The Power Of Ending Things First!


I can’t begin to count the amount of times I’ve stressed this point over the years: ALWAYS look to end the chat before the girl does! 

The one who ends the chat first, or the one who winds it down, essentially leaves having the leverage, psychological power, the upper hand and perceived higher value. 

I mean, no one ends the conversation on the boss, the President, Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Lil’ Wayne or any other men of so-called importance.

They end the shit on you first, by being the one to say, “gotta go…take care”, simply because those fellaz have more social value than you have, more power, status, name, importance, etc.

Saying that to say; important people in society end the convo first! 

They don’t have shit ended on them!

Now, in the context of man-woman relations, courtship and trying to get laid; which party generally ends the chat first (98% of the time)?

The woman does! 

Why is this acceptable and expected? Because in our society, women have WAY MORE social value and social status than men do!

It’s equivalent to the celebrity in convo with a fan looking an autograph.

The celeb clearly is the one of more importance.

Hence, the celeb, 99.9% of the time, is the one to say (to the fanboy), “gotta run”, and he’s whisked away. 

Women are put on pedestals in society by men: weak men might I add.

Hence, women are allotted the position of the celeb, therefore they end the shit on guys trying to court them (i.e. the texting or phone call)! 

Why does a woman always seek to end the convo on the guy before he gets the chance to end it on her? Because she knows that she’s the one in the driver seat and atop the pedestal!

Therefore, it is her duty to wind down the conversation and to tell the guy, “later bud. I have stuff to do”!

Additionally, women instinctively know that the ball is in their court, and that by ending the chat first, the guy gets put into a subordinate frame while she retains her leverage and upper hand in the dynamics between the 2 parties. 

Women are shrewd fucking masters at Game and psychology!

They never had to learn it the way we men do.

Girls are being hit on by men since the tender age of 8-9. So they learn to develop Game and savviness at that early age in order to protect themselves from preying males.

The average boy grows into a full-blown man knowing nothing of Game and the psychological tricks women use in order to retain power between the sexes! 

Saying all that to say, women ending the convo on men (be it textual or phone call), is just 1 of those nifty-little tricks and psychological ploys they utilize in order to keep the guy subjugated and subordinated while they remain pedestalized, fetishized and the one bearing most value of the two.

Now, here’s the beauty: you can always flip the script, play the game and give women a dose of their own meds by ending shit on them first…before they get to end it on you! 

That is essentially what I’m advising you guys here: ALWAYS end the texting and phone call before the girl does! And I’m not speaking of situations where’s you’re chatting with a female relative, a sister or some chick in whom you have no interest.

I’m talking about chicks whom you’re trying to sleep with! 

As for me on a personal level- since I always practice what I preach- I live by this shit religiously!

No girl ever gets the chance to get the upper hand on me by winding down the convo on me!

I ALWAYS end things first!

I’m always the one who say “I gotta go”, in some form or the other. I’m always the one doing the winding down!

The girl rarely ever gets the chance to feel as though she’s snubbing me and brushing me off! 

This is why I always end the texting on a high/good note when the girl least expects it to end. Not only does doing so fuck with her psychologically, but it puts her in the position of the one being snubbed and brushed off. 

You (the guy) become the high-valued celebrity who doesn’t have much time to blow chitchatting with a star-struck fan.

Lastly, why this is such a powerful play (ending things on the girl), is that it demonstrates to the girl the following 2 things (which are powerful states):

1.) You aren’t desperate

2.) You have better shit to do (like chatting to other women) than to be chatting/texting with her indefinitely

Where the vast majority of men go wrong, is when they inadvertently give women the impression that they (the men) have all the free time in the world to cater to the girls they’re texting by communicating with them all day long!

This is why the classic PUA-seduction technique of False-Time Constraint is so so important in Game!

You want the girl to think that you’re a busy fucking guy! 

Remember guys; 1 of the sexiest qualities a man could possess, is the appearance that he has other shit going on for himself than just the girl he’s communicating with.

Women find this ultra-fucking SEXY in a man [that he has shit going for him apart from her]!!!

Conversely, women find couch-potatoes deplorable and despicable because such men apparently have ZERO going on for them…but TV time! 

With all that being said, I always end convo, texting, phone calls and dates on women!

I know that by doing so, will have them chasing me even more (hitting me up first, more often, etc). 

That’s why whenever I hit up a girl via text, I utilize a quick in-and-out strategy where I text her for 2-4 minutes, get her super into the chat, then I tell her I have to go do something…then I’m gone!!!!

Ninety percent of the times I have shit else to do 😉 …but she doesn’t have to know that. 🙂 

Therefore…what is the purpose or the tangible effect of doing this? 

1.) I get girls to fall for me hard

2.) I get girls to chase me harder

3.) I get girls to think I’m somebody since I hardly ever have time to text the entire day

4.) I get girls to feel a sense of loss or that I’m aloof and too valuable for them

5.) I get girls to ultimately want to meet up and hook up faster

To demonstrate how religiously serious I am about ending shit on girls whom I text, here are some randomly selected examples from chats with about 8 different girls.

I circle in red, exactly where I wind things down or look to end things prematurely before the girl does. 

I’ve been employing this text-game strategy of mines for almost 5 years now, and it is crazy powerful in creating the effect that I desire: to make girls chase me more, chase me harder and to want to meet up and hook up ASAP!!!

What's your view?

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