Beware Of The Comment Trap

“That 1 guy who doesn’t understand that this is a suicide mission and a test”.

I posted the following to my Facebook (based on the screenshots above):

Unfortunately, the vast majority of guys don’t get it either, because I can guarantee that within the next hour or so, this chick’s post/status will have been flooded with about 20+ comments from guys saying: “Me, Me, Me! I’m up! Gimme a chance to get some attention from you sweetheart! Plz, Plz, Plz”!!!!

Listen- whenever chicks on social media post stuff like, “Who’s up”- it is a fucking TEST in order to see from which, and how many clueless chodes she can milk some validation by them commenting/saying “I’m up”!!! 

Never fucking do that guys!

I’ve been cautioning y’all against that for years now!

The girl is essentially attempting to find out [perhaps subconsciously] whom she can quickly disqualify and reject.

By commenting, “Me, me, me”, you quickly massacre your chances of getting the girl!

These guy, whoever they are, stepped right onto the IED trap set for clueless men (which happens to be the vast majority of men on social media)! 

Now, what should you do if and when you see such a trick post from a girl whom you’re hoping to pick up? 

1.) Don’t comment at all!


2.) If you do comment, say something cheeky, ballsy and or humorous!

Better yet; don’t comment on it!

It’s a trap to weed out thirsty/desperate men!

Some women do this intentionally/consciously. Others do it without knowledge of why they do it. And subsequently, they become turned off by the flocks of men who fall for the trap!

Ironically, I am quite sure that 90% of the guys reading this post right now, ARE guilty of committing this faux pas…constantly!

You probably did that shit just before coming across this post 🙂 . 

On that note, what I’m gonna show you is how I do this (comment) on the same post with HUMOR and CHEEKINESS; essentially passing the girl’s test!

While the other men [all clueless chodes] all walked right into the trap, I artfully sidestepped it. 😉 🙂

Watch how I do that. And you’ll also notice that I am the only guy whom the girl didn’t ignore, while she flat out ignored the other guys who commented before I even commented. So…they failed by taking the bait and offering validation.

I passed the test because I did NOT give her validation: instead, I treated her like an annoying little girl by telling her to go to bed!

By the way, I don’t know this chick from a can of paint! So it’s not like she replied to my comment because we know each other, while ignoring the other guys because she doesn’t know them.

I don’t know her either!

However, she replied to me because she was impressed that I didn’t fall for the trap…which means that I get it (I get what women want). 

Lastly, now what would happen if I were to inbox her? She would totally engaged me in convo and more [phone # exchange, date, sex, etc].

Now, what would happen if one of those guys who said “Me, Me”, inboxes her?

She would likely flat-out ignore him…or block him eventually (and by “eventually”, I mean within seconds if he continues to message her without a reply). 

By the way, this case is no outlier nor exception.

I can do this with 100 girls and guarantee to get a response from 99 of them.

I do it all the time! And 99% of the time, I am the only guy to whom the girl even responds. And 99% of the time, the girl’s response to my cheekiness is the same: laughter!

At the core of it all, it comes down to the “IDGAF” mentality and frame that I try to instill in you guys through my postings.

Women are instinctively drawn to men who posses an “IDGAF if I offend you” aura and vibe about themselves.

Women find it ULTRA-sexy whenever a man takes chances (smartly) without caring about repercussions/rejections by them (women). 

Hence, when I told her to “go to bed”- which is a very bold and ballsy thing to say to a sexy girl who gets tons of guys sniffing her ass crack- “BOOM”!

Her eyes lit up, the attraction switch was flipped (on) and her panties probably got wett from such audacious yet innocuous and simple comment [slight exaggeration on the wett panty part…but you get my drift 🙂 ]. But everything here is subtle psychology guys.

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