Beware Of Female Trickery Through Congruence Testing [Text-Game Advice]

When she hits you with the, “hold on”, congruence test, the only logical explanation for that, is to see whether you’ll get all desperate and send 100 follow-up messages. 

With this chick right here, we’ve flirted back and forth on each other’s statuses . So I hit her up yesterday, after she’d hit like on a comment of mines.

We texted before (a while back), but I never attempted to get her digits or anything tangible besides running some flash-game stuff.

Anyway, so she hit me with “hold on” (a Congruence Test), after I told her to cough up the digits so I can hit her up later in the week about meeting up. 

Now, here’s the trick: she was replying fairly quickly until she said “hold on”, and didn’t get back to me in a long while (few hours).

At that point, a large number of guys would get all chody, worried and desperate, thus sending some lame-ass follow-up messages such as: 

“Did I say something wrong, Darlene”? 

“Hey Angie…are you there”?

“Hey Jessica…I was asking for your phone #. You might have missed that message. Can I have it”?

“You told me to hold on but it’s been a while now. Are you okay or did I say something that offended you”?

Yep! Most guys would go chode fucking mode by sending 1, or all of the above messages (or something similar), after the girl says “hold on”, but doesn’t get back (in a timely fashion).

Panic will set in, the guy will get desperate and blow himself out, not realizing that the girl was just testing his resolve and Alphaness by making him wait, in order to see whether he’ll go all AFC Beta-Male, or remain cool, unaffected and allow her to respond. 

If she doesn’t respond at all (after telling you to hold on), there’s a procedure for going about this, which I’ll address in a subsequent post.

Anyway, so check how she did that to me, but I never panicked after she said “hold on”.

She took almost 2 hours to respond with her digits. So…I essentially passed the Congruence Test with flying colors. 

It’s imperative that you learn how to read women and their modus operandi.

Innocuous and seemingly innocent moves like those can make or break your chances with women. So be on the lookout for the tricks women play.

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