Get A Sense Of Humor By Letting Go Of The Tough-Guy Ego

I kid you not: this mixed-race chick is my height [6’1], hence the name I gave her in my phone contacts [Tall Brit Girl].

Anyway, we hung out once. But that was in a group setting.

I actually picked her up @ a bar (from cold approach) that same night when she was out having fun with a group of girls and guys. 

Since getting her number, the most we’d done was just a bit of texting every now and then. But I’m trying to meet up with her tonight for drinks since it’s clear to me that she’s the bar-hopping type. 

She said she doesn’t want to get womanized by me. So I’ll have to play this one a bit more suave if we were to meet up this evening (which I’m counting on). 

The salient lesson I want you to take away is this: Learn to make women laugh!

In order to successfully and regularly do this (make women laugh), you must firstly let go of the tough-guy ego!

Most men whom I teach personally (and most men in general) have difficulties smiling, laughing, being humorous and wacky with women.

Why is that?

Men believe that humoring makes them look soft, weak, non-serious and childish to women.

This is so fucking far from the truth that it isn’t even funny!

Additionally, because of the way boys come up, we are taught (and learned) to be tough, ruff, rugged and to show no signs of weakness! So it’s a survival and instinctive strategy within, and on the part of males, to have to showcase this rock-solid exterior in order to keep other men and preys at bay.

Hence, that is why men feel a need to be tough and to show few to zero signs of perceived weakness (such as smiling and laugh too much).

Nevertheless, when dealing with women, you want to knock off or knock down that serious exterior, in exchange for humor and lightheartedness.

Most guys kill their chances with women because of that: they hit up a girl while giving off this weighty, heavy, job-interview feeling type of vibe which turns women the hell off!

Whenever I hit a girl up, first thing I say to myself is: “I wanna say some shit that makes her laugh”.

Not smile! But laugh!

I’m neither doing this for the girl (making her LOL). I’m doing it because I enjoy being funny! 

On that note: if you wanna get laid easily like a rockstar; get a sense of humor!

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