Picking Up Model 101…Part II

[Originally posted to social media]

Model Chick Part II: “Reel Her In Like A Snake Charmer By Using Curiosity Loops”.

Okay guys, so this is part 2 continuation of the previous post where I demonstrate how to attract, engage and get a hot girl hooked.
In this part 2, I employ my all-time favorite technique dubbed “Curiosity Loop”. It is where you say/do something that makes the girl curious to want to know more. It keeps her locked in, engaged, curious and hooked!
Remind you: I already told this chick that I have to go [which was strategic], yet she’s desperately trying to keep the convo going by continuing to text me. 
Why so? Because she’s deeply hooked on the vibe by that point. 
Also, I’m deliberately keeping her there by using the curiosity loops [telling her there are 5 things I like about her, but NOT telling her what those 5 things are]. 
In essence, as I speak about often, I am denying the girl closure, by not telling her what she desperately wants to find out. 
By using this technique of mines, you keep the girl there, virtually begging to continue the chat.
Again- I may need to remind you- that in the previous post (screenshots), she mentions that she doesn’t reply to messages. 
I believe her! I am quite sure that she instantly blows off, ignores and blocks 99.8% of guys who message her…INSTANTLY!
However, she doesn’t come close to blowing me off, she responds to every message of mines, and she keeps the convo going, even after I tell her about 3-4 times that I have to go. 
That is what you call Game: subtle, covert Psychology, making an otherwise all-attention getting girl to chase you.
Needless to say, she coughed up her digits (as expected).
All in all; to you guys who struggle with getting a girl’s attention, keeping it by holding intriguing convo, this post should be instructional in your quest to picking up hot girls on social media [total strangers- as this girl- or those with whom you’re already acquainted].
Lastly, also realize how powerful and DEADLY my routine of curiosity loop is! It’s akin to dangling a carrot in front of the girl then pulling it back as she reaches for it [aka Cat-String Theory].

#MakeHerChase #CuriosityLoop
#ModelPullContinues #DenyHerValidation

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