Perfect Example Of Token/Fake Resistance

Posted to my Facebook earlier today.

​Here’s a perfect example of token/fake resistance.
With this girl, we had hooked up a while back. I recently started to chat with her again. 
Note: pay no serious mind to my tone. I am literally just fucking around…as always whenever I text girls.
On another note, this girl is strongly into me (again). But because she has a BF, an because she’s trying to test me in many ways, she plays hard-to-get and gives off token resistance, by pretending as though she’s not into me.
You have to learn how to read between the lines whenever women speak. It is never what they say, but what they don’t say, and their actions that are meaningful.
With this girl right here, she’s chasing me hard as shit, while claiming she isn’t into me (anymore). It’s just a matter of time until she hits me up about coming to see me.
I’m literally just going along for the ride, fucking around, ignoring her, having her chase, etc.
BTW, the chat begins, stemming from a chance encounter we had Tuesday, where I was all over her and stuff.
Anyway, token/fake resistance at its best. Chick pretending as though she’s not interested, yet keeps chasing, keeps messaging, keeps asking, etc.

What's your view?

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