Religious, Married And Wants To Meet Up

Following was posted earlier to my social media.

She’s married and HIGHLY religious!!!
So this chick never told me she’s married [she’s in her 20’s BTW]. I had to discover that piece of info as I browsed through her pics a few days ago.
Anyway, so I tried to pick up this girl right here (on FB) over a year ago. But my pick-up attempt turned into an argument on religion. She was HIGHLY religious and tried to preach to me and to convert me to religion. So that bombed out over a year ago and I never bothered her again. All she wanted to do was to debate about religion. BTW, I would usually delete girls after such confrontation. But I didn’t delete her. She never comments on my stuff, never likes or anything. However, I know she reads my stuff…because all women read my stuff (which are DHV’s).
So Thursday now, as I was about to inbox her, thinking it would’ve been our 1st time communicating, I noticed that we messaged before [the argument on religion]. So I opened her this time based on that.
Anyway, with all that being said, I went on to pitch my rendezvous proposal, got her digits and we are supposed to meet up this evening. 🙂
The thing is: I never knew she’s married until after we set up the date and she gave me her #, and I browsed through her pics and seen her wedding pics from about a year ago! So this chick’s only been married a year, and is now going to meet up with me later today!!!??
This goes to solidify a point I always make: marriages and relationships mean very little to women.
At the end of the day, when I hit her up on Whatsapp yesterday, I did indicate to her that I know she’s married. But I said it in a nonjudgmental and humorous way…to which she laughs.
Frankly, I have zeros issues with trying to sleep with married girls. I have a thing for married women! So it’s all good in my book!
What’s really significant, is how we went from cussing each other via inbox, over a year ago because she kept throwing religion at me when I was tryna pick her up, to now meeting up this evening. I know why this happened BTW (the for bidden fruit aspect and “good girls” liking bad boys).
In any case, she wants to meet up from 6-8 since she claims to have other engagements after. However, I prefer meeting after 8 PM. So we’ll see how that goes…if I decide to meet u with her later.

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