Quick Lesson In Game…Online Game- “What Do I Say Next (After Opening)”?

[Originally posted earlier to my personal Facebook]

Now, lots of newer guys in the Game say to me, “Kenny, I opened this chick on Instagram, got her to reply but I don’t know what to say next nor how to operate in order to get the # or the rendezvous/date/meetup”.

Essentially, guys are stuck after the opener (breaking the ice). 

With that, here’s a pickup over Facebook which dates back to September last year. I got her # last month, texted a bit on Whatsapp, and she’s coming to spend the weekend with my (Sat to Sunday). 

Not failing to mention: she claims she’s married. I actually found out that it was just a joke on her part, as a way to get me to stop pursuing her. Needless to say; she has a BF (like all women do). 

In spite of being in a relationship; she’s been dying to see me for months now, but I kept brushing her off.

On a Game and technical basis, this is what I want you to focus on:

*When I first tried to pick her up through Messenger, she gave me the stiff arm by trying to brush me off by saying she’s married and has a man. Nevertheless, I persisted with HUMOR!!

The biggest key to flipping the switch from off to on is HUMOR: making a girl laugh, giggle and go WTF!!!!

Learn how to make a girl laugh with something she never heard before, and she’ll be instantly attracted to you! 

As you scan the screenshots, you will have noticed just how I do this with ease, to where she coughed up her digits without a prob, to then tell me that she’s packing her stuff to come spend the weekend by me. A random girl might I add, whom I met on FB late last year, who tried to reject me by saying she’s not interested and that she’s married!

So guys- again- if you want to pick up hot girls easily on social media; mix in Cheekiness with Ballsiness and Humor! And then you will have had a perfect recipe for instant attraction to be sparked!

Not to belabor the point; but this is a hot fucking girl who gets TONS of chody AFC guys on Facebook praising her whenever she posts selfies and shit! And they all get treated like dogs in the comments by the girl! Follow my format and you’ll stand out from the clowns!

It’s all about your vibe and not the words/texts! So it’s not about what you say, but how you say it, and how much conviction you have in your frame.

Anyway, so check it out and learn a thing or 2 about how to override (token) rejection, get the girl super attracted, get her to cough up the digits and to want to spend the weekend with you 🙂 😉 .

BTW, the last 2 screenshots in gray are from this morning where we chatted on Messenger.

New Video—>The Dreaded “Maybe”: What It Means When The Girls Tells You “Maybe”

What speak about in this video:

*There are 2 types of Maybies: Maybe which means No, and Maybe which mean yes.

*Token Resistance involved in the Maybe

*Why she hits you with Maybe instead of Yes or No

*Use the Yes Ladder routine in order to figure out which Maybe applies to you

*Why you shouldn’t fight with a Maybe

Very insightful video which delves into the process of reading women’s minds.

Married-Religious HB Text-Game Continues…Part Deux

Okay, so the religious chick (who’s married by the way) whom I ultimately picked up days ago on social media (and were to meet up over the last weekend), our chat continued.

[My txts in green]

[My txts in green]

[My txts in green]

[My txts in green]

[My txts in green]

What this exemplifies, apart from the fact that girls will cheat, is that once you position yourself as the guy who cannot help it but to be uncontrollably attracted to the girl, she will find such approach (as mines) attractive, charming and flattering.

You can get away with anything as long as you:

1.) Own it

2.) Sell it as real

Mos guys when in interactions with women, will often mistakenly give off a timid vibe, in hopes of not chasing the girl away.

A better approach is the polar opposite: I’m sexually and passionately uncontrollable over you.

You want to give women the impression from the get-go, that you’re willing to risk it (verbally and physically)!

Boyfriend Destroyer Tactic [New Video]

So guys, a little in the afternoon, I will post a video to my YouTube, on the topic of “Boyfriend Destroyer”. If you’re not familiar with the Boyfriend Destroyer Tactic, it’s simply your rebuttal/line to the girl saying, ” I have a boyfriend “, or, “I’m in a relationship”.

I’ve been using the followings BF Destroyer gambit [that I came up with] for the last few years, and it works great whenever girls tell me they have a boyfriend. 

In the video which I’ll publish shortly, I’ll explain the verbal technique in detail. But it’s very very crucial to have in your arsenal for Day Game, Night Game and Online Game.

[My txts in green]

Video below.

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