Boyfriend Destroyer Tactic [New Video]

So guys, a little in the afternoon, I will post a video to my YouTube, on the topic of “Boyfriend Destroyer”. If you’re not familiar with the Boyfriend Destroyer Tactic, it’s simply your rebuttal/line to the girl saying, ” I have a boyfriend “, or, “I’m in a relationship”.

I’ve been using the followings BF Destroyer gambit [that I came up with] for the last few years, and it works great whenever girls tell me they have a boyfriend. 

In the video which I’ll publish shortly, I’ll explain the verbal technique in detail. But it’s very very crucial to have in your arsenal for Day Game, Night Game and Online Game.

[My txts in green]

Video below.

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  1. Hai mr kenny, this is not related to yo email but, how much or how long shud i persist with giirls, i had some tension with a hot girl but after getting her number, we only met once and she doesnt pic up my calls or reply my texts. Shud i still persist? If so, on phone or in person?


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