Clinger Update + A Bit On Race And My Frame In The Dating Game

Remember the Arab chick (Lebanese) whom I picked up (on Facebook), shortly after slept with and cited in a post back in December?

Well if you don’t remember her, she ended up turning into a stage-4 clinger, ringing me to death, texting me to death while I ignored her to death. 

This chick literally wanted me to cum inside of her so she could have my black baby and take me home to her parents…even though I told her that was NOT in the cards for me (more children and being introduced to parents). Not to mention this was a total stranger whom I hooked up with once after about a week since gaming her and picking her up on Facebook.

Anyways, that was all back in December 2016 (Christmas time).

By the start of January, she became super clingy and stifling.

She would voice call me, video call me…to no avail. 

Days ago however, I decided to hit her up for the 1st time since January; pretty much just to catch up. 

As for me personally when it comes to this girl, it’s no different than the way I operate with any other girl: I am strictly about the sex!

No relationship; just sex!

I mean, this girl’s family is massively wealthy and they own a chain of fast-food joints and high-end clothing stores throughout this region. But dating a girl who’s wealthy doesn’t matter to me.

Pussy is pussy!

Women are women!

Nothing outside of vagina fascinates me about a woman.  

This sort of rigid discipline of mines takes massive amounts of experience with tons of women. And massive amounts of self-control in order to adhere to.

Most guys, once they tap into a piece of poon, they lose their minds and perspective on things.

What is the lesson here?

There is no woman out of your league!
No matter the race, age nor pay grade!

Once you have reasonably good Game and understanding of female psychology and how women work; then gaming and bedding women of other races and ethnicities becomes a piece of cake. 

Also, once you possess or accrue advanced-seduction skills, you’ll get more women turning into clingers than you can possibly handle!

[Her messages in white]

10 thoughts on “Clinger Update + A Bit On Race And My Frame In The Dating Game

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  1. Dude, not cool. If she’s a cool chick, let her down gently. Trust me, a lot of men would agree because no one wants to get beef from a girl for what another man did to her in the past, it fucks up the experience.


      1. It’s not a matter of cussing her out or treating her badly, it’s letting her know that you don’t want anything serious from her. This is why women have a hardon about when it comes to honesty. Also saying “Nothing outside of vagina fascinates me about a woman.” proves you still got a lot to learn about life and women in general. I’m 30 and I know that you can’t keep doing this your whole life cause being in a club at 40+ is embarrassing and at the end of the day what do you have to show for?


        1. Shin, “Let her down gently.” If she’s blowing up my phone being annoying and I’m only interested in sex. Then she should get the hint, being soft with woman is how guys like you get friend zoned, take it from a pro


          1. in this situation, If you don’t want anything from her then being “Friend zoned” is impossible. also, I don’t think actually pros introduce themselves as pros btw.


  2. Bro, I never said you let her down harshly. I’m just saying if you don’t want the chick, then tell her straight up be genuine. What Tangerine Eater said was interesting and funny but no way a good point. The “friend zone” is a male construct. Why? Because a male fail to be genuine in what he wanted from the start so he settled for being a friend. Sad part is dude called himself a pro.


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