When Gaming Extremely Hot Girls On Social Media: Shaming The AFC Betas

[Originally posted to social media on July 29th, 2017]

When gaming an extremely hot girl- any relatively hot-looking girl- you have to make her know (INDIRECTLY) that you are a fellow member of the Secret Society of players [written of by RSD Own/Tyler], and a fellow high-value individual.

One way in which I passively do this, is by tooling, shaming and AMOGGing other guys: directly or indirectly on Facebook, for their lack of game and AFC-ish ways.

Note: High-Value Girls only fuck with High-Value guys! You don’t actually have to be high value. You just have to give off that impression as I did when I commented on this chick’s posts not long ago.

Note: this girl is extremely hot! Hence, you cannot use direct game in order to reel her in and game her!

Now, I want you to observe just how I reeled her in and got her to inbox me first (for the 1st time), without me doing anything besides making 1 comment on her FB post (which led to a string of comments).

I want you to take note of how I got her attention in a big way, which forced her to inbox me…as I predicted since it always happens like clockwork once I make such comments on a girl’s post, shaming other guys for having lame game.

In the last screenshot, you will notice how elated she was, to finally meet a guy online who fucking gets it, that dropping off your # (with no dialogue) is a lame move…just to name a few lamery.

Anyway, so it was @ that point that the attraction switch was flipped, to where she seen me as a high-value guy in the know. Although she’s a hot girl who commands much adoration from chodes. She recognized that I was of higher value that her.

So, check out the exchange on her status, where I tooled guys who hit her up in a lame way. And although we agreed with each other, I wasn’t doing so in a kiss-ass way [that’s a key point].

And stay tuned to my follow-up post to where she immediately hits me up once she realizes I was the shit. She began to qualify her ass off.

Read: http://bristollair.com/2008/inner-game/nature-reality/secret-society/


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