Your First Text Should Convey…

[Originally posted days ago]

Last night, I picked up another girl on Facebook (got her #), hit her up on Whatsapp just to gauge her availability for Saturday night.

By the way, a fair amount of guys ask me about the first text: “What should I text the girl, Kenny”?

The question shouldn’t be, “what do I text her”, but the mindset and the frame as the most important thing.

Whenever I text the girl for the 1st. time, upon getting her digits, I have never thought, “What do I say” (?), but, “What kind of vibe do I want to convey”?

I don’t actually think about this since it is now hardwired within me (and automated). But the point is, your first text should convey that you’re a sexual being with romantic interest.

Preferably, you want to convey this with humor and NOT gravity and weightiness, since that would make you look creepy.

Hence, upon your 1st text, you want the girl to think of you as sexual and humorous, and not friendly/platonic, weighty/serious.

Check how I do just that after picking up this stranger on Facebook yesterday (after chatting her up for a bit prior).

I want(ed) her to think of me as: fun, funny, sexual, flirty and lighthearted.

Therefore, my 1st. text (upon getting her #), is always geared towards conveying just that, instead of conveying what 99.8% of guys do: platonic friends looking to chitchat. 

[Planting The Sexual Seed Early]

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