Reminder On Freeze Outs

Some strategic, advanced Online-Game (Freeze-Out tactic) for those who need it. 

Whenever a girl gets iffy towards your proposal to meet up; DISAPPEAR! 

However, you will have had to build some attraction first (from the get-go), before causing the girl some anxiety and panic that will force her to chase you! 

When you say to a girl, “let’s meet up”, and she gives you some sort of excuse, no matter how plausible, Disappear on her! 

Freeze her out!

Again- in order to make her feel a sense of loss for you and over you, which will make her chase you- you will have first needed to attract her with whatever Game it is you use. 

You cannot successfully freeze out a girl who isn’t into you via attraction material through your Game.

Attract her hard!

Then, if or when, she gives you some excuse about not being able to meet up; Disappear! Just Quit texting her [freeze-out tactic]!

If you do this right (built enough attraction through your Game); she will chase you by contacting you again, once she feels to herself that you might have lost interest in her, because of the fact that she’s not getting on board about meeting up.

Check how I do that with this chick whom I met on Facebook days ago.

I created massive amounts of attraction through my usual Game. Got her totally into me, pitched my suggestion of us meeting up tomorrow night, she acts iffy about it, so I disappeared! 

I quit texting her (on Messenger), so a day later, after not hearing from me, she messages me “hi”. 

By doing so (disappearing), you cause some anxiety and panic within the girl’s frame: panic that she’s about to lose such an interesting guy (in this case, moi). 

That in turn will make her chase and get on board!

Right now, she and I are making plans to meet up tomorrow night. 

The power of the Freeze Out.
[Originally posted days ago]

[My messages in green]

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