Girl Confirms PUA Tactics As True

[Posted earlier to social media]

Sometimes you have to play dumb just to get information. 
Earlier today, this chick messages me about girls commenting on my Facebook posts and stuff.
What was really interesting is how she confirms some major PUA concepts as true, such as:

She also went on to confirm how my Facebook game method of posting provocative stuff, reel women in.
She also went on to confirm that women secretly love guys who are provocative, players and so forth.
Now, the things is; I obviously already knew all of this. But she has no clue that I teach this stuff and live by this stuff. So that made for an interesting convo as I played naïve and dumb to the Game tactics that she was putting me onto.
BTW guys, it’s funny because this same chick right here, I’d picked her up almost a year ago on Facebook, by using the same tactics she spoke about. 
Either way guys, it’s always a good thing to have women confirm the things which so many guys in and outside of pickup, call bullshit and unworkable. 
Anyway, so here’s the chat log from earlier when she hit me up out of the blue on Whatsapp. Hopefully from now on, there won’t exist any further question in your mind as to whether seduction tactics work [mines or pick-up in general]

#DHVWorks #PreselectionWorks #WomenLovePlayers #WomenLoveAssholes


[Her messages in white]

By the way guys, if you want to learn my method of picking up girls on social media, I implore you to purchase your copy of my Facebook products.

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