Become A Mystery!

“Be A Mystery And You Will Keep Women Hooked For Decades”!

The worst move you can ever make in Game, while trying to court and seduce a woman, is to express your feelings for her, and to tell her everything about yourself. 

There’s a reason why women are hooked on soap opera for decades on end: the mystery and intrigue of not knowing exactly what comes next. 

When it comes to seducing women- even after I manage to have sex with them- I remain an enigma and a mystery!

I never tell women much about myself on a person level, hardly anything on a business, and professional level, nor any other level for that matter. 

A woman doesn’t have to know jack shit about you in order to convince herself to spread her snatch for you.

Actually, the more the girl gets to find out about you (the way you truly feel about her, etc.) the greater the chance that she will lose interest in you. Even if she does take you on, you are an open book to her, so she will quickly look to get rid of you some way or the other.

That is 1 of the biggest mistakes quote-unquote nice guys make.

They foolishly believe that in order to get a girl to like them, fuck them and date them, they must firstly open up their hearts and tell the girl that they have massive amounts of feelings for her, and they care for her out of this world.

Now, there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with those things [telling a girl you have feelings for her].

However, the element of timing and contexts are what screw guys.

In any case, with this chick right here, we met about 11 years ago as she just graduated high school (unbeknownst to me that she was only 17).

As time went by and she became an adult, I learned through trial and error that it’s the best strategy to not tell her (girls in general) anything too sentimental, nor to tell her anything too personal about me. 

I remained a mystery to her (strategically so).

Eleven years later, she still doesn’t have closure on whether I’m into her other than sexually (she has a super-sexy body). 

Another thing that puzzles her, is that, here it is, I’ve been hooking up with her for years now, but a relationship with her never even crossed my mind.
On top of me not expressing my feelings for her and to her (besides sexually), I’ve been keeping things strictly casual…for 10 years. 

Saying all that to say: 1 way in which to keep a girl hooked on you forever, is to withhold sentimentals from her, keep her guessing as to your feelings about her and remain a mystery. 

You can also employ this through text-game, the “Jesus Effect”, a seduction strategy of mines, in order to get girls obsessive about you [link below]

[Her texts in white]

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