What Raw Token Resistance Looks Like

What Raw Token Resistance Looks Like, And How To Simply Counter It By Acting Blasé And Using Freeze-Out Tactics:

Remember the sexy MILF/Cougar in her 40’s whom I picked up from cold approaching her on the streets over a month ago? 

Well, we hadn’t been able to have a Day2 since, because she lives out of town and hadn’t been back yet.

She hit me up days ago telling me that she’ll be back in my town in 3 weeks time (which will have been next week). 

Anyway, I’ve always made it explicitly clear to her my intention: to have sex. Although I say it outright or through text, my vibe also says the same thing. So…she knows I want to shag her. No ambiguity about that…and I know that she wants it too. 

However- as expected- she plays uninterested and throws me the saint card (Token Resistance). 

Now here’s the thing: after she tells me in 10 different ways that she doesn’t want to hang out nor hook up with me because I’m a guy with a “nasty mind”, she keeps hitting me up. 🙂

Why still hit me up after you say because I want sex, we can’t hang out when you come back into my town?

Clearly I know the answer to this rhetorical question of mines: she wants to hang out with me and hook up!

Her Anti-Slut Defense [ASD] is at work overtime (because I purposely activated it). And that’s all it is: Token/Fake Resistance on her part. 

This is just another 1 of those games and psychological tricks women play. 

In any case; since she fake-scolded me as a dirty-minded individual for wanting to fuck her, I nonchalantly backed off and froze her out [in other words, I stopped texting her]…knowing she would come running/texting back after haven’t heard from me since. And that’s what happened (as I predicted).

That is the power of the classic-seduction tactic called The Freeze Out, and the art of JNGF: “Just Not Giving A Fuq”! 

The thing is: why is she texting me every day (saying what’s up), after knowing what I want [SEX], and after telling me she’s not down with my program!?

Again; she IS down with my program! But women find it convenient to try to act as though they don’t want it when they do. 

Also, women do this as a ploy in order to weed out Beta-Males (weak men) hiding in Alpha-Male clothing.

Therefore, women want to see whether you’ll man up and stick to your guns (which they want to see), or cave (which they don’t want to see, but see quite often).

Since I didn’t cave [I never do] and sincerely apologize to her for wanting to fuck her, that made her want me even more. 

Women don’t want men who cave in on their positions and intentions!

That’s essentially why this Cougar is chasing me now while saying she isn’t interested in what I want.

Learn how to read women and their psychological ploys. 

They will tell you that they aren’t the type to hook up with guys whom they don’t know, yet they will continue to hit you up and chase once they realize that you’re possibly not interested anymore…and once you don’t cave!

[My txts in green]

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