She Will Resist

It’s a woman’s job to resist your advances. It’s your job (the man’s) to try to break through that shit. You even see that daily in the animal kingdom: the feline resists the male cat by hiding and fighting. The mare horse (female) kicks, bites and runs from the stallion [so as donkeys]. The bitch puts up resistance against the male dog.

This is seen all throughout the animal kingdom. Humans, as advanced beings (mammals), we exhibit the same behaviors as other animals. Hence, the female resists us, she runs from us (physically and otherwise), she fights our advances and she does whatever she can to ward off potential mates (males).

With that understanding, it behooves the shit out of me why men seem to think that a woman playing hard to get is a sign of disinterest. SHE HAS TO PLAY HARD-TO-GET! IT’S IN HER GENDER ROLE AND HER NATURE!

Once you understand that a woman has to resist, you either adapt and tweak your approach (via Game, etc.), or you continue to bitch and complain about women being difficult to get.

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  1. Reblogged this on Feeling No Love and commented:
    I think once anyone decides they’re entitled to sex should realize this is the price. She will resist you, no harm in this. The key is to not allow this to become a problem for you. Of course also realize when you won’t have a chance.

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  2. The confident man is not fazed by token resistance because he is aware that women often pretend to be disinterested in sex to avoid being perceived as sluts by society. He will stop escalating towards sex at the present moment to adhere to laws of consent; however, he will try again another day – depending on the context of the situation. A soft “no” usually means “not yet”; hence allowing for escalation on another day. However, a hard “no” often means “not now or ever”. It takes a lot of time in the field to know the difference.

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