, jocks, women-beaters, you name them.

To women, those guys need nurturing, good rearing, to be taken care of, to be understood, etc.

Now- the thing is- I am none of those guys by any stretch of the imagination: I don’t hit girls, I am not a jock, not an aggressive male, not a badboy (actually an ultra-nice guy @ heart), and so on.

However, I convey these things (unhindered, bad, rebellious, asshole, cocky, jerkish) through my status updates on social media.

Therefore, you don’t actually have to be a bad boy in order to attract hordes of hot women. Just simply play the fucking part!

Your posts should reflect that of someone who’s unhinged, unbridled, opinionated, rebellious, cocky and jerk-like.

Ninety percent of my posts on Facebook are PUA, dating and sex related, yet they reek with the stench of badboyism, womanizing, cockiness, opinionatedness…you get the picture.

Do I ever get shot down by a girl because of the stuff I post?


Anyway, stay tuned guys. Some interesting posts will be coming; including the post of screenshot montage of the stuff I post to Facebook.

When Asshole Game Goes Wrong

​[Status posted to Facebook]

Every now and then my asshole game gets a girl hating my guts. I honestly don’t even remember cussing out this Canadian chick over 3 years ago…until I seen the messages from 3 years ago. Oh well; just another byproduct of running asshole game. BTW, she’s a Canadian chick I met @ a nightclub few years back then we chatted on FB after she went back to Toronto to return. I honestly don’t remember how and why we got into cussing each other. But she was likely being a royal bitch about something. But anyway, I attempted to add her as friends today but couldn’t… So I messaged her. BTW guys, my tone was humorous here. I was literally fucking around some. I wasn’t butt-hurt about she not accepting my friend request. I was having fun here. But either way, running asshole game has a price @ times. But @ the end of the day guys, I can definitely flip this by gaming her ass again with some humor.



When Bad Boy Game Makes You Pull

​[Status posted to Facebook]

Gonna so enjoy banging this chick @ the beach this afternoon.

Sleeping with this girl here is long overdue since I first picked her up on Facebook in January. We were supposed to meet but she didn’t want to work with my schedule so I acted like an asshole and made plans with another girl while blowing her off since January. I contacted her today as I seen her post to FB after a while. This chick is digging my badboy style, so I use that as a weakness of mines in order to draw her in [the fact that I can’t help but act out]. Understand that it is within a woman’s nature to try to fix a man. They love trying to fix a rebellious bad boy, so I always look to play up the bad boy role…though I am really a nice guy 😉 . Anyway… the chat was from about an hour ago [August 26].

[My texts in blue]