A Note On Setting Yourself Apart From The Wussies

[Originally posted on July 10th, 2017 to my social media]

Okay guys, so earlier today I was chatting up this young chick on Messenger, and she seemed really flabbergasted and astonished by the fact that I was open, spoke my mind and told her straight up that I wanted her.

Why is this such a big deal anyway?

When you check the screenshot, you’ll see that the girl mentions that I’m the 1st guy to tell her my mind and be straight up FROM THE GET-GO: this early!

What was she trying to say by that exactly?

First off: that every guy who had ever approached her was a giant pussy who hid his fondness of her…until a while later [I surmise months and years later].

She also went further to say that those guy who didn’t speak their minds early, would only reveal how they felt, after they became good. In other words; those guys waited until they were friendzoned, to then try to speak their minds.

Saying all that to say: you want to make your interest known ASAP! Right away! Now, I don’t mean to open the girl with, “I thought you were beautiful so I had to say hi”. I mean that somewhere during the initial interaction (within minutes), you should’ve already dropped a statement of interest and intent. So…open Indirect, then go Direct.

The interaction between this girl and me, also goes to illustrate how women prefer guys who get straight to the point by not hiding their dicks. And it also goes to show how rare it is for women to meet guys who go for it instead of waiting weeks and months before they muster up the cojones to let the girl know that she’s someone of interest.

BTW, being straight up and getting to the point does NOT involve hitting the girl’s inbox with some lame shit like, “hi sweetheart, you look real lovely. Can I take you out sometime”? That is not being straight up! That is being a nincompoop without a clue about social intelligence or women!

When girls say they want a man who gets to the point early, they actually mean they want a guy who’s SMART about getting the point across early! That combination (smart + straight up) is rare for women! Hence the reason why this young chick felt a sincere need to tell me that I’m the 1st guy (she met) who didn’t beat around the bush. This was our 1st convo and she knew within seconds that my intention isn’t to become her BFF.

Be smart about being direct, and you will have instantly set yourself apart from every other guy who’s ever approached the girl.

2 thoughts on “A Note On Setting Yourself Apart From The Wussies

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  1. Hi Ken I agree many men are not direct with a woman. When a woman has not been texted in a direct way before. First shock then interest from the woman.

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    1. I love the way you break that down JM. And you are so right in that you first shock the girl, but that is where interest and attraction get built. The shock turns into interest. And that’s part of what I wanted to convey


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