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​In my quest to bed another married woman, I decided to re-seduce this sexy, married TSA GILF/Cougar, whom I picked up last year sometime, but since forgotten about her since I pick up so many women. So I texted her today for the 1st time in like 5+ months. 

She’s in her mid 40’s by the way, married but disgruntled and bored in her marriage (as all women are in marriages). From the day I picked her up (approached her on the streets), she was totally enthralled and hooked by my forward, sexual, outlandish and rebellious style…and the fact that I don’t judge her for being a wife who wants to have some discreet fun (although she didn’t admit this, but I sensed it). 
In seduction/pick-up of older women (married especially), it is to your advantage to position yourself as that younger guy who’s sexually taken by an older woman. Sexually besides himself.
In the art of seduction by Robert Greene, he spoke about a particular Italian seducer who would seduce his subject [older women] by giving her the impression that he was sexually besides himself for her, and carried away by the idea of sexually ravaging her body like an uncontrollable animal!
When trying to take older women to bed, this sort of vibe/energy is a WINNER! As a guy who prefers bedding women between the ages of 35-49 [all older than me], I’ve been there too many times to know that this approach (sexual, adventurous animal) is most potent and effective. 
Older women go crazy over the idea of an untamed younger man who would love to ravage their body and take them  on a seduction escapade to make them feel young again. 
Overall, women in general (no matter the age) are drawn to men who are untamed with a reckless and risky approach to what they want. That is essentially why women are attracted to bad boys, rebels, celebs, musicians, etc. Such guys carry a whimsical, carefree air about themselves that women go bonkers over!
Hence, when I contacted this TSA GILF today for the 1st time in 5+ months, my vibe was clear: Sexual, Forward, Carefree, Bad Boy, Rebellious, “IDGAF” (I Don’t Give A Fuq)! Once you set that tone/frame from the get-go (as I did when we first met), women will assume that that is the way you approach every girl and that it works for you, hence they will almost always accept you for being that forward, wacky, carefree guy.
That is why you always want to set your 1st impression from the 1st convo as a REBEL! Once you do that effectively, you can get away with saying anything to women and they will never get offended, rather attracted.
Capiche!? BTW, our convo continues as we speak. I’m looking to meet up with her for drinks.

#TSAGILF #BecomeThatRebelliousSeducer


[My txts in green]

1.) Tamed

2.) Untamed
“Tamed” is synonymous with the nice guy who doesn’t say a thing remotely close to having the girl think he’s a sexual being. Hence why nice guys don’t get laid but the 1 or 2 times they get hooked up by a relative with the ugly girl who’s friend of the family. 
“Untamed” is synonymous with the guy who approaches women with an edge. He isn’t too concerned with social expectations and so forth. Ironically, he’s the guy women are drawn to.
Therefore, I think it’s safe to say that you know which position/impression you should aim to give off when trying to seduce women.

#BeUntamed #GetAnEdge

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