Married-Religious HB Text-Game Continues…Part Deux

Okay, so the religious chick (who’s married by the way) whom I ultimately picked up days ago on social media (and were to meet up over the last weekend), our chat continued.

[My txts in green]

[My txts in green]

[My txts in green]

[My txts in green]

[My txts in green]

What this exemplifies, apart from the fact that girls will cheat, is that once you position yourself as the guy who cannot help it but to be uncontrollably attracted to the girl, she will find such approach (as mines) attractive, charming and flattering.

You can get away with anything as long as you:

1.) Own it

2.) Sell it as real

Mos guys when in interactions with women, will often mistakenly give off a timid vibe, in hopes of not chasing the girl away.

A better approach is the polar opposite: I’m sexually and passionately uncontrollable over you.

You want to give women the impression from the get-go, that you’re willing to risk it (verbally and physically)!

2 thoughts on “Married-Religious HB Text-Game Continues…Part Deux

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  1. hey man I really appreciate your content, I try to construct my text convos like yours, so far because I’m not completely congruent its hit or miss. I would love to see the conclusion of this exchange. Keep up the good work sir, thanks for the inspiration


    1. I like that you mentioned not being congruent with it (as yet). That is the key point that every guy misses- and that is- he will stumble first before getting good and congruent with this text format of mines (or any other coach). As for the conclusion of the chat, it literally ended there. That was few days ago. I haven’t messaged her back again. I plan to do so in a few days


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