Picking Up Model 101…Part I

“How To Chat Up A ‘Model’ 101”.

[Posted verbatim to social media]

So there’s this Canadian chick (who lives here) on my FB who “claims” she’s a model of some sort. I say “claim” because most of these chicks say they do modeling gigs as a way to try to sound important and gain social value over others. So anyway, so I briefly scanned her profile and found out some basic info: she’s an Aquarian from Canada who models (she actually has photos to accompany this claim). 
With that, before gaming a girl, as I always teach you losers, plz do a quick browse of her page (‘about me’ section) and learn at least 2 facts (or claims) about the girl. What this does is that it surprises the girl that you even know that fact about her [whatever you discovered]. And it also demonstrates to the girl that your initial message/opener/initial inbox was NOT a product of mass/spam texting, which you had sent simultaneously to 50 other girls. It shows the girl that you actually singled her out! Hence you are genuine in your approach! This makes her feel special, but not in a way that makes her feel as though you have her on a pedestal. Also shows that you’re socially perceptive and aware.
Most importantly when it comes to gaming random girls who perceive themselves of higher value [models, strippers, etc], you want to employ my all-time favorite technique of Ending The Fucking Convo First!!!
Be the first one of the 2 to say “I have to go”! You will see me do that perfectly towards the end in the last screenshot.
Additionally, I don’t know this girl from Adam! We’ve been friends on FB for over a year, but I never messaged her until some days ago. What does this do? It shows such girls that you aren’t some desperate loser guy who’s gonna chase them instantly. 
Secondly, in spite of the fact that this was our 1st ever interaction, the vibe I created was as though we already knew each other. That’s what I call “Instant Rapport” or “Instant Connection”. 
In closing, I end up picking her up as expected (getting her # and so forth). But that was just an academic and mute point in the overall scheme of things.
What I want you to take away from this post- apart from the tidbits mentioned previously- is my overall approach with this so-called model.
I wasn’t fucking Pedestalizing the girl! I wasn’t telling her any cheesy, generic bullshit about how beautiful she is!
 I wasn’t kissing her ass! Although I hit her with my favorite routine of “let’s run away to Vegas and marry”, it wasn’t done under the guise of Pedestalization and ass-kissing. Rather, it was humorous, witty and done under the guise of me being a guy who’s whimsical, spontaneous and adventurous! Not me being needy and low value and wanting to actually marry her!
Anyway guys, so peep how I routinely game so-called models and so-called super-hot girls over Facebook. Now, this isn’t the only way [I use about 4 different approaches/themes]. But it’s still a potent one.
Moreover, most girls of this quality wouldn’t give 99.9% of guys on FB the time of day by replying to their junk. Thus, your “junk” has to be intriguing and catchy as you’ll see with the theme I created in order to enthrall the girl.
Most importantly- to reiterate guys- Always end the chat prematurely as you’ll see me do! When the girl gets really invested and engaged [the hook point]: that’s when you end the convo on her! People don’t expect you to end things when the vibe is great! That is how soap operas hook women: the episode ends when the show reaches its apex and the vibe is captivating. That’s what you want to do with girls: end it when they are totally bought in and hooked!
Hopefully from this post, you losers would quit inboxing me about how to start and carry conversation with a girl for the 1st time on FB.
Also, in the meantime, you can grab a copy of my guide to picking up random girls (or girls whom you already know) on Facebook, and any other social-media site.

#Part1 #Part2ToCome



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